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The most convenient diary-planner with reminders. Notes, schedules and plans!
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If you are reading this text, then you are looking for a good organizer. Congratulations! You have found it! Week Planner will save your time and money! Our planner is the easiest way to plan and schedule events and work with them. If you like using diaries with week view, this calendar is for you!

You do not need to carry paper diary any longer! A paper organizer with a week view is in your smartphone now!

The Week Planner is an interactive online manager that captures your schedule and ideas systematically and effortlessly. It unites your notepads, checklists, paper organizers and project management tools in one efficient and very accessible application. You will not find cumbersome mechanisms of making entries, and you certainly do not need a training to use our application. If you are used to having planners with a week view, this application is certainly for you!

Organize your life!

Nothing is better than keeping your diary, events’ calendar and task list always at your hand. You can also accurately plan your time and add the latest updates on the go – it is that easy. Week view is the most convenient view for planning!

Express yourself!

Why not customize the design, font, and text color of your agenda the way you want it? Moreover, the program supports many foreign languages and switches to daily, two-day view and monthly calendar. You have no option but to start using it right away!

Secure your data!

Try the next features to maximize your notes’ safety:

– Synchronize the Week Planner with your Google Cloud or other devices;
– Protect your privacy with Touch ID or Face ID;
– Lock your thoughts with a passcode;
– Enjoy the automatic back-up system.

Maximize your productivity!

Using the Week Planner, you can also review your past notes for months and years, as well as set up recurring events on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

Feel free to:

– Choose first day of week – Monday or Sunday;
– Change week view to two-day or one-day view;
– Choose and change any number of times the design;
– Choose font and its color;
– Choose language which does not depend on the main language of your device;
– Easily make entries for months and years back and forth;
– Easily make any events repeated/recurrent: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, on exact dates, set the length of such events, cancel them;
– Delete the completed task or unnecessary entry;
– Set and obtain notifications about important events;
– Save versions for subsequent printing;
– Carry out search of events and entries;
– Save entries automatically or in a “forced” manner;
– Change the Font color to any you like;
– Copy, Paste, Move etc. Entries;
– BackUp and Sync your entries and keep them confidential using the password!

You will see all your plans at a glance – just open the app and you will see all schedules, appointments, reminders etc in your hand. No need to keep paper notes, no need to fill out any sort of forms.

Don’t hesitate to contact us shall you have any questions or suggestions at [email protected]

or use an online form in the app.


Try Classic White, Modern Yellow and Dark Design (check the shopping cart)!
Better font!
Nicer editable areas!


40 comentarios en "Week Planner – Diary, Calendar MODDED 2022"

  1. Lisa N dice:

    This has the visual aspect of a paper planner I’ve been looking for. I like it. There are some issues though. The font is small even though I increased it. I expected to see checkboxes and have the capability to cross stuff off my list. And three, when you put a lot of lines into a box there’s no good scrolling function. It sticks the cursor into the box and if you’re not careful you can swipe your text away. Thanks for letting me try tho’!

  2. I want to love this, but it’s complicated. I paid for pro to explore the recurring events, but the features are very much trial and error. There has got to be a cleaner, more obvious way of managing events and making changes to them, without having to select the text of a given entry, which can be painful, especially if you need to make changes to an existing event. Not asking for a refund, though. I can tell that real heart went into its development, so I’m sticking around for improvements. 🙂

  3. During trial, it worked well. After purchasing, it’s very glitchy. When “repeated events” is NOT turned on, it will still occasionally repeat the same entry on random other dates. Other times, I’ll make entries, and when going back to the page later the entry is gone (and I have screenshots to prove that I indeed did originally make the entry). I’m not so much concerned about the waste of money as I am the time I’ve now wasted. I wanted so much for it to work, but am very disappointed.

  4. Asma dice:

    Truly THE BEST weekly planner hands down!! 2 style options, many backgrounds to pick from. Can change font size, color, show hr… The best part is the ability to go from week to single day easily. Great for extended planning and to do lists that you can highlight or strike through. The designer is very responsive to feedback and comments. One time fee to upgrade for life, unlike others that charge monthly. I can’t say enough great stuff about this app. Get it. You won’t be sorry.

  5. When I first started the app it was very glitchy. Its better now. It still glitches on the notes and doesn’t read while I’m writing past my keyboard so it’s hard to see if I’m making error. For me to have to correct my spelling or spacing is hard on this too. Nice app for a calender and a notebook overall. It does what I need it to once you get familiar/used to it!

  6. I installed this app twice. It’s very glitchy. You have to press several times to allow me to type any notes. I kept pushing and pushing until finally it would allow me to type. Sometimes, you begin typing and nothing happens but when you back out all of a sudden your words pop up. It takes several tries to even turn the pages. This was the simple app i was looking for and it just disappointed me.

  7. My first time using a planner app. So far it’s acceptable. Wish it had more features though. For example, I wish it let me change the font style, put check boxes for tasks, switch to one-page view, and have alarm reminders for important tasks. I also wish I could make the text size bigger than it lets you.

  8. Some problems with important dates. All holidays and other important dates for 2021 are at least one day off. I sync’d to my Google calendar and all of my saved dates are also off by at least one day. I like the app and it is somewhat easy to use (except for page turning!) the fact that it cannot hold correct dates may be a deal breaker. Will give it time.

  9. Not really what I was looking for so I won’t rate based on how useful I find it. However, at first glance it doesn’t look like a good one. I found it difficult to even turn the pages and while the description implies a one-time $.99 fee it actually has a $1.99 subscription which feels very deceptive – at least update the description.

  10. I downloaded the app thinking I would get a simple to do list with reminders, that is not the case! I thought I could live without reminders if it cute and easy to use and once again that is not the case! I can’t get the repeat events to work nor the PDF export! I am removing the app please refund my money! I’ve literally had it for less than an hour and the functions I’m looking for are not available!

  11. This is the app I have been looking for. Even though I like it there can be improvements. 1. The search for notes doesn’t work that well. I got it to work once and even at that it just search the week your on. I also gave it a 3 because I thought there was a separate Note section, but thought its was ok if the search worked. I would love to have notes in a separate section. Also to be able to add photo/images and stickers. Other then that, I do like it.

  12. I downloaded this app on a 7 day trial and I liked it, i wanted to continue using it so I purchased it. When I purchased it, it’s like the app started to act up all of a sudden. It started to place words on top of words, when I scrolled up the words would move but the pages would stay in the same place, you can’t go in and add words it would just type over the words you’ve entered before. I’m uninstalling. Wasted $4.99😡😡😡.

  13. This app use to be perfect and I can’t find a proper replacement, so I wish I could give it 5 stars but lately it won’t type/deletes anything that’s on the current date which makes the app impossible/pointless to use. It also sometimes copies the current date’s text onto the following date and erases what was there previously. Backups sometimes help this, but it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. Please fix this.

  14. Paid 4.99 for it. When I enter an appointment, it makes it a recurring appointment, when I want the appt to be a one-time thing. I can’t find any options to set it for one time events/appts. Other than that, which is very frustrating, the app would be a fine fit for me. I’ll try some other apps.

  15. I have been looking for a simple app with the visual appearrane of a paper planner and ease of use! Thank you! Have been using the planner, and as with most folks, change can be hard. This is so easy! Pretty page selections, I am using SPRING. The sync with my Google calendar is so great, all my appointments are there. Loving this!!!

  16. Andre M dice:

    It’s ok. Just what I am looking for. However, it does not sync across platforms. I purchased it and still it won’t export to pdf. It is not available on PC either. For a single Item not bad, but very limited even on the basics. I still use it, as I like the diary version, although everything does seem to suddenly disappear all of a sudden as well. So if you find something similar, maybe try that first, otherwise it’s a pretty good single application daily diary with glitches….

  17. Only a couple of flaws kept this from 5 stars. 1 it won’t allow me to space the lines it moves everything up and 2 it often goes into line mainia with half lines and lines on top of each other during input. Once I’ve inputted and come out and gone back in again its fine but it can make it difficult to see while inputting. I’d also like to be able to have a plain background but that’s just a personal niggle. I’m finding it very useful and is exactly what I wanted

  18. Giving one star because I am not being able to export as PDF. There is an error message everytime I try to do it. When I press save, asks me to login in the account. I have logged in multiple times, but still not able to. I have not been able to see nor use all the 4 designs as advertised as part of premium. Search is ot working. Everytime I try, nothing happens, just a blank page with “cancel”. Very difficult to change pages. Hard to move forward but impossible backwards. Positive: great idea and I love the way it looks like a real diary. If all the problems cited above get fixed, I will surely give 5 stars, otherwise regretful purchase.

  19. M T dice:

    You have made my dream app! I don’t even need the other features (like reoccurring events or search) but I paid for premium just to support you guys. The best thing about this is that I can see my entire week at a glance, just like a paper diary. I love paper diaries, but I tend to move tasks around a lot, this means crossing stuff out and rewriting which is so much effort and aesthetically unpleasing. With this app, I don’t need to worry about that. I just edit/move tasks with ease. ♥️ it!

  20. Not even worth 1 star. I pressed it by mistake and it won’t let me correct it. I paid almost 5 Euro for the pro version. The app keeps crashing , in wide view it doesn’t let you tap twice on the date to enlarge to single day view. The keyboard covers where you try to write how is that right. In simple mode you can’t place the cursor anywhere , you have to scroll it. All in all a useless app. No extra page backgrounds either. Doesn’t do much at all. All in all a con. Please refund my payment.

  21. Mostly, this app is good, if a little frustrating to use when it comes to changing text colour or boldness. Whenever I try and add information on the first day of the week, in my instance Monday, it is deleted when I click off the app. I’ve saved multiple times and added the same information, without fail it is deleted. No other part of my diary is effected, apart from the Monday. I am paying for the ‘premium’ to use this app and frankly this is quite infuriating. __ I am on Pixel XL

  22. This seems to be the only planner that keeps it basic. I’m a no-nonsense person, so I don’t like those calendars where you enter your plans with a necessary color code and then all it shows you is a one-liner which I have to open and see. This app gives me a quick glance of what I’ve planned for the next 6 days. There aren’t any ads too, which I certainly don’t want to change. The developers did a good job of making a unique planner that looks like a page from a diary itself. Overall, good.

  23. I paid for premium, I so want to like it but unfortunately it’s not good. This is not a diaty/calendar app, its a notebook with graphics made to look like a diary… appointments don’t stay against the right time, they move down the page when additional entries are made. Unable to make entries on weds, sat and sun as keyboard blocks the day. Import from google calendar is just a one time data dump. No option to import from outlook. Can’t view evenings easily. Has potential but needs developing.

  24. I like it. Wish I could use different color text on the same page. When I change the text color, all the previous text changes as well. I would like to be able to use different colored text on the same page. Helps with seeing different notations more clearly. But I do like the feel of a real paper agenda… Thanks for a great app.

  25. L H dice:

    I love this app because it is exactly like an actual physical diary, just enhanced. This seems to be the only diary/planner app that keeps it basic, thank you for keeping it simple. (: The only thing I noticed that could be worked on is the way the app sometimes gets buggy when you use some formatting, like making text bold. That doesn’t hinder me much though.

  26. Well I haven’t enjoyed the interface that much. There was a constant problem when I moved down the lines in one day (so that my intention was to place something happening at 1700 let’s say to a line in the second half of the day) and started writing the text only displayed when I finished the note and clicked away from the keyboard.

  27. Well the four stars are for the diary as downloaded. Good layout and easy to move around. So good I paid for the upgrade. So far no upgrade download received so a bit miffed. I have sent a support email, and I’m not expecting an instant response, but no reply yet.

  28. The app interface and look is good, its simple and it does the job. The reason for low rating is that entries that are made get randomly deleted, frustrating as you forget what you had planned. This is annoying and time consuming, if I needed to remember things in my head I would not need an app. Please sort this issue out

  29. Not Terrible. Wish some of the features worked better. Going to a single day view seldom works. Very glitchy. Won’t sync with my calendar and when I import from the calendar it imports everything and makes multiple copies of anything previously imported. Still getting used to it, but I’m thinking I may regret paying for the pro version.

  30. ***there seems to be a glitch…it randomly erases appointments and sometimes puts them on other pages. Not practical when you rely on this for work. Hopefully it can be fixed. I really liked this and had originally given 5* but it seems unreliable now… Below was my original comment… Just what I was looking for. I needed a simple, week at a glance, planner. No useless steps or options.

  31. I paid for the pro version only to find out it doesn’t really do anything. Getting a dark theme costs almost as much as the app itself. This setting should really be one of the basic ones, or at least available when you pay for pro. If my phone is in dark mode, and this app is the only one that’s not, no way I’m ever opening it. Can’t seem to be able to get a refund, either, even though I paid less than 2 hours ago.

  32. Reptilrr dice:

    This no fuss planner is fantastic. I use it every day. The flip through is a good touch, there’s enough daily space, and the tick off function is great. Highlighting the text is good for color coding. Putting dates in advance is handy with the monthly overview. In future I’d love to have more highlighter colors, if you could darken the ticked completed tasks font a little more to read better it be great, and a shortcut button to enlarge to whole page, as it’s hit N miss for me to get there. Thx!

  33. Has potential but the gap between the free version vs the premium one is WAY too big. We get it, it’s free (and nice looking too) but gives us at least few options on the free version. Premium version is too expensive for what it is (it’s a pretty simple app, sorry). Sad 😔

  34. Looks great seemed great for what was needed but then cannot scroll down on the weekly boxes to input info as the screen or boxes won’t scroll down properly to add information when the key pad is in use. Can’t scroll down when not in use either. Doesjv function well but good concept. Good layout. Bad functions. Won’t be using this sadly. Price of app not worth the hassle of it all. And doesn’t seem like you can put weekly plans into saved categories for ease of retreval of information. Needs fix

  35. derrick g dice:

    There should be a trial or an ad supported version. £5.49 is a lot of money to lose if you dont like it, so unfortunately I am out. The sad thing is it looks good, but I really want it to display and manage my calendars from google and tick tick and I cant know if it will, as there are insufficient images videos to sell that angle to me. If it doesnt work after trying to connect calendars and google times out, I have lost my money, sorry but I cant risk it in todays cost of living crisis.

  36. It’s not easy to save things written, the full main calendar doesn’t keep highlights of your planning. I thought there would be more tools to use, I know it’s not much cost, but it’s poor, unless I’m doing something wrong

  37. Unable to type in the middle portion of the week as it’s getting covered by the on screen keyboard. Scrolling option required. Earlier there were issues with inability to type in the bottom days of the week, that’s almost sorted with the update. But overall the inability to scroll is very annoying and not user friendly.

  38. I haven’t tried the premium version yet, so this is for the free features. It is a great application, easy to use, minimalistic design. I only hope they would let us backup stuff without getting premium. I mean, we can manually backup if it’s free, then on premium, they can automatically back it up in our online storage. That’s what I can say for now.

  39. R S dice:

    Layout is terrible 1) Not enough options available on setting the layout of the week view. 2) Bottom tiles can not be typed as the keyboard blocks the view. Not recommend at all, waste of money. Update: 01/11/2022 App developers have not updated the issues.

  40. Finally the perfect Diary App, I have gone through so many Apps looking for this. I wanted an App that worked just like a paper diary. This is infact better, when opening it is a week view, showing just the top part of each day’s entries, you then click on a day to open day per page view, this is brilliant because I put personal stuff towards the bottom so it is hidden in normal view, I then put day to day stuff at the top. Loving this app.

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