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Enabling our customers & their employees to perform key HR functions on the go!
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Mobile tools that deliver the data and information employees need are no longer revolutionary—they’re necessary. Modern employees work from more places than just their desks. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and ubiquitous Internet access have created a workforce that wants and expects to access important work functionality and data from anywhere.

To use Paylocity Mobile, your company must be a Paylocity customer and you must be an authorized user with Paylocity credentials. Company Code, User Name and Password are required to access the application. Security Role Rights, specific access to the Paylocity Mobile application and content listed below may vary from company to company.

What can employees do in the app?

– Edit your personal info, search the company Directory, or view current and historical Pay info on-the-go
– Punch in and out from anywhere in the field or from designated areas with geo-fencing support and historical map views
– Access Company Links and acknowledge documents
– Stay current on Company News and announcements
– Recognize employee achievements with Impressions
– Review your Schedules and Timesheets
– Receive push notifications when Time Off requests have been approved or checks are available to view
– Create and submit expense reports
– Create Journal entries
– Plus, first-time users see a series of welcome screens to highlight key features

What can managers do in the app?

– Approve Timesheets Time Off requests instantly
– Submit, view, and approve Time Off requests with real-time push notifications
– View and approve Impressions badges for direct reports
– Review and approve Time Cards
– Review and Approve Expense reports
– Manage Journal entries for direct reports
– Team Schedules option to view their employee schedules
-Managers can now quickly add, edit, delete, and reassign shifts from their Team Schedule

Security features:

– Biometric functions are available for secure quick logins
– All activities performed will be encrypted and routed safely to secure Paylocity servers.
– Sessions will time out if inactive to prevent unauthorized access
– Excessive failed login attempts will lock a user account
– Paylocity Mobile will not use or transmit any sensitive personal data


In order to bring a more modern and user-friendly experience to you, we have made some improvements to the latest application.

We also recommend enabling auto-updates to ensure you stay up to date with our new features and fixes


40 comentarios en "Paylocity Mobile MOD"

  1. This app is a nightmare! I don’t understand how this company is one of the top payroll companies in the US. The access on the app compared to the website is extremely different. As soon as I submit a time off request it disappears. You can’t see it anywhere. Sometimes I receive notification that it was approved and sometimes I don’t. Cannot see all types of time off buckets and their balances. It is a lot of unnecessary stress. If I had the choice, I would be switching to a much better app.

  2. Ethan dice:

    Slow, Overcomplicated, and Restrictive This app seems to think a lot of itself with a lot of features, but each feature is extremely shallow. The app is quite slow to load, and there are several annoying issues. The main things that are daily annoyances are the following: You cannot edit the punch time, but instead must leave a note. Punch history is a redundant and inferior version of Timesheet, which opens months behind, causing you to have to press the forward button 100 times.

  3. I am finding this app terribly frustrating. To begin with, it does not allow me to use autofill to fill in my password. Which defeats the use of a password manager. Which discourages to use of unique and hard to remember passwords. This is a terrible idea. I finally gave up on using the app and instead used the website. At least there I got some feedback messages when things were awaiting approval, though it still didn’t tell me who needed to approve changes.

  4. This app is very frustrating to use. It frequently crashes, is difficult to navigate, and not very user friendly in general. Logging in to view my pay brings up a login screen that disappears before you can get anything done and if the biometric login fails there are no other options, you are just locked out.

  5. Accessibility needs some work. I work with a lot of employees that have vision loss, and we are finding that the app is very difficult to see because of the very low contrast. It is also really menu-driven, and buttons don’t always show up where you think they would. For example, the submit button in clocking in is up in the top right corner unlike the web, and as soon as you punch in, instead of just returning to the clock it goes to a different screen and then you have to manually go back.

  6. The app in and of itself is a great idea, but I have nonstop bugs and errors. 95% of what I do with this app is clock in and out and I get errors almost every time. It may say that im in an “unauthorized location” while I’m in the center of my company’s geo fence, or it may crash and not work at all. Fix the bugs and optimize the app and they will have a good product.

  7. When trying to punch in or out, the app automatically logs you out and takes you back to log in screen. Can click on other tasks, but as soon as you click on “Punch”, you’re logged out and taken back to log in screen. Every. Single. Time. For multiple times. Really really unusable for the purposes of clocking in and out remotely away from my desktop.

  8. This is by far one of the worst apps I have ever used. Horrific interface with no intuitive way of getting into or changing settings. Clock in options (in/out/lunch) are pre-set and unchangeable, and you cannot clock back in for at least half an hour if you hit ‘lunch’ by mistake. GPS and fingerprint login are some of the worst features, even with a phone with hardware easily able to deal with these features. Please do yourself and your employees a favor, stay away from this at all costs.

  9. Extremely easy to use and if there is something you need to dispute your boss/supervisor has immediate access they can go in and change or help you if you made a mistake. I had to edit my review after about 2 months of using the app because of time input and constantly having to type it in 2 or 3 times. When i try to submit it, it wont load in to my timesheet and i have to re-do it all over again 1 or 2 more times! Other than that issue, ive had no other problems and still like like this APP!

  10. Sami M dice:

    The app looks nothing like the picture, it’s super hard to find simple and basic info, and it’s all disorganized. I have to use it for work, but I hate it. I can’t even find my schedule without it sending a notification and sending me there automatically. It’s ridiculously weird that it offers to show you your pay and vacation hours but not you schedule. It need serious fixing.

  11. Second week using it, and most everything has worked fine so far, but it locks my location every time I get on Google maps, which has made me miss my exits or turns on multiple occasions. It made my trip 20 minutes longer today because I didn’t realize my location was stationary 3 times! I have to shut off my location then turn it back on. Interacting with my phone while driving is criminal in Oregon, so it would be nice if it didn’t interfere with the location after I close the app.

  12. Austin dice:

    It works fine as long as you are not in a hurry, it takes a while to get the location pulled up, It will fail to get the location if you turn on location just before you open this app. There is no way to edit or cancel time off requests, this option would be better than having to have your manager go in and deny it just so you can change it.

  13. I have tried multiple times to get full functionality from this app. I get everything except for the primary reason for downloading it in the first place: the Log In function. It simply does not give me this ability. My phone has updated, and I’ve installed the app 7x in six months and no change. Very frustrating.

  14. This is for the phone app. Needs improvement for split shifts/24 hr shifts. PAYLOCITY doesn’t keep track of your total daily time. I don’t want to do math at the end of a 16+ hour shift. Otherwise it works, still it’s missing a vital part that all other payroll apps can do very easily. Total up your time at the end of the day.

  15. I think Paylocity has been an extremely useful app. It is nice to have a secure login verification when accessing sensitive personal information and I have found the menu to be very simple to navigate considering the funtionality it offers if you fully utilize it. For those who have had bad experiences, try closing the app and login again, or choose to stay logged in, because I think it times out after inactivity too long, the same way a banking app would for example.

  16. This app has simplified our process for submitting time off requests, so thank you for that. However, the most used function is way less streamlined. It takes 8 taps to clock in. Our previous app took only 1. Unbelievable. It could be fixed with just a few adjustments: 1 Make the landing screen the Punch screen instead of the Menu screen 2 Make the Cost Center default to the last used setting instead of making Clock In & Transfer necessary every time 3 Add a button to start/end break with 1 tap

  17. It either wont register even if you’re well withing range. I tested it by standing right next to a physical clock in machine. The app failed at reading me in the area but the machine next to it worked just fine. Also it crashes easily. I’ve been late due to the app not working several times. I’m just not going to try using it anymore.

  18. After using this app for close to 6 months I am changing my review, app is only consistent for a week or so. Always searching for my location even though I am at the same location every day, I’ve already lost a considerable amount of time as it won’t let me punch in which in turn takes time from the manager as they have to punch me in and out. This is the worst app I have ever experienced. Even with constant issues company won’t switch. I’d rather punch and old fashioned time clock.

  19. Unfriendly and fussy. Defaults to the wrong things for my use case. Makes things multiple steps that should just be one. Doesn’t allow corrections. Doesn’t provide useful data for people who do more than shift work. I have to run a second app to track my time and give me things like elapsed time and accumulated hours.

  20. This site is trash and the app is trash. I’ve tried to log into the account that I was forced to make with my company and was successful 1 time. Since, I’ve had issues with password resets, invalid info, “not having an account”, and being locked out of the account. I’ve requested my password reset at least 40 times now and have not received the emails or text messages with the codes for it. If it was not needed for my work, I would ban this app and website from even showing up on searches!!

  21. This is a frustrating app to use. As others have mentioned, the website shows different information than the app. I have set up an HSA account with Paylocity. While Paylocity deducts money from my paycheck every pay period, I cannot see a total of the amount contributed. I cannot receive a card to access this money. I cannot even recieve an account number from them.

  22. L. Smith dice:

    Good Lord I hate this freakin’ app! If you have to change phones you’re in for a world irritation. It won’t accept my login info and when I try the ” forgot info ” option it just constantly reloads. I can’t get online to do a damned thing. I answered all my security questions as well as the last four of my social. What’s the point of asking them if they won’t be accepted? I rue the day my company decided to do business with these useless SOB’S!

  23. The idea is great but they failed to accomplish that in the end. The timesheet is inferior and useless when you cant edit your time or add any time at all. The time off reuqest is a joke you cant the status if its approved or denied or what days are being asked off. Also alot of bugs and issues with this app, this isnt good at all use another payroll.

  24. Not user friendly. Even clocking in and out is a hassle and half the time it doesn’t work. Navigation is difficult, even on a computer it’s super confusing. It actually posts your personal information for everyone to see which has got to violate some privacy laws!

  25. I never used a worse app to punch in and out from work, have to open, close and open again the app before each punch otherwise it won’t register the input, even when it says “Successful Punch” every time. Then you star getting the emails with the list of missed punches, even when all of them are present in the Puch history section. Extremely frustrating.

  26. lee mosby dice:

    Impressive how bad this is, basically have to ask my boss to clock me in constantly because the app tells me ive been clocked in just to find out at the end of my shift that it didnt. Or that im constantly forced change my password yet never recive any of the information to do so so im perpetualy locked out.

  27. Horrible app. Takes forever to load then randomly requires you to re-sign in causing you to clock in late. Won’t let me save my password to make re-sign in faster. Randomly changes punch type. Just overall frustrating. What was so bad about time clocks? They did their job.

  28. This app saves me so much time and is very useful with my job. Couldn’t imagine having to work without it. Extremely useful in a variety of ways. The bugs I’ve found others reporting I have never experienced. The bugs I have experienced have been due to my device.

  29. No way to change payroll items, and website will not load to search there. Clunky, slow, and not working. Been using it for several weeks when I get a notification by email that someone has added an account and transferred all my payroll payments to it. Change was approved by payroll and the account was added. Unfortunately, it was NOT MY ACCOUNT.i caught the error and made them correct it, but beware! Others can jack your payroll. Check before deposit day!!!

  30. M.A.R.S dice:

    Im not one for using 3rd party software for getting my money, but for being forced to use it, it’s perfectly fine. Info shows everything, menu is easy to navigate, it’s secure (I think). NEEDS A DARK MODE

  31. An excellent streamlined way to interact with management simply and quickly, my only problem is there’s no dark mode, the white and orange palate tends to hurt my eyes in the early morning or during periods of extended use. If there was a dark mode I would give 5 stars without hesitation.

  32. This app is broken. I am constantly having problems with the time off available. It either doesn’t load my time off properly or it removes time off that i have accrued. Right now I have been short changed 48 hours of vacation time. I have reported this weeks ago but they haven’t corrected anything. That seems pretty significant.

  33. Double punches frequently. Unable to fix some of the errors from the app. Sometimes can’t even fix it from the website. This is the worst experience I’ve had with online time card app systems.

  34. Easy to use for basic functions. It does not sync up with the online account so things I approve as a manager on my app, do not show up in the online platform. And there are times, approvals aren’t available for me to action on the online platform, I can only see them on the app. It should be seamless.

  35. Jim Bob dice:

    There’s no option to request a modification. Functionality of app depends on service. The box that says it didn’t take is exactly like the box saying it did so the once a week or so it doesn’t accept you won’t notice until it’s too late. Too many small problems to recommend this app. Extremely unpleased with it

  36. Terrible. I absolutely hate this program. It’s such a pain to have to change your password every few months. You’re not allowed to use the past 4 passwords you’ve used. So be sure to write it down, and not lose it.. Navigating through the app isn’t too bad, to an extent. You not only get to see every user that you work with. You get to see every single person using this garbage. Like any of that matters to me, and my information. I hate this program.

  37. Ok, not great. There are items you can only do on the desktop and not on mobile. Mobile app is buggy and always opens to the clock in/out screen and I am salary so I don’t even use that feature 😑. Difficult to do management tasks on the mobile app if you have administrative access.

  38. Mostly okay, but not autofilling login info or saving company ID is absurd. There is a horrible bug that shows mismatched PTO balances, leading you to believe you have more than you do (one screen shows a higher balance than the request screen, even after all requests are in and settled).

  39. Cannot add notes to punches when away from GPS location. Randomly signs you out. I don’t receive any emails for password resets so i have to bother my employer anytime i need to make changes. Random crashes. Overall this app is a joke. Overly complicated garbage.

  40. This app and the product in general are trash. The app will crash my phone unlike any other app I use. Punches don’t always work, and even worse it will falsely state I’ve clocked out and then I find I’m still on the clock several hours later. I constantly have to email payroll with corrections for my time sheet. I never thought punching in could be a nightmare but here we are. If you’re thinking of using this for your business, don’t.

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