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Create photo books quickly, easily and for FREE with the world’s #1 photo book app!

Everyone loves photo books, but making them has always been cumbersome, time-consuming and costly. The FreePrints Photobooks® app changes all that with the fastest, easiest way to create beautiful photo books—right on your Android phone or tablet. And best of all, you get one standard softcover photo book every month for FREE! You pay only a small shipping charge. No subscriptions. No commitments.™ Just free photo books.

Here’s how it works.
★ Get one 5×7 or 6×6 standard softcover cover photo book every month for free.
★ Optional premium hardcovers in 6×8, 8×8, 8.5×11.5, and 12×12 are also available.
★ Start out with 20 pages. Or add more pages if you like for a small additional charge.
★ Pay only $7.99 flat-rate for shipping, no matter how many books you order.
★ There are no subscriptions or commitments. Create a photo book whenever you like.
★ We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back!

It’s beyond easy.
★ Add photos from just about anywhere—your device or sources like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and previous FreePrints™ orders.
★ Photo books arrive on your doorstep in just days.
★ You’ll find yourself coming back month after month. Now that photo books are free, there’s no reason to wait for a special occasion!

All photo books feature premium papers, vivid color and long-lasting laminate covers. Interior pages are printed on acid-free, archival paper with a satin finish that makes photos sharp and vibrant. Our books are printed and bound in the U.S. using the highest quality standards.

Our customers love us! Check out our reviews.
“DOWNLOAD. THIS. APP. Seriously. I just found this app last week and I have already bought 5 photobooks. This is a way to truly capture those special moments. 📸”
– Doris Techaira-Santos

“I love this app! I have ordered 4 books so far and they have all been excellent quality that I am proud to show off! I have never had any shipping or delivery problems, and for what I am getting, paying just the shipping is an amazing deal! I highly recommend this to everyone.”
– Stephanie Phillips

FreePrints Photobooks® is a member of the growing FreePrints™ family of mobile apps, each dedicated to designing personalized products quickly, easily and affordably. The popular original FreePrints™ app gives you 1,000 free 4×6 photo prints a year. FreePrints Photo Tiles™ gives you free wall décor every month. And as with all FreePrints™ apps, there are no subscriptions and no commitments.

We’re glad you’re here – and we believe you’ll find our apps, products and services to be the very best in the world. We hope you enjoy using FreePrints Photobooks®!

Copyright © 2012-2022 PlanetArt, LLC. All rights reserved. FreePrints™, FreePrints Photobooks® and the FreePrints Photobooks® logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of PlanetArt, LLC.


This release includes bug fixes and improvements
Your questions and comments are helping to make FreePrints Photobooks even better, and we truly appreciate them! Keep sending your suggestions to [email protected]. We personally reply to every email.


40 comentarios en "FreePrints Photobooks MOD 2022"

  1. this is the coolest app! I have had 5 books made & all of them are really done well. I can’t believe they are free! Shipping is the only thing you have to pay & it isn’t alot! I think the most I’ve paid is $12.99 (total cost!). The books are well made too. They have even re-done one for me without me asking or complaining. I guess it was reviewed by the supervisors after it had already shipped to me & they thought it was poor quality so they remade it & sent it to me – free of any charges!

  2. the ease of using the app, all the options available and how quickly they ship are pluses. the quality of the photos could be better; I’m not sure if it’s because of the quality of the photos I used or their process. Guidelines about what resolution of digital photos should be uploaded for best results would be very helpful. I will give them another try with different photos.

  3. Nici V dice:

    I’ve made two handfuls of books but always paid for them. They’ve always been wonderful till my most recent book. It was the first time I took advantage of the “Free Book” having only paid for shipping. I received the book and it was very poor quality in comparison to my others. What? Because it was the “free book” you put less effort and quality? My phone takes amazing photos and the pictures I chose were stunning but your Free Book did not reflect the beauty. I’ll be cautious in future

  4. I just spent an hour and a half this morning compiling a book, only to have the app freeze. I had to close it out and when I opened it back up…guess what??? Poof! My book was completely gone! Like it hadn’t even saved! The app had crashed several times before this and the book saved every other time it crashed. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Y’all seriously need to fix these bugs. I’ve used this app for over a year now and it has done this to me more than once.

  5. FreePrints is a fast and easy way to get your photos into a form you can share with others. I an a procrastinator — and my photo collection never gets done. Free Prints breaks it down into a monthly project. I find the easiest way to get the pictures in the order I want them is to pick them out that way. No arranging necessary. There are small, inexpensive upgrades if you want them. A “lie-flat” book and a hardcover option are two that I like. Nice options, fun to do,and classy results.

  6. Wonderful! Good quality! It’s pretty easy to use. I wish I could edit a bit more by either able to crop photos where I want and to rotate them just a little and not only 90 degrees. I’d also like to resize them myself to better fit a shape and to be able to use shapes for multiple photos on a page. But it’s great for backing up vacation and family photos from my phone into an album. Also wish I could use this on my laptop and get the photos I have stored on it and thumb drives into albums. Also it would be easier to see what I’m doing on my laptop. Please make this an extended feature!

  7. I get the hardcover books not the free ones, but they turn out better then I expected. I have never been disappointed. I will say though if your new one mistake I made the first time is not using all the space on the page. Adding more then one photo to the every page that has photos shot in portrait is a must. Landscape shots are fine on their own, but the page really looks empty with only one portrait photo.

  8. I love the idea of free photobooks. That’s amazing! However, i find the app very hard to use. I also wish they’d add tips for newbies, like myself. As a tip here, don’t use pretty, frilly lettering unless you have a plain background. I can’t even read what i put down. Second tip, when it says the font is small…. It means you can’t really read it. You want to use large if at all possible. :/ Live and learn.

  9. Took a few minutes to figure out how to use some of the editing tools, but basically creating my book was an easy & fun experience. Being able to add captions & background colors/designs for my photo pages, as well as the front/back cover was a big plus. I really loved the finished product!! Would give 5 stars if captions could be put in places other than just the bottom of a page & if there was a collection of banners, frames, icons, etc to choose from that could also be used as embellishments.

  10. The book was fairly easy to design. When reviewing pages it would be helpful to make pages much larger. I couldn’t see the recipe I used cut off the measurements. I wish the caption could be placed somewhere other than the bottom of a page. Maybe a bubble the could actually be added on top of a picture. I’m glad I redid free book and made changes. I love the new book. Price was very affordable. I will use again.

  11. I’ve received my second book and love it as it turned out great. I’m still upset about the others I was ready to purchase but these two I’ve received are great. Thank you. Received first photo book & really love it. Had one I was currently working on that no longer appears though. Update: There appears to be a problem with keeping books you’re working on as I had two with one complete and in cart already but I went to purchase it & many pictures were gone. I checked my other book and same thing with it. Alot of work goes into them just to have them go down the drain. So just cautionary advice for anyone with a book in the cart waiting to purchase. Customer service did say when you change your phone that can cause it to happen. Not too sure that’s what happened.

  12. This app is fairly user friendly, and I have gotten several good quality photo books with it. But I consistently run into the same problems: It is not easy (or possible) to unmerge photos after putting them on the same page The layouts for multiple pictures on one page are INCREDIBLY limited. It’s worth paying more for a book with better layouts, in my opinion. This app is great for the most standard of books.

  13. The app was a little tedious to use (especially with regard to zooming in on the page you were creating) and it was very unclear whether or not all of the photos would turn out clear or blurry or not. However, I tried out getting the free soft cover photo book, and ended up using the free upgrade to a hardcover photo book that I was offered. It printed perfectly and shipped to my boyfriend within a week, with no issues or printing errors. I’ll be using the app again for sure!

  14. I love the idea of this app, and I would use it all the time if it had better support. First, it has poor support for onedrive. I put all my pictures on onedrive but this app seems to struggle to get pictures from onedrive. Second, it would be nice if there was a web app. I like doing stuff from my phone, but if I have a computer next to me I could much more easily click through and make things nice. All my pictures are one the cloud, so I think it would be easy to go back and forth.

  15. J B dice:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ My Photobooks App, because it is super easy to use and always makes me look great. It has an automatic photo quality alert, with suggestions for improvements. Has a lot of easy to use options for photo editing, shapes, layouts, variety of backgrounds, and everything imaginable for great results. Best of all, it’s super easy to use, and free!!

  16. I’ve just ordered one book so far, but I absolutely loved it! Has a bit of a learning curve, but easily figured out. The price was reasonable, shipping time okay, it’s not next-day-Amazon, but after all, they’re creating a book! The quality was fantastic! I added matte, & expidited shipping which was just $2 I think. Well worth what you get! Download it already!

  17. My 5 star rating has reversed to 1. The app is great. I’ve tried many photo book apps and this one has both the most artistic freedom and the best pricees that I’ve seen. Unfortunately, there are some bugs that just ruin it… I’ve been trying to make the same book for 2 months and the app keeps freezing up and shutting itself down and when I reopen it, all my work is lost. Ive re-done my book 4-5 times now and it keeps happening. I’ve even reinstalled the app. Nothing helps

  18. I like prices and final product but it’s not always easy to put together, especially when I want to change the layout or switch pictures. Layout options are offered but sometimes not the way I’d like. But the pictures turn out nice and I like how this app, more than others , allow for full pages of explanation or poems that go with the pictures.

  19. The App itself is awesome, easy to use, easy to understand. My first photobook was exceptional, beautiful hard bound book filled of pics of my family in the Deadlands. it was so awesome, i decided to order a second one. Im not as impressed. For some reason, it is soft cover, and I didnt ask for that option, i wanted it to be just like the last one. I am hesitant on ordering a third now.

  20. I really enjoy using this app to make books of photos from different trips, adventures & whole years. I used to do a lot of photos in albums, but I like this, it’s been a good transition into more modern type of tech & not having boxes of photos. As an artist I also save ideas for things and I make books documenting different stages of creative ideas I come up with. I also find it very calming to be designing the page lay outs, moving photos around. It’s sort of like my escapism!!

  21. I only downloaded this app so I could review it. I already have the FreePrints app and use it. Love it, it’s great. But I got an email saying I earned a free photobook, among other things, and after clicking the link learned that, in order to get those things, I have to download more apps from the SAME source. Look, phone space isn’t unlimited. Figure out how to provide all your services from one app or don’t provide them. It’s ridiculous to need more apps for the same basic thing.

  22. I love this app!! It keeps me updated on all of my events, although you have to be careful, it is very tempting to add another book or a larger size as our add another photo to a page, which is where the pricing comes in. But if you stay true to your free book and just pay for shipping, you get awesome deals! I am thoroughly please, I also downloaded the textiles and free prints! No complaints with either of those.

  23. I absolutely LOVE this app! Put together my first photo book and I had so many customizable settings and layouts. I got a promo to upgrade to a hardcover for free and it was so totally worth it. The final product is great quality, the pictures came out great (despite some of them being taken with my cell phone) and it’s something I can hold on to forever

  24. Easy to use but app doesn’t work properly. it has lost an album I was working on and after contacting customer support I was told they can’t retrieve it and to restart another. working on second album 80 pages in and it gets deleted again. I had a registered account and was saving album every time I stopped working on it. they can’t do anything about it. no point to using this. it is wasted time.

  25. Best thing I ever imagined! No more going to Walgreens and spending so much time deciding what to keep, throw away, super size, etc. I can do it all from this app and saves me money on travel, time and the stress of waiting for the results. I am the judge of what to keep and discard without paying extra. The convenience of sending is so Excellent!! There may be other apps out there doing the same but I can happily verify that this is a legitimate and easy app for a Grandma to understand and use.

  26. pretty cool they’ve really improved it a lot since i first used it after my son was born about 2 years ago. Now you can pick different themes and backgrounds it’s still a little slow. and it still kind of hard if you want to change a background after you because theme is almost impossible on individual pages which is annoying and the worst part is a really slows down when you’re trying to pick pictures out and design your your photo book but if you stick with it is worth it because it’s cool.

  27. Books come out fantastic. It is frustrating not being able to fully adjust pictures. my husbands head constantly is getting cut off even tho I am not near the edge of the photo. It prohibits you from being able to use any photo you want. Also would like to be able to control where text goes and allow more text. Using this to make baby book so more text would be much better.

  28. I think FreePrints is My best APP on the Net. It’s a great way to get Your digital photographs turned into printed photos. I have the cool looking books that can tell a story. The Photo blocks look great on the wall. Especially with the level positioning tool to make them applied perfectly. I really like that so far I have had no problem with any photos declined for any reason. So far they have obviously accepted photos that are presented as art. A free block each month and small price for additional blocks makes this whole deal a no brainer. I look forward each month to having more prints, blocks and other items from a large assortment to choose from.

  29. The concept and idea seems great. I haven’t seen my photo book yet but one thing I find that I wish I looked into a little further is about the shipping. I find it odd that they don’t give a tracking number for your shipment. So I would have to call my friends or family that I send photo books to see if they have gotten it.will update and see when the books actually arrive. Update: I got a tracking on one order but it seems it is not saved in order history. So write it down

  30. I’ve used free prints photobooks for 2 years and love it! I recently had an issue which they were able to resolve. I’ve read some reviews that say how flimsy the books are but I’ve not had that problem at all. We have 2 small kiddos who look at the books a lot but I store them out of reach so they don’t have constant access.

  31. Awesome app !!! I was expecting to have issues with how long my first order took to arrive, the order being completely wrong, the quality of the pics bein something akin to 20 year old first generation digital or maybe even all of the above. Why ?? You might ask, bc everything was too easy; like the old saying goes, ” If it sounds too good to be true” I’m very glad to say that the free prints app is one of those rare exceptions

  32. Very creative themes and page colors. It’s not user friendly for large books. Sorts by date taken or by selection BUT the last 2 books I made didn’t sort by date, the pictures were all mismatched. Can’t easily move photos if you group together-you have to delete the photo, add another page and re-download the picture, doesn’t sort easily. It took me 8 hours in total to get the pictures sorted in sequence. I’ve completed 14 books, but won’t use this app anymore!!

  33. Sarah M. dice:

    I have used this for almost a year now and it is fabulous! The options keep improving and they always show up looking perfect. The only thing I wish would get added is the ability to have the captions on each page able to be placed in different locations. For example beside the photo. Otherwise easy to use and they look great on the shelf!

  34. Bri dice:

    I’ve been pleased with each purchase! I love how I can edit each page and even the cover of the book itself. You can add up to 6 pictures per page, so I think it’s a wonderful deal. And it’s actually easier and more organized having pictures printed off in a book rather than putting each individual picture in an photo album.

  35. Excellent app for keeping memories. No need to develop photos then buy an album. It’s all done here and with the addition of captions it’s even better. I’ve done a 3 part series for my son’s wedding and purchased 3 sets at an amazing price. 1 set for me, a set for my son and daughter in law and another set for my Dad and step Mom who were unable to attend. It was very well liked by all who saw it. A high quality product for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this app. Thanks.

  36. Great app. I use it for my sons pictures. You get 1 free 5×7 soft cover book with 20 pages and every page after that is 36 cents, not bad at all compared to every place else. The pictures look amazing in the books as well. and you only pay a small shipping fee which is cheaper than going to walmart or walgreens. the bigger sizes are not free and neither are the hard covers but its $2 extra for hard cover which isnt bad at all. You can even write messages on the back covers.

  37. I ordered one just to see what they are like, and now I order more every month. I absolutely love them!! It’s so much easier than going to the store making off pictures, buying a photo album and placing the pictures in order. This app does it all for you, and I even get to add a caption under every picture. very affordable!! Best app ever!!

  38. Got my first book and just loved it. Preview pictures before checking out. Be sure they are how you want them centered. Placed my second order with 22 extra pages for 39cents each. I’m super excited I found this app & will enjoy the books for years to come. Put together a book of our family vacation & ordered 3 books: one for each of us to cherish. I have recommend this app to several of my friends. Love the choice of covers, background color, shape frames and page layouts.

  39. MJ Z dice:

    Found this app after using the FreePrints app. Same concept but a free photo book per month- just cover shipping or larger sizes. The book and pages are glossed and lovely to hold and feel. They made my DSLR photos look even better than they already were and the presentation is superb! I loved the layout suggestions- made it so easy to customize the book and made it look like it was more effort than it was. I’m VERY pleased and will use this app for more photo books in the near future!!!

  40. Just received my first Photo Book and I am so thrilled. It only cost me $7.99 for shipping, just like advertised. I was a bit skeptical about the quality and design even though I’ve been completely satisfied with the FreePrint side of their company. I was not disappointed. The picture quality, the binding and the overall look and feel of the finished product was top rate. Highly Recommend.

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