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Photo editor & gallery. Crop pictures & edit photos offline, no wifi!
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Simple Gallery brings you all the photo viewing and editing features you have been missing on your Android in one stylish easy-to-use app. Browse, manage, crop and edit photos or videos faster than ever, recover accidentally deleted files or create hidden galleries for your most precious images and videos. And with advanced file-support and full customization, finally, your gallery works just the way you want.

Turn photo editing into child’s play with Simple Gallery’s improved file organizer and photo album. Intuitive gestures make it super easy to edit your images on the fly. Crop, flip, rotate and resize pictures or apply stylish filters to make them pop in an instant.

Simple Gallery supports a huge variety of different file types including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF, Panoramic photos, videos and many more, so you enjoy full flexibility in your choice of format. Ever wonder “Can I use this format on my Android”? Now the answer is yes.

Simple Gallery’s highly customizable design allows you make the photo app look, feel and work just the way you want it to. From the UI to the function buttons on the bottom toolbar, Simple Gallery gives you the creative freedom you need in a gallery app.

Never worry about accidentally deleting that one precious photo or video you just can’t replace. Simple Gallery allows you to quickly recover any deleted photo and videos, meaning on top of being the best media gallery for Android, Simple Gallery doubles as an amazing photo vault app.

Rest assured your photo album is safe. With Simple Gallery’s superior security features you can use a pin, pattern or your device’s fingerprint scanner to limit who can view or edit selected photos and videos or access important files. You can even protect the app itself or place locks on specific functions of the file organizer.

It comes with material design and dark theme by default, provides great user experience for easy usage. The lack of internet access gives you more privacy, security and stability than other apps.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors.

Check out the full suite of Simple Tools here:

Standalone website of Simple Gallery Pro:





Always show the hidden item display button, just require All Files for it
Added some translation, stability and UX improvements


40 comentarios en "Simple Gallery Pro 2022"

  1. It’s very straightforward and you won’t get lost in the settings menus unlike some other gallery apps I’ve used in the past. That being said, once and a while an update gets pushed that absolutely breaks the apps functionality and you’ll usually have to set it back up the way you had it before. It would be rad if there were a way to exclude folders from Facebook camera roll but I haven’t found anything that does that yet.

  2. With all the options for this type app, this one is pretty good. If you really want this app to stand out and be easily the best photo storage app in the play store you need to add the ability to have folders in folders (nested folders). Being able to custom arange folders would be nice There are a couple other apps that have these feature but the rest of their interface is nowhere near as nice. The editing portion of this app is also very good it seems to have all the options I use.

  3. The best gallery app out there but I am having some issues on my new phone, Pixel 7 Pro. With videos when I hold the phone horizontally I am no longer able to access the seek bar for the video, I can longer zoom into videos at all whether viewing the video vertically or horizontally, I can also no longer double tap on the sides of the screen to fast forward or rewind the video. Just wanted to make the dev aware and hope these can be resolved.

  4. Great app. It’s simple, easy to use and one of the few apps that can display albums in subfolders. That feature alone made it worth the small cost. Definitely recommended! Also, I’m loving how after the last update it handles modified dates WAY better. Moving or copying pictures no longer creates an entirely new file (changing the modified date & disorganizing pictures). Also editing and saving has stopped doing this too. Great work!

  5. It’s been a long & bumpy road for Simple Gallery Pro this past year… Between the hide folder fiasco and poor response to user feedback, I was very close to jumping ship. I’m glad to say that they managed to turn things around and restore the original functionality, and then some. As of now, this is still the best gallery app that I’ve used.

  6. re writing my review. this app has gotten worse and worse with each passing update. currently the app will freeze and crash whenever i try to move pictures from the internal storage to a folder in the SD card, no matter how long I wait for it, it will stay frozen all day! this app was the best in the whole play store at one point, but the developer kept wanting to fix things that weren’t broken, and in the process, broke and removed a lot of features this app once had.

  7. Like it. Changing to really like it. Have been using it for over a year now. Im able to organize the pics I take into folders, which makes them easier to find . Using the folders, I Can show for example all the shots from a project from planing to final build and beyond. Thats what i wanted. Easly move from my camera default folder. Also rename, edit and move to what ever folder I choose.

  8. I was hoping it would allow me to navigate to real folders internally and on flash drives. It does not, it only displays only those “folders” which somehow are identified as galleries. I want to pick for it where to look, instead of it showing me what it thinks I might be intested in. I’m a fan of simple tools but this one is not working the way I need. Update: developer emailed to let me know that capability is on the roadmap. That works be fantastic!!

  9. *Used to be Great* Now it eats photos and just leaves a blank spot, and if you click on it, it just makes a blank page. Videos too. So glitchy. Yes I’m having issues. When I click gallery, the photos don’t appear, just a blank page spot for each missing photo. If you click on a spot where the photo should be, it beings up a Fullscreen blank page.

  10. After 2 years, this app finally shows images. Unfortunately, it finds and displays EVERYTHING except the pictures I take, the ones I actually want to see. They might be there, but buried. There is an option to add excluded folders, but not a way to include folders. I only want to see ONE folder. Worthless as it is

  11. F*U* F*M* dice:

    I like this app. I paid for it to support development. Recently, I have been repeatedly pestered by a window wanting me to give complete file access. I will not give complete file access to apic gallery app. Period. I read and understood what you wrote as to why you want to access all files. No. You will not access all files. Please give the option to make the window go away. Thx

  12. I need to have an image/photo organizer and have researched all over. This app rises above the others. It will access an SD drive whereas most others, including Google, do not. It does an excellent job of organizing folders and can customize their order. It’s display is thematic and many other pluses. Hey Simple Gallery. If you make your searches throughout everything and illiminate case sensitive (!!!), I will mark it 5-Star 😊

  13. foxtey dice:

    App is amazing, but the editor needs some work, every time I press edit on a video, it will mess up the sound quality and make crackling noises and it skips the audio as well, and it’s not my phone because the original audio of the video is perfectly fine, but it always messes it up when I go into edit it, if you could fix that it would be appreciated.

  14. Made sure all permissions were granted, including image management permissions, yet pictures are being displayed incorrectly. When I view any image, the image is scewed, and positioned to the bottom right of the screen, with a portion of the image cut off by the screen. Pretty sure this is not what I paid for… Edit: Now when I use Editor, it’s telling me I’m using a fake version of the app, and then redirects me to here: the fake version of the app? In which I already have installed!! 😡

  15. Easy to use and lots of great features. But currently bugged beyond belief after updates. At one point my entire phone stopped being able to access my SD after giving the app permission, corrupting about 20 files I attempted to move. Lots of other smaller bugs as well. Issues that never existed before and DO NOT EXIST in the free version. I am only continuing to use this app out of pure stubbornness and hope that it eventually gets close to what it used to be again.

  16. Used to be my go to gallery app. But after moving/copying photos to different and new folders it has corrupted three different SD cards, across two different phones. Resulting in the loss of other data I can’t recover. I thought it was my phone at first, but it’s this app. Everything was fine on all three tests until using this app and the move/copy options within app. It’s a shame because I love this app, but I need to organize photos. It also messes up the date/organzation of the photos now.

  17. Connor dice:

    Great app better than the stock apps. Edit to add: I have a new phone and I still love this app. Edit: recent update removed the hide folder feature and the different picture media that was able to be seen before. Now looking for a gallery app that offer what this app use to offer. Edit to add at least a pattern lock can be enabled, so I give 4 stars.

  18. Juan R. dice:

    One of the best gallery apps without a doubt and open source. I highly recommended it. I ask the developer to please add the following features which I believe will improve the app and serve everyone. 1.Highlighter to highlight text on images. 2.Text outline effect. 3.Image color palette viewer (view/copy hex, rgb, etc) 4.exif editor/cleaner. Keep up the great work.

  19. K dice:

    Working great. I think with very large files, it causes a delay in loading. I got the full JWST image (100+MB) and since there’s a 5-10s delay in opening some folders, or maybe it’s the folder with 6000+ images/gif/webm in it, but due to the high amount it’s expected honestly. Great app. Never could use anything else for pictures.

  20. koitsu dice:

    Had to stop using my this app given random file/folder access problems. I’ve been through this before; app updates fixed things, but then a year or so later I’ve begun to have problems again. I suspect a lot of this relates to Android updates, but it’s like a cat/mouse game. Ended up succumbing to Google Photos, which is functional and hasn’t given me any folder access issues, but is bleh otherwise. In a way I feel bad for this app author.

  21. I don’t like the fact that the new update took away the ability to show hidden folder but other then that it’s nearly a perfect app. If you really want the version with the ability to show hidden folders you can find it online. You’re looking for app version 6.20.1, that’s the last update with the feature before it was removed.

  22. Grey Fox dice:

    (Edit: So I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it seems like the issues are ONLY with the Pro edition. My excluded folders option doesn’t work and there are files within my phone files that do not appear in the app.) The last update made several albums disappear. Scrambled everything I had organized. My locked folder only shows 1 picture even though the set location has over 30. Can’t figure out how to fix everything. Really disruptive update.

  23. Wade dice:

    Tip, I’ve experienced lower resolution photos unless you turn on deep zoom. Even if I don’t plan to use deep zoom it still substantially makes a difference. This shouldn’t be happening but it was a work around I found. I almost quit using the app prior to figuring this out. Originally I noticed photos looking slightly blurred or low res. I was blaming the cameras then weeks later I looked at the same photos with Google photos and they were sharp and high res.

  24. Solid app, and the media viewer is better than most gallery apps I have used. Would have given it 4 stars as “nearly perfect” except for the removal of the ability to toggle visibility of hidden folders. Yes, Google did just move this functionality from the “Access media files” permission to the “Access all files” but that permission can be requested when the user tries to do something that requires it, or on start with an explanation. Other gallery apps have done so.

  25. {UPDATE: Loving it once again!!} This app used to be top tier for me, but with the latest update, hardly anything works the way they used to anymore. I have the option “play videos automatically” selected. Well, it doesn’t work. At all. It takes ~2 minutes to transfer photos, when it used to only take not even 10 seconds. And I really enjoyed the option to have the file names on the thumbnails, now that’s gone. Big bummer for me. Having paid for this app, I expect better customization…

  26. C. Weins dice:

    You can hide/lock media in the app, but NOT the device! ALL of your HIDDEN media will appear in ALL apps that access pix/vid, including the path name. The free version hides everything you lock, from all apps, all the time! They got this one backwards! If the dev wants to step up and show me that I’m doing it wrong, I’ll happily change this review. I love the free version! But, being unable to hide media on the entire platform, makes this paid version worthless.

  27. Simple Gallery Pro is one cool, tough app. If the major players can do it, Simple Apps can do it! My experience so far has been definitely positive. I sprang for the $1.99 to go Pro, just because I hated the orange icon and wanted to be able to change it, and the background colors and columns widths for my patented “microscreenshot gallery”. It Really comes in handy, like when searching for a specific pic, to increase column width. Funny, positive reviews runout of alloted space just the same!

  28. Excellent! Doesnt have the Chinese spying and advertising “features” as QuickPic, and is significantly more configurable. My primary complaint, and it’s just a minor annoyance, is that the app doesn’t remember the last folder you copied/moved an image to for the next copy/move operation, so you have to select the folder every time you move one, or a batch of, files. Minor flaw in an otherwise excellent app. Keep up the good work!

  29. So far it’s disappointing. From reviews I was led to believe I could place an album within another album. So far I can’t. Moving an item into a sub-folder just adds that to the main screen. Opening the album the main folder represents does not show the album I tried to place under it. During the process of try to do this I accidentally swiped the screen from top to center. The “We’re doing something” icon showed up and as a result I now have duplicate albums with what looks like a USB icon n the corner. I cannot delete these albums and I cannot delete the content within them. Since apparently there is no support available to help me figure out what to do with these secondary albums I’m stuck with them. I strongly advise anyone considering this app to be very thorough in your investigation. While it has a high rating the lack of support and documentation is a major flaw. I checked Facebook. Nothing there. I Googled for help. Nothing there. Simple is as simple does. Poorly. I appreciate the information re the update, but I’ve moved on to a different approach and no longer have this app on my phone.

  30. I have been using QuickPic for 3-4 years, and it was supposed to be the best gallery out there, but lately it became sluggish, too many useless features, pictures need 2-3 seconds to fully render, etc. Simple Gallery has it all. Beautiful interface. Custom colors. Many options that you can enable or disable to your liking. Pictures render instantly. Developer, if you are reading this I just want to tell you that I’m proud of you! And if it’s a team effort, then I’m proud of you all! Awesome job!

  31. CJ Odell dice:

    This is an excellent replacement photo/video gallery. The paid version is worth it for the regular updates. This app has a lot of good features in it to help organize and view photos and videos. I have noticed that if you have a lot of pictures or movies on your device (200 GB+), the program becomes a bit unstable. Slow performance, folders disappear from the main screen, pictures will not move or delete. No performance issues at all with a smaller picture gallery.

  32. solid gallery app, but is a bit slow when first starting the app and loading all your pictures. also sometimes when you click a notification that says you downloaded a picture, it brings you to the app, but it doesn’t let you view the picture with all the normal features?? like, you have to close it out and then re-open the app and then go find the picture to actually get full access to it. mildly annoying, but a tiny issue. still an all around great gallery app

  33. Bought the Pro app and I cannot edit videos with it. I would be able to edit videos in the free version, but after installing the pro version, the free version no long syncs images or videos. I purchased the pro version hoping to access more features; instead, I find myself facing more barriers to the services you provide. Please help! Edit: You are absolutely right, it was another app! I’m looking forward to a video editing feature. Thank you for such a timely response.

  34. ***Edit: That’s unfortunate. I really hope you reconsider this design because it logically makes no sense if parts of the photo go out of frame preventing you from seeing it as you adjust the cropping square.***Original: I just upgraded to Pro and noticed one possible bug or design flaw: when you’re cropping a photo with the editor, and as you drag the square to adjust the size, the entire photo moves as well if the square touches any edge. This makes it difficult and inconvenient because parts of the photo on where you’re dragging goes out of frame. The photo should not be moving at all when you are adjusting the cropping square. I hope this wasn’t an intended feature because it wasn’t present in the non-Pro version and I have never seen any other app that did this. I don’t think this is a user-friendly design. Other than that, great app.

  35. Excellent gallery app. Does exactly as described, no ads, no slowdowns. It’s free now, but not for long- however, considering every other gallery app is terrible and full of bloatware, you’re paying for Dev support, privacy, and long-term use. And that isn’t even mentioning the ton of features (which, by the way, don’t hamper performance).

  36. This app really puts the Samsung default gallery app to shame. It allows you to organize your photos and videos almost any way you want instead of how Samsung thinks you should. Plus it lets you include/exclude folders and individual files so that you don’t have to scroll through all of your album art just to find that great pic you took a month ago.

  37. I fell in love with the app to the point were I bought the pro version. However for a while I’ve been getting quite annoyed at some things. For instance, I feel that at the moment whenever you want to crop a picture, out takes more steps than it used to. One more thing that I despise is whenever you pause a video and click play. It doesn’t play from where you paused but takes you back a couple of seconds.

  38. Finally! An alternative gallery app with a ton of useful features and NO ADS! I have nearly tried them all. I have found others that I liked but they were ad-supported with no upgrade option to get rid of the ads. As soon as I dove in, I was able to get my gallery organized in less than 10 minutes. The options are easy to understand without having to reference complicated instructions. If you’re not tech savvy you don’t have to worry about learning and memorizing complicated steps to get your desired results. I am really happy with this app and you will be too. I am completely satisfied with this app and I haven’t even begun to look into all the extra features yet. The free and Pro versions are both ad-free. I’m not sure what extra features I get with the Pro version but I’m happy to chip in a buck to support the developer.

  39. Hands down, the BEST gallery app for android, at least among a dozen or so paid gallery apps that I have tried. Don’t let its simplicity fool you: it is both powerful and efficient. Navigating between different subdirectories (albums), renaming, moving, and other file operations are a breeze using the simple, user-friendly interface. It doesn’t access your photos on line, but that can be done by the file manager which I use for my other files. Highly recommended.

  40. This is simply the best gallery app I’ve been able to find. But to be fair, I’ve only tried about 20-30. 🙂 Most of the UI is pretty straightforward, but some things are obscure or not obvious. For example, did you know you can choose “Folder Cover?” Long press a folder, then pick a photo on that folder to represent the folder – useful with folders that have a lot of pics constantly changing! And I love that I can create shortcuts to folders, so I don’t have to keep going through all the hierarchy to see those pics! Well done devs! Keep it up!

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