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Meet Gallery, a smart, light and fast photo and video gallery built by Google to help you:

✨ Find photos faster with automatic organization
😎 Look your best with editing tools like auto-enhance
🏝️ Use less data – works offline, all in a small app size


Each night, Gallery will automatically organize your photos to group by: People, Selfies, Nature, Animals, Documents, Videos and Movies.
Gallery helps you stay organized, so you can spend less time scrolling for that photo of your friend or family member, and more time sharing memories with them.*


Gallery has easy to use photo editing tools, such as auto-enhance which will make your photos look their best with one-tap.


Use folders to organize photos in any way you want. All while still being able to view, copy and transfer to and from SD Cards, easily.


Gallery comes in a small file size which means even more space for your own photos. All while using less memory on your device – so it won’t slow down your phone.


Optimized to work offline, Gallery can easily manage and store all your photos and videos without using up all your data.
*face grouping not currently available in all countries


• Bug fixes and minor improvements


40 comentarios en "Gallery 2022"

  1. Andrew YM dice:

    Two issues: first, if you open files from another file manager, you can’t swipe through images in the same folder like in other apps. In order to do that, you have to open the gallery app and pick from a list of folders containing images. If you have multiple folders with the same name, good luck. Second, while scrolling through images, videos will play automatically, with no option to have them start paused. Kinda disappointed that Google’s own app has these issues when others don’t.

  2. Good, could be improved. It has all the basic functionality a gallery should have but doesn’t offer a lot of extra features. I have this installed as well as Google Photos and the latter has way more bells and whistles. I wish you could hide photos/albums in this app and also change the cover images of the folders (Samsung’s gallery app allows you to do this) to name a few. The reason I downloaded this in the 1st place is Photos can be overwhelming and wanted something more traditional.

  3. It needs more customization. How do you have a settings option and there are no actual settings to change when you select it? The only thing I can change is the light or dark mode theme. I can’t change the size of the folder thumbnails so I can see more folders on the page. I can’t customize the order of the folders to where I want them to be. This is the first Google app I’ve ever used that lacked simple features. This app needs work, it’s very bare bones.

  4. Pro: seeing all the photos in one place while having multiple photo albums, very easy to use and having the ability to edit within the app is excellent. Whether using a pre-fixed scheme or editing the photo with additional settings. Con: Wish it had the ability to use eye dropper when editing photos.

  5. Steven dice:

    After migrating from a Galaxy phone to a pixel 7 pro, this is the only gallery app that is displaying old photos mixed in witth recently taken photos.. i am not sure if this a result of the importing tools, however it’s only the Google Gallery that is effected… need sorting by date with both asc/desc working properly. I don’t want to see last year photos showing up as if they were taken randomly in recent months.

  6. I really wish Google would stop trying to unify the entire photo library on a device. There are a lot of times where this is completely inappropriate. When you hand somebody your phone to show them photos that you just took, you shouldn’t have to worry that sensitive numbers and other data in screenshots that you have taken, will be exposed if they swipe a few too many to one side or the other. The fact that this program does not allow specific exclusion or inclusion of directories is idiotic.

  7. Faster and quicker than the normal Photos app from Google, but there are two downsides I see thus far: 1) you cannot multi-select by dragging your finger over the photos. 2) the VR function for panoramic photos doesn’t exist. It also doesn’t work for anything online (albums, etc), but that’s a good thing in my opinion (and the whole purpose of this app).

  8. Lacks five essential features, in my opinion: – sort options; – view options; – search feature; – straightening feature (currently limited to 90 degree rotations only); and – the ability to zoom during the editing process.** **The ability to zoom in on a photo when trying different filter is crucial when editing photos on a mobile device. The user can’t determine the full effect a filter on the small screen of a mobile device with the ability to zoom in on the image.

  9. There is no way to exclude particular folders from showing up in the app. For example, I have ~30 folders from album art; let me exclude those folders without deleting the files. Also, there is no way to set folder view as the default for when I open the app. I get that I’ll never get that option in Google Photos (which I also have installed), but this app is called Gallery; give me the option to have the standard gallery view. Come on, these are very basic features.

  10. D P dice:

    Just short of being good. Folder support is a need, but it does not allow nested folder views. My pics sync with my pc, and they are in logical order, like folder “Family” has subs for specific members, trips, events, etc. With this app, all of hundreds of folders are displayed on one screen. Instead of 3 or 4 clicks to what I need, well, it’s just not helpful. Seems so simple. That’s the killer, but the other missing feature is to take a camera pic right in to the active folder.

  11. I use this now on my phone instead of Google photos. It is much more efficient, quicker to load. It is able to look at the photos and videos on the phone as well as micro SD card. I really like the pared-down down Gallery Go by Google ;instead of the full-blown Google photos. You can still use Google photos. I highly recommend this program from Google. Everything just seems so much more intuitive and simple with Google!

  12. Nice idea Google. I was waiting for something like this for a while. The only major problem that I’ve found is I can’t select multiple photos/videos just by doing the “tap, hold and select”. Hope you’ll add that in future updates. Still waiting for an update 🙂. Found another annoying thing. The double tap to zoom is too much. I liked the scale of “Google photos”. Can you please make it a bit smaller. Thank you for changing the double tap scale. Gonna wait for an update to add multiple selection

  13. Jayce dice:

    It’s a really great gallery app, and i enjoy using it. My biggest problem is i try to make a new folder/album — but it glitches and won’t let me. By that I mean the new folder page pops up for less than a second then disappears. As an artist, it would be really nice to be able to sort my characters and reference sheets! Please fix this 😩

  14. The app is good and does what is needed but it would be nice if you could drag and select multiple photos at once instead of having to check the box for each pictures. Google photos allows you too but it seems this app doesn’t support it. All in all great app, just could use that small touch and it’ll be fantastic!

  15. Very clumsy. The pictures are constantly reloading into the app and can’t be organized by date added, only by “recent” which includes when you last opened it. So instead of seeing the most recent photo in your camera roll out organized folder, you see a random one from years ago. The sharing features are also very lacking and hard to navigate. Let’s go Brandon.

  16. Installed this app because my phone didn’t come with a “photo gallery” app installed. the reason I uninstalled it was because I expect to be able to edit my photos with a stylus, use certain filters and effects, Gallery Go didn’t come with any if those features! So I’m off in search of another program that will work both as my “photo gallery” so I can easily find the pictures I have on my phone, and edit them by drawing on them.

  17. I would have rated it a 4 star if i had not faced problems as: – there is no option to see the info of a particular video. I always need to play the video to see its info like size, date modified, save location, etc. Other galleries allow you to see the info by just selecting the media file. – A trash bin would have been a brilliant add-on to the app to prevent file deletion by mistake.

  18. Decent, not great. Two problems: (1) Some photos, but not all, shot landscape are displayed 90° off. These can be rotated individually to correct orientation but it’s a pain. (2) Gallery lumps all of a month’s activity in one big file, NOT separating them by date. Busy months are a mess to sort through to find the specific date for which I am looking. To find a given photo’s date it has to be tapped on a couple of times. This is cumbersome. App needs date separators.

  19. Day dice:

    This app works great, it has a clean interface and is simple to use. I can create folders and move pics and videos to the folders with no problems. I only wish I could keep a folder after I empty it, this gallery as well as other galleries do not let you keep folders when there are no items in it. I also appreciate there are No ads.

  20. Bill Mc dice:

    Quick & Easy. There aren’t a lot of features but that’s probably why it is fast. I have thousands of photos and organizing them is a nightmare. This app makes it confrontable. The info feature is great because it gives you your f-staops, shutter speed in fractions, ISO, and camera model,

  21. Jeff dice:

    Very limited There is basically no settings, just dark mode on or off. It lacks basic gallery functions like tile size, number of rows, etc. It barely supports folders and sd cards. It will show your folders on your phone. It will allow you to make a folder but you cannot control its location so basically its useless if you want to organize your photos or have been using other apps. There’s much better and easier to use apps than this one

  22. Val P dice:

    It is a decent app, better than a bunch of others I’ve tried. However when it comes to moving pictures/images from a folder on your phone to an SD folder it won’t let you. It gives an error that it’s unable to bcuz it doesn’t have permission and there’s no way to grant it. If they could fix it this would be the perfect gallery app.

  23. simple app that shows your pictures in a well done timeline and the editing is very basic but it uses Google’s smarts so the results are solid. if you have a simple phone and want a good fluid experience i suggest trying this app out. Be aware that it doesn’t backup your pictures it just shows you pictures that are local to your phones memory.

  24. It’s ok. You can’t really do anything with it, not even display your photos by size or date or anything. You do have a folder view (whoopie) It’s very lacking. I’m wondering why anyone bothered to make an app for images and not give the user any options. I guess I have a couple of thousand images on my phone, ot takes a while to find what you want with no options.

  25. don’t know if I’m completely missing it or maybe a mistake when being developed. I can’t find a way to edit the text in a photo album, or even delete a photo albums and I’m not able to add any more new albums, and I’m up to 20 at this time but can’t delete, not able too. I have a Blu Vivo XL5 Pro. Please any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  26. UPDATE: Can no longer move photos at all. What a pia. I’m going to find a different AND MORE USEFUL app. Original review follows: It works, but why does it ask for permission every time I want to move a photo? And when it asks (every single time), I have to be using portrait mode, or the buttons are not visible. And why is it unable to see photos on Google Photos?

  27. The features Gallery Go offers are nice, but it deletes any photos that I edit and save under any other format besides ‘.jpg’…and lately it’s been deleting some of those too! Some edits that hadn’t been backed up yet! If something doesn’t change with that very soon, I’m sorry but I’ll have to try a different app. PLEASE fix it!

  28. Nice design, but lacks a lot of basic features. I cannot seem to rename files or folders in the app, nor can I re-sort anything alphabetically / descending. Other than that it looks well designed, and the photo editing that it offers is pretty nice too.

  29. Good job Google a useless app. This app has no point. There are no features to it. You can’t add any pictures to albums, you can’t add notes to pictures, you can’t star pictures, you can’t move pictures to different folders. What the heck can you do with this app? Nothing. You might as well use the regular Google photos app it has a few more features at least

  30. This would be a 5-star app if not for a major flaw/omission. It’s *much* lighter and faster than the stock Photos app, which is great – be there is a major issue with SORTING that prevents me from using this app any longer. After getting a new phone (same phone, Galaxy S10) and transferring all photos via Samsung Switch/USB-C, there is ZERO recognizable order to the photos in this app. I’ve tried sorting by Modified, but no luck – this app needs to be able to sort photos by Date/Time Created.

  31. Mixin dice:

    GREAT APP!! I don’t know why people are saying photos can’t be moved, when they can. Use the 3 dots, create a Folder, then look below and you’ll see MOVE option below. I just found it and did it. I will agree that it wasn’t as clear on how to do it as the previous versions, but, it can still be done.

  32. Thrilled to find this gallery app with NO ADS!🎉 But 3 major issues knock a star off for each: (1) Cannot create new folders/albums from inside the app. (2) Cannot attach pics from Gallery Go to messages using the STOCK GOOGLE TEXT APP. (3) Editing tools are almost non-existent. You can crop, rotate, or apply a filter. That’s it. My device’s screenshot editing tools have more options than this app. No response to feedback or repeated reqs for help. Ever. Google isn’t good at app basics. Still.

  33. I love this app but it leaves alot to be wanted. Like it’s so bare bones add some features to it like a Vault so I can keep my private photos away from prying eyes. Icons on photos that are already synced with Google Photos and what’s not. I have to go and compair photos between the two apps to see if it’s synced or not. Lastly a better photo editor built into the app couldn’t hurt. Oh and release a Beta app for me to join please!

  34. This app has a hard time loading pictures I just took. Sometimes it won’t even show a preview for pictures. sometimes when I select a picture to look at it at a bigger size it will just give me a black screen. I found that backing out and then going back into the app will sometimes fix this.

  35. Why does Google hate cropping photos in landscape so much? I’m convinced the developers have never used this feature themselves, bc it simply lacks usability. When you rotate your phone to crop a landscape image in landscape (a novel concept), the image becomes so tiny you can’t do anything. It’s even smaller than if you just leave your phone in portrait!

  36. It’s a Google product so it’s slick, noteworthy, and as always glaringly lacking in some areas. The most baffling shortcoming in this case is that you cannot merge two grouped faces that are in fact the same person. This can’t be one of those cases where Google products ignore the user needs. It has to be to a push to make the official Google’s Photos app more appealing in comparison. But then you have to given them all your photos and enjoy bait and switch modes like on storage recently.

  37. Great app. I have tried many different free gallery apps, but this one is probably the best one yet in my opinion. I had to move to a different gallery app because my default one started having problems, and I tried finding a free app that was simple to use. Plus, a lot of the free apps has ads and stuff, but this doesn’t. Definitely deserves a 5-star rating.

  38. There’s so much potential but even the basics of a great gallery app are missing (especially when all the Google Pixel users are in need of a photo gallery app). – allow the renaming/editing folder titles, – have text as part of the edit options, – add a secure folder with biometric/password protection, – gif creation function, – and lastly, let us choose a cover photo for the album. Makes it easier to find the folder you’re looking for.

  39. Big Thumbs for speed ! 👏👏 Gives you useful info like folder size and number of files straight away. But past that, it becomes amazingly average – missing out on a basic stuff, like folder sort ( which has been there since the invention of computers) and basic editing tools like exposure, contrast and saturation controls. Also, you cannot rename folders !! Why ?! While it’s a brilliant viewer – in a world where people need to clear out their storage, occasionally, this is pretty useless !

  40. Marcel B dice:

    Not sure what happened but some time between today and 10/12 (last photo edited) the Edit function of the app somehow changed. It used to open a supporting app on my phone called Edit, which had lots of useful editing functions I used. Now it seems to have its own, amateur and mega simplistic edit function which I hate. I can still go to three dots and select Edit in then select the Edit app but it’s too much hassle. I should be able to make it default.

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