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The Zoom for Chrome Progressive Web App (PWA) delivers an optimized video meeting experience for Chrome OS devices.

– Purpose-built, web-based application for your Chrome desktop
– Enhanced feature set and improved performance
– Automatic updates so you’re always on the latest version
– Remote install options for admins who want centralized configuration and security
– Easy to get started, easy to use — download the app, then log in or join a meeting — that’s it!
– High-quality and secure video meetings with up to 100 video participants

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NOTE: For the most optimized experience with the latest features, the latest version of Chrome OS 91+ is recommended.

– Any free or paid license can be used with the app
– A paid Zoom subscription is required for certain product features

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40 comentarios en "Zoom for Chrome – PWA 2022"

  1. So frustrated that the PWA version doesn’t support End to End Encryption. The whole reason I use Zoom over other apps is access to this feature, but it doesn’t seem like they plan on adding support for it. This change means I either need a new work computer or to use my phone exclusively for video sessions. Huge disappointment that a mandatory change wouldn’t include standard features.

  2. Zoom is necessary for just about all my communications. I did like the old version better and the new version really drains my battery. But ultimately, as you get used to new version, you will get to like it….. Wi-Fi signal is critical for having good audio and video. So If you have issues with full band width signal, then your device is probably the issue. if you have good signal, zoom works great

  3. T MP dice:

    It works ok but I use it on my chromebook and the background feature sucks. It’s just a picture with a hole in the middle where my face is shown off center and I don’t have the option to just blur my background. I am not able to use the background feature at all because of these things. That is the main thing I don’t like about it and makes it hard to use.

  4. Most of the time I don’t have problems, that is when I have a strong Wi-Fi connection. When the Wi-Fi sucks, the delay is horrible. Not really the apps fault but still annoying. Also, I log in a few times for the same meeting, and it doesn’t save the last phone# as a link. Everytime, I have to enter the number manually. My android phone Zoom app saves it automatically which makes logging in a lot more easier/faster. If they fix this, I will upgrade my stars to 5.

  5. Mary Berg dice:

    Piece of Junk – this app is nothing compared to what it replaced. It won’t SAVE settings. So, I am having to set up video, audio, and my background before each meeting. It won’t consistently let me join the video portion of the call. I got locked out of audio on one call, and I had to drop, join again, and drop computer audio. The only waay to get on was to call into the meeting. Don’t waste your time with this nonsense. Use the web version, and don’t bother with Zoom for Chrome – PWA

  6. This really is a poor alternative to the Chrome extension that was available. There a key features that aren’t available anymore. #1: You can’t click on a meeting link to get into a meeting. #2: My Google profile picture doesn’t show up while I have my camera off. #3: In Gallery View the size of the attendees pictures don’t spatially adapt. I used to see a maximum of 16 (4×4) but now it’s on 9 (3×3). This app is a step backwards!!!

  7. This latest version for Chrome OS is buggy. I can no longer see when someone shares a screen. The Participant pane moving around or disappearing when I’m not viewing the application in full screen mode. I can no longer have Zoom in its own neat pane and another application in its own pane. This iteration is not very user friendly. I still appreciate Zoom. I would just appreciate it more if it worked more like the previous version.

  8. Not a fan of this new version. The meeting IDs dont save in a dropdown box like they used to and that is a big problem for my family. My 6 year old son’s schooling is done through zoom and having to enter the meeting ID for each class everytime is a headache. It also crashes ALL THE TIME. It kicks him out unexpectedly and then we have to re-enter the id and sometimes gets stuck on a screen asking us to select our audio prefrence but wont let us make our selection. We then have to start all over

  9. I like this app, and it works very well for chrome, but only 3 stars for the following. – No VBs (Virtral Backgrounds) In this app. Very annoying. – recently, it has been crashing a LOT. – Also Recently, it has been losing the sound durning meeting. It is this same meeting, and it may be someone in the meeting, but all i know is that it is annoying. – Maybe update the closed captions because you cant chat well with it on.

  10. Definitely not as functional as the old Zoom for Chromebook. I hope they improve this. Surely there are a lot of people who want to use Zoom on their Chromebooks. I’m going to use the old version until the last day available. Keeping fingers crossed that the developers will fix all the issues.

  11. I’m glad I’m not the ony one to have a terrible experience. I have not had to use Zoom very much since 2020 because of my line of work, but–now that I am seeking new opportunities–Zoom seems to be hanging me out to dry. It seems to lack all of the settings that I’ve used on other versions of Zoom on my same Chromebook (a mobile version, the extension, the in-browser version) and Zoom’s website offers next to no support for troubleshooting the terrible sound & video quality I’m sending on calls

  12. I have to admit, since getting my Chromebook, I’m thinking of moving to Google Meet unless the app improves. The video quality is much poorer than on my previous Windows laptop and it’s virtually impossible to use much else when you have Zoom open. There’s significant lag when you share your screen, which can also cause problems with incoming video and audio.

  13. Vanessa dice:

    Absolute garbage, I hate having to create an account now. I only need this for one thing, I don’t want an account. The app won’t allow me to test my video and sound the way I was able to before, it immediately closes and says the meeting was ended. This is far more trouble than it’s worth, I think I’ll just delete my acoount and this wast of storage space app and drive to the doctor’s office, it’s less trouble.

  14. This app for Chrome OS has very poor video quality. It looks very blurry and is super slow. Even when using a Logitech external camera, (which looks clear on my camera app) it is extremely blurry. It also lacks a video settings feature. I cannot use my phone for meetings since it gets very hot, so it is very frustrating that I am unable to use it on my chromebook as well.

  15. I really hope they can fix the new Chrome extension before they phase out the old. I am holding on for dear life to the old version because the new extension is so terrible. It is actually almost un-useable. As someone who uses zoom regularly for work, I am really really hoping zoom and google can work out a way for the new Chrome extension to be similar to the version on Windows or Mac.

  16. Works for all login methods except SSO. I tried my personal account and it worked fine. I logged in with my work account (SSO), which is what I really need Zoom for, and, after successfully logging in, I get a blank screen with no options go back to the login screen, refresh the page, nothing. It seems like the app is waiting for something that never happens. In any case, I’m stuck. So, back to the Chrome extension. Just hope Zoom doesn’t disable the Chrome extenstion before fixing this problem

  17. Troy Boi dice:

    I really want to like Zoom on chromebooks but this still isn’t working out… I’m using a pixel slate, and my camera doesn’t appear. It DOES show when I’m previewing the “virtual background” (aka the circle it puts around your face) but aside from that, I have no way of getting to use my camera, either external or internal in this app. Please fix this, this is very dissapointing.

  18. I’m constantly losing sound during meetings and all I see is a black box whenever anyone shares their screen (host and co-host included). Also, you must have a STRONG signal to use it because when I try to stream a TV service and connect to Zoom at the same time, Zoom starts to freeze, no one elses picture will load on my screen and I have to keep restarting the program just to have sound. I’m very disappointed because I bought a Chromebook solely for the purpose and convience of using Zoom. 🙁

  19. I badly want this app to succeed. The addition of many of the features from the Android/iOS/Windows app is exactly what I need to help lead my meetings. But this app is a resource hog, pushing my processor to 100% consistently. The meeting audio is choppy, the video is laggy, and if you open any additional windows the video may cut out completely. Zoom, PLEASE keep working on this app. Surely there’s a way to reduce its demands on the CPU.

  20. Cat dice:

    I am in Zoom meetings every day. I just got a Chromebook to use to Zoom on. I hate, hate, hate, this version. I can not switch from one device to another. (eg, going from my phone to my Chrombook or back) It also does not store any zoom numbers I use regularly so I have to manually enter the number each time I log on. Mirror image also has to be reset daily. This is so annoying I am about to take back the Chromebook.

  21. Absolutely non-functional. Audio is distorted on both ends (sounds like chipmunks on my end, sounds like the opposite on the other end). Using a Pixelbook and the original app, everything works perfectly fine. Zoom is a requirement for my work and sunsetting the orignal app before these issues are resolved is a tragedy.

  22. I have been a paid user of Zoom for two years now, and I’m extremely disappointed in how poorly the app works for my Chromebook. It lags horribly when other video communication apps do not. Since I was considering using my Chromebook for business meetings, this is a huge disappointment. I may need to look for alternative software.

  23. What a disappointment after using the Chrome extension: it seems like the overlap time is to let us have a bad beta experience so that can decide whether to put in the time to fix it. Among odd differences that I haven’t read on a couple other 1star reviews: (1) sign in is not savable/automatic as the prior extension, and (2) by default the my image is reversed (mirrored is the standard) requiring me to find that hidden option to correct it. Why design this different than all other versions?

  24. Crashy McCrash Face. Never had an app of any sort hard boot a Chromebook before, but Zoom managed to be better at that than anything else. From early pandemic to a few months ago the PWA worked fine, even better than the web site, but last few weeks it takes 3-4 tries to connect to a meeting, and today hard booted my chromebook tablet twice in a 60 minute session, once while pressing the unmute button. Not the best yoga experience. =:-o

  25. This app is NOT compatible with Chromebook! The options are extremely linited, particularly the inability to switch from gallery view and back to active speaker, along with a pop up saying thaat my cpu usage is affecting the meeting! I host a number of Zoom meetings that are important to me and to others, and the Chromebook simply doesn’t cut it with this poor excue for a Zoom app!

  26. I just got a Chromebook and downloaded the Zoom app for school. This app doesn’t allow you to do anything. You can’t customize your audio settings at all. It makes it super hard to understand my professors, especially when I’m using headphones. I have been using my old laptop just for Zoom for this reason.

  27. C. Nerby dice:

    I’m unable to hear participants on the new Zoom app, but they can hear me. If I switch back to the old app, I can hear them. I’ve checked the settings and tried to following their support instructions, but no luck. This happens on two different chromebooks, so I think it’s app specific. Anyone else having this problem?

  28. A competent if basic experience. It runs much more smoothly on a Chromebook than the Android version ever did, and has functionality the old Chrome Web Store version never had. It feels too minimal as of yet to give a 5 Star Review. The background masking feature is immature. The main interface doesn’t show me my scheduled meetings, so I have to join from a link. It doesn’t retain my SSO log-in, so I have to log-in again every single time. But basic audio, video, and screen sharing work fine.

  29. Fair upgrade from previous method of opening from browser. While it has all essential features, it’s very “rough around the edges.” For example, you must go through the Reactions menu every time just to raise/lower your e-hand. And the background feature just creates a silly “head porthole” (NOT cool). And in speaker view, the speaker’s picture appears in BOTH a large AND a small window. And gallery view sort order should prioritize the speaker above hand raisers. Also has no keyboard shortcuts.

  30. this version is hot garbage compared to the zoom version they are phasing out in august 2022. i hope they fix the issue. zoom kicks me out unexpectedly, i cant hear or see and simply hitting a button turns all screens black. what garbage of an app. the old version is so much better. wish i could give less than one star but its not an option!!

  31. So far, I’m hugely disappointed. The video lags and feeezes, it doesn’t remember previously used Zoom codes (like the app does on my iPhone and other Windows laptop). I haven’t been able to use it enough on the Chromebook to find other issues, simply because I can’t get far enough into the experience of actually using the app. Get it together, Zoom.

  32. Since downloading the new verson, my ZOOM sessions have been full of lagginess. In a class with 4 of 5 students, this is starting to cause a problem. I really liked the original version so much better!! Plus, when I want to do a screen share, my students can see the share, but I can only actually see a very small preview of the share at the top of my screen. For a teacher, this is not good at all.

  33. C B dice:

    I have no idea what you are doing or have not done but this app does not work properly. I can get part way through a meeting and then it starts to freeze and I lose audio. I have to leave zoom and be readmitted for it to be normal again. I have read other people are having the same problem so it is not what we are doing wrong it is on your end. Also it does not save meeting ids. I have to have a list of the meeting ids written on paper so i can join them. How inconvenient is that!

  34. Tried the PWA version today for the first time on my Chromebook. I usually use the Web App. It’s a good start but a few things are not right. The two big ones are: – Your own video feed is just black. It’s transmitting OK, so other can see you, but you can’t see yourself. – The in-app fullscreen button doesn’t actually do fullscreen, the window title bar at the top is still visible. The Chromebook fullscreen button gets rid of that, but then the in-app fullscreen button doesn’t do anything.

  35. Freezes, audio dropouts and video going blank as others have reported. The chrome app is still much better despite the limited functionality. If the chrome app stops working then a chromebook is not a viable option for a heavy zoom user at present. I hope they get this fixed soon or i might have to go back to my old windows laptop. It would have been nice to report this directly to zoom but they make it really hard to offer feedback. 1/1/22 Much better now.

  36. Taj Moni dice:

    There are so many issues with this. The pictures/other participants randomly don’t show and there is a black screen. The volume stops working even though every other program on my Chrombook works fine. This PWA is horrible. Bring back the old system.

  37. V frustrating experience. I don’t want this app, but it has been forced on me by a Chrome OS update, and now launches every time I click a Zoom link. It shows my video as unmirrored, which is distracting, and there is no option to change it. I also have to turn on my video and mic every time I enter a meeting, and I understand from other reviews that the screen share feature doesn’t work either. Why force an app on users if you haven’t got the basics right yet?

  38. Works, with slightly more features than the old app. Some issues: Firstly, not sure why this needs to be in the android app store, rather than just as a PWA. Secondly, there’s this huge white bar at the top of the app that can’t be turned off unless in fullscreen. Thirdly, Zoom links in chrome are not one click. You have to find the “Join via PWA” link and uninstall the old app. Fourthly, seem to need to login every single time a new meeting is opened. Lastly, would love support for a whiteboard

  39. Using Zoom PWA started off great but since 26.11.2022, it won’t open or if it does, it doesn’t stay open long enough for me to log in. I’ve restarted my chrome book, tried it on different days at different times, uninstalled and re-installed it but Zoom PWA seems to have some major bug issues at the moment and it needs fixing

  40. It needs a bit more work. Not being able to store login details as one can with other versions is a pain because one has to keep typing in all the numbers each meeting. Also I have an issue in which either the video goes or the audio, sometimes alternating in the same meeting so I can at one moment hear but not see, and then see but not hear my fellow participants. I hope this issue can be resolved.

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