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Sweet selfie camera & photo editor with expressive filters
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Being laggy and freezing all the time?
Always running out of space and can’t take photos when you are using a camera app?
Camera360 Lite comes to help, download Camera360 Lite now.
Taking picture has never been so easy, is an all-in-one and completely free beauty camera that customized for android.
Camera 360: the best beauty camera ranked NO. 1 on photography charts in 7 countries with over 500 million loyal users.
Now you can experience faster camera360 function in the camera360 lite

======Camera360 Lite Highlights======

【Fast and Handy】
▶ Install this lightweight app quickly and easily on any network. It’s less than 4 MB
▶ Camera360 Lite is a lightweight app that performs well on all Android devices
▶ With this HD camera you can experience faster camera 360 function

【Beauty Camera for Candy Selfies】
Say goodbye to fake faces and start taking perfect image using beauty camera for candy selfies that makes your pictures more natural and beautiful!

Take candy selfie with our beauty camera. With over a dozen beauty presets and filters on the HD camera, you can pick and choose how your skin and face looks – with just ONE-TAP!

With numerous photo filters and photo effects, you can make candy selfies on beauty camera, and share the unique images as well as perfect selfie pictures to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platform.

▶ Stylize your candy selfie with beauty camera selfie filters
▶ Special and free cartoon styles with personality to spice up your selfie
▶ With HD camera & selfie camera you can erase blemishes, smooth skin, add photo filters and special photo effects so much more

【Stylish Filters】
Real-time filter on beauty camera do not require post-correction. There are 100+ unique filters and cartoon effects
▶HD Camera
Take pictures with vivid colors and rich detail! The best HD camera application.
Awesome photo filters and photo effects designed for Landscape photo editing.
Photo filters customized for taking food pics – Foodie. Make your lunch snap pics look even more delicious, or choose from any one of a myriad of ways to make your pics stand out.
▶ Vintage
Vintage color film effects make photos look like old photos taken in 50s, 60s, or 70s.
▶ More
Live filters include Lomo, Foodie, Enhance, loft, Korean Style, Starry Night, B&W, Sketch, etc.
Create wonderful cartoon photos and paintings with cartoon effect filters – sketch

【Fastest Capture】
▶ HD Camera comes complete with a timer, flash, and all the other features you need to take the perfect picture
▶ Easy to share your candy selfies with Selfie Camera
One touch to share it to popular social sites like Facebook, Line, Instagram right from selfie camera when you are done editing.

Now Download Camera360 lite to join us to experience this powerful of selfie camera for photo effects!

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[email protected]


[Bug Fix] Fix crash;


40 comentarios en "Camera360 Lite -Stylish Filter MOD 2022"

  1. Doesn’t take widescreen pictures! All the pictures end up looking like square snapshots from an old film camera. The filters are fun for about 5 minutes. In the separate Gallery folder for the app you can’t bulk delete pictures, you have to do them one at a time. I guess it is a fun selfie app for children but I am not impressed. It does work with the Bluetooth little remote shutter release, I guess that is worth 2 stars.

  2. Josh Joe dice:

    I don’t get it…. Pictures that it’s meant to save after editing…..don’t usually get saved cause it keeps rotating like it is about to save the pix and it crashes most times and I have to keep trying again and again until I eventually give up. It really can be frustrating.I mean really frustrating. It’s not a Four Star I can’t just edit it… It’s not a Four Star app.

  3. The app keep crashing since January and it ends up not saving photos taken with it most of the times. This is getting annoying. Since the last update the app isn’t fun anymore. Please try fixing things. The app used to be a wonderful one for years but right now it’s annoying that if it continues I may end up uninstalling it. Please fix this bug.

  4. I downloaded this app only for the Cola Effect filter that i saw on my brother’s phone, I was like wow! What a filter! After downloading in my phone, got different interface, new filters icons, even that Cola Effect missing. I confirmed both apps were up-to-date. Very disappointed. I can’t understand what’s going on. So i deleted. I’ll download it again if the developer if the fixes the problem.

  5. I bought a Bluetooth shutter remote to use with my phone which will only work with this app apparently and this app doesn’t save any of my pictures and you can’t just keep snapping pictures you have to stop and save each one every time both this Bluetooth remote shutter and this app are worthless to me.. a total waste of my time and money

  6. The App is very good, but if you just can add the resolution of (9:16) that can let you view the full screen as the other apps, then it will be a great App and I will rate it 5 stars. I hope you consider my request and don’t ignore it, as some apps does.

  7. I have been using this app for more than two years now. And it has been working well. It has been my best photo app. But now, I don’t understand what’s happening. It just started crashing and there is no way I can save my pictures again, after editing them. I tried to update it, but I can’t see the updated version online. Please I wish this problem can be fixed.

  8. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!! You take a picture, an ad comes up you have to close the ad and then get everybody together again..Take a picture, get up close the ad see if the picture is acceptable or not, go back get everyone together again take a picture get up go close the ad, look to see if you got it that time lol before you could just keep pushing the remote for numerous photos but NOPE NOT ANYMORE!! DO NOT INSTALL IM WARNING YOU…

  9. Brian K. dice:

    The 99¢ a month option “Can’t be found” every time I click on it. I’m about ready to uninstall all of your apps. The three I use are riddled with flaws & glitches. This was the only one I was semi happy with untill now.

  10. The last time l installed these app the pictures l took were small as in square form not wide which made me dislike the app and eventually have to uninstall it but still trying to install it to see whether it has been improved upon, unlike first that it covers the whole screen something should be done about it …Thank you

  11. For a lite app like this it is truly EXCELLENT!!!! With HDR, Sketch, insta borders, I love it!!! Keep it up! Only MINOR COMPLAINT is that the image is smooth and cloudy.

  12. Fun & easy to use. Really like the diversity of effects. The ads pop up now & then, but not so much that they are annoying. Really enjoy this app!

  13. Mike Haag dice:

    Taking multiple photos is not possible.. You must manually save each photo as it’s taken. When you do, you get an ad EVERY TIME you save your photograph. Uninstalled the app.

  14. Awesome app. But need little improvement; the camera is beautifully designed with crystal clear picture quality, but the image looks too small, it makes one look little. Asides that, I love love love this app. Cudos guys😀😍

  15. Alex Mwi dice:

    This is a brilliant camera with more options for decorating your appearance. Congratulations to the developer

  16. Camera doesn’t work. I u ninstalled and installed several times and the camera doesn’t allow me to take pictures.

  17. It’s so nice… But I found out there’s no edit button again, the face lift and all.. none, just camera and filters.. please can that features be added back again?

  18. Superb pictures but should be improved to enable one take pictures continuously instead of asking after each snap shot. Thanks.

  19. I cant restore my purchase. I have a subscription that will be up in april but for the last 3 months I couldnt use it! There is no email or anything to get ahold of anyone so I have to leave a review and hope they see it.

  20. I’m really disappointed.. I took a lots of selfies.. I set on auto saved option but i didn’t get any of my selfies! Where the hell the selfies now! I couldn’t find them in my photo gallery.. How can i get them back?! I’m just not getting it.. Did you kindly explain 🤬

  21. Nice for editing pictures,there are a lot of filters But it’s It is very slow with taking pictures, which is annoying

  22. It’s really quick to take pics and it is super lite. But there is a payment filter though . But it still got many good filters

  23. Even in the new app they created with the same name minus being the Lite Version that this one is neither give you the option to change the watermark to your own watermark which is ridiculous why would I want their watermark on them my images

  24. It’s beautiful the picture are wonderful for a lite app. But the problem here is dat I can put it to video and I would have love to it come out full screen pls. Tell me how to put on the video in the app.

  25. Excellent super nice app! I love it super! Its pretty nice than other old version😍😍😍🤩 Thanks for this app I can be able to set and edit color effects like professional photographer just WOW!!!

  26. 4 stars for good filters and HD , i love this App, but I’ll do love if you can work on your HD filters please, they need regulations on lighting, contrast amd you saturation.other wisw i love the App!

  27. It has good filters…..I used it for a day …it was working well…but yesterday it was taking pictures upright on front camera….I don’t know 😕 why….I checked back camera but it was okay ….😔😔very disappointing

  28. Standard camera 360 is too heavy to download and the Lite ain’t getting the job done (in terms of pic editing )!

  29. I used it a couple time and it keeps freezing on me and didn’t do anything at all , the ad keeps popping up and did not let me use the camera like to today I tried and tried so many times , it failed and I have to delete it

  30. Viki dice:

    It’s just nothing. I recommend camera360 not camera360 lite. Lute one is bad. We can only take photos and selfies and there are only few filters.

  31. I can’t make a video but the app is very amazing even though I can’t make a video that was my favourite part of this app but this version doesn’t make videos anymore please make a way to bring back the video making but i love it❤️😊

  32. The camera are really good…. Make a Momerable moment become cute, simple but awesome…. Many of my friends thought I use a really expensive camera … But I’m just use this Camera360 Lite-Selfie and feel in love with it… Thank you Camera360❤🌹

  33. Ian S dice:

    Can only take one photo at a time. Using a Bluetooth remote shutter, I have to keep walking back to my phone to press the tick before I can take another photo

  34. Omega Odd dice:

    Love the original 360. With my bedroom decorations of days previous. Facebook on location the Heide Hole and the card board castle together became spiritual real interchanging I believe and some of what I went through and somewhat still am. Open doors to. The other sides of heaven and hell all indifferently understand at different times the same and indifferent.

  35. Genesiz dice:

    Downloaded this app to use the clicker & tripod tht said i needed it & it doesnt even work! & no matter wat the clicker doesnt work either!

  36. This is best app … because all filters app is very unnatural but this app is very very natural nd all clicked pic with camera 360 lite is very pritty. 😘😘😍

  37. Bought a remote trigger. It demands I download this ap instead of my built in camera. Then it has the audacity to not even work in the ap. Complete garbage.

  38. Simon dice:

    Not sure why people put 360 it is nothing like 360 just a camera with some filters terrible. Don’t waste your time.

  39. This app is very easy to use and there are many filters in it, download it for best results and enjoy,hence it’s very nice app to use.

  40. Love the app and the remote. I’m having fun with it. Straight forward set up and very easy to use

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