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Photo editor: combine photos and edit pictures with a photo filter app.
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Photo Studio is a photo editor that allows you to еdit pictures free with a multiplicity of photo effects and exclusive photo filters.

This Photo Editor is easy, smart and the photo editing app for Android: with beautiful backgrounds for pictures, an amazing variety of draw tools, tilt shift and photo filters. Have you heard about Color Splash, Red Eyes Remover, Clone stamp, Shapes editor, Photoshop, Vignette, Lens boost, PiP app or Glitch Effects? Now you get a large collection of posh advantages – in one photo нediting app.

Make the brightest Instagram content with an exciting Image editor Photo Studio and be sure: it will impress!

8 particular qualities:

1. Manual rectification. Edit a photo free: get an improvement and change image, using color, light and contrast correction. Tune your photo by cropping, sharpening, professional highlighting, and special presets for Instagram. All correction tools are accessible and clear.

2. Possibility to enhance images. This editing app for photo helps to correct pictures completely or locally. You can rotate, flip image, crop photo circle or rectangle, put into practice tilt shift, different grids, masks and many other useful functions.

3. Picture-in-picture effect – a trend of photo editor 2021. This feature allows combining photos with creative frames, various textures, new shapes, thematic objects and cool free stickers.

4. Photo templates. Free picture editor didn’t forget about aesthetic backgrounds, with which you can easily change image to get surprisingly new. Use a peculiar blur background to make the picture more exquisite. Photo Studio permits to add adjustable frames of any shapes or original actual stickers. You can also keep the memory of all the holidays – with a photo editor free: capture every important event, using an appropriate design of the pic editor.

5. Amazing collage. Edit a photo and surprise your friends or followers with stylish collages – using the Сollage maker and tilt shift. This function is able to combine two or more photos: together they will look harmonious, modern and tasteful. You can also try Color Splash for make the picture more saturated.

6.Text on photo. Photo Studio is a convenient picture editor, which helps to add text to photos. Edit a photo free and express feelings, create your own original model. Try to experiment with interesting free overlays and extraordinary layouts for Instagram. Customize the font in accordance with your mood, choose аesthetic style, change shapes, color, choose excellent textures. Add text and make your note or short love letter perfect!

7. Edit a photo with blender app. Try to mix two images in an unusual way. This double exposure is possible with blend modes, brushes and additional draw tools. Editing apps for photos allows you to flip image.

8. Photo filters for pictures. Rather learn the most popular photo filters: gradient or old photo effect, sport, postcard, vintage filters, art, drops and highlights. Any unique idea, even audacious professional changes – you can realize everything in a few clicks at home.

Photo Studio is a real leader of famous editing apps for photo: the photography studio of high level – at home on your smartphone. Try magic photo editing tools and all the features of this application and fill your life in social networks with the most enchanting pictures. Enjoy this magic with a photo editor!



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40 comentarios en "Photo Studio FULL"

  1. I have been using Photo Studio for some time now and I’ve also used it across different devices and have never been disappointed with it. Whether it’s a simple edit or a fancy birthday invitation, all the projects turn out very professional and put out the effect I was hoping for. I really love the tutorials too, they have been taking my creativity to another level. I’m very happy with this app.

  2. It’s got so many filters, stickers, effects, and options that are free to download! It’s got really fun and unique ways to really express different images in various ways. Super happy with this app! There are so many ways to tweak and twist your pictures that should keep anyone amused for quite some time! Great job Photo Studio, and thanks!

  3. WOW!! This app is what I’ve been missing! I been using another editor and it started messing up while editing so I started looking for a different one. This was the first one I downloaded and I’m so glad I did. It has everything the other app did and lots more. It took a little time to learn the layout but I got the hang of it. I like that there’s Alot of font styles to choose from and different font layouts. I’d give this app 100 stars if I could. It has totally surpassed my expectations.

  4. I must express this highly. Photo Studio earns it’s Name and then some. I’ve been editing pictures for videos for awhile now.This app has everything in it until it can become confusing in a fantastic way because it’s so much to choose from in every area of editing. Fantastic job Photo Studio. Please, make sure to keep me updated on anything else in editing or videos from your Developers. I advise anyone considering this app to please download it. You will be so pleased that you did. God Bless

  5. It’s one of my favorite photo editing apps. I have one I make quick changes to. If I want to do more fancier editing or add text, I use this app. Unfortunately, I can’t access the color selection of the paint feature. Ads are on the bottom of the screen on top of the selections. Unfortunately, I use paint color selection feature a lot. If I get rid of an ad, another one appears.

  6. I enjoy this photo editing app far more than any other photo editing app I’ve used in recent years. I appreciate all of the free options and features made avaliable to everyone. I like how very few ads there are to deal with and how they are displayed appropriately after you’ve completed a task and not popping up during the middle of whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. The process of figuring out how each feature works is smooth and natural and very simple. I recommend this app!

  7. A D dice:

    Its worth buying the pro version. I’ve been using Photo Studio Pro for several years, y’all are always my go to and there’s so many different ways to to decorate your pics/collages— filters, stickers, pip, effects, smart effects, brush, mask, blending, frames— it has it all. The quality of the finished photo is very good. I absolutely love it, out of the apps I’ve paid for this is in my top spot. Plus Ive been able to use it across many devices and had no trouble at all.

  8. After many years of using the PREMIUM VERSION (since it was 1st available) it was a firm favorite! HOW EVER! The VERY Big problem is that it keeps decreasing functionality & images (originally FREE!) AFTER I’ve paid for PREMIUM each time, it does not transfer well from phone to new phone (All Me!), [it charges me a considerably inflated $$$ each time I change phones] AND it has ad revenue! So far I have bought the Premium vers 6 times! NOW they are demanding monthly subscriptions! I should OWN

  9. Natalie dice:

    I ABSOLUTELY SUGGEST giving Photo Studio a try if you’re looking for a Photo Editor! Photo Studio has replaced 3 other free photo editors that I previously used on a regular basis. Free photo editors tend to have 1 decent function for free & then you have to pay to get any of the additional funtionality. As far as I can tell Photo Studio has several free options for ALL of it’s functinality (& additional options if you want to pay for them). There are also VERY few ads, which is wonderful!

  10. Does what I need, well enough. NOTHING could beat Pixlr, but since their app’s, “deal breaker issue,” I’ve had to seek an alternative app. I downloaded MANY apps and they were, all of them, more or less too difficult to use, too much to bother with or just, terrible. This one does well enough, but doesn’t have everything I need. I also don’t like how you have to pay monthly, for a plan, rather than yearly. That makes me think they have no confidence in the longevity of the app.

  11. Mary B dice:

    I love this app! It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted: a full set of features that I used to use several different apps for. I can work on a “raw” pic from start to finish right here! I can modify the aspect ratio – not just the size – of a text block, remove backgrounds, and there’s so many other lovely features. I received a prompt reply to my first review, checked again and yes, I can add emojis in the text, unlike Snapseed! This is a great all-around photo editor app, despite the ads.

  12. Easy and fairly intuitive to use. Have even been able to do fairly intricate “re-touch” fixes on my phone without using the stylus. Always keeps a copy of the original in case you botch it. Takes a little figuring at first to navigate through all the options(there are a lot), but quite user friendly. Overall, this is the best photo editor app I have seen or used. Highly recommended!

  13. I was looking for an easier photo editing software than Pshop. This one looked good so I gave it a shot. Meh, it’s really good for things like adding effects, frames, making colleges. Doing all the special effects stuff people love for social media photos. It’s not so great for basic editing and fixing photo’s. The tutorials don’t answer the questions I have. It’s a nice app for what I mentioned, but if you want straight, basic editing than Photoshop or another app like it are your best bet.

  14. This would have been my absolute favorite photo app of all time! The ONLY problem that i have is every single time i edit any photo, some kind of glitch happens to where somewhere in my photo, it portrays to be lopsided, extremely deformed or something. I’m not quite sure how to explain this malfunction, however, when all is said and done and my photo is saved successfully, it is nothing at all like how I created it to be. This just recently started occuring in the last month or so before now.

  15. This app is really easy to use, and has a lot of options to choose from when editing photos from various filters, to effects. There are so many things to do with this app, even with the free version. The only issue I have is sometimes a picture will become pixelated however majority of the time, the outcome is great. Definitely my favorite photo editing app

  16. S.M.B dice:

    I’ve always had good things to say about Photo Studio but lately the app crashes frequently and nearly all of the stickers, smart effects, paint, fonts etc. aren’t downloaded in my account anymore. They show the “x” in bottom right corner as if they are but they are not, so I download again only to have it happen again, and all of the fonts list except for default and favorite are completely blank, there is no fonts. Mr. Developer, if you could please point out what all of this means??? Thnk U!

  17. I highly recommend this app, it has so many different effects it is useful for hobby photographers right up to professionals. The ads are not intrusive, it is not expensive to purchase a full version, and it’s very user friendly. I was looking for realistic stickers/light effects to add to my photos, and this has that in spades, and much more.

  18. John I. dice:

    The app has lots of nice features but after I customize my pictures, the saved results lose much of their resolution and are not of much use. I was going to update the app but after reading some reviews of loss of features over this older version, I’m going to try to find another app and still keep this one for now and hopefully work through this problem.

  19. I’ve had this App for years. I began with basic and moved on to what they called the Pro edition,which I had to pay for. As for the app, I love it. I won’t use another like this…even though it seems to be FREEZING UP a lot of late. Recently,I changed phones,which I’ve done in the past with no issues, and the App won’t allow me to use all the features I was JUST using days ago. Instead, I’m having to pay $2.99 MONTHLY to get my features back. Quite unfair. Also, who wants to pay monthly? That’s around $36 per year to use this app,now. I don’t think it’s worth THAT much. I messaged the company via IG (handle CandiedSheets ) acc will update as I get more info.

  20. TL kert dice:

    Have used this app for years! Absolutely loved it. Then they went greedy mode & started the ads.Took 98% of free art & made it premium only. I get its free, that’s what the ads are for. I had 9 or more “word art” choices. Now I have 1 & of course it’s useless. Sucks I referred so many people but I will not make that mistake again! Sadly something so good, can go so bad so quick when they get greedy. Should left it free like it was especially since the pro version has always been an option.

  21. Chris dice:

    I really like this editing app. It has lots of features and I have found it mostly easy to use. I have used other editing apps but always come back to this one. It would be a great feature in this app to be able to save, search, or favorite certain presets… like the preset texts. Overall, Great App. Good job. Plus, thanks for all the cool things available with this app for free. Update : This app has gotten even better.

  22. This app is painfully slow, and most of the time stops responding before I start editing any images. There’s also a bug with lens blurring, where the focus doesn’t load and the app crashes when you tap the screen. You can avoid this by pressing your “back” button and trying again, so it’s not too much of a worry. There’s no screenshotting to help you understand. To understand my difficulties, you need to experience the issues.

  23. Excellent! Much better than the other options I’ve found and tested. I play and learn something new every day. I actually use it to relax and many times take photos people send me and add cute, funny etc “masterpieces” lol and my friends & family 💕 them & think I’m a pro! It’s got a LOT of things to learn/do & so worth it. I got a new phone, lost many passwords, reinstalled & ultimately paid twice… I really wanted it & that says a lot right there.

  24. Tee dice:

    Photo Studio developers, I cannot believe how easy, nice and perfect your app is. It works on my Android, too. I love it! I actualoy enjoy opening it up and trying out everything. My first creation is for my avatar that I will be using, as a branding icon of sorts. It was successfully created and that got me excited. I just started with your free version and because it is so easy and offers a decent selection of things, I know I would be getting my money’s worth with your Pro version.

  25. I’ve tried TONS of editing apps! They start great, and typically, just when you get into it, there are suddenly tons of stipulations & restrictions. Haven’t had that problem yet. It pretty user friendly & appears to have a lot of options, from basic to fanciful. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

  26. I use to love this app. It was my go to app for putting text on pictures and the cool picture affects for a couple of years. Since the last 2 updates it will open and then either freeze up on a black screen or completely shut down. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my phone. Problem still there. Fix the issues and I will change my rating.

  27. Very extensive application with high level sophisticated pro photography and tech combined. Not recommended for ametuer use only because of all the aspects in this app. One can get lost in the depth of all the elements in this application, like a labyrinth, and if you aren’t utulizing its myriad of characteristics you’d be missing out. Top notch. Fun and professional.

  28. Sara Anne dice:

    Update: I can’t use this app on my iPhone 11! Why not? I’m so upset! Do something so I can edit using this app! I still give it a 5 but something has to be fixed soon! This is by far the best editing app that I have found in Google play that’s not all complicated to work with. There are so many options that other apps are missing and most of it is free. But if you want the full package, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! I upgraded of course because I want to get the most out of this app. If I could rate photo studio one hundred stars I would. There are a few things that can be tweeked to make this the ultimate photo editing app but I’m sure you working on it.

  29. Really like this one! it is not at all like most of the editor apps out there promising the world,but wont even open… So many choices, easy to use, free actually means free, you can even bring in photos that are already half edited”becouse other app could live up to its name”and finish them out beautifully!!! now if it only put on make up too🤔i would never need a different photo editor. thanks for a wonderful app, i appreciate it…

  30. I paid for the Pro version and was my favorite editing app. That came to a halt when it automatically updated on Aug. 10, 2019. After uninstalling and reinstalling 3x, I have up and downloaded the free version. THIS ONE DOESN’T WORK EITHER! Holy heck, it stops working half way through editing any photo. Annoying!

  31. Pretty good app. Good graffics pretty creative. not being able to alter images, text or color of a saved creation you made using the app. Add a ” save & finish later” folder. its hard to set it in stone when its collages, scrapbooks, business cards or flyers. some things look good at first then all of the sudden just dont look right.

  32. This is one of my few favorite photo editing apps. It has quite a few good filters to choose from, overlays, stickers, you can customize text for your photo, crop, resize and tons more. I mainly use this app to make collages. You can use your own photos for the background, tons of layouts or you can put the photos whereever you want. There are so many things I love about this app. You really should check it out. I almost guarantee you will love it also.

  33. Amanda DW dice:

    Just recently got this app and really like it has so many options. I had to use several apps to do most of my projects and this has all those features in one place. I have only used the free version so far, I am trying to get comfortable using before purchasing anything. I am finding that there is more of a learning curve and is taking me awhile to figure everything out. I think it is mainly because there are so many choices and options of things you can do. This isn’t a basic free editiong app!

  34. All types of editing options. You can crop, add filters, change lighting, add or remove shadows. Many frames and borders to choose from. You can make collages, or add multiple pictures to beautiful backgrounds. So many free options in the app, with options to purchase additional features.

  35. This is BY FAR the BEST app for free photo editing!! I was super pleased at how many features it has to offer. There are no annoying ads displaying every time you turn around & the effects are amazing!!! I would give it 10 stars, if possible. Def download this app. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!!

  36. It works great and has very nifty editing features. But it’s an absolute pain when the app crashes when you’re trying to save your newly edited photo. This has happened several times and each time I had to uninstall the app and could not restore my images.

  37. Love the free version so far. Ads aren’t too annoying or too often like other apps are. Only been using for about a week and at this point I have nothing bad to say about it. I’ll bump it to 5+ stars after I’m more familiar with all the other editing areas I’ve not made it to yet if it continues going how it has this far . Try it. I promise you won’t regret it. 👍🤩

  38. I’ve had this app like a year and still feel brand new in the since that their is so much to do and so many different ways you can edit the same photo here! I love the in app purchases option so you can buy just glitter frames for example for. .99 and it’s yours forever not monthly. I’ve tried about 20-30 apps and this one has been in my #1 spot the whole time, it can take up a lot of room if you’re not careful tho. Mine currently occupies over 2g of my storage.

  39. I downloaded every photo shop .this one has it all .and does not make you pay for the certain editors’s not a one trick pony so it is a little harder to figure out .. but once you know what your doing . It’s the only editor you need photos used to have a update to there simple editor and it was perfect that they stopped using it get that back on the market I’ll pay for it

  40. I really love this app it lets you do all kinds of cool stuff with your pictures! I only give it 4 stars because I wish they gave you more direction on what all of it does or what it’s used for…. for the less experienced. It also needs a way to correct blurry pictures. (My main reason for looking for a picture edit app.)

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