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Welcome to your one-stop shop for personalized photo gifts, holiday cards, home decor, photo books, prints and calendars. Browse custom cards like wedding invitations and birthday cards or photo gifts such as a jigsaw puzzle or a throw blanket.

• Capture memories with personalized gifts like photo books, puzzles & custom mugs
• Decorate your home for the holidays with home decor such as personalized Christmas ornaments, canvas prints & photo tiles
• Send holiday greetings to loved ones with custom Christmas & holiday cards designed with your favorite photos
• Create a custom calendar for 2023 to prepare for the new year or to give as holiday gifts to friends and family

Holiday Cards & Gifts
Spread holiday cheer with custom Christmas and holiday cards made with your favorite photos. Design your own Christmas cards with family portraits, send Happy Hanukkah greetings or ring in 2023 with Happy New Year’s cards. Decorate your home with personalized Christmas ornaments. Shop holiday gifts for loved ones like fleece blankets, photo mugs and canvas prints.

Custom Photo Gifts & Home Decor
Create custom photo gifts and home decor right in the Shutterfly app. Make your own jigsaw puzzle, photo blanket, tumbler or mug. Decorate your home for various occasions and holidays with wall art like our photo tiles, canvas prints and art prints. Customize your very own decor that shows off your personal style.

Custom Cards & Personalized Stationery
Choose from a variety of custom card options from personalized birthday cards, birth announcements, baby shower invites and thank you cards to find the perfect sentiment and style that fits your family and friends. Shop for holiday cards, Christmas cards and New Year’s cards to send holiday wishes this season.

Personalized Wedding Invitations & Gifts
Explore our selection of cards to invite your family and friends to your wedding. Design wedding announcements, wedding invites, address labels and wedding gifts right in the app. Remember the big day with wedding keepsakes such as wedding photo books, canvas prints and home decor.

Custom Photo Book Styles
Choose from an array of photo book styles such as premium photo albums, travel photo albums or memory books. Make a photo book as a personalized gift or create a photo album to capture lifelong memories. With our Instant Books, quickly upload your images and make a fully customizable photo album book.

Unlimited Photo Storage
Upload, store and organize your photographs with unlimited photo storage and save space on your device. With Shutterfly’s photo storage service, active customers can keep their photos safe, secure, and readily available when they want to create personalized gifts, photo books, wall art and more. Unlimited photo storage is available to active customers who make a purchase (no minimums) at least once every 18 months. Visit for more details.

Prints for Any Occasion
Shop for our unlimited free prints, perfect for hanging or displaying pictures of loved ones or for cherishing forever in a photo album. Choose from various photo print finishes—matte, glossy and pearl photo paper, to match your style and taste. You’ll love our selection of free prints since they’re high quality and made to last.

Create Personalized Photo Calendars
Start any month during the year with Shutterfly’s calendars. Whether you’re looking for wall calendars or calendar magnets to showcase favorite photos of loved ones around the home, we’ve got you covered. Choose from 50+ styles and layouts.

Kids Gifts for Every Personality
Discover games, gifts and personalized books for kids. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, holiday or First Communion, there are many special occasions to buy gifts for kids year-round. Create gifts for girls and boys that encourage learning, imagination and fun. Make a jigsaw puzzle they’ll love. Shop backpacks, playing cards, bean bags and kids’ home decor.


Shutterfly brings you everything-you-can-dream-off personalized products in one App, to share life’s most joyful moments.

Improvements in this release:

Cool tech things you won’t see that make the app better faster and smarter

UI polish for a nicer and more modern experience.

Thank you for using the Shutterfly app.


40 comentarios en "Shutterfly: Prints Cards Gifts MOD 2022"

  1. If you create a project on PC, you cannot edit in the app. But reordering prints or projects is a very easy. Also, when editing albums in the app, it doesn’t warn you as you approach the limit on the number of pictures you’re adding–maybe 99 or 100. Anything over that, when you’re ready to “add” and you hit the ✔️ mark–it deselects all your pics; you have to start over! It’s upsetting, especially when creating multiple albums on the same theme.

  2. I had the worst experience with this app. It literally took me all day, hours to complete my photo book. The app kept shutting down and everytime I tried to crop a picture it would exit out of my project completely. I as so frustrated I had to take breaks thinking maybe it was my phone. But nope, kept doing it just minutes into trying again. I will never use this again..

  3. I used to use Shutterfly for everything! Loved it! I’ve been working on a photo book for 2022 all year, adding photos as the months pass. Got to Dec 8, and none of my work has been saved since 10/31. I have finished the book 3 different times. Added to cart. Technical error. Won’t let me go to checkout. Can’t go to the actual website because again my work is not being saved. Tried several times for customer service help. Not helpful. I am so frustrated with this.

  4. Has potential but currently frustrating that you can’t add/edit or continue saved projects (if it actually saves) In conjunction the actual Web page. The website has so many more options customizable options, but the website on a phone is time consuming (longer to upload photos, constantly having to zoom in-and-out, etc). The app Uploads photos quicker, with auto option, and special Perks but is so unreliable and limited. I’ve lost 4 projects the last 3 months and ended up ordering elsewhere.

  5. The app is fine. It’s easy to use. But the promotions they show up is deceiving. They say it’s all free but then they charge me a lot with the shipping fee, which is proportionally increasing with the number of orders. Wish they have promotions with a fixed price and free shipping. I always feel like I’m deceived by cheap tricks.

  6. I had ordered a couple of 8×10 photos and a custom puzzle on the 3rd of December. I call customer service the first week of January. They offered to resend my items at an expedited rate for free. I just had to reorder and use the promotions they had applied to my account. I tried to reorder after my conversation with support and immediately ran into a new issue. My “cart” page wouldn’t load. I keep trying for over a week with no success. I finally thought to try the app. Hopefully it works.

  7. I loved it, until the last update. It was so nice and easy to upload and organize photos before, and now it’s a royal PITA. I really wish there was a way to undo the update, because it really was the best overall photo app until they did that. Update 11/19…really really frustrated with shutterfly now. I’ve spent several hours on a few projects, they saved, and when I went back in to complete the projects EVERYTHING is gone. At this point I’m not even going to bother redoing them.

  8. Relatively user friendly, and no annoying popup ads, but the app is super unreliable. I’ve put a lot of time into making several custom calendars for Christmas and keep losing my projects. I remember having issues last year, too. Customer service reps are nice, but chats often time out and you have to end the chat to see if what they did worked. And the projects you do in the app often don’t save to use in the browser either. But if you can get it to work the final products are awesome.

  9. Shutterfly offers what I can only call insane deals. Free prints? Discount everything? Free shipping? Yes on all and more! The push notifications are useful and not annoying, the app is super easy to use and the deals are right in front of you so you can’t miss them. Shutterfly offers specialized deals for using the app as well. There’s just no reason to put off printing those pictures you’ve been wanting because they’re only a few clicks away! For free!

  10. I could not order items from my cart on the app. I spent hours editing them. They did not appear on my projects page either. They were completely missing on the browser version as well. Was told by customer service that I would have to start again. Will remove the app. On the browser version I have not had this problem, but expected better from Shutterfly.

  11. Had a very difficult time using this app – both on my lap top and phone. Have done blankets and calendars for years but w/another company (Collage) and had no problems but unfortunately they are no longer available. I don’t know why I had such a hard time but I was finally able to place an order using app on my phone. Most of the issues had to do w/down loading pics and then them not being visible/ available but I had to get something completed.

  12. Check out gives me an error message most of the time, very frustrating after putting a bunch of projects together and then not being able to buy them. Deceiving Promos: they say things like “$2 magnets plus free shipping,” but when I went to check out, I can only get one or the other. I also can’t use any other promo codes for the rest of my order. Also, personal coupons from the mail are applied to original prices, not sales prices, so you don’t really get a good deal.

  13. You can change your project a million times in the app, after you fix it and it won’t save! I made sure it’s the right picture before I submitted, because of the awful app it picked the original picture!!!! DON’T go through the app!!! Or Shutterfly for that matter!!! Completely garbage!!! The website is no better!! If you want reliability, Shutterfly is NOT there!!! CS has “glitches” and disconnects you! 🤔

  14. Does not save reliably. Lost a lot of work on a photo album. Doesn’t update quickly – for example, had to add and re add the same pictures multiple times for it to take. Could not check out at first then contacted Customer service through the chat (which on mobile app you can’t leave or it will end your chat so I had to restart my question multiple times). Finally able to check out and it was an older version that was ordered because my latest edits weren’t saved. Now redoing it…

  15. Kelly Lee dice:

    Gave 4 stars but the tracking never loads, it’s an infinite circle of doom. I only knew my order was coming because I got an email. But I couldnt get the shipping/tracking number or where it was being sent from, because that part of the app refuses to work. This is my first time ever using Shutterfly, I do absolutely love it! Can’t wait to get my photos tomorrow! But I probably won’t use it again if I can’t access the tracking on the app. Please fix if possible so I can order more!😁 Thankies!😁

  16. Not happy with this app. I had to reapply my photos 3 or more times because they kept disappearing. I finally had them in my cart, but I was too tired to finish my order. When I went back to finish my order I couldn’t edit the photos that were in my cart (even though it said I could edit it in the browser). This app has many bugs, and I made a very minimal order, and will never order again.

  17. J K dice:

    Awesome app always have savings especially at the end of the year get all your photos from the year printed for free just pay shipping saved me 425.00 . If you don’t know how to use the app right it can be frustrating lucky I know how to get around the issues. Love saving money at the end of year . Only had to pay 32.00 for shipping it may seem alot but when you look at how much it would have been to print somewhere else like I stated above saved me alot of money for over 300 photos I needed.

  18. Ashley S dice:

    This use to be an amazing app. Since the update it is horrible. After spending much time editing photos & projects, the app would not allow me to check out. After selecting “checkout” the page doesn’t load. It just stays idle. When customer service advised me to use the website instead of the app, all of my editing was lost. Many of my items in my cart were deleted & some were multiplied. I lost hours of work. I’m hoping that Shutterly realizes the issue & corrects it.

  19. The app freezes a lot, forcing you to start over tedious tasks like selecting photos. It also has misleading deals like “free prints” which you are charged $30 to ship. Other free deals have given me error codes and not worked after I spent hours designing projects. Very frustrating to deal with. It does allow a lot of photo storage with somewhat easy uploads.

  20. The most recent update seems to have restored the app to what it was a couple months ago, which is so much easier to use for uploading and organizing photos. I haven’t ordered prints in months because it was so difficult to upload photos directly to albums for so long. Glad it seems fixed now because it was offputting.

  21. It was easy to make a calendar as a gift. But it took a while to take my credit card. Then somehow my password would not take. I had to change my password twice praying I had saved all the work I had done. But it must have been something I did on my end. When I got back into the system everything was still there. Also if you see where there is free shipping use the promo code I saved myself $8 going through all that I did that was my mistake but it worked out in the end for $8 in my favor.

  22. HORRIBLE!!!!!! THIS APP STINKS. I’VE WASTED hours of my life trying to get it to do what I need to and I’m a tech savvy millenial! Also the 4×6 prints are not “free” on the app. You are charged shipping that conveniently comes out to the same price as how much a 4×6 print cost but a cent more expensive. The more pics I added to my cart the more expensive the “shipping.” DO BETTER!

  23. They have made the process of making a photo book way too complicated. Once you upload your pictures onto a photo book, the images are scattered randomly across the book. The only pictures that can be rearranged are just the ones on the same page as the others you are trying to swap them with. This was incredibly difficult for me and I am not using this app again.

  24. III T dice:

    Poorly optimized battery hog. It used 39% of my battery in an hour and 20 min making a custom calendar. Also made my phone run hot to the touch. As for app function, it’s just good enough to be disappointing. I eventually got my calendar made but not without some interface sluggishness and strange UI choices. (Like why can’t i use my phones gallery to pick photos?) Anyways, I finally got my calendar made and I’m sure the actual product will be great but I’m deleting this app.

  25. For my first time using it, I was unimpressed. I got an offer for a free calendar, spent at least an hour making it. Had trouble figuring out how to add a boarder to a damn picture, photos wouldn’t go in the date box easily, lag in loading ect. Also maybe make the interface similar to word/power point. Cherry on top, couldn’t check out on my laptop or phone browsers, HAD to download the app and finally was able to pay (neither the live chat or phone associate thought of that) +1 hr wasted.

  26. SUPER FRUSTRATING! I’ve used the app around Christmas for various projects & never had this much trouble. As others are saying, I spent HOURS working on calendars for my family hoping to have them by Christmas. Every time I try to check out feom my cart it says it cannot be completed & to try again. Customer service has tried to help, but my projects are gone and the problem is still not resolved. I don’t have a working desktop to use. I will have to use a different app. Very disappointed.i

  27. I just missed a holiday promo because the app would not allow me to check out, and the website didn’t have the correct items in my shopping cart or in my projects list. I just spent almost 5 hours fighting with this app, had to pay more money, and had order on the website to finally get my order through. I am so frustrated, and this happens every year I order. I’m done with Shutterfly. Your deals mean nothing is I can’t get the order to go through in time.

  28. The promos are confusing. There are so many promotions happening at the same time and they conflict with each other and make the items more expensive. It says free shipping over $79 (which is a lot!) But then it doesn’t apply if you have discounted items. And the help chat just told me my problem was resolved without answering any of my questions.

  29. I’m only using this app because Verizon gave me pictures. It’s not a very user friendly app. The shipping is pretty high for something that doesn’t weigh very much. I spent the very long time getting pictures in there and editing them and it threw me out. It looks like the font is to big and you end up hitting the wrong link. I’m gonna try a new app.

  30. Any and all interactions I’ve had with Shutterfly have been positive and always end in success. My projects and purchases were and are always easy to execute and any time I’ve had to reach to customer service, the experience is excellent. I do not feel like a number, I feel like a valued customer. The last representative that I chatted with through the app I believe accidently referred to the department as “Shutterfly customer success”. This is a great department name option from my perspective.

  31. Mrs Khan dice:

    What happened,I cannot edit or paper size in the app anymore. It says open browser so I did and I still cannot edit my photos or add more to my order Only option is to delete all the photos I wanted and re do them all. I have Over 100 pictures in my order!! We should be able to do it all in the app like before. Upsetting

  32. Shutterfly uses lots of promos to pull you in, but then they have ectra add-ons that end up making you spend a lot more. As long as you’re aware of all these extra costs though, you can find some good deals. For instance, the free 4×6 prints still charges shipping so it ends up being about 10 cents a print if you are ordering the 250 limit. Or you can maximize the free 6×6 book per month by using the full 4 pix per page to keep your page count within the 20 page limit.

  33. This has been the absolute worst headache I have had printing and purchasing off of Shutterfly. I had just ordered pictures and at least 1/4 of the pictures came not cropped the way I had completed them before purchasing. When I went to edit my newest uploads once again before submitting my purchase I could not edit them now that they were in my cart. Then the “help” on chat went and deleted all 300 pictures from my cart! They are gone! I’m done ordering from Shutterfly. Worst experience ever.

  34. Multiple times when I am trying to add photos from my Google photos library, they won’t load up. This happens on the app on phone as well on the web. I don’t know why it offers all these social media integrations when it literally doesn’t load any albums after giving it login authorization. Literally cannot finish any project because I can’t add any photos from my Google photos account smh.

  35. I really loved this company and I think they’ve got a lot of great options, but they’re shipping costs are incredibly expensive and most of the items are very high priced as well. I do like that there is great storage for photos, but it just seems really pricey. Also I’m very unhappy that you can’t actually speak to real people to get issues and things resolved like we used to a couple years ago. They used to have wonderful customer service, but it’s all online now.

  36. 8/16/20 App is okay. Benefits like free pix (just pay tax and shipping) are cool, but I often have problems with other things. Couldn’t update my card info just now, app wasn’t showing all the pix in a folder for me to customize a piece. Last order of pix I got, more than half were messed up and not at all usable. I’d recommend it, just be careful and very mindful of what you do. 12/29/22 just updated my card for a new order & it worked. We’ll see how the pix turn out when they arrive!

  37. App was easy to use. It’s “free” to get small prints all you pay is S&H. Well it’s really easy to rack up a bill. I just did a photo dump of around 250 shots and I ordered duplicates. About $50. Yes that’s like 500 photos for $50 so overall a decent price. But when you start out at FREE it kinda slaps ya when you see it.

  38. The holiday discounts are amazing!! The app is easy to use, excepting a few things like the calendars either won’t allow or are easier to edit online instead of in app – a bit inconvenient. I have conveniently ordered from shutterfly in the past and am happy to be back in use again! 😊

  39. I have used shutterfly in the past for different items and for most of them I was very pleased. And for the one item I was not that happy with shutterfly did do it over 3 times. But they just could not get the tone correct. It was to blue one time then to orange then to pink. But they did try. I think the shipping is way to much. You have to wait for a coupon to order stuff. I would rather pay a fair price all the time, then wait for a special. Or free shipping. Just a thought. thanks lar

  40. T Mccrary dice:

    I’m a superfan of shutterfly, I love the ability to organize, create and share photos!! I’ve used the service for decades. However, the latest app update is frustrating me. I need the prevoius version back, PLEASE listen to the customers!!! I hate the photo viewing now you can’t enlarge the pictures, it’s only in thumbnail size bummer. The sharing feature was AWESOME, but with the latest update it’s very limiting!!! And bring back the feature to allow customers to create albums from the app.

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