YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor MOD 2022

Beauty camera to apply makeup to your face & tune your selfie
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Snap and edit photos with YouCam Makeup, the #1 virtual makeover and selfie retouch editing app. Try the best beauty camera makeup filters from top brand beauty products. Dye your hair with our hair color changer for the most realistic virtual hair dye & hair salon experience. Retouch tools for a full face makeover for eyes, nose, make lips plumper, plus teeth whitening, airbrush skin, smooth skin, face tune your selfies in seconds.

The best makeup editor for you – Try beauty cam for cosplay makeup, costume makeup, eyeliner, eyelashes, contour, blush, eyebrows, retouch eye shape for larger eyes, try contacts to change eye color, facetune nose, face reshape and more!

✨YouCam Makeup Core Features – Perfect Selfie Filters✨
❤ Live Makeup Cam – Try cosmetics from top beauty brands
❤ Retouch & Airbrush Face Tune – Face Smoother & Blemish Editor
❤ Hair Makeover & Hair Color Changer – Dye your hair like virtual salon games
❤ Real-Time AR Makeovers – Lipstick, eyeliner, eye color, lashes, lip art
❤ Selfie Editor & Beauty Cam – Face shaper, nose enhancer, foundation, lipstick, blush, concealer, highlight, blemish, face paint, shine removal, add smile & contour
❤ AI Detect Skincare Cam – Analysis, Skin Test & Consult

🙂 Airbrush Flawless Skin & Retouch Face Editor
★ Selfie Editor & Selfie Filters – Remove blemishes, eye bags, face & nose shaper, foundation, lipstick, contour, blush, concealer, highlight
★ Face Editor – Skin smoother & face shaper & smile editor
★ Face Shaper – Face slimming, reshape cheekbones, chin, jaw, forehead
★ Contour & Highlight – Real-time makeover cheekbone & nose
★ Foundation & Blush – One-tap face tune
★ Blemish Removal & Concealer – Remove pimples, acne, wrinkle, dark circle

🌈 Color Hair & Hair Makeover with Ombré Hair color
★ 360 Degree Hair Color Changer – Dye hair virtually with real-time salon games
★ Hairstyle & Haircut – Wigs, short, long & curly

💄Top Beauty Brands to Try Before You Buy
★ AR Beauty Products – Try luxury makeup products before shopping

👀 Eye Makeup & Eyebrow Selfie Filters
★ Eyebrow Remover & Eyebrow Editor – Erase & edit eyebrow arch, thickness, position, color
★ Red-Eye Remover & Eye Brightener – Edit perfect photo
★ Eye Color Editor – Contact lenses from all brands
★ Eye Shadow Editor – Try eye makeup from top brands
★ Eye Lashes Editor – Mascara & Eyelash Extension
★ Eyeliner Editor – Try different Patterns
★ Eye Bag & Dark Circle Remover – Airbrush flawless look
★ Eye Tuner – Fine-tune eye width, angle, distance

⚡ Skin Health Analysis
★ Skincare Analysis & Skin Diary – Analyze skin in seconds
★ Personalized Skin Regimen & Recommendation
★ Skincare Test – Wrinkles, acne, dark circles
★ Consult with Dermatologist – Makeup & skincare suggestion

💋 Lips
★ Lipstick & Lip gloss – Matte, metallic, shine
★ Lip Reshape, Teeth Whitener, Smile Editor – Get plump lips like Kylie Jenner & gleaming teeth
★ Lip art selfie filters for make up games

✨ Accessories Editors – One-tap try-on
★ Accessories – Sunglasses, glasses, eyewear, hats, hairbands, earrings, necklaces

😍 Dress Up Salon Games
★ Wedding Makeup Salon – Virtual wedding makeover
★ K-pop makeup, Chinese, face art makeup, Horoscope,
★ Festival, party, Halloween, Valentine’s makeup for beautiful holiday selfies

😍 Selfie Filters
★ Effect & Filters – One-Tap edit selfie

👗 YouCam Makeup Fashion Community
★ Makeup Live Show – Professional makeup live by celebrity
★ Makeup Community – Fashion trends, makeup & make friends
★ Makeup Challenges & Free Gifts – Coupons for Sephora, makeup & more

🌟YouCam Makeup Premium🌟
Unlock more amazing functions with YouCam Makeup Premium! Get exclusive makeup collections, selfie filters, remove watermark & AD-FREE editing.
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Start 2023 with a fresh🔥 makeup look, accessories, hair color & more 💕 Update now to find your favorite style for the new year!

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40 comentarios en "YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor MOD 2022"

  1. Nik Marie dice:

    I’ve been using this app for years the best one out of it’s kind if your asking me. I’ve splurged and bought the yearly subscription two years in a row already and will renew again next year. Totally worth the 30$ if you keep at it and truly take your time learning how to place the dots at the exact placements I can hardly tell which of my pics are edited with this app and which are not. But if your not trying to perfect it then it’s obvious your pics are edited and you look completely silly!

  2. This used to be my favorite makeup app for many years. I was able to use different looks for free. Now they are trying to force you to upgrade to premium if you want to use the basic tools that were free before. Also, I find the monthly payment kind of expensive. Specially when I don’t edit photos very often.

  3. C L dice:

    Finally! More options for colored contacts! I love the more natural looking eye colors/patterns, so hurray for that! I mostly use this to give my OCs makeovers and there are probably hundreds of different looks/styles to create, so it’s perfect. I do wish we could have access to false eyelashes again, I realize that lashes and certain lipstick types are for premium users but the mascara option is a little lackluster. Other than that, I love playing around with all the settings, very cool app!

  4. I absolutely love this app! It’s very creative and fun, it’s also very realistic. I mean the makeup you can add either live or on a photo is so real looking. You have to get premium though, if you want to really enjoy the app. But trust me purchasing it, is so worth it. Plus you get a whole year for a low price. Don’t hesitate on downloading this app! You have to get it or you are going to be missing out! You will be missing out on transforming to the big lead! Lol, get the app!

  5. Beyond any doubt, this app is truly the most dynamic and prestigious of any of its kind. Ive tried literally every app on the market regarded by critics to be the ultimate makeup photo editor on the scene, and honesty, none measures anywhere close in terms of quality, consistency, reliability, and diverse range of options and features. Additionally, YouCam stays current and is always updating its features and expanding its color options and cosmetic lines. This is no doubt the best of its kind!

  6. Its a very good app because you have the option to add make up to your photos without exaggerating it. I used the filters of lashes, and everything was for free. Suddenly, one day they said I needed to pay to enjoy many of the filters of this app, and it was no possible to use anything without paying. That was very unfair.

  7. It worked great but now any pictures I try to edit the eyebrows eyeshadow and eyeliner and lipstick are in different places all over the picture. I paid for a year subscription and now I cant edit any photos. I am using the same type of pictures i have always used. Please fix this issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but the problem is continuing.

  8. This App is awesome. I’ve been using it for a couple years now, and I can’t get enough of it! It’s really the only make-up editing app I’ll use. And I love the special effects as well as the backgrounds they have to choose from. And as far as the prices go, they are beyond reasonable with what they ask for! I’d recommend thus app to anyone and everyone whose into editing pictures, especially virtual make-up effects!

  9. Apps like this are free and also come with a premium version. They generate revenue regardless, which is awesome considering the app itself is awesome and worth it. Apps like this make other apps like Facetune irrelevant. You don’t need to pay for something awesome unless you want a premium version of the already awesome app which would also include more features and services. I think you should download this app, and not even waste your time on other apps that really don’t compare at all.

  10. While I’m sure the app is great, it did not meet my expectations. First off, the free trial is expensive for just a few months. Second ( The main reason I downloaded this app) was to see what I would look like in the future. I knew the app wouldn’t be 100% accurate but I thought it would at least look a bit ligit. But all it did was add bad filters and face toon me. If your willing to pay money to get bad cartoon faces, be my guest. But I would not recommend 😕.

  11. I’ve been using this app since it 1st came out. I’ve tried many other makeup, hair, selfie apps & none come close to this one. All the choices of makeup, hair, accessories, etc, are the best, although, a bit overwhelming if ur indecisive like me. Being able to fix the placement of makeup on ur face so it matches up exactly on point is the reason I love this app. Other apps have similar features, but they can’t keep up with this one! It could take up a lot of memory if u don’t cloud ur pics.

  12. This app is fun to use. The only thing I wish could be improved on is adding more features to manipulate the eyebrows. Many of the makeup looks totally change my eyebrows into something else and that’s not what I’m looking for. I might want to tweak the shape a bit and clean them up in some cases but I don’t want an entirely different look. I just want to perfect what I actually have. I want options to change the color & improve the look without appearing like my eyebrows have been painted on.

  13. I like this app very much, and even more so with my new device that has more RAM and a faster processor. It is also easier to use with a larger display. That being said there are options now that have to be downloaded now that we’re already available in the past. Very limited on hair styles and colors, though the hair part of the app seems to be more realistic. Good app but not the One Stop App I’m searching for.

  14. Limited functionality and choices. In particular, many of the hair styles had no option to change their color, and the fun, punky colors were a completely separate tab and only work on your own hair. They need to find a way to allow all hair styles to be usable with all available hair colors. Also, there were nowhere near enough lipstick options.

  15. Best makeup app out there! If you’re interested in trying new makeup styles hairstyles or just improving the overall look of a picture this is the app for you. It’s on point and if even very very rarely it’s offset at all it gives you an option to fine-tune it manually which is very easy to use. I’d recommend to all makeup lovers and anyone just looking to have fun.

  16. Great for retouching photos! Works quick, and you can easily switch between the edit and original to see which is better! Also allows you to choose how much of an effect is applied, which is nice. Only thing I would change would be the image quality output, its good quality, however it would be nice if it could handle even larger/ higher quality detail saves. But for a free app, it cant be beat!

  17. I love it! I love taking daily pics to get my skin age and detect imperfections to see a trend. Great tool to add to my list of new products to see if they are working or making things worse. I feel like the photos are too flattering, even after I turn off built in Android portrait filter, but sometimes you need the extra confidence boost! Paid for premium.

  18. I hate that the new option to “allow data processing for a better experience” doesn’t allow us to opt out, if I click no it just prevents me from editing my photo. I don’t want a “virtual try on and skin analysis experience” (whatever that even means) and I don’t want you collecting my data. This app used to be good but you guys have ruined it by trying to make it into some sort of social media website, all I want is a photo editor.

  19. For tweaking photos, making corrections to color and missing spots left by other apps etc, it works well. It has many options, allows you to fine-tune hair coloring in a “draw-on-picture” fashion, but the fine tune function could use a little tweaking for precision. I even allows you to make gradual changes in color and tone to clothing skin background etc not just hair. I have no idea how it works for “makeovers” but it seems to work well for editing, blending, corrections etc.

  20. I was charged $4.99 for the trial. This app was installed for less than 48 hours and the charge appears under my subscriptions on Google Play. I found the app hard too use. It had difficulty finding data points on a face and too much time to save changes when trying to correct them. I uninstalled over 24 hours ago yet the charge remains. I’m taking note of the creators to make sure I never try anything by them again.

  21. The app creates fun photos, but nothing credible. I was using this for creating art but in a realistic way. The smoothing technique is too fake & options for foundation are slim. The hair color… let’s not go there. It’s a good app for kids. In addition, I had uploaded the basic version… somehow was charged for the 1 year premium version in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. That was shady…

  22. Uses way too much battery and it’s often difficult to get a really good, clear photo. The slightest shake and it turns out all blury. I checked my regular camera and took photos in other apps just to co. Pare and it’s definitely this one causing the problem. Aside from that it’s a pretty good app. I love the skin diary and beauty product/makeup recommendations based on my skin type. Lots of tutorials as well.

  23. Mixed feelings; overall the app is great, but has issues with failure to open. It frequently displays a white screen with the YouCam logo and the phrase “Updating data…” for an indefinite period of time (I once waited over 2 hours, app never opened). Uninstall & reinstall will fix this for a few months, but re-downloading all the “looks” and other in-app components is tedious. When it chooses to open, the app is well-designed and user-friendly, with a huge variety of uses (5-star experience).

  24. The eyebrow options now are messed up. They don’t give hair strokes, it’s a big ugly blob above each eye. The color options are terrible. And, when I save pics it saves the brows as the shape they were before I went in and manually changed the shape. I also jate the new upper and lower dots for the front, arches, and tails. I like being able to change the thickness, but it’s too difficult now.

  25. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I love how precise this is. One thing though that would be cool is of they somehow could make the photos more clear. Because I dunno if it’s the camera or an app can fix it but I’m convinced it can. But in photography, it’s hard to take pics on a phone because some of us arent photogenic. And it sucks. So of this app could separate the shadows and light and the details in them altogether, this app would be truly legendary. But so far. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  26. Lilah Fae dice:

    An hour and 12 minutes working on a “look”, half that time waiting for the simplest things to load (7-10 seconds most times for the smallest changes) only for me to try and fix the eyebrows and have it load for a full 20 minutes. Yes I waited that long. I couldn’t save the look. I really miss the time where not everything was needing “premium” and it wasn’t as slow and laggy as it is now, with all these tasteless features added. Terrible app, don’t waste your time.

  27. I love this app when it works. I have the premium subscription and the last couple days the app doesn’t open. Rebooting did nothing. This has happened several times over the past but it eventually works itself out. I’m very reluctant to uninstall and reinstall because it’s a huge pain to download the different looks and makeup again, plus it usually only reinstall the basic makeup without installing the different brands. It would be 5 stars if these issues were worked out

  28. When something is FREE, you don’t charge for it. At the very least, make it more clear before download that it’s a FREE TRIAL. The balogne that you gave another reviewer about some aspects being free to all users was disingenuous. At some point, they’d have to start paying for something they mistakenly thought was free, in order to keep using it. I didn’ t find that out until after I downloaded it, and I didn’t bother to try it even once. I uninstalled immediately.

  29. I first started using it as something fun but as I further explored all the features, I found it to be a necessity. Doing my makeup and hair, helps me to decide what styles of wigs to buy and to actually know what color(s) would look nice. It also helps me to experiment with different makeup combinations so I can also know how and which to purchase. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

  30. I’ve been using this app for a long time, and the make up part is fine. After the update the text part is hard to use. You can’t see where your putting the text because of the way the dots cover the begining and end of the text. You have to keep adjusting it, and then the entire photo moves around. It was fine before so not sure why you needed to mess with it. Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars.

  31. I don’t know why they advertise something completely different. Makeup is good. But, the hair styles and colors are horrible. Stamp on hair, and color doesn’t completely cover the whole head. Some color’s makes it look like you have gray hair. Need a better way to apply hair styles, color’s.( Blended in) There’s other apps that will do that. Like add volume, bang’s etc. Expecially if ur paying for it.

  32. This app is awesome. they have tons of pre-made looks or you can change each one individually. you can also change your hair color, hairstyle, add accessories. it’s just awesome. And customer service is excellent they reached out to me twice over an issue I had and fixed it promptly

  33. I put on more virtual makeup then I do in person. but it’s so much FYN The only issue is without the yearly or monthly fee, you get the minimum of looks.. no smile app, or teeth whitening or, heaven forbid, CONCEALER! you can visually see the results, but they won’t save to the photo. Still it’s worth trying out.. no? It is a good tension/stress reliever and again at it’s FUN

  34. I used to use this app all the time to mess with the options, but now half the retouch stuff you’d expect to be able to use is locked behind a paywall when you try to save the photo. The prices they want are too high for what the app provides. I used to love the app; if you get the free trial it feels like how the app used to be, but I won’t be using it again due to the paywall on the majority of its features.

  35. I tried to register for this app. It forces you to select your birthday. You get a calendar sometime in 1990, and the only way to choose your birthday is to scroll through years of months, there is no way to select a year or two input it manually. Given the lazy and bad programming in bad interface from this, I just uninstalled the app. Tell your developers to learn how to program without being so stupid and sloppy.

  36. The best app available at this time to apply makeup to photos. works spot in almost all the time and head and shoulders above all the competition. the only thing missing is the ability to augment breasts with cleavage stickers. but by far the best make up app I’ve ever used. new looks constantly added and you only download the ones you want. use it all the time, an easy well deserved 5 stars!

  37. Since they got my last review deleted I will rewrite it in a more detailed version. You have to sign up to a free trial before you can even access the app, much less check out the “free” content. There is no way to skip the free trial sign up, so you are forced to subscribe. Some people will likely forget about the free trial period and get charged. That’s how scams are run. I am not opposed to premium features but there should be a free trial without my credit card info. Other apps do it.

  38. unusable on my phone. works fine on my iPad, but my Android phone can’t use it. every time you select something, ANYTHING, it takes a very long time to load. between choosing my picture, undoing the default look, and taking my first selection, 15 minutes passed. it’d take forever to actually do anything. uninstalled.

  39. Hi, I’m a sketch artist who studies forensics, like skulls and facial structure. The makeup on this app is impressively realistic! But I wanted people to know that I think the app was distorting my face when I first opened it and the distortion disappeared as I played with makeup. It was mostly in the fat storing area of the jaw, the part that people often find looks unflattering in photos. If you feel ugly when you first open this app, please consiter that they’re just distorting your face.

  40. I thought I could try on different hair styles before going to get my hair done. This app is STUPID. It’s full of ads; you can’t tell what to click to go where you want & the color change never works. It keeps trying to get you to do a 7 day trial that will ultimately cost far too much. Waste of the last 45 minutes of my life! HUGELY disappointed.

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