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Enabling our customers & their employees to perform key HR functions on the go!
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Mobile tools that deliver the data and information employees need are no longer revolutionary—they’re necessary. Modern employees work from more places than just their desks. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and ubiquitous Internet access have created a workforce that wants and expects to access important work functionality and data from anywhere.

To use Paylocity Mobile, your company must be a Paylocity customer and you must be an authorized user with Paylocity credentials. Company Code, User Name and Password are required to access the application. Security Role Rights, specific access to the Paylocity Mobile application and content listed below may vary from company to company.

What can employees do in the app?

– Edit your personal info, search the company Directory, or view current and historical Pay info on-the-go
– Punch in and out from anywhere in the field or from designated areas with geo-fencing support and historical map views
– Access Company Links and acknowledge documents
– Stay current on Company News and announcements
– Recognize employee achievements with Impressions
– Review your Schedules and Timesheets
– Receive push notifications when Time Off requests have been approved or checks are available to view
– Create and submit expense reports
– Create Journal entries
– Plus, first-time users see a series of welcome screens to highlight key features

What can managers do in the app?

– Approve Timesheets Time Off requests instantly
– Submit, view, and approve Time Off requests with real-time push notifications
– View and approve Impressions badges for direct reports
– Review and approve Time Cards
– Review and Approve Expense reports
– Manage Journal entries for direct reports
– Team Schedules option to view their employee schedules
-Managers can now quickly add, edit, delete, and reassign shifts from their Team Schedule

Security features:

– Biometric functions are available for secure quick logins
– All activities performed will be encrypted and routed safely to secure Paylocity servers.
– Sessions will time out if inactive to prevent unauthorized access
– Excessive failed login attempts will lock a user account
– Paylocity Mobile will not use or transmit any sensitive personal data


In order to bring a more modern and user-friendly experience to you, we have made some improvements to the latest application.

We also recommend enabling auto-updates to ensure you stay up to date with our new features and fixes


4 comentarios en "Paylocity Mobile 2022"

  1. Mark Halsan dice:

    This is a good time and pay app. It has worked properly (including the location service) of every platform I’ve used it on. The app is well organized and easy to read. It crashes very, very rarely. The one major missing feature is to be able to track hours by pay period, which for my employer is based on the calendar month; this app calculates hours by the week. So, you have to track your hours separately, which is a nuisance.

  2. Zachary Waitcus dice:

    Extremely easy to use and if there is something you need to dispute your boss/supervisor has immediate access they can go in and change or help you if you made a mistake. I had to edit my review after about 2 months of using the app because of time input and constantly having to type it in 2 or 3 times. When i try to submit it, it wont load in to my timesheet and i have to re-do it all over again 1 or 2 more times! Other than that issue, ive had no other problems and still like like this APP!

  3. Andre Sanislo dice:

    I think Paylocity has been an extremely useful app. It is nice to have a secure login verification when accessing sensitive personal information and I have found the menu to be very simple to navigate considering the funtionality it offers if you fully utilize it. For those who have had bad experiences, try closing the app and login again, or choose to stay logged in, because I think it times out after inactivity too long, the same way a banking app would for example.

  4. Gracie Lou dice:

    Accessibility needs some work. I work with a lot of employees that have vision loss, and we are finding that the app is very difficult to see because of the very low contrast. It is also really menu-driven, and buttons don’t always show up where you think they would. For example, the submit button in clocking in is up in the top right corner unlike the web, and as soon as you punch in, instead of just returning to the clock it goes to a different screen and then you have to manually go back.

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