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Send photos directly to a Nixplay WiFi Frame for instant display
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Share the moments you capture by sending photos directly to a Nixplay WiFi Frame

• Caption the photos you send and add comments to your friends’ photos
• Send and receive photos from friends and family to display in your frame or theirs
• Auto-detect your Nixplay WiFi frame when connected into the same WiFi network and connect with one touch
• Control your frame and manage it’s settings
• Android: Send photos to your frame directly from other supported apps


Hey Nixplay Users, we've been busy working on updating the app to improve the experience for you. Here are some enhancements we've made to this release:
- Updated the contents of the FAQ
- Fixed the issue with renaming redeemed gift playlists
- Other bugfixes


40 comentarios en "Nixplay App 2022"

  1. Rob Watt dice:

    Amateurish, clumsy, confusing. After changing wi-fi settings on my router I was able to re-connect the frame to the wi-fi but the app refused to connect to the frame. Many other aspects of the app are equally over-complicated and frustrating. These people need to learn from a device like Amazon’s Echo how setup can be made simple and reliable.

  2. The Nixplay app is intuitive and easy to use. I had a problem connecting to photos on my phone and contacted support. I was advised a fix was on the way with the next update, which proved to be true. I highly recommend the app, especially with the great service that comes if there are ever any problems!

  3. I love the Iris frame. The app worked seamlessly; and I was able to set my frame up in minutes. I wish we could rearrange the photos in the app. I could not figure out how to log in on the website to rearrange photos. It was only after I saw a video and happened to see the URL in the background. I tried that and still no luck finding a login link tab or anything. YOU MUST USE THE DESKTOP VERSION FOR CHROME to see the login. From there you can rearrange your photos. App should let us rearrange!

  4. App is easy to use and set up with a frame. My issue is that it gets “stuck” after uploads sometimes and still thinks its uploading photos even though they’ve been completed and are showing on the frame. This prevents me from being able to upload more, requiring me to uninstall and reinstall the app which gets frustrating after a while. I will say that it happens more when uploading videos and a larger number of pics.

  5. Beth S dice:

    Not as easy as it looks. I added a friend, but Nixplay failed to send them the link in an email so they could connect straight to my frame. Instead, they had to download the app and wait for me to withdraw the friend request and then resend it. The app asked me to choose where to send my friend’s pics, but then failed to send their pics to the playlist I chose and instead set up a new playlist. Once I got everything sorted, it all worked fine though, and now the pictures auto update.

  6. So far I haven’t had a trouble with the app or setting up my frame with the app. It was very easy. I haven’t tried to loud anymore than 2 pictures at a time so no problems with crashes. I have a couple of wishes for it…that you can change the caption on a picture without having to delete it and repost it..and that you can move a picture from one album to another without having to delete it and repost it… other than that.. I love it!!

  7. Spoke to Ice, was having difficulty updating frame with new router. He was the best technical person I have spoken to in a very long time. Fixed issue in a matter of minutes and helped with another issue regarding new message notification. My Nixplay is the best and would be lost without it, particularly now with the ever changing travel restrictions. Thank you to Ice, he was awesome, very knowledgeable and made sure all issues were resolved before terminating call.

  8. My initial download worked great (very user friendly) with the exception of the friend setting. I could receive pictures but not send. After numerous emails back and forth, Ram asked me to download the new 4.0 app. The new version took care of my problems and everything else seems to be just fine. I love looking at my pictures, as do my grandkids!

  9. G Veatch dice:

    After completing setup I tried uploading some pictures but only recieved “error uploading”. No indication what was wrong. After going through everything again I still got the same error. I finally called customer support. Amazingly a live person answered promptly. After a 28 minite phone call I was able to upload pictures. The included guide to set it up left out an important step. You need to setup a playlist, even if you only want 1. The setup was too frustrating to give it more than 3 stars.

  10. I don’t know what’s happened with the recent upgrade, but this app is completely unusable. Iaunch it and it just spins and spins. After closing and reopening, it finally loads, but every screen that I try to switch to does the same spinning action and never renders. I bought the frame for my parents to be able to receive pics from kids and grandkids, but it’s unusable.

  11. GM Wilson dice:

    Good effort, glitchy experience. I love the idea of connecting to my Google photos to create live play lists. However, this feature does not always work well. You can only connect to one Google folder at a time instead of selecting several. This means you have to go through the connection process over and over again. Sometimes, the app will tell me I have no photos to show when it just showed me all of my photos in the last connection. And then sometimes the app just freezes altogether.

  12. This was working great until recently. All of a sudden, I can not access the photos on my mobile device through the app, in order to add them to my playlist. I click on Photos, and every photo is greyed out. I sat on hold with customer service for 30 minutes and had to give up. The frame works fine but the app is currently unusable.

  13. App installed fine no issues except it will not upload pics. When i try upload pics it crashes. Update!!!: i thought updates would happen automatically but after a few mins i restarted the frame and my phone just in case. Frame works like a charm now. If anyone is having trouble with the frames gears just spinning do a full shut down of the frame and restart. Then check updates. Changing from 2 to 4 stars. I should have restarted it right away.

  14. Poorly designed and NOT user friendly. I sent a text to my friends to let them know the email address they could send photos to. Then there’s the option for a friends list. But if you add someone to your friends list that previously sent photos via email, there is no way to condense the two into one list. There’s also no way to move photos between albums. If you change an album name, the original album is renamed but any photos uploaded after are sent not sent to renamed album.

  15. App used to work great. Now it will not support Amazon photo memories or Facebook uploads. Lots of glitches. You will painstakingly choose to upload a max of 10 photos at once (or it won’t load them at all) and then when you go to send them, the photos aren’t the ones you just chose… They’re the photos from the last time you uploaded so you have to start all over again. This has been going on for MONTHS!!!!

  16. The app is not opening on the phone and even if it opens it’s just loading and I can’t do anything. I tried several times in the last 2-3 weeks at different times during the day. I love the frame, but I cannot access it to modify the content where my photos are. And I tried to give feedback within the app and it was not possible there too. So I ended up here. Thank you for fixing the problem. The customer service contacted immediately and helped with the resolution.

  17. Horrible App Amazing Frame is the best way to describe it. I have had this frame for about six months and the fits perfectly in my office. I get compliments on all the time and I love that it’s size is bigger than others frames out there but I can’t upload pictures on a regular basis. Drives me nuts! Currently the app doesn’t even load, I just get a spinning wheel to nowhere!

  18. Chris dice:

    Works well Does what it’s supposed to. originally I had it set so when I sent someone pictures it goes right into their playlist, but then I shared their playlist with myself. I think if you share a playlist with someone you can no longer have it set so when you send photos to them it goes right into the playlist. It’s a weird concept if that’s true, but it still works cuz I can just directly add the pictures to the person’s playlist.

  19. I just received this for Christmas. I have created a playlist, but pictures do not fill up the full display on the device. I have the device positioned landscape and while viewing pictures, a black margin is on the left and right, while the top and bottom there is no issue. Is there a setting that needs changing?

  20. Ralph C. dice:

    Bought frame as a gift and was told it was the best to use, so far not usable and frame failing to connect to their own server. All updates went through with no issues, but when attempting to pair it won’t go through. Returning this overpriced pile of junk. *same day edit: even after the issue was fixed the frame would not work. I finally was able to hard reset after a half hour of trying and got it to work but works slow. As long as the wife is happy it stays.

  21. Overall good, but some glitches. I had no problems with the old app. The latest update for Android makes it impossible to add a caption. I have a Samsung S9, and if I attempt to enter text, the keyboard pops up, but as soon as the keyboard goes away the “next button” still remains offscreen above the text box.

  22. App needs improvement. uploading photos works ok. the controller does not replicate the functionality of the physical remote 1:1 making it not fully functional. the indicator of whether or not the app and frame are synched doesn’t seem to reflect the current state. little things like being able to show or jumo to a soecific photo or video are missing.

  23. Edit: Works on my phone now. Old review: Disappointed that i can’t use the app to put pictures on my frame: when i try to upload pictures, it just freezes on the caption page. i contacted support, but they said “We are already aware with the this concern with Mobile app using Pixel 3 phone.” This is a critical feature; without it all i can do with the app is view and change pictures that are already on my frame.

  24. Great frame and app. My mom’s frame crashed after a power surge. I tried doing a factory reset but couldn’t get it to work. I talked to a nice guy named Chez on the tech support and he told me the one weird trick I needed… Unplug the AC, hold the paper clip on the reset button, then plug the AC adapter in *while holding the reset button with the paper clip*! That did it. Thanks, Chez! My mom is happily gazing at pictures of her grandchildren once more. 👍

  25. Love this app. So easy to use. Experienced a problem after I unplugged the frame for a few months. Called technical support and Joe walked me thru some steps and I was up and running in minutes. I told my husband it was the most pleasant experience I ever had with a tech support person! Thanks Joe. I love my Nixplay frame !)

  26. Terrible update. Unstable, crashes, lags, freezes. Additionally, you can’t see your text when typing captions using phone’s keyboard. It’s unusable to enter captions in its current state. Last version was great. Simple, smooth, reliable. Simply asinine design decisions and loss of simplicity with this “upgrade”. I’ve purchased 4 frames over last couple of years, but no more if this app isn’t remedied. Who signed off on this rubbish? Bring back the old app or let me opt out, puh-leeze!

  27. I used to love nixplay and bought six frames for family members and would recommend to everyone. However, I can no longer rearrange the order of albums/playlists on the frames, like I used to through by gagging around albums/playlists on the nixplay web interface (or app). So, now I cannot control the order of what is played, which is horrible. Please fix this basic functionality issue, nixplay!

  28. When it works linking my Google Photos it’s a nice app but I constantly get requested for rights to my photos. The loading of my albums hardly ever works. Got worse over the year with the updates. As for the web it doesn’t work at all. Drag album to playlist does nothing. Unfortunate as it is a very nice frame.

  29. Does fine at sending photos but any text you attach to the photo may or may not show up. Then, you can’t edit a photo or try to add text again. We have six frames in our family and really, quite often, the text needs to be there. Only solution I have is to delete the photo and then resend it and again the text may not be there.

  30. Update: I have increased my rating to 3 stars. you have to use the website to start …. use the app to sync the frame (or the website if possible) then use the website to create your first playlist, album, and upload the first picture and link a playlist to a frame…otherwise when you create them on the app nothing shows up… on the app.. after this was done almost everything started working. Must use the website first. Good luck!

  31. I really enjoy this app and frame. It was easy to invite family members to submit photos. We will be primarily be using the email option rather than each of us downloading the app. It just seems easier that way. I did have a little trouble figuring out how to add captions to the photos that were emailed. It’s easy enough to do, but it’s not intuitive.

  32. Works sometimes, other times not. Somewhat confusing app, doesn’t always work when people send me pictures, app says I got pictures, but nothing is there. Assigning photos automatically to playlist that are sent to me works sometimes, but not always, this should be fixed as it was the main reason for buying the frame.

  33. the app will not even turn the frame on you have to use the remote to turn it on and sometimes the app will tell you that it’s not on and it is on. Alexa can turn off the frame but will not turning it on and it’s hooked up to the same Wi-Fi as my phone. I give it five stars from one the nix digital team did a great job on helping me out to get it working correctly.

  34. ICE was terrific! I was having problems transferring pics with captions from my computer to my frame and the display order. I e-mailed support and had a response almost immediately. I explained the problem, and ICE took care of it. He even went into my frame and changed a setting — just ignorance on my part! All’s well!

  35. App is fairly confusing at first when your a friend sending pictures. Would be better to show the frame your sending them too. Also it should feedback info when sending pictures, for example, successful and failed to send. Noticed a lot of pictures weren’t reaching the frame with no way to tell which pictures.

  36. Great app, great digital frame! I love to send pictures to my friends and family using Nixplay. It’s super easy! The one time I had to call customer service, it was a wonderful experience. Ice answered all my questions, solved my problem, and went above and beyond to deliver great customer service! Highly recommend!!

  37. This app would be great if those without a frame could still use all the features (we don’t have one but send photos to friends with a frame. And Google Photos integration is only is available to those with a frame for some reason. 🙁 ) Super inconvenient. (*edited to fix typos)

  38. App and Frame are nice enough but I find that very few of my photos actually fill the screen because of the aspect ratio differences. Please, please, PLEASE add a feature like Frameo where you can select the most important part of the photo when uploading. That way when I select the fill option the important parts aren’t chopped off. If you can’t do that, maybe add a feature to show two portrait photos side by side in landscape mode the way Aura frames do. Will change to 5 stars if fixed!

  39. Horrible App. So confusing to set up and not at all intuitive. They also force you to give them information that does not seem necessary, like which country you live in or what occasion you gifted the frame for. I also tried setting up a gift as I did not understand the app at all and now there is no way to delete it. So it’ll just always be there cluttering the app.

  40. TLDR 100 photos max. Pretty clunky. But the worst thing is that although it is advertised to work with Google photos, if you look closer, they say you can only sync 1000 photos at a time according to the nixplay documentation. BUT actually, it will only let you sync 100. So a 200 dollar frame to display 100 photos.

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