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Explore all the benefits your Army post has to offer; such as restaurants, events, shops, clinics, activity centers, and directorates. Navigate to on-post facilities, stay updated on local weather, and be informed about gate closures or other important installation information in real time, all from the palm of your hand.

Discover the digital world of shopping by receiving promotions and deals in your wallet, searching products, and checking out online or pick-up in store orders by using your Military Star card or other payment methods within your wallet. You can also do curb-side pick-up at select Exchange locations from the app with online shopping. Start discovering and exploring your Army community today!


In this release, Digital Garrison updated the "PCS Move" button in the flyout menu to now feature the "My Army PCS" app. Digital Garrison, also, released general bug fixes, optimized the images for "Events" in the main dashboard widget, de-activated "Promotional" SMS, and released backend enhancements for user segmentation.


40 comentarios en "Digital Garrison FULL"

  1. Good so far! I love the Exchange store online access built in. The weather and post news is great! One thing I wish they would add is map of the post I’m in. Kind of like the other app that allows you to look for building locations if you know the building number. That would be awesome!

  2. That works pretty good shipping can be a pain it could be some delays or some damage material but not a lot different than Walmart or Amazon Plus the ability to purchase most modern items at tax free

  3. DG app is pathetic. I shouldn’t have to input my credentials each and every bloody time I try to use the blasted thing. Worse, it clears what I typed in and then locks me out.

  4. A very good App. Easy to use and navigate. Give it a try and I guaranty that you will love it. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Retired Ssgt Paul G. (USAF) Payson Arizona

  5. Eric DEAN dice:

    Excellently simplified, easy to use. Good to stay in tune with units and uniformity!

  6. Useful, helped me find certain locations in my duty station. And the services offered can be found in the app as well

  7. I’ve Uninstalled, reinstalled app. I am still given message to upgrade before I can use app. There is no upgrade option, only open which sends me back to message to upgrade. Click link, there is no upgrade option. Repeat. Fun. Times. Please fix.

  8. A worthless app. Every time I enter password, then enter, password disappears and I’m told to enter password.

  9. SOVEREIGN dice:

    Excellent interface with easy to navigate controls, Great attention to details and settings for an overall top notch experience.

  10. I can’t checkout. I click Proceed to Checkout and the app doesn’t do anything.

  11. This app is clunky. It’s not easy to navigate. Difficult to find phone numbers. Why does the search not pull automatically when typing? Everything is better on the GuideOn app, unfortunately that app doesn’t have fort drum. So many things can be used and they just aren’t used smartly. Why can’t I navigate to ranges?

  12. I try to log in exchange I never can’t not log in is bad app

  13. The ability to have a one stop shop will be nice, ONCE all the post information is kept up to date. The app reflects incorrect gate information as an example. Gates are closed and have been closed for months but it is not reflected on the app. So, if you are using this to get information with directions you will be wasting time and fuel. Need an option to send in information so it can be updated.

  14. Seems to be a ‘retail driven app’ with emphasis on Exchange service notifications. Far less functionality for facility NOTIFICATIONS like access changes and immediate traffic concerns – having to look them up yet petting pinged for a burger special is dysfunctional; no notification functionality beyond food and Exchange specials will launch for me. Missing the Fort Meade App functionality. I care about gates & roads, nothing about burgers & clothes.

  15. This is a good start for this application. The was a previous application the exchange made that had a digital version of the coffee card as one of the main features. It’s a customer loyalty card that allows for every 7th purchase of coffee to be free. I’d love to see that integrated into this application since that one seems to have been neglected.

  16. Maason R dice:

    Completely worthless! Constantly changes my base to something unrelated, gives me a notification, but when you click it, you can’t even find the notice, it just opens the app. So worthless, I just uninstalled it. The app it replaced was much better.

  17. For Fort Benning, this app is a hot garbage replacement for guideon. No ability to search for building numbers, most of the eating establishments do not actually exist (Starbucks) and most of the addresses are not correct and send you to the middle of the woods outside the gate. Coordinate your listings with people on the ground.

  18. Crashes a lot, sometimes when I’m shopping it does not put in the cart or just closes the app and gives me many error warnings and I can’t even open the weather gadget. It has good content, it will be nice of the links actually worked

  19. My local Exchange promotes this app with the following quote “The app is a one-stop shop to get information about Fort Belvoir without having to check multiple social media platforms or websites. You’ll find the current gate hours; receive emergency/weather alerts; view a list of on-post restaurants…” Yet the app displayed no information from the Exchange, or Garrison, about closures of post facilities due to weather today. What’s the point if I have to check multiple social media pages?

  20. So far so good, loads of good information 👍

  21. Just a thought… the installation information reflects what normal looks like, but does not provide a true picture. For example, gate information should reflect current gate status (closed due to construction).

  22. This app is great, especially reflecting the adjusted hours due to the pandemic. One thing to improve is that some facilities show as “Closed” even though the times indicate they should be open. An example is the Aberdeen Proving Ground commissary says its hours today are 1000-1700 and it is currently 1039. So they should be open but the App indicates they are closed.

  23. Easy to find locations, and the maps works well.

  24. Null Nada dice:

    Not Really For Me. I need it something reliable that would tell me a base’s Garrison status. Unfortunately, this app is not useful for such references nor is the gate information accurate either. It should at least allow the user to update that information to help the validation. Since the actual official army website has the same invalid information, I will give it 4 stars if they add that feature which adds greater value to the app.

  25. This app intentionally blocks password managers and disables the clipboard to copy/paste long secure passwords. It forces the user to manually type a less secure password (6 chars 🤣). Do you expect me to type my long randomized password to link my AAFES account to the app?!? Lookup NIST recommendations on secure passwords and quit adding made-up constraints that ruin user experience.

  26. Hart Lok dice:

    If you’re trying to send overseas exchange or shipping to an APO address, don’t bother. This app and the shopmyexchange website won’t accept it as a valid address despite saying that they will send your clothes there. You’re better off getting a friend or family to buy it and mail it to you normally.

  27. This app is horrible. Can’t set up an account. Kept telling to resend security code. Very frustrating not worth the time or the effort. Bottomline is that this app is junk.

  28. App works great. Account was easy to create and everything linked up fine. Gate hours of operation are current. Weather is correct. I have not experienced any of the issues stated in previous reviews. Thanks.

  29. I can not figure out, how to look at other bases. I am using Ft McCoy, as my home base. But I wanted to check out, Bolling A.F.B. And the only thing, I can think of, is to change my home base to Bolling A.F.B. And then change back. Or, am I missing something. Thank you. I did not understand, the limitations of the app. Of course, it is the Army Air Force Exchange.

  30. Just as another poster noted. This seems to be primarily focused on Exchange services. I want recreation and services info and push notifications for events (the info about MWR facilities has April 2021 updates when that has obviously changed). Just call it an AAFES app since that is really where the focus is – it is not fully garrison focused.

  31. Fort Sill is among the largest installations in the US but not even listed in this app. Closest it wants to assign me is Fort Hood which is over 400 miles away. I hope your dev team fixes this soon but for now is of little use for me and over 53,000 installation personnel. As of 13 Nov 2020 the app has updated to include at least 60 installations including Fort Sill. I was quickly able to link my local Exchange account to DG as well.

  32. Tyler Rux dice:

    This app is nearly worthless for finding directions, I had much better results with Guidon in other bases. Whenever I use the search function I get mostly off post and unrelated results.

  33. Good app. But kind of weird that this is just open to anybody with Android and IOS providing geotaggings for each installation headquarters, not sure if its me but that should be a concern the developers should have in mind or at least have it considered as a security concern when creating this app. (Version of USA TikTok I guess with all the permissions this app ask for)

  34. Robert B dice:

    Issue with it not saving my local installation has been fixed. Better in-stock availability/accesibilty would be nice. But, overall, app is getting better and better.

  35. Works with finger print security but after a week or so it requiring credentials. Since i have a very secure password this is very inconvenient.

  36. Jon Davis dice:

    Doesn’t have anywhere near all of the garrisons. There are no installations listed in Colorado so it tries to say I’m over 600 miles away at Fort Riley, KS. Developers need to ensure they have all of the locations available to users.

  37. Disappointed I could swear the app is operate by the Army and AIR FORCE Exchange Service! When I tried to register, I couldn’t find ANY Air Force installations. Maybe you should change the name of the app to Army Only Digital Garrison.

  38. P Goff dice:

    I downloaded this app only for gate info and base closure info.

  39. Ed Yeager dice:

    Wow! “DO NOT INSTALL!” Waste of time, set up account, do all the right stuff, won’t accept password, then i did a reset, new password, that wont work also. Big waste of time! again, “do not install”

  40. As others have said, the app is clunky. Tough to find things sometimes. You can tell that they don’t have the budget that Amazon does.

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