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Minimalistic Analog Camera
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NOMO is now NOMO CAM. Except the name, everything else is still the same. We’re announcing more NOMO apps soon and make the NOMO PRO membership more valueable. Please stay tuned.

Here are your new cameras! NOMO was designed to help casual photographers to focus on taking pictures, instead of all the post-production retouches.


Tap on the yellow “Camera” button and the “Shop” button, you will find all the cameras that you can purchase, download and use.

After taking a picture, random analog presets — including curves, grains, dust, light leak, vignette, sharpening, frames, etc. — will be added to the image. It’s just like what a real 35mm film camera does.

Press the double exposure button and take two photos for our fantastic “double exposure” effect. There are unlimited possibilities. Keep playing it to discover.


We will continuously release new cameras. With a NOMO PRO membership, you can use them all unlimitedly. Meanwhile, we will announce exclusive membership-only cameras.

A NOMO PRO membership will activate exclusive pro tools, including importing photos, turning off the film development time of INS cameras, and other upcoming features.


Multiple bug fixes.


4 comentarios en "NOMO CAM – Point and Shoot MOD"

  1. Charlie Groat dice:

    i absolutely love this app, i downloaded it looking for something that could emulate a disposable camera after seeing childhood photos taken on a disposable camera and how cute they looked. however, i found the 2007 camera that emulates the camera of the very first iphone and i fell in love with it. please add an option to import photos to the 2007 camera!! and the subscription service is a bit of a drag, id much rather pay a large fee once than yearly.

  2. Brittanie dice:

    Really love these camera options and the way the photos turn out, but I think it’s messed up that you charge for film after a certain amount of photos… I paid for all the cameras, only to find out I’ll be charged AGAIN for film?? No. that’s messed up. You didn’t even tell me, so here I am snapping silly photos, just playing with the app. I didn’t save them for something special. I would gladly pay a chunk of money for a full one time purchase. GLADLY. Please change this…

  3. Stephen Grossman dice:

    the processing is so well done, right down to the corner softness and chromatic aberrations in the disposable cameras. my only gripe is that the Android version for the pixel 3 doesn’t seem to be taking advantage of the camera’s hdr modes, which means the end results are usually much too contrasty, with crushed shadows and blown out highlights. side by side comparisons with the iPhone version come out very different. that said, it still yields great results most of the time.

  4. Matt Murphy dice:

    This app is absolutely stunning. Very Beautifully designed. I love this app so much. the photos produced from the various cameras are so accurate. the fact you can acually change the setting on the cameras in the app is a very nice touch. Even taking a photo, rolling the film and taking a photo 8 times until I can see the product. I love it. takes me back. thank you. im a Pro member too! keep it up! are there news letters to stay up to date with new cameras or social media pages?

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