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Get a custom gift every month! Endless options for birthdays, holidays and more!
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A huge selection of personalized gifts … and one FREE gift each and every month!

Whether for a birthday, a holiday or just because … Nothing says you care quite as much as a personalized gift from the heart.

With FreePrints Gifts you can easily create hundreds of customized products for your very favorite people—or just for yourself. Personalize gifts by choosing a photo or provide the lucky recipient’s name or initials, and we create the perfect gift of your choosing. Custom designs include embroidery and engraving!

And best of all, we feature amazing gifts that are, yes, FREE! You just pay for shipping. Choose a free gift every month, whenever an occasion arises, and send the present that’s bound to be their favorite!

Personalized gifts for every occasion …

– Birthdays
– Anniversaries
– Christenings & Baptisms
– Engagements
– Weddings
– Graduations
– Easter
– Mother’s Day
– Christmas
– Halloween
– Housewarming Gifts
– Host(ess) Gifts
– Teacher & Coach Gifts
– Love & Romance
– Religious Gifts
– Or just because!

Here’s how it works….

What do I get for free?
– One free gift a month (changes regularly)
– Free personalization on every item

What do I pay for?
– Shipping and handling for your free gift (no additional shipping charge for additional items)

– Gifts other than a month’s free gift: Prices vary.

And as with all FreePrints services, there are no subscriptions and no commitments.

We hope you’ll find yourself coming back month after month to send the very best personalized gifts to family and friends for all of your most important events and celebrations.


You are going to love FreePrints Gifts. We guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, we’ll be pleased to provide you with a complete refund of the price you have paid for the product.


FreePrints Gifts is a member of the growing FreePrints family of mobile apps, each dedicated to designing personalized products quickly, easily and affordably. The popular original FreePrints app lets you order 1,000 free 4×6 photo prints each year, paying only for shipping. And now FreePrints Gifts takes the cost out of sending personalized gifts by giving you a FREE one each and every month. You pay only for shipping.

We’re glad you’re here – and we believe you’ll find our apps, products and services to be the very best in the business. We hope you enjoy using FreePrints Gifts!

Copyright © 2012-2021 PlanetArt, LLC. All rights reserved. FreePrints, FreePrints Gifts and the FreePrints Gifts logo are trademarks of PlanetArt, LLC.


• This release includes bug fixes and improvements

We're so happy to bring you our newest app, FreePrints Gifts. It’s because of people like you that we can do what we do - if you had a great experience with FreePrints Gifts, please consider giving us a review.


46 comentarios en "FreePrints Gifts MODDED"

  1. I have used the free prints app before and when I seen there were other apps linked to this for gifts I was excited. Last month I tried to get the free blanket and once I selected all the pictures I wanted there was an error message that continued to pop up no matter how many times I closed the app and retried, I was not able to process my order. This month there are magnets available for free and I am receiving the same message. This is very disappointing.

  2. I kept hoping quality would get better but it just gets worse. My first order I was happy with. Everything else has been awful, the colors have been completely off, someone decided to change the zoom level for the image I had put on a blanket and cut off the top and bottom of the image. Even with the “free” monthly gift the products just aren’t worth it for $8.99 shipping.

  3. Absolutely love this app. I am able to make cute little photo books each month for my baby. There are many styles/designs/colors. Not one of my books is the same. They will be awesome memories to look back on when she is older. Also had a great experience with customer service. One of my books was missing pages and I emailed about it. They sent a new one right away.

  4. Free prints works great. Free gifts, not so much. I had all kinds of problems last month with the blanket. Never did get it straightened out so never ordered. Thought maybe it was me. This month tried to order the mug. Pictures went on fine but wouldn’t let me put it in the cart. Decided to just come back later and check. It’s not in the cart and unlike the blanket which kept the pictures, it didn’t save the pictures to the cup. Will try for a few more days, then will delete the app if not succe

  5. I was just tickled, at how much you helped me get to the right and correct pictures that fit in each space, so the pictures and blanket turn out perfectly. I’m really hoping that it worked and my purchases turn out beautifully!!!! I used a different company a while ba I don’t have the words to say ck. It was amazing how horrible the pictures were!!!! My goodness, I was just floored!!!! they just took a frame and ACTUALLY sent them!!!!

  6. The products are good quality and so cute! We’ve gotten a photo blanket and personalized beach towels so far and we’re very happy with them! You just pay shipping and a small upgrade fee if you choose to upgrade. They also usually offer you a discount on extra orders all rolled into the one shipping price. Very reasonable!

  7. I’d really like to be able to use this app, especially with this month being a free photo blanket, however as soon as I click on the “personalize” button I get a message that the app isn’t responding. I might try again later, due to photo blankets being super rad (especially free ones). 😀 I was able to personalize an item for sale on here, but not the item being offered for free. If I can’t get/personalize the free item, then it kind of steers me away from wanting to buy something on here.

  8. This was a really great app but the last several updates have caused numerous crashes nearly impossible to create photo calendar. Most recent update slightly better at least I was able to complete calendar put it in my cart without losing it altogether. The 2nd most recent update caused me to loose everything more than once. Also products are priced too high to purchase.

  9. I love the free items I get once a month. Even though it’s not completely free due to shipping and handling but I love the items I can put photos on. A lot of options. Just wish the shipping and handling wasn’t so pricey. Great app with great options… I’d recommend this to anyone. Especially for a meaningful and memorable gift.

  10. There is no way to change the background or to add text or anything fun! The tutorial popped up twice but when i actually wanted to look at it, I couldn’t find it! Every single picture i tried to use had the yellow ! on it. That makes is seem like the only picture I should use are perfectly taken studio pics, nothing from my phone itself was good enough.

  11. App is pretty user friendly but today when I tried to open it to check the status of an order (my first order) I’m getting a “Network Error” that says “there seems to be a connection difficulty”. So I tried to open the original free prints app to check that order and it’s working fine, no issues at all. I don’t think it’s an issue in my end.

  12. Abby Dean dice:

    The item I ordered, the “free gift” was just really, really cheaply made, the edges weren’t even straight and there were huge lines going through all the photos that I don’t think washing would help. It was supposed to be a gift for someone and I couldn’t even bring myself to show it to them. I contacted customer support for a refund and never heard back from anyone. Deleted the app, will never try it again. So disappointed.

  13. I went in the middle with the reviews because though the monthly free gift is great and they turn out great the shipping for some of the items is RIDICULOUS! The one month they offered a canvas photo as a free gift but the shipping was $16. I was like.. WHAT? THAT’S A RIP OFF… PASS! The items are worth it, but Watch the shipping price because they will rip you off!

  14. Edit* I just realized what I was doing wrong! Updating my rating! I had to scroll over to the templates. Love the idea of the app. I just lost my one dog so I want to put all of my dogs on the blanket and upgrade the size of it. It’s a bummer you can’t customize the blanket in the app. I used another photo app but I can’t get the dimensions right so it cuts my picture off. I was really hoping to be able to create this blanket. I even have a custom photo that I want added to the array of pictures.

  15. I’ve used this a few times but this month there was an update. The pillow is too hard to edit. It keeps swapping and changing pictures. I’ve arranged them like 5 times and it keeps moving them around on its own or duplicating pics. Such a pain. I finally gave up. 5 stars if you can get your app functioning properly and get it easy to use

  16. Pictures are very nicely detailed and done perfectly. Very easy to pick out the Pictures that you want and easy to use the app. Prices are affordable and shipping takes no more than 2 weeks. Now you even get a free item every month with no subscription needed. I recommend downloading the app.

  17. Hi, I downloaded the APP on my Android phone and tried to create a blanket. I tried it several time but it would never let me add the finished product to the shopping cart or complete the order. It kept saying Timed Out. After 5 or 6 tries I just gave up. UPDATE: I reached out to the company, but before I heard back from them, I decided to go back into the site to get some information for them and noticed my item somehow made it into my cart, and I was able to place my order. Thanks.

  18. the app is awesome because I’m able to print anything I want free (total of 85 prints) every month +free gift only pay shipping, plus they’ve really got a vast variety of product choices.I do wish things cost a wee bit less as well as more options on thi gs for personal design ideas and not so structured with text so that numbers or symbols could be used. and lastly if color options on photo blan, mugs and even photo tile and Tshirts was available. That would be really awesome! (pretty please)

  19. Ashley dice:

    So a few days ago I recieved an offer for my “free Gift” it was the magnets. They were free I think I paid $1 more for two & shipping. I would Not recommend their magnets. The quality of the pictures aren’t that great. If you want Nice size Magnets use the FreePrint app. They are larger and very much more vibrant! I’m giving a 1 star for now. Hopefully if I do purchase in the future it will hold up with what I get using the FreePrints App.

  20. Cute stuff but gave 4 stars because most of the categories available didn’t allow for pics to be transferred to an item. When I did attempt that, (the order after I got my free gift), the typing ended up incorrect and wouldnt allow any correct spelling for the names, (like on those awesome frosted mugs). If you could make more items available where you can transfer photos onto them I will reinstall, but most of what I see is transferring of names onto a premade designed item, (beach towels).

  21. Cuong Le dice:

    Updated: Their social media customer service contacted us after seeing the 1-star review and made things right and sent us a replacement. The regular customer service, funny enough, sent us an automated email stating they hope our package arrived. Unfortunately, it will not arrive until after X-mas, which really defeats the purpose since we were expecting ornaments. I’m adjusting my rating to 3 since I wish it didn’t take a 1-star review to get their attention.

  22. I have ordered 3 times. The first time I received my order on time as showed it was great. I’ve ordered 2 times since then and have not received my orders. One time was a few months ago so I decided to try again for a Christmas gift and it was super to be here 3 days ago and I can’t get in touch with anyone. Go with shutterfly. It might cost slightly more but at least you get your stuff.

  23. No way to update orders from the app, no response from customer service after multiple messages, only way to reach out is via messaging. It doesn’t give you a pop up to verify all shipping info is correct.

  24. I haven’t received my order. This is the second time you ppl send me my order and get stuck in Bridgeport NJ and never get here. I email you guys a couple of times and nothing. This app use to be good. I want a refund if I don’t receive my order.

  25. lyn F dice:

    I ordered 2 items on Nov 30, 2022… Items are shown as shipped… Gives link for tracking…no estimated date of arrival…it is now Dec 22 and my items are not here and I have no idea where they are or when they will arrive…both were Christmas gifts for my daughter…I have tried customer service through the app twice and no response except the initial autogenerated response of we will look into it…no other way to contact the company…very disappointed…

  26. Completely Disappointed! Used the app before and was happy until I placed an order for my gifts to give out of our Christmas pictures. my package never arrived, I was supposed to receive it on the 22nd of November today is the 5th of December. I have reached the customer service thru the app and all I get is automated emails apologizing requesting my address over and over. It’d be nice to get my gift or my money back, OR an actual person reach out to me and let me know how this is being handled

  27. absolutely love this app and store totally 100% recommend it to everyone it is perfect for gifts and just personal keepsakes!! love love love this! I have been ordering prints for 3 years now and have never been disappointed love the canvases just got a calendar coffee mugs blanket everything you can imagine that you can put a photo on it’s absolutely amazing beautiful quality they even have refrigerator magnets and they’re really pretty heavy duty love love this site it is a must haven 🥰

  28. Ordered two items. After waiting a week from the initial estimated delivery date, I reached out to the shipping company. I was told that it appeared to have been lost in transit. I then reached out to FreePrints 2-3 times, and got no response. Only after leaving a negative review here did they do anything. Who knows whose hands my family photos wound up in; it’s quite disturbing to think about. Don’t trust this company.

  29. I have gotten a few things from here photo bag, pot holder with photos, photo blanket, and photo changing mugs two of them. All but the blanket came perfect. The bag I used once it got dirty and it said you could wash You can’t the photos were ruined and the bag had a huge rip in it. I tried getting help in app for blanket no one ever got back to me and no one too call on it. I love all the stuff I got but blanket as it came with half of my child’s face gone. It supposed to be a gift. Not happy

  30. I really enjoyed using this app until last night. I made 3 purchases on app to send gifts to family but when I attempted to send a 4th gift it was declined with plenty of $$ left on 💳 but message said call bank and I did. Bank said it was not on their end and they saw the 3 purchases and app declined card. 1 🌟 for not being user-friendly.

  31. Never buy from this company. For free stuff, they’re fine. If you pay for something, you will not be able to have any sort of customer service as they outright ignore all messages and concerns. I’ll never buy from FreePrints apps again.

  32. Spent 10 days asking questions about an order and got nothing back. ***Update I was contacted by customer service and we got everything figured out. They answered my questions and did everything to make me happy then went above and beyoned. The quality of products if great and this one hicup will not stop me from using them in the future.

  33. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I ordered a calendar for my wife and I added pictures of our boxer to it. Our boxer is 8 years old and her end time is near. I love the fact that I was able to create and affordable gift for my wife that will allow her to cherish the memories she made with our sweet girl. You guys are absolutely amazing and so sweet. Thank you so much!

  34. Order a personalize blanket as a Christmas gift the pictures were cut off. Made multiple attempts to reach customer service to replace the item with no response.

  35. John Lee dice:

    I ordered 85 prints that are supposed to get free just cover shipping and handling and I still have not got them and I’ve also ordered twice since then and still have not gotten any of those and I would love to know where my prints are I wish there was a way that minus five stars because that’s exactly what I would do I’m really pissed off at you guys for not giving me my prints

  36. G V dice:

    This season has been horrific!!! What was once a fantastic company has quickly ran out of steam. IDK if they cannot handle the holiday rush or the individuals that are working now are just lazy. I know I will NEVER order as much I did only to receive the headache I got.

  37. I love this app never had a problem til i got the calender 7 of the pictures were not mine an only 5 were. Very disappointed in that.

  38. I’m very upset that I’m trying to claim the free blanket and it keeps popping up a message saying my card is declined and I tried three different cards that all have money on them. Im not sure what the issue is but I have tried to get into contact with someone and no answer

  39. Never use them I ordered a blanket and a canvas picture as a Christmas gift for my friends I received the blanket but not the picture I even went as far as sending them screenshots of my order that says they both were delivered but it wasn’t all they can say is wait till the 10th of November. How the hell can I I wait if it says it’s been delivered and I don’t have my product. I have email them several times. I told them to refund my money no response. Do not use this company..

  40. It has been terrible every time. I can’t believe the studd they have sent me. I tried the free gifts for 3 months and they are laughable how terrible the quality of everything is. Don’t waste your money

  41. Amanda dice:

    Just like others, I had issues trying to redeem my free gift. I was a bit luckier where I was eventually able to check out with my gift. However, the quality was disappointing. I received the free blanket, but two of my pictures were cut off and the color print was missing in some spots. I can overlook the missing print, but to cut off two pictures when the preview of the blanket did not represent this is just upsetting. I tried contacting service, but I have yet to receive a response.

  42. I have been using this app for years, I love the gifts, photos and freebies just pay shipping love it. I am currently very disappointed and upset with them because I ordered the personalize calendar the end of Dec they said delivery by the 13th of Jan, cool. The 20 something of Jan I reached out they responded asking for basic info gave them that, here it is the end of Jan and I still don’t have my calendar. I don’t want to discourage anyone from using the app, the items are different and unique

  43. My free gift was supposed to arrive 1/5/23 it is 1/15/23 and I still have not received it nor can I get any updates on where it is. It directs me to UPS website that says “on the way” but no delivery date on their website and I called them and they told me it was shipped through USPS but I tried tracking it through them and it says it’s not with them. I also cannot get free gifts customer support to reply to my emails. You have NOT responded to my email after the initial email response.

  44. mj h dice:

    App used to be great! I had it off my phone for a while and just reinstalled it. It won’t even open. It just sits at the purple screen with white gift outline on it.

  45. This is awesome. I get something each month for only the cost of the shipping. Not totally free but that’s still mot a bad deal!

  46. their ordering platform is confusing and you so.ost have to guess what button to press next….,but their pridycts ate top notch at great prices!!!

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