Skylight MOD 2022


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Manage your Skylight Frame and Skylight Calendar on the go!
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The Skylight app allows you to manage your Skylight devices.

If you have a Skylight Frame, you can send photos and videos to your Frame from anywhere! Simply log in and connect to your frame to start sending photos in seconds.

If you have a Skylight Calendar, you can review, add, and remove items from your Grocery List.

Features include:
– Video. Send and play videos on your Skylight Frame.
– Text captions. Add text captions to photos.
– Download. View and download all the photos from your Skylight onto your phone.
– Manage frames. Easily manage all your Skylight Frames in one app.
– Cloud backup. All your photos backed up forever.

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Improvements to our syncing process.


4 comentarios en "Skylight MOD 2022"

  1. Justin Sicking dice:

    I love the Skylight product, it’s pivotal in our ability to easily share photos with family members who aren’t on social media. However, the app is just frustrating to use. It continually crashes without any particular rhyme or reason. I have to retry uploading certain files multiple times before they finally manage to somehow successfully make it through. It would be one thing if there was some consistency or even feedback/limitations clearly show from within the app itself, but there’s none.

  2. Sarah Van Mantgem dice:

    Overall great. I took off two stars because when uploading photos it doesn’t indicate when you’ve reached your upload limit. Often it will only accept 3 or 4 photos at a time, after going through the process of selecting many. It varies every time. Lots of wasted time and frustration and ultimately fewer pictures shared. This feature needs major improvement. But conceptually it’s great and my mom enjoys her photos.

  3. Brittany Willis dice:

    Love the idea, love the frame, hate uploading pictures. You can only upload one at a time and after the first 3ish the app decides you’re moving to fast and done. &For the price of the frames themselves I don’t think they should charge you for full access to the app. But, overall it’s a great gift for grandparents. We bought two.

  4. Scott dice:

    For the price just buy a small TV and the cheapest fire stick and upload your photos to Amazon Photos to show. It is a cheaper price and way better functionality. They are based out of San Francisco so they have to charge an “arm and a leg” to make their money on the product. $40 for a subscription is price gouging.

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