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Manage your account with My Verizon for Business from virtually anywhere
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With My Verizon for Business, information and control are at your fingertips. Make changes easily to your plans, activate new devices or features, manage One Talk and gather critical data metrics to help improve your operations.

My Verizon for Business allows you to:

• Access One Talk features such as creating or managing team schedules.
• Upgrade/purchase new devices or accessories.
• Set up auto-pay and manage settings.
• Manage data alerts to keep track of your usage.
• Review and pay your bill quickly.

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Download My Verizon for Business today and manage your work on the go.


With this latest update you can:
Apply for a Verizon MasterCard and redeem Verizon dollars earned with that card.
Easily add your bank account as a payment method.
Combine a device upgrade with an ‘Add a line’ in a single transaction.


40 comentarios en "My Verizon For Business MODDED 2022"

  1. There service coverage has been fairly reliable overall. However, there Verizon Wireless apps are not convenient to use at all. There password restrictions are so strict, good luck if you’re one that likes to remember instead of saving it somewhere. In addition to being over priced. Especially for small businesses or individual service plans with many hidden fees. I wouldn’t recommend any of there wireless services to anyone unless maybe you need services for a large family or corporation.

  2. If this app was like the my Verizon app, it would be perfect! That app is very user friendly, very easy to navigate! And you can get everything you need done at that one place. With the business app you have to go to the actual website to view the invoice, so you can divide your bill between different people!

  3. are bill is still messed up they charged us international fees which both international and state side said that it should have not happened. bill 10743.00. my question is we have been trying to get this resolved now for a week every single day. “we get will call you back.” which they do not. every one on international says I need a manager to sign off on this but. still owe the bill. There is a lot more to say but don’t have the space. pay attention to your bill

  4. Heidi Dum dice:

    The Verizon business app is not user friendly. There are many things that you cannot do in the business app that you can in the regular app. Technically if you used the regular one first you can still log into it and access those features. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Like changing names on lines. Some saved some didnt. Customer services says only the account holder can do it in the app or online. Except not if logged in as business account.

  5. in an effort to style the app with “cards” (modern type rectangles) they decreased user friendliness and allow more nonsense you don’t care about to take up the screen. otherwise it’s a decent app.

  6. This phone company has spent the past 6 months displaying total incompetence in calculating my phone bill, threatening to turn off my phone every time I turn around, saying that checks have bounced that clearly show up as paid in the account. I am done with this company. they have caused more stress in my life than any company that I deal with.

  7. Verizon… too many fails and password snafus! Too many log in failures and difficulty reconciling accounts. Horrible experience always have to reset passwords.

  8. I keep getting notifications via texts that my billing past due but it’s set up on auto pay! I’m upset then I call to speak to a human and get a text for virtual assistant then hung up on this is not good for my business I think I may rethink Verizon Business Accounts

  9. The coverage is good. That’s why I’m forced to use them. Customer service is NOT good and first couple bills they get every possible penny they can out of you. It’s absolutely ridiculous and they know it… They don’t care and never will.

  10. Verizon for Business is horrible. Overcharge for services about contact rates. They tell you they will credit you the overcharges and it never happens. Don’t walk…. run!!

  11. Ron C dice:

    it’s BS when you get a text for Owing a half a month bill of $80 when you’ve been with them for 20 years and they tell you they’re going to shut off service in 24 hours if it isn’t paid when you just got the bill 3 days ago. I seriously think I will be changing cell service providers because this is BS.

  12. They overcharged me and now 3 months later still haven’t refunded me. Saying I will get disconnected. Overly expensive and lack luster service that isn’t available from 2-4pm every day.

  13. With Verizon its all good until you sign a contract. Thats when random charges with no explanation start to appear on a monthly basis. Beware!

  14. Over the many years I have been with Verizon, it would have been at least 4 stars. Tho recently I had a problem with access to VZ Cloud Tried to contact Verizon Customer Service for help. Ludicrous! Started progression of changes to my account requiring numerous changes to how and ease of access to my VZ account. Trying to weave thru waiting, time commitment and failures in the process has been ridiculous. 5 stars tho to the help of one person Lisa. Cloud access is still screwed up!!!

  15. have had nothing but issues with Verizon so far. starting with the day I opened a new biz account w them. I was in store for more than 4 hrs as their system wouldn’t accept new biz clients that day. As part of being a new biz client they force u to accept the app, ONETALK (supposed to be only for 2 months), then, if u haven’t used it, they credit the cost for two months. For me it took 3 extra months, 3 extra O.T. charges and another 45 days b4 actually being credited. annoying to say the least

  16. It is frustrating to have to spend countless hours to pay a simple bill through this Businees App. It is the most unfriendly app ever. This is the 4th time this past year that I am experiencing tech difficulties with Bill pay . Now redirecting me to a link that failed as well. ..

  17. the service is extremely slow I loose calls. When people call me calls don’t get through so Far have issues every day And I have been with Verizon 1 month. Can’t wait to remove the switch, I had Metro PCS before and it was much faster and not this many issues

  18. Jim Mevis dice:

    Verizon needs to put more than $10 into building a website for the business side. Existing one is terrible.

  19. I agree with Xavier Jones This app is not friendly at all I have never been able to sign in I have had to wait till I could call Snd the regular app was fine This app needs to be more user friendly

  20. Tim Nagel dice:

    The security system is user hostile. The app can’t explain billing descepencies, but neither can the customer service team.

  21. Service is horrible… It’s never a good experience when you call the customer service line and they tell you that there’s nothing they can do. They don’t know why my Internet service is down.

  22. Tech Support never solves the problem that always cost more in data. never …. always

  23. my reception has decreased by 10 fold in the last few weeks. I get zero reception at my house or anywhere.

  24. Unforeseen charges, double up charges on 1st bill. Is horrible customer service.Don’t recommend them to anybody

  25. Verizon business has terrible customer service. If I am able to speak with a human, they live in another country and have no idea how to help you.

  26. The business app is difficult to navigate and the password restrictions are ridiculous. What a pain!

  27. Love the service! The guy’s at the Shelbyville store are great. Very nice and professional.

  28. difficult to set up, Verizon reps, are of no help.

  29. Never work properly and constantly have to call to reset login

  30. After leaving ATT being in the military I switched to Verizon and never looked back. The audio, Data, signal, coverage, etc is so much better.

  31. Difficult to Understand. Change every time the payment amount.

  32. fast and efficient load times.

  33. Most user unfriendly app possible. Whatever team designed this app should all be reassigned or fired. Password requirements and questions are ridiculous. Once you are in the app, it is difficult to navigate and also you often just get redirected to the website. Zero stars if I could.

  34. Terrible. Tried to log in 5 times. This happens every time I try to use the app… you give me security questions I’ve never answered. I end up reseting password every time I try to use it. Chat is terrible. Everything about this app is terrible. And! you still didn’t fix the billing error I sent several hours on the phone and in person trying to fix last week! Verizon is a mess.

  35. App isn’t great. The setup is atrocious and took hours of tech support on the phone and so many “temporary” pass codes. After downloading the app, more of the same. I guess we’ll see after some use. Been a VZW customer for almost 20 years and they’ve now switched me to a corporate acct. Thought it would be easier. Business owners have businesses to run. We shouldn’t have to spend hours setting up a non-user friendly app. Not impressedb whatsoever.

  36. 0 stars!! So frustrating. Just trying to log in to pay my bill and it says I have to update the app first. I try to update the app and it wants me to delete 8 other apps from my phone to make room for the update! Ridiculous. Guess I’ll have to pay my bill online and delete this now worthless app.

  37. This app is very terrible. Everytime I log on to pay my bill, it will display an error when using my fingerprint so what’s the point of having that convenient option if it will not work anyway. Then, when entering my credit card info, it has my past payment method saved either through Google or the app so I can just click to auto fill after entering the security code of the card I’m using. However, I still have to enter all the info so auto fill doesn’t work either.

  38. Disappointing overall. The app should be used to manage your account, instead it’s just another way to try and sell items. The app is hard to use, and when you finally figure out where you want to be the data won’t load. Why isn’t billing and usage a priority on the front page? The scrolling photos work great, that’s about it.

  39. Terrible! Don’t waste time and money… This app barely works for phone calls, it drops calls all the time and even when it doesn’t it cuts in and out making it hard to hear your customers. My Verizon reception with my regular phone is fine, makes no sense why this wouldn’t be. Seems to work better when connected to wifi, which also makes no sense… Texts and missed calls will show up days later, giving me a bad business reputation for not getting back to people promptly…

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