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Find work and shifts near you. Start your side hustle and get paid today.
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Make money and find jobs hiring today on Instawork. Are you a job seeker looking for gig work and daily pay? Find part time jobs or full time employment and get paid. Say goodbye to traditional job searches and advance your career with Instawork!

Find jobs or gig work on Instawork today! Start job hunting and find employment that suits you – from odd jobs and shift work, to part time job offers. Instawork’s job bank makes it quick and easy to find flexible jobs and gig work to earn money. Use our job search engine to search jobs and shifts that work for you. Get hired and get paid for shifts all on one app.

Tired of traditional job searches and having to apply for jobs? Find flexible jobs and make money after every work day with Instawork. Help your community as you work shifts at local jobs on Instawork’s career finder. Snag a job and get paid today when you work flexible shifts listed by locals nearby.

Find gig work and your next side hustle on Instawork. Find jobs and get paid for your good work and shift performance with the Top Pro Program. We recognize high-quality work with rewards that help you earn more money for your shifts.

Forget online jobs with traditional job apps. Download the Instawork job app to find flexible jobs and daily pay.


– Job finder: Find work seamlessly with our job search
– Job tracker: Track previous gig work and shifts
– Job seeker: The perfect career finder for flexible jobs lets you choose where and when to work
– Job bank: Find good work opportunities when job hunting
– Career finder: Get a job & build your experience with different gigs

– Earn money with daily pay or get paid weekly
– Review paychecks in our earning app and job finder
– Make money with side hustles and gig work and get hired at local jobs & at work sites nearby

– Get hired and connect with other industry members at jobs hiring
– Job search to find shifts that expand your network with each shift
– Full time work: Work with locals & jobs now hiring to increase your chances of permanent employment

– Get paid for your good work at every job
– Get paid after every shift when you qualify for InstaPay
– Earn money through cash bonuses, instant payments, priority shifts access


– Bartender
– Line / Prep cook
– Server
– Busser
– Runner
– Dishwasher
– Cashier
– Concessions
– Event set up & takedown
– Custodial
– Housekeeping

– Picking / Packing
– Material handling

– General Labor

Instawork is currently in over 37 cities in the United States, including:
Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
and more!

Here’s what Pros say about Instawork:
“Instawork is an amazing opportunity. Make sure you are ready to work and gain skills to be a better employee in the world. Saved My Life.” – Myka Taylor (April 2021)

“I absolutely love & appreciate this app & company. They are 100% legit & consistent. They have now become a part of my lively hood.” – Briana Beasley (April 2021)

“It’s so great to find work with decent pay where you can start immediately and are guaranteed a job with no interview. Makes finding work easier than ever before.” – Ryan Stacey (April 2021)

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Thanks for using Instawork to find hourly gigs at local businesses. We're currently operating in most major cities and coming soon to more!

In this version of the application, we have performance improvements after switching away from a deprecated module.

**Note: now also hiring for essential services, such as warehouse workers, janitorial staff, retail merchandisers, and more**


40 comentarios en "Instawork: Find Local Gigs MODDED 2022"

  1. A great way to find work whether you’re in between jobs or just looking for extra work. The app is easy to use and is pretty self explanatory, but there is an issue with the app picking up your location to clock in. The businesses need to learn how to clock people in as well for this very reason or you will be set as a no show in the app and suffer penalties.

  2. This App is really great, Very easy to use platform once you get set up. They really give you the flexibility and the option to work to hire and get a permanent position, or just get a gig here or there. As far as gig apps this is by far one of the best out there I would highley recommend it for any one looking to pick up a shift or two. Also if you just want to experience new work enviorments and gain experience in a particular field or have a restaurant experience this app can help with that.

  3. D C dice:

    Still new to the app so I’ll add to/adjust my rating after I use it more. So far though, it looks to be a good app that provides a lot of opportunities to either pursue full-time or as a secondary source of income. The only issue I’ve had so far is with the profile pic but I haven’t taken much time to finalize that portion of the profile. You can’t upload one , you’re required to take several head shots through the app which had proven difficult to me at the time I attempted it.

  4. I’ve been a gig worker for just a few weeks shy of a year now and I’ve tried (and sometimes still work for) several temp agencies. I can attest that Instawork is by far the best in the diversity of jobs offered, the quantity of shifts available, and the amount of money you make per shift. The drawbacks are: you have to find a replacement yourself if you can’t make it to a shift you’ve accepted, you can’t cancel without penalty, and contacting them is very difficult. But overall a great app!

  5. Very glitchy and slow app that crashes and freezes. Also it’s not easy to start working at all. You need a minimum of two references to fill out paperwork for you before you can sign up for any shifts. Two references to wash dishes lmaooo nobody has time for that! But hey if you like jumping through glitched out hoops to land a sweet gig doing menial labor then this might be the app for you.

  6. I was recommended this app to find work and jobs however it didn’t seem to work for me in my area. They don’t give much options for where I am, even if I were to apply the filters. I live in New York and they’re giving me jobs deep in New Jersey even though I’ve answered that I don’t have a license or a working vehicle to travel far distances. Experience doesn’t help that much and neither does the information that you enter especially when it comes to location. Hopefully they fix all this.

  7. This is a review for the app’s functionality, not the ability to find work within the app. Sometimes there are glitches that will prevent my location from being tracked. Also, the app crashes from time to time and tends to be slower than other gig apps. Overall, the app functions well.

  8. Great app to pick up work gigs. The app itself has many issues especially for it’s messaging within. When a business requests you specifically and you can’t pick up the shift, there is a box to reply why you can’t make it, but not a send button to send the message only a confirm button to confirm you will pick up the shift. When sending messages to people in your network 85% of the time it will not send the message. Sometimes it will send it repeatedly to the recipient.

  9. I like working with instawork. It gives me decent shifts at times that work with my schedules. I like that I have the option of seeing the business location and that it connects automatically with google maps (big help!!!). There are so many features I enjoy. However, it is a hassle all the processes to do and way the system is set up. And don’t get me started with the top pro bonus feature *eyeroll*. I recently started using the app and so far, it has some kinks. Overall, I’m satisfied with it

  10. Good luck on booking shifts. If you get an alert, you can immediately click in the job and find that all shifts have been booked in less than a second. So if you see an alert that is more than 15 seconds, you won’t get a shift booked. The platform itself is very basic. So basic that it is confusing at times trying to navigate.

  11. My experience was pretty terrible. I signed up and I even filled out the filters for jobs in my area, but the application only showed me jobs that are over 100 miles away. I live near 3 big cities and I don’t need a car for local work. They need to improve their job selection and search criteria. There’s no way in the application to dispute or ask them to reconsider the postings they let you start with (out of hundreds they choose only 4). There’s a lack of customer service and bad app design.

  12. Slightly intrusive and extremely clingy. instawork texts more than your psycho ex and doubles down with a carbon copy email. They have a good system and they are a reliable source of income. They offer fair wages and pay on time. I recommend it to anyone willing to work. I use it as a primary source of income, but it can also be used to pick up some extra cash on the side if that’s all you need. options are better than no options.

  13. Dee Dee dice:

    There are positives to this app; you pick up shifts and make extra $. However, customer service is terrible. They will quote stuff from the FAQ over and over again, never really address your problem, and close the ticket, not allowing you to follow up. 2. If your partner doesn’t have the clock in code, you get a no show. Need a better system. It disqualifies your pro status. Although, they manually fix no-show, it still shows in your pro status and prevents proper upgrade.

  14. Occasionally, you may see a shift you can actually claim. Will list shifts in completely inaccessible locations, maybe even in other states. Your friend can see shifts listed in their app while your app will say there’s nothing currently listed, even though you have the same positions and filters set. Contacting support is completely useless and that’s IF they actually put you through, instead of just sending you to FAQs

  15. Z Bell dice:

    Wow… I’ve scheduled a Coach call 3 times now, and no one from Instawork has contacted me at all. I spent a lot of time filling out my profile – work history, w-2, bank info, quizzes, photo, etc… & I was excited to start booking work but now I might just delete my account…. The no-shows call is frustrating & it’s wasting my time! I feel like to get decent shifts, you had to get into this app a year ago. There are shifts available sometimes, but not always (depending what you want to do).

  16. I love the gigs I get and enjoy the work and the flexibility. The app itself has tracking issues.. it says I am tracking, then says I wasn’t tracking after my shift and keeps counting against my status. I also had last minute cancelation, then all my shifts cancelled, then I got a no show notice and was suspended! I’ve been trying to get help resolving the matter, but haven’t been able to get anywhere. Sadly this issue affected my rating level and my income, so, I cannot give 5 stars.

  17. Ali Croy dice:

    Theres just no work. Once they approved me for cashier/counter work it seemed like all the positions disappeared. Theres been no bookable work since for a month. I live in a city with constant conventions, concerts, ect. Theres tons of gig work needed yet they are barely offering positions. It’s been very hard to get my first gig and I check every day for work. Really can’t recommend. Great concept and I really wish it was more usable.

  18. App constantly freezes when trying to contact customer service and will not take a profile picture. I have contacted customer and have followed their instructions and it still doesn’t work. I gave them 2 references and they have received the references and my profile has not been updated with both references. If it that much trouble to setup your profile before working shifts, then I would hate to see what it is like to work for them.

  19. The only issue is being able to contact a real person if you are having an issue with pay or a shift. It helps to know you are getting through to a real person other than that I have worked with this app since November and haven’t had any issues with the gigs I sign up for. Its legit and the pay is above average for the area. It was Easy to sign up with app.

  20. K B dice:

    I use this app in NYC, where there are many gigs. Your area might not have as many. Folks in central NJ and near Philly –there are always shifts there. These are legitimate shifts, often above minimum wage. Payments are on time. Most of the others have been very nice to work with -stay in touch with them for advice. It’s often easy to transfer shifts. However, shifts get booked fast. The messaging is glitchy and the app freezes. If something goes wrong, support chat is not always accurate.

  21. App is super glitchy, it’s needs to be fixed, it has issues when you book a shift background check doesn’t work(the button on app) so it never even checks, causing your shift to disappear and you loose it, and forces you into a neverending loop of booking shift, loosing shift. Any info you wanna edit takes days as it doesn’t allow you to change any info it has to be done by staff which takes days because it is by telegram or whatever. This app needs better support and fixes. It’s a gamble

  22. This app is absolutely garbage. You cannot speak to a real person when having issues. It told me the background check company was having issues, which has literally NEVER HAPPENED to me before. I’m trying to fix it, & it’s now locked me out of being able to book shifts. Then today it started canceling the shifts I’ve already booked. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do and cannot get anybody to help me with it.

  23. So far this is a great way to find a gig/part time job and even a temp to hire type position. It was slow the first day but after filling out everything I could in the app; open shifts started appearing. I was able to book 2 Saturdays and the whole process was simple and easy. A hard day’s work and I earned some much needed cash. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to find some work without the interviews and waiting for a call back.

  24. It’s a really well done and legitimate app! Definitely daily choices, I would complain there aren’t enough in actual Seattle, but I guess once prove yourself by working 3 in a row without cancelling or no show, THEN you get offered more and better shifts. So it says…. I just finished my first shift, so I dunno yet! You can also get more through recommendations and such. I just hope there are more shorter shifts. Almost everything is 8 or more. I’ll update if it changes. Overall, well done tho!

  25. The app is rather easy to navigate BUT it constantly goes to “loading” and pulls up the last job details viewed. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing in the app. I have to back out and renavigate to where I was working. As for the in app support, it is non existent and I get emails about a chat session they initiated hours later while I’m working my first gig.

  26. Gary Diaz dice:

    This is a great app that provides gigs for many trades of work if you need a job or just some extra income in your wallet. Only reason why I didn’t give it a 5 star is because I’ve had 2 shifts canceled last minute recently. Other than that I’m grateful for this amazing app. (Edit): lately the app freezes alot. Mainly when I want to send a message to support. Also location tracking is having issues therefore affecting my rating. I always have location tracking on for this app.

  27. This app has incredible potential a few kinks here and there need to be worked out and there definitely needs to be more supply for the demand..meaning more listings, preferably closer to some of the more rural areas. I plan to go canvas for a bit tomorrow in my county and a few surrounding counties I figure it’s a win win win situation 👍😁 All in all this is a great app and just what I have been looking for in lieu of traditional work.

  28. This app is easy to navigate & offers great shifts for great opportunities to the employee! So far so good👍. Don’t like all if the extra things they want you to do inside the app before you can start accepting shifts. Some of it is irrelevant bc it wants us to advertise. I think word of mouth is the best way so there’s no need to do all that extra inside the app.

  29. Ravr dice:

    Just worked my first shift, I’ve not used any other platforms so I cant compare. The entire process was seamless. Everything is very well laid out for you. One negative thing… I ended up with a large group of at least half a dozen others using the same app, lost at check in time. All but 2 of us gave up trying to figure out where to go, the contact number given in app wasn’t working. And we couldnt find anyone to help us or any other numbers to call. Employer was cool and checked us in on time

  30. Kayla F dice:

    It’s worked for picking up jobs every so often when I have some extra time I can put in. I’m sure being in a big city helps. One app glitch that gets annoying is it won’t let me into the app to just look at jobs unless my location is on, after I’ve signed up for a shift and the couple days beforethe shift. It’s necessary for the duration of the shift, but days before is annoying because it doesn’t do that to me otherwise.

  31. 5 weeks trying to fix a technical issue. They have my passport, my social security number, my resume, but for some reason my email holds me up. Even though it’s an outlook email and been in use for 7 years. If anything happens to my credit or bank accounts I know who to go after. Spent way too much time trying to fix THEIR issue. Save yourself the worry and frustration find another app.

  32. So far it’s functionality is impressive. I’ve got everything setup and booked my first gig. I was operating a front loader the day before. No phones are allowed not that I could find time to use a phone. I missed the window to verify my shift by 11 minutes and immediately contacted support but couldn’t get the shift or remove the blemish. The window to confirm opens 24 hours prior to shift and closes 16 hours prior so keep that in mind it’s important. Hope they create a way to erase mistakes.

  33. It’s beenf amazing. It’s a great way to get back into the game and network within the work force of your choice. Start here if your not sure what to do. If you want to try different things and most importantly at your pace. Instwork it’s easy to sign up , great for networking, flexible at your convenience and completely your choice. Where when and what is all up to you.

  34. Just completed my first shift last week Everything went smoothly. Interface is actually really easy to navigate and understand. My 2nd shift didn’t send me a notice and I missed the check in window. Maybe some good feedback would be to ease up on the punishment for missing a push notification that didn’t actually notify me. Still going to keep using the app so far. Would like some focus on tax being applied to wages before being paid if at all possible.

  35. The only reason I’m giving this otherwise convenient app that works 2 stars is because of their non-existent customer service. I showed up to a shift and the app wouldn’t open, so I couldn’t clock-in. Because I couldn’t clock in I lost all my upcoming shifts and my rating even though I was on time and worked the shift. The real problem now is there is no one to call for help and the messages I’ve received from “chatting” with them have led nowhere but to general answers and and frustrations!!

  36. The app’s functionality works quite well. However, I have one ongoing bug within my account. It keeps showing that I need to complete an ‘appeals’ training, as if my account has been deactivated or suspended. After contacting support, they say my account is active, and with no issues. Once they suggested to me that I uninstall/reinstall to see if that would eliminate the issue, I stopped caring about it. I feel that an Admin should be able to clear this issue, but it appears the onus is on me.

  37. K. C. dice:

    Horrible inteface! Not available everywhere! Finding information be harder than it needs to be. And finding gigs by location is just silly with the interface they use. Not very convenient. They don’tseem organized enough to have my personal information and accessto my money. I don’t really trust them. And they have no customer service number on top of everything else. I have yet to book a job!?!

  38. E VILLA dice:

    Not a fan of the tracikng and location permissions required to use the app even when you are not on the clock or even working that day. On my day off, looking for potential work and had my location off to save battery life, the app said they needed my location just to look for work.. Very invasive on my private time. They have competitors In my market who do not ask for that level of information. Too dependent on mobile technology which isn’t always reliable, especially in certain locations.

  39. This is app is great for small gigs. When you need extra income or bored from quarantine, you can rely on the app. The cons are the team takes a long time to reply on issues regarding time sheet, and most of the gigs are long distance. I’d recommend to gigs based on closed proximity. Because most are not willing to drive 60 miles for a $16.75/hr is an scenerio. But overal the gigs I’ve worked have been smooth and reliable

  40. For the most part, Instawork usually comes thru for me in terms of the consistency with which they post skill-specific gigs. I say “usually” because – over the past 2 weeks – in the 15-20 seconds that it takes to open and view the shift details after I receive the push notification, the shift is already fully booked. Every. Single. Time. Over the past 2 weeks. 15 SECONDS! Ive got a 4.91 rating and silver pro status, but I’m definitely no longer receiving priority access to shifts suddenly.

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