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The all-in-one editing app with the coolest effects to retouch your pics.
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Who says we can’t have perfection in our photos? We believe all users should have the best editor and filter technology at their fingertips, and AirBrush continually updates with new features and effects to stay up to date with editing standards. AirBrush was designed to be the best photo editor with user-friendly retouch tools, cool filter options, and natural, beautiful results!


Blemish and Pimple Remover
** Say goodbye to pimples and blemishes! With our blemish remover, you can eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with the tap of a finger. Add a swipe of blush to add radiance and charm.

Whiten Teeth and Brighten Eyes
** Whitening your teeth takes your smile to the next level! Our teeth whitening function lets you brighten your smile without over-whitening.
** Our “brighten” function enhances your eyes to instantly light up your features.

Perfect Skin in Every Photo
** Retouch, edit and even tan your skin to achieve perfect, glowing perfection in just a few swipes! Your skin will look naturally radiant in all of your selfies and photos! For an added bonus, swipe on a cool blush or rouge to give your cheeks an extra glow.

Slim, Reshape and Lengthen Your Selfie or Photo
** Instantly slim, lengthen or reshape any area of your photo with a few swipes of your finger.

Artistic Retouching Features
** In addition its HD editing features, the AirBrush editor also includes tools that let you blur, crop, stretch, slim and tune your pics for an artistic, beautiful and dramatic touch. Choose to automatically retouch your pictures or fix them manually.

Add Depth and Style to Your Photos
** Our “Blur” editing tool lets you retouch any photos to give it more depth and keep only the things that matter in focus. Your photos and pics will embody the cool perfection seen in professional photography.

Real-Time Editing Technology
** Edit your selfie before taking the picture with real-time editing tools. See your shot on your phone, choose your edits and filters, then snap the photo for a perfect pics every time!

Natural, Radiant Filters
** AirBrush beauty filters were professionally designed to enhance even the best pictures and selfie photos for a perfect, beautiful finishing touch. Some filters can add natural-looking makeup to your pics, like blush or mascara!

Ready to Share?
** This is the editing tool that really gets your picture ready for sharing. When you’re done editing, share your pics to popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat right from AirBrush!

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- Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. Kacey dice:

    Changed the best features (magic photo corrector, resize, reshape) to a premium subscription. It had been free for years and only certain features were with the subscription…… And the subscription is $20! I’d pay a one time fee or deal with ADs but every month forever is ridiculous. So disappointed in them. Will need to find a new editor. Look elsewhere unless you want to pay

  2. This was my favorite app for editing photos for over two years. However, you now have to join the monthly subscription service just to use the most basic features that (up until a few months ago) were free before and it just isn’t worth it when other apps are available with the same features for free. Good app with good features, but only if you have a little extra money to toss at it.

  3. I used to absolutely love this app and used it frequently, but the new update just made my 3 favorite free features (magic, resize, and reshape) into premium features. I guess I need to start looking for a new photo editing app because the premium subscription is ridiculous. I’d be willing to pay a one time fee to “purchase” the features, but I’m not going to pay indefinitely. I’m so mad, as this used to be my favorite photo app, and one that I used to recommend to friends all the time.

  4. Kas Lem dice:

    I loved this app, and used it for yeeears. Even when a few years ago they made a couple of my favorite features paid features, I paid the extra for those specific features. Now they’ve made several more of my favorite features only accessible through a premium subscription, so I guess it’s time to say goodbye. I would have paid a one-time fee for these features, just as I did before, but I’m not paying a subscription of $4 a month for an app that I only use maybe once a month.

  5. Kate dice:

    Never a good thing when they remove previously free features (like the reshape etc) and make them pay to play. No thanks. (This is as if the ridiculous monthly fee wasn’t already too much – as it’s not a one time pay app) Also the scrolling through pages and having to download (so the dots will go away) paid items is tiresome. And there’s always glitches with filters and makeup looks moving spaces. The acne feature keeps glitching also. I’ll be finding another go to editing app.

  6. After being FREE for YEARS “resize” and “reshape” features are now converted to PREMIUM features. To use them you have to subscribe. That’s really disappointing. This was my #1 go to app for editing my photos. Unfortunately, It appears the developers are slowly turning Airbrush into a full subscription app.

  7. Takes some getting used to but if you’ve got an evening to sit around and play on your phone, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Update: Still use it regularly four months later. It’s my go too for touch ups and creating the perfect light in photos. Erase in selected effects, best tool! Update June 2022: Still using regularly. Able to make corrections that don’t look fake or photoshopped. No frills, just corrections and touch ups.

  8. Bad app. Can’t even operate the tools. You zoom in cute a closer look and when you click on the image to work on it, it just zooms back out. Then when you click on a tool (like Smooth for example) to use it and you click on image to use it all you get is the image being moved around. The image won’t stay still and the tool doesn’t even register anything, doesn’t work. One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Uninstalling.

  9. AJ Don dice:

    Very disappointing app. I loaded some large, high resolution images into the app, and as soon as they load, they are reduced in size to extremely pixelated, blurry shots. I’m using a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, so space and power aren’t an issue. Even worse, when saving, you have no choice but to save as low rez Jpegs, that are completely unsuitable for anything except social media. I really regret buying the *premium* version. And yes, I’ll keep reposting this every time you delete it.

  10. Only been using the app for about four pics so far, and I’m nowhere near close to finding out everything it can do! The fine tuning capabilities of every option I’ve used thus far has a great range and some of the most subtle shifts I’ve seen in a long, long time!! Dare I say it? Yes, it IS looking better than Adobe Photoshop, people! Very well done, creators!! Very. Well. Done.

  11. Bob Smith dice:

    Absolutely incredible. As somebody who greatly enjoys editing photos as a passion/hobby, I can say that this app is definitely one of the-if not THE best program for editing photos on mobile. It has such a well designed user-friendly layout that allows for anybody, no matter their range of skill, to create high quality editing for photos. It is also an awesome way for people who strive to get into editing to get a peak into the many different things they can create. Amazing job to the creators!!

  12. First time using an editor, great experience. Very user friendly tool! Some settings are automatic, or you can customize your enhancements and erasers. Large collection of filters and lighting options or automatuc correction. Add or subtract 10 years in minutes, with the ability to improve a photo in just a few clicks. Very user friendly tool I’m very impressed by the capabilities in this application. Great app!

  13. Previous issue has resolved. Current issue: When i edit an image with this app, the saved result is very pixelated. It isnt while I’m editing it, & the original image isn’t pixelated either. But after im done editing & save the image, i look at the saved image later in my phone’s gallery, its pixelated. I have enabled the option to save in the highest quality. Also, I’ve had the paid subscription for this app for over a year & it never did this until recently.

  14. While this is one of the better photo apps out there, the developers have yet to address and fix the bug in the “adjust” feature which immediately grids your image at 45 degrees and stays fixed there with no way to correct, rendering the crop and perspective feature useless. I’ve notified them twice informing them that the uninstall/reinstall didn’t fix it. I’m on the latest version of Android On Samsubg Galaxy Tab 7. If they fix this issue, my review will be 5 stars.

  15. Honestly, one of the best photo editing app out there. It’s almost perfect and has almost everything I could ever want or need in one single app. Never had a complaint before and it’s well worth the money for a year of usage. It’s my #1 go to. It could use a few added features to make it even better. But overall, its certainly in my #1 to edit pics for one reason or another.

  16. Seems to work and there’s a lot of features without altering the photo too much I like just subtle smoothing but no major changes because then of course everybody knows you’ve doctored your photo but if you just change lighting and contrasting smoothing just a bit then it looks like a real authentic photo which this app gives you. I would like to have some type of background eraser to remove unwanted objects but it looks like I’m going to have to get another app to do that.

  17. I love this app; it’s great for fixing lighting, smoothing some flaws and things without looking like a different person! You can do that too of course lol, but I love taking a picture that original highlighted flaws and doesn’t show people’s true beauty to fixing the photo up to make it look lovely and have fun with filters and such!

  18. I’m not really one to use makeup or glamor filters. I try not to alter my appearance to the extent that I myself can’t believe it’s me lol. This app has some heavy filters but it also gives you a variety of options so you can just touch up little blemishes or u can go over the top either way ya go it definitely does an excellent job. Awesome app 10 10 10

  19. Airbrush is the best photo manipulation program for a hand held device on the market. For a small annual fee, you can change change the shape of your face and body, straighten and whitening your teeth, change the color / length, style of hair. Change your skin tone, change the background. It has an endless library of filters and ease of use. I highly recommend this application. My hat’s off to the creators you guys did a really good job on this. I love this app!

  20. Used this app for my pictures for years. I can share my posts to any app on my phone. There are a couple small things that could use improvement like, when changing skin color the “paint brush” colors off from where I brush on the color, etc. But it’s possible this problem is only on my phone because my old phone I didn’t have this problem. I also wish it was also for editing videos along with pictures. But I love this app and it is easy and simple to use. Good job!

  21. I wish there were more than 5 stars! This app is by far the best picture editing app that I have purchased. It only cost $22 for a year subscription and let me tell you it’s worth it! I get terrible break outs randomly and this app takes away the stubborn acne from the pictures automatically without disturbing my natural features. And the pictures don’t look fake at all! You can edit but still be yourself in the photos!

  22. Really enjoying all the features. What’s really great about THIS app is each feature has a brief tutorial w/ a selection of examples which really speeds up the learning curve in no time. This app has a lot of features & effects you can’t find in other apps. Best photo app I have ever used as well as being my “Go To” app out of all the photo apps I have when looking to touch up my pics. Highly recommend!

  23. I Love this app! I’ve been using it for at least 3 yrs. I’ve tried other make up apps but always ended up deleting them after realizing this one was more user friendly and has so many makeup looks. Colors, brows, lashes and a lot of other freebies like backgrounds, bangs, hair colors, etc, and u can utilize most of them for free! Again, the best app!

  24. This was the 1st photo editing app I downloaded a couple years ago I think & since then I’ve tried at least 10-15 other apps to see what they have to offer but none of them compare to Airbrush, I always come back to it! It’s extremely user friendly & has almost everything that I could need besides being able to edit videos but for pics it’s the best!

  25. The app works really well and has alot of cool features. However, keep in mind most of them are only useable if you pay and while it isn’t too expensive per year I don’t feel it’s fully worth the money. There is alot you can’t do like remove objects from photos or flip the orientation of special filters. Because of this, I find myself using it only here and there and it’s often in combination with another photo editor.

  26. Thanks to a friend who told me about this great photo app! Super fun and love the creative filters, I would like some kind of tips for photos that have partially shaded areas and (for example) it looks like half the face is a different skin tone because of shadow… it’s not easy to fix… Or maybe I haven’t come across that feature yet. , This app is easy to use and affordable if you want to pay for additional options…👌🏼🎀

  27. Great options, can make your pictures look beautiful. But there are a lot of extras not available unless you are willing to go “VIP” & that means paying at least $13 for only 3 months use. For a year its $28. I find this ridiculous. I would’ve considered the $28 if I’d be a permanent VIP user, but to pay it every year? No. 🤔👎 You also can’t save photos in the same resolution as its original, which is crappy. I did a pic that was 1920×1080 & it saved at 900×1600. Yes my settings are set at HD.

  28. best selfie editor in the app store. The auto editing functions are actually usable and do a great job making short work of editing. Allows you to change direction of lighting, adjust the width of your face without warping the photo. you can literally edit your face and body as if you were designing a character in a video game. Dont like your nose? Adjust the height, width, bridge size, and placement. Same goes for your eyes, lips, and chin! there are so many easy to use functions. perfect app!

  29. C D dice:

    My favorite photo editor! My only issues are: 1) the difficulty I have with skin tone feature – it never really works out, it comes out blotchy every time, although to be fair I’ve never found another app that works any better for me so maybe it’s just me? (Or maybe it’s just a difficult feature for a free app to produce, I don’t know) and 2) the absence of a “patch” or “clone” feature – for that I have to switch my photo over to a different app. But seriously, for selfies, this is my go-to!

  30. LA Newnam dice:

    I’ve tried many photo editing apps, but this is by far the best one. It has tons of free options. I gave it 4 stars cuz it could include more free options for makeup, especially lip colors. For the options that cost money, I just use the tool on my photo and take a screenshot of the photo, since you have to pay for those options to be able to save it. Then, just crop all the side stuff out!!!!

  31. I’m updating my review- down from 5 stars to 3. After using the app more, I became interested in the “advanced” features and looked at purchasing the full version. THEN I SAW THE PRICE. Wow, $7.49 for 3 months. That’s $30/year. No way, that’s ridiculous! Bummer- I’ll keep looking. Too bad, I otherwise really liked the app. Initial review: I’m a nube, have done almost no photo editing on my phone before and I find this very intuitive along with being able to do anything I want it to.

  32. app works very well for most picture editing. Ive discovered suddenly however, that after using it for over a year, they want me to pay a ridiculous subscription fee… use several editing options, that were disabled out of no where. i previously paid extra to get the pro version, just to avoid this kind of trickery. obviously they don’t honor previous purchased ..don’t waste your time with this app!

  33. I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and it’s been pretty awesome for the most part. It freezes up sometimes but it’s not a huge problem. What IS a huge problem is that ya’ll just took away all the the makeup options except 3 and they’re all premium. And one of those is frankly terrible quality. (the glittery one that looks like spackle.) I use the makeup feature more than anything on this app because I’m very allergic to most cosmetics. Please bring back the other makeup!

  34. This is definitely a very good app, but it does have its limitations. If you are a pro like me who shoots with a DSLR, you can run into problems with downgraded resolution. My camera can shoot to resolution up to 30 megapixels, but this app would downgrade it to 7.1 megapixels after editing. That’s not very good, because this is definitely not the same quality of images. I guess that works if you only need images to upload on social media platforms, but not so good for printing big images.

  35. Great app, easy to use. Easy to whiten teeth, remove spots, change skin tone, and edit brightness (and things like that). You can change how extreme you want your changes to be so it doesn’t look unnatural. Wish there was a way to straighten your teeth but I found another way to do that online. This app makes it easy to improve your photos.

  36. I seriously love this app and I really want to rate it 5 stars but I was just about to purchase the full version until I noticed how much memory it uses per hour. If I could move the app itself to my memory card that would help a lot but regardless of where it’s saved, it still uses a lot of memory and I have limited ram space so I’m uninstalling. It’s a shame, though. I love the way my photos turned out after just 3 clicks

  37. This photo editor/enhancer is easy to use and gives the user quite a bit of control. It is quick and enjoyable to use! “Automated” features can be semi-customized by altering the intensity/area of coverage. The makeup feature is awesome, after turning it down by a 3rd on each of the selections. This holds true from lighter to darker skin tones. The app saves to your gallery. This is opposed to the many photo editors that save pics to an obscure location.

  38. Your app has the potential of becoming something very great. As an artist not by choice I’m poor. And and $29.95 is about how much I pay for electricity each month. I do understand that good servers cost money to run algorithms and AI to help move the eyes around and make the nose longer. As a digital artist I’m constantly learning so I’m not like the many who are digitally illiterate. I find it a lot of the things that you offer are already out there in the Play store for free .

  39. It is very user friendly and serves a wide range of photo editing needs. I wish it had eye color changing and selective photo tinting/painting, but it has just about everything else so I’m not having to use multiple apps to achieve the results I want. I use it for everything from artwork to beauty shots. One of the biggest selling points is that in the 4+ years I’ve used the app, it has not glitched on me once, and they’ve added new features and tools along the way.

  40. Overall this is a really good app that I use quite often. You can do a good amount of edits to your photos without the premium edition, which is nice. However, like a fair amount of other reviews, after I signed up for a 7 day trial it automatically charged me for the $20 after a few days of the trial. I was going to switch to the premium anyways, but they shouldn’t do that without my permission. The eraser tool needs a bit of work, and sometimes when you’re editing it will be a little off.

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