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Your pocket app for removing unwanted stuff from photos.
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Your pocket app for removing unwanted stuff from photos on the go. It gives your photos a clean look while saving you valuable time.

An accidental object, even though it may look tiny and harmless, can completely ruin the entire composition of a photo and make it worthless. However, it’s not a pain if you have your favorite TouchRetouch at hand.

Here at ADVA Soft, we never stop creating. We are constantly developing new technologies and features to improve TouchRetouch both functionally and visually. The most recent additions, such as the mesh removal feature, new algorithm for edge-aware object removal, and a few more great new things, reflect the needs expressed by you and reveal our appreciation of your loyalty.

Below you’ll find more details on what features TouchRetouch has to offer.


• No subscriptions, ads, and in-app purchases
• No personal information requests
• No quality and EXIF data loss
• Professional photo edits with ease


The automatic object removal algorithm works best on uniform backgrounds.

What magic can you do with TouchRetouch?

• Remove wires, power lines, and other linear objects
• Eliminate objects like street signs, trash cans, stop lights
• Get rid of meshes in the foreground
• Remove background people
• Erase pimples, skin blemishes, and wrinkles in the most natural way
• Clean up travel photos
• Remove text from Instagram and Snapchat posts
• Restore old photos

How will you create magic in your photos?


The app works great for quick retouches.
Make minor imperfections disappear just by marking them. It takes seconds for the app to remove small details that ruin your photos.

If the task is to erase a line from your pic, mark only a section of the line or just tap it to remove it completely; no need to be precise — the app will find the line! In the manual retouch mode, all lines have control points, thus giving you more control and flexibility over adjusting curved segments.


The app declutters your images in a matter of seconds. That could either be people or other background details you may need to erase. Use automatic content removal with the Brush tool or, when the result is not that perfect, manual retouching with the Clone Stamp tool to repair a photo.


If you think that “getting past the mesh netting” is quite a challenging task, you probably haven’t tried using TouchRetouch yet. The app offers a way to deal with the problem in two simple steps. Select the tool from the main menu and tap the Go button to have the mesh removed just like magic. The whole detection and selection work between these two steps is done by the algorithm; no action is required on your part.


Check out the in-app tutorials and play around a bit with the app to learn how to get the most out of it.
Little effort and experience are needed to become a pro in using TouchRetouch. The interface and layout are clear and intuitive enough to make you feel comfortable the very first time you use it.

Download TouchRetouch now to harness photo magic from your pocket.

TouchRetouch is brought to you by ADVA Soft — a team of like-minded professionals and enthusiastic innovators committed to designing intelligent yet simple apps that create magic in your photos and save you time. Visit our website at to learn more about the company and the apps it develops.

For any assistance with TouchRetouch, contact ADVA Soft Support at [email protected]. We welcome all your inquiries, comments, and suggestions about the app.

Love TouchRetouch? Would you like to join our huge community of beta testers already involved in helping us make our products better? Let us know by sending your feedback at [email protected].


• Universal tool for doing quick repairs and removing larger items
• Algorithm for object-aware retouching
• New tool for automatic mesh detection and removal
• Redesigned UI
• Automatic and Manual retouching modes
• Control points in Lines for more precise selections
• Restore Brush for bringing lost pixels back
• New source modes in Clone Stamp
• Smoother 360° photo editing
• Tool for downsizing images to the desired dimensions


40 comentarios en "TouchRetouch MODDED"

  1. At first it was great! Then the app would freeze. I would have to close the app then reopen to continue the edit. Now as soon as I make one swipe with the stamp it freezes. Doesn’t matter how small the swipe it will freeze. I’ve cleaned the cache out and it’s still the same problem. I can’t even use the app now. I’ve just wasted 3.99.

  2. Before I rate an app, I like to TRY IT First. TouchRetouch has been Great. However there was an issue with the recent upgrade and I reached out to the developer. The response was Immediate! The issue should be resolved in the coming update. I like the fact that there is Excellent immediate support. The developer stands behind his app and wants it’s users to be completely satisfied with it. Easy to use and gets the job done! It’s well worth the small fee. I rate this app 5+ Stars!!!

  3. Been using this app for @ 2 years with zero problems until the newest update. I needed to remove something from a piece of art I’ve been working on for MONTHS. When finished I chose the option to modify the original as always, then went back into my editing app to continue working on the piece. Well, Retouch lowered the resolution size from 1.9mb to 58kb, making it grainy, distorted & unusable. I tried multiple apps to resize & correct the issue but all failed. Retouch uined 3 months of work

  4. Have had this app for years, continues to impress me how easy it is to remove unwanted objects from my photos. New features and updates are constantly being added and no ads/extra microtransactions. I wish more companies (looking at you Adobe) were consumer-focused enough to do this. A very fair price for a very useful app.

  5. This is hands down the best app on playstore for removing objects and cloning! I use this app for everything, it works especially well on paperwork if I mess up I can easily repair the issue and no one can even tell, best $2 I ever spent, do not listen to bad reviews the app just takes a little practice to get it right, don’t change a thing! Blows photoshop out of the water!

  6. I use this primarily to remove objects in 360 photos (like the camera stand/mount directly underneath). It’s much easier to do in here than in Photoshop! Well worth it for that alone. It does a great job of removing power lines, hoses on and sidewalk cracks in concrete, too, if there aren’t too many patterns or variations nearby.

  7. With enough trial and error, objects in most photos can be edited out as you please. Unnecessary or distracting power lines, signs, etc. in a photo can be removed given that it is not in front of a complex background, as simpler ones such as a solid color sky are easier for the algorithm to guess what would be behind the object you want to remove. If you end up with a blurry mess, then just try again! This app is spectacular and I look forward to finding new and creative ways to use it.

  8. As a long time photographer and graphic designer, for a mobile app that only costs a few dollars, this is really amazing for editing on the go. It’s surprisingly smart and accurate. It definitely doesn’t get it right every time, but the clone stamp tool is there for those occasions. I like to use this app + Snapseed and I can **oftentimes** turn out shots that are every bit as good as going the whole 9 yards on Photoshop or other computer software, but this has a very easy learning curve. 👍🏻

  9. Fantastic app for removing unwanted objects from your otherwise-perfect photos. The end result relies heavily on the original photo, and sometimes a photo just can’t be fixed with an app. You really won’t know until you try, however. I’ve been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion when TouchRetouch was able to seamlessly remove something I thought it couldn’t. I highly recommend.

  10. Update on 11/9/2018 (Developer has contacted me by email and gave a suggestion for my issue with the wire tool not working. Thank you for emailing me! Even with that tool not working properly, this is better than any removal app I have found on Google Play. ) I first commented on 10/14/2018 and was asked to contact support team in reply. I emailed the developer and they emailed me back quickly and sent pictures of what the issue was, so they could look into the problem and fix it. I haven’t heard back from anyone since or seen them resolve this. I paid for the app, so I hope this issue does get resolved. That was a month ago I emailed them. The app would be perfect for me as a professional photographer, but unfortunately when removing the wires, like telephone wires, you are still able to see the black line faintly and as a photographer that is not good for me. The app does what it says and very easy to use. If that could be fixed, I would gladly give 5 stars. Hope you can fix that. Other than that, it’s a really great app to have.

  11. Photo editing app with one purpose: eliminating unwanted objects from a photo with no complications and great effectiveness. Some editing apps also claim to incorporate this function. I haven’t tried them out yet. I have unhappy memories of counterintuitive and confusing “clone” tools to do what this does quickly and easily. Just cover an unwanted element with your finger, or draw a line or circle around it, and it’s gone.

  12. Program crashed on me, screen went black and since this was the second time in a row it happened I didn’t want to lose my progress again so I decided to try saving the image prior to the app fully crashing. Now it has overwritten the original image and I can’t open it…. now I’m pissed cause I liked the photo I was editing and don’t have a backup with the image now lost?? Wow that’s great, thanks so much!! 🖒🖒🖒

  13. I bought this primarily for on the go removing the tripod from 360 photos which this does well. There are a few very annoying choices made by the developer. When you open a file for editing, the default sort order is by filename ascending which on a smart phone with a lot of pictures you could be scrolling for days to get to the bottom of the list. There is a choice to change the sort order but it is not persistent so if you use frequently like I do, the work flow is “1 OPEN ALBUM”, “2 CHANGE SORT ORDER” to “MOST RECENT FIRST”. The second annoying choice is not to start in a fileview first, it starts with two choices “ALBUM” or “TUTORIAL”. It should be file view by default and “HELP” should be synonyous with “TUTORIAL”. I don’t think there are any users which choose to go to a TUTORIAL everytime they open the application. The third thing that does not work well is not being able to just use the current default location where photos are stored as the default folder, if this was a setting you could change the behavior. Why I have to choose where to hunt for photos every time I am opening an image to edit is a poor choice.

  14. Love the software, but wish I had some very basic tool to add either my own drawing or text into to photo so I wouldn’t have to switch or find another app. Your company doesn’t make such a basic app, but if it did and was able to talk to this one like a add-on, I’d buy it. I try to stay with one company instead of browsing around. Since your company don’t have it, I have to browse around where you could have had another sell!

  15. It doesn’t take marks off a fence in a picture, it takes items out of another photo but leaves the area distorted in a weird way and the cloning feature doesn’t work right. You can’t move around on a picture to fix another part of it without messing it up and it’s simply hard to go back and forth without losing picture or work that may have been done. It’s only $2 but a huge waste of money!!

  16. This works much better for me than other photo editing apps’ built in healing tools. It can be a little finicky at times but I doubt any current app could do better. It’s really useful for cleaning up small things like little dust spots to big things like a building in the background, though it really tests the software the bigger you go. All in all, TouchRetouch has become a pretty essential tool for me in my photography.

  17. H L dice:

    Not a full feature photo editor and that’s great. Your average Joe or Josephine (little nod to you PCers out there) won’t use an editor because of the endless menus and tools to choose from. A couple taps and that big zit on your forehead is gone! Same for power lines and other undesirables in your photos. REALLY simple and seems to do a good job, excellent tutorial also. It will be a go to for all your photos.

  18. it often crashes in the middle of editing a photo. if it’s a lot of stuff I need to edit- be it some blemishes, editing small nasty stuff off mirrors/windows in my pics, or editing out a large-ish thing to get rid of clutter- it will just simply crash in the middle of editing. i still like it, however now I have to figure out at what point to save and, while I’m not sure, I thought that editing the same photo multiple times reduces the quality or misses data from your photo with each save.

  19. Been using this app for a couple of years now, and it is by far the best app for removing objects, and much more. I have used this app to rebuild parts of badly damaged old photographs, including part of my wife’s face from a childhood pic with amazing results. I also don’t notice any significant drop in image quality like with the majority of editing apps. Just a really, really great app that will always be in my tool kit.

  20. This is my go to app for quick photo editing – it is honestly almost like magic. The quick repair to remove items from pictures does a great job 95% of the time. If it does not blend well, which is infrequent, I find that you can can quickly undo and then repair it again and it will do a different repair. I am an Adobe Photography subscriber and prefer this over the repair in lightroom as it is quicker

  21. I bought this based on a YouTube recommendation from Ben Claremont of Life in 360. What a great recommendation! This really is the simplest and easiest way I’ve yet seen to edit out the nadir (the top of my head) from a 360 photo. I tried it on removing overhead wires, and it does a super job on that too. I’ve bought some iffy photo apps in the past, but this time, it’s money well spent.

  22. ! My use of TouchRetouch has been a phenomenal experience. I’ve no knowledge of this type editing, but this app makes the process of it easy – I mean easy. . Example: Someone sends you a crummy photo. Tap the eraser, then run your finger over the glitch in photo. . And Presto! . the wire hanging down the wall is not only removed, the wall is painted to match (perfectly) afterward. Get This, it is Truly a great & valuable set of tools. Big Thank you Devs , 99 stars ! thanks for your kind reply.

  23. A little finicky at first trying to figure out how to use the tools and still learning. I’ve edited objects out of my photos with other apps and they save in horrible resolutions, making them nearly pixelated and not clear. This has been the only app to save in high resolution making it look like the original photo but the objects you want out!

  24. Jeremy dice:

    I love this app. It makes editing extremely easy and does an amazing job. I’ve been using this app for a long time now. But the only problem is that it seems clitch a lot, I have trouble getting it open sometimes and other times it seems to freeze. I wish they could fix this app and update it. The problem that I was having is no longer happening. I actually just came back on here to leave another review because of how much I love this app. I’m a professional photographer and this app is amazing

  25. Amazing, u guys should charge more for this, but I’m so grateful for an amazing and precise erase tool. (it’s scary how the soft ware does such a good job!!) Perfect perfect perfect on mobile can’t say enough! Outshines all the other erase tool apps, and all the erase features in other editing aops. Best way I spent $1.99 this whole year!! 100% must if your a photographer who needs to edit on the go.

  26. 🌴 Effectively removes power lines, unwanted objects, etc., and leaves the photo looking just as you want, without appearing to ever even have been retouched or edited in any way… stunningly perfect…! If you enjoy photography, whatsoever, then this app will far beyond equally astonish either both the amateur & professional photographer alike. I simply cannot recommend this photo editor with anything but highest possible accolades. ∞R

  27. It just works. Every tool is amazing. 6th star for “replace existing photo” which is so convenient for quick edits — never seen an app allow this before. Work in progress is remembered automatically (what a concept in 2020). Love it, keep up the great UX and AI and you’ll go far! I’m going to check out your image editor too.

  28. STORM OWL dice:

    Only been using the app a couple days but ill tell you this….it is the best I’ve ever tried. Very good quality work dont instantly! Well worth it. I’ll definitely keep you posted but high recommend this for excellent work! Update… after 6 months of using TouchRetouch I have nothing bad to say! Love this app! It works wonderful on every possible level and need that I have had come up! Very highly recommend this if you have editing needs of any sort. You will not be disappointed!!!

  29. I never found much use for it. What it tries to do is interesting, but from a bit of poking around at it, it wasn’t working well. On top of that, it’s not much of a photo editor. (Lacking even a basic crop function.) So if you need just about ANYTHING other than it’s specific gimmick, you’ll need other software to handle pre and post editing. Kind of disappointing. This may be for someone, but it wasn’t for me.

  30. I can edit 360 now! This app really is amazing! In the past (last year) I had to use two additional apps to edit my 360 photos with TouchRetouch. I was pleasantly surprised this year when I opened the app to see 360 editing is not only fully supported but also preserves the meta data! Amazing job with this app! Worth ever penny and then some!

  31. Total, complete GARBAGE. This app does not work at all. Even after repeatedly brushing over items and following with eraser and GO – nothing is removed. Does not work for items, shadows – NOTHING. Such a fricking rip off. Do. Not. Buy. (Yes, I have tried all options for removal multiple times on different photos as well as same items/same photos – worthless)

  32. I was kind of skeptical when I bought this. I figure fit was going to be a gimmick and smudge the pictures. It actually works really well. As long as your fixes are fairly simple, the app makes short work of basic editing. Definitely recommend.

  33. J. M. dice:

    I just want this to white out areas like you say it’s going to do. That’s why I paid for this app. Instead you guys are trying blending and merging funny business like more sophisticated apps already do better. There’s no simple routine or button to erase anything or anyone from a pic. Get lost! Junk app.

  34. It gets 5 Stars because it’s been the greatest app on the planet for me for so long but WHYYYYYY THE DREADED UPDATE????? It’s crashing now, it seems more convoluted than before, little things that made it work quicker are now history. If there was anyyyyyy way you could give me access to Retouch classic I’d actually buy it again!! Sometimes perfection cannot be improved upon. Thomas.

  35. Wow. For smaller things and simple stuff it works nearly flawlessly. Understandably it struggles with removing bigger objects but sometimes it still manages to look good. And it’s just simply magical seeing stuff disappear like I had a magic wand to wave and delete objects. Great app

  36. Used to love this app, right up to the previous version to this one. However, the removal of “unwanted” objects, lines, etc. is now just a big mess , and leaves lots of dark blurry marks where the “removed” item was. I purchased this before this latest version, but I wouldn’t buy it now if it was my first time! Why do developers always end up spoiling something that was already so good!!??

  37. Rory M. dice:

    I have used this app for nearly 2 years now and it always worked perfectly… until yesterday’s update. Now the app takes forever to load, lags horribly, and constantly freezes and crashes, making it almost unusable. Reduced rating from 5 stars to 1 star until fixed.

  38. Very effective at removing unwanted objects & watermarks without a trace. A great find. Only downside is that the app does freeze & crash at times & you have to start editing all over again, so best to save as you go.

  39. Glen M Lj dice:

    My honest review: still hit-and-miss here and there, especially if the photograph is overly complicated, but this one does way better job than Snapseed or PS Express! MYR7.99 well spent. Recommended! Thanks devs! Keep it up! EDIT: love the new UI in the latest update!

  40. Lanik dice:

    Loved this app, been using it for over 2 years. Latest update is awful. Why update something that just works perfectly? Since update app keeps crushing. Features like quick fix are gone, clone stamp just leaves blurry mess. Used to love this app, so pity to see it ruined. I’d be happy to pay fee for access to the app as it was before the last update.

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