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Manage your Skylight Frame and Skylight Calendar on the go!
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The Skylight app allows you to manage your Skylight devices.

If you have a Skylight Frame, you can send photos and videos to your Frame from anywhere! Simply log in and connect to your frame to start sending photos in seconds.

If you have a Skylight Calendar, you can review, add, and remove items from your Grocery List.

Features include:
– Video. Send and play videos on your Skylight Frame.
– Text captions. Add text captions to photos.
– Download. View and download all the photos from your Skylight onto your phone.
– Manage frames. Easily manage all your Skylight Frames in one app.
– Cloud backup. All your photos backed up forever.


Bugfixes and improvements


44 comentarios en "Skylight MOD 2022"

  1. Justin Sicking dice:

    I love the Skylight product, it’s pivotal in our ability to easily share photos with family members who aren’t on social media. However, the app is just frustrating to use. It continually crashes without any particular rhyme or reason. I have to retry uploading certain files multiple times before they finally manage to somehow successfully make it through. It would be one thing if there was some consistency or even feedback/limitations clearly show from within the app itself, but there’s none.

  2. Sarah Van Mantgem dice:

    Overall great. I took off two stars because when uploading photos it doesn’t indicate when you’ve reached your upload limit. Often it will only accept 3 or 4 photos at a time, after going through the process of selecting many. It varies every time. Lots of wasted time and frustration and ultimately fewer pictures shared. This feature needs major improvement. But conceptually it’s great and my mom enjoys her photos.

  3. Brittany Willis dice:

    Love the idea, love the frame, hate uploading pictures. You can only upload one at a time and after the first 3ish the app decides you’re moving to fast and done. &For the price of the frames themselves I don’t think they should charge you for full access to the app. But, overall it’s a great gift for grandparents. We bought two.

  4. Scott dice:

    For the price just buy a small TV and the cheapest fire stick and upload your photos to Amazon Photos to show. It is a cheaper price and way better functionality. They are based out of San Francisco so they have to charge an “arm and a leg” to make their money on the product. $40 for a subscription is price gouging.

  5. Love my photo frame!!! The app works well for photos. I’m having a bit of trouble with my calendar though. Stuff that shows up on the Skylight calendar sometimes doesn’t show up on the Skylight app, and I can’t go back in and edit the colors for specific events. Also the app is saying I have an event today but I don’t. I’d love to see a month view instead of schedule view in the app.

  6. We LOVE our Skylight frame! It was incredibly easy to set up. I love that people can send pictures directly to the frame. (Tip: when setting up your frame, keep it as Private, so you can control who is able to send, so it doesn’t become public). Great way to keep up with what’s going on with friends and family❤️

  7. I love it. Very user friendly. Easy to set up. Works as described. I have the free package so many features are not available, like adding a caption, sharing videos, etc. I do wish every single tech item one buys would not try to make one pay a monthly fee.

  8. Jace Codi dice:

    Great start, great product, app needs work but has potential. Its not possible to see download progress, at least not from my experience. The download pie icon does not change over time. People bad with tech, could get frustrated. Also needs several options for cropping photos in digital frame. Tap to see new photo on frame feature is nice. Great product, worth looking at.

  9. It’s the best digital frame we have ever had!! You can download the app and instantly add new photos! You can turn it horizontal or vertically, and it still looks amazing! This frame has changed my family’s whole memory sharing experience. We travel a lot, individually, sometimes, but mostly together. This frame will make sure we always stay connected and are able to share memories from wherever! Thanks Skyline! 🖼🌟👪🏿

  10. Chase dice:

    Setup was easy, but doesn’t work beyond that. I’ve tried both uploading photos from the application and email, neither of which work as intended. I’ve gotten two pictures on here in the last hour and the app crashed after each one uploaded. Not worth what I paid for this thing. The menu button also doesn’t work. I just tried plugging in a USB drive to download some photos, which also doesn’t work. Don’t buy this thing! I have now also tried using the website to upload photos…nope.

  11. Great selection of settings (i.e. brightness, the length of viewing time for the slideshow, etc.). Love that you can change things on the frame’s touchscreen instead of having to get into the phone app. You can select so many photos to add to your frame, it’s amazing! Pretty cool you can send your frame info to others and they can send photos to add to your frame. Back support option for propping it up is perfect if you don’t want to hang it. I really like this photo frame, 5+ stars!

  12. This is a great concept, but it only plays the slideshow if you open it with the TV remote. I have tried multiple ways to set up an Alexa routine to start and stop each day, but it stays stuck on the first photo until you use the remote to advance the slideshow (then it will run fine). Not helpful when it’s going to be in an elderly person’s home.

  13. Easy to use, so convenient! I do wish I had the option to swipe through photos in the album, rather than having to go back to main page each time to select a new pic to look at. Nice to have the option to download pics that others share, even though I don’t have my own frame.

  14. The Skylight frame is a great idea. I have 20,000 photos, but I never print anything, so uploading from an app is wonderful. But, what they don’t tell you, is all “remote” controls are under “premium” features and cost a subscription fee. You can’t set a schedule, can’t set your photos to shuffle, etc. without paying a subscription fee. I paid a lot of money for the frame and feel it’s a little insulting to have to pay even more just to “control” the frame.

  15. In principle this is a good app. It’s wonderful to be able to share photos to the Skylight frame for our mother. However the app is extremely irritating, primarily because everything you want to do they want to upsell you to a Plus package. I can’t even swipe through the photos on my phone. I have to select one at a time, view it, and then return to the thumbnails. Today it only showed me a page or two of thumbnails, and the rest were blurred out. Viewing older images was a Plus feature.

  16. I love the Skylight product, it’s pivotal in our ability to easily share photos with family members who aren’t on social media. However, the app is just frustrating to use. It continually crashes without any particular rhyme or reason. I have to retry uploading certain files multiple times before they finally manage to somehow successfully make it through. It would be one thing if there was some consistency or even feedback/limitations clearly show from within the app itself, but there’s none.

  17. Excellent idea, lazy execution. For how long your product has existed and how much national attention you’ve received, I would expect that you could develop an app that worked better a college student’s project. There is no preview to see the photo you’re uploading, no options to crop or rotate, no options for centering text, placing text, or changing font, font size, NOTHING. You either get a caption, or you don’t. For the price and subscription price, this is absolutely unacceptable.

  18. A few updates with drastically improved this app and product: 1. On Android, I am unable to go to a photo and then share it to this app. It simply doesn’t come up in the list. 2. The app has been crashing for me lately even if I reinstall it… Not sure what’s going on there. 3. When the app was working, I remember thinking it just wasn’t so intuitive. I think the UI needs to be revisited from the ground up.

  19. I love how easy the app is!! The pictures look beautiful! My mom was skeptical before bc we had the digital frame with the USB port a long time ago. But with this one she can see all her grandkids. She gets excited to see new ones pop up. Also, you can delete and rotate pictures right on the frame- even zoom in (LOVE IT). The only reason it was not 5 star was because some of my family members were trying to add too many photos before they pushed done. Only 10 or so at a time- PERFECTION!

  20. I’ve liked the app so far, but there are a few wrinkles in the UI that should be fixed: 1. I have to pull up with my finger before pulling down to scroll back up without it being misinterpreted as “reload”. 2. If I’m on a different app (like Google photos) and I want to share a photo with this one, this app doesn’t show up on the list. I can only select pictures to upload *from within* this app. Pics are hard to locate this way. 3. Glitches when I rotate the phone while looking at the slideshow.

  21. The app works well and I appreciate that we can manage all of our devices through one log in, but there are some additional features I’d love to see! I’d love to be able to rearrange the photos through the app. It would also be great if I could upload multiples through the app *and* add captions to each photo before sending to the frames. Overall, the app is functional!

  22. Love my Skylight Frame!!!! Hate the app! Not user friendly! You have to hunt for the settings button. It’s not on the main screen. I’m pretty sure I ‘m not seeing all the photos I downloaded. There must be a limit, but I have no idea what it is! You can just keep downloading pictures! Not sure what the difference is when subscribing to the Pro vs not. If there is a difference it’s very subtle.

  23. Overall great. I took off two stars because when uploading photos it doesn’t indicate when you’ve reached your upload limit. Often it will only accept 3 or 4 photos at a time, after going through the process of selecting many. It varies every time. Lots of wasted time and frustration and ultimately fewer pictures shared. This feature needs major improvement. But conceptually it’s great and my mom enjoys her photos.

  24. The frame is great. It’s pretty sad and frustrating that you can’t even simply scroll back through the photos that you’ve loaded without the additional cost of the “Plus” feature. Since when did scrolling through your own photos become a $40 endeavor? The app is VERY limited to only uploading photos. Any other feature requires the annual upgrade fee, and you are constantly reminded of that with every in-app click.

  25. You cannot see all the pictures you’ve sent to the frame without paying for the plus feature. I paid for the plus feature through the app and was able to see my pictures for about an hour before it took them away again and told me to pay for plus. Google Play clearly shows the subscription, but the Skylight app just keeps asking me to pay for plus again and telling me I don’t have it. I’m thinking of canceling and getting rid of this frame.

  26. Received this as a gift but had I purchased it, I would have returned it. Most features available to other similar frames are locked out to you unless you pay their yearly fee for “premium” service known as Skylight Plus. It will not allow me to see all of the pictures in the app in order to edit them. Also will not randomize order even though it is checked in settings. Same pictures day after day in the exact order until you add additional ones. They need to unlock basic features to compete.

  27. The concept is cool and it works really well. Awesome gift for family that lives far away. I took off a star for the excessive requests to buy “pro.” I don’t mind paying for extra features and might subscribe one day, but it’s really frustrating when the app tricks you into using premium features (like captions) just to get you to buy the subscription package.

  28. Tini P dice:

    Pretty easy to use but the subscription pop ups are so aggressive that it genuinely makes it more difficult to navigate the app. If I could redo it, I’d buy a product that is more expensive upfront but doesn’t have a pay wall for every tiny thing (see photos that have already been uploaded, make albums, etc). Note – that means that if you accidentally upload the wrong photo, you may not be able to retrieve it 🙃 buyer beware

  29. Four stars because while my parents (who we got it for) love the frame and getting to see pictures from everyone spread out across the country, it seems ridiculous that you cannot edit/scroll back through photos you’ve added without paying the additional $40/yr subscription fee. Aside from battling the ‘upgrade’ messaging/features, the app has been easy to use and upload photos to. Just think some of the features behind a paywall should be included in the initial cost of the frame.

  30. Not great, clearly designed to force you to buy the “plus” feature. 30 day trial is false! I still had 22 days, yet it clearly switched me to basic access. I was no longer able to get the full gallery to share or download photos uploaded by other people. We used this to collect wedding photos from friends, but now couldn’t get to them outside the frame! The countdown banner at the bottom of the app blocked the “load more” button, so I was not able to TRY anything! Gallery functionality is poor!

  31. So far so good! It is really easy to set up if you follow the steps in order. Uploading is very easy and very fast! Really like the caption area also! Can’t wait to give it to my parents on Christmas. The only thing to figure out is how to upload older photos. When using the app it only seems to pull from my “recent” folder of my gallery, instead of all my photos. I figured out a work around so its no big deal. I would highly recommend…I’ actually wondering who else I can gift one next.

  32. The app worked great the first day, now every time I try to upload something it just sends me back to the home screen without allowing me to select a photo or video. Sometimes it shows an error log. Would love to be sending photos to my grandma, but the app is way too frustrating to use! Also the ability to add text never worked.

  33. good app, lots of room for improvement. Subscribers need to be able to see gallery folders. It makes locating a photo easier. The photo browse shows photos mis oriented. many appear upside down or rotated 90 degrees. Perhaps a preview prior to upload that allows you to do basic image editing like zoom, rotate, etc. Please offer formatting controls for photo caption text like text color, font, background, and location on photo. Good start, looking forward to some enhancements.

  34. Easy to use and uploads photos and videos fast! My only complaint is that if you are browsing for photos in the app and open one to see it full screen when you hit the back button it takes you all the way back to the device choice. I wish it only took you back to the browse page. I frequently loose my place in my media that way.

  35. Nick D dice:

    I want to like it, but so far I’m disappointed. With a few tweaks, it could be much better 1) Make Skylight available in the ‘share to’ apps list. I’d rather select the photos in a different app (where I have ‘favorites’ meta-data captured) and then share them collectively to Skylight. But Skylight doesn’t show up in the share list. 2) Add an option for slow fade transition between photos. The fast transitions are annoying and distracting. Would add a couple stars if it had these capabilities.

  36. sov 1 dice:

    Really enjoying the ability to share photos with family, and to scroll through our favorites. But there are no instructions included or online. For example, when loading a new photo with a caption, it appears in the frame. But when trying to add a caption using the app, it doesn’t appear in the frame. Why not? No explanation or instructions. Otherwise 5 stars.

  37. Dave Hein dice:

    It’s a good way to send photos to their “frame” but I fortunately the frame won’t connect to a mesh wifi network (anywhere you have more than one wifi antenna broadcasting) so it’s a pain. Plus the app is clunky and has a ton of bugs, it feels like they haven’t invested in making it work with today’s technology but it would feel right at home in the year Y2K 🤣

  38. Basic cropping not included. To get even simple image sizing functionality you have to buy the premium version. After spending a decent amount on the frame, I would think a super simple image cropping function would be included. Images that happen to be shot vertically or in a different ratio have large blank spaces around them. Unfortunate.

  39. Disappointed the latest update takes away more features from non-subscribers. Now you can no longer see all the previous photos uploaded even though they’re your photos. The concept is great but after paying $200 for the frame I would expect more basic features to be included. My wife and I considered buying one for ourselves but now are looking at other companies.

  40. We love the skylight frame, buying one for each grandma. This app is terrible though. Most of the time it hardly works, not allowing pictures to be uploaded (have deleted and reinstalled several times). Also it constantly brings pop ups to try to upsell their subscription service (litterally between almost every function or attempt to upload). Much easier to just email the pics without the hastle. Was so frustrating i took the time for my first review of an app.

  41. User friendly and simple to use!! I am very excited to keep adding family photos to my new digital frame. My daughter and mother in-law sent photos to me easily and I love seeing them pop up. It’s a little gift every single time! Highly recommended for someone sentimental with a small space or trying to downsize on wall space and frames. This frame does it all!!

  42. Not crazy the frame tells you to visit a site to activate but the page doesn’t work. They ask you to download the app. I wouldn’t have minded a lower tier service to feed off my Google drive which has my phone backed up and would be easier. Other than that it seems pretty solid, my mom was able to navigate it without any instructions.

  43. The frame is great…resetting it has become a challenge. Apparently the frames I purchased are different from the ones advertised. Now, I’m going back and forth with a CSR trying to reset one of the frames. The app is fine. It just seems like there should be a way to delete an account or reset from the app.

  44. Rachel B dice:

    Great concept, unrealistic price point. The pop ups and limitations of premium/plus benefits and additional annual fees are silly. My family has multiple frames, so after up front costs it feels gimmicky to have basic functions limited by surprise annual fees. Captions, videos, multiple photo uploads, seeing all photos in the cloud are normal functions of other platforms (text, Dropbox, Drive, iCloud).

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