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VMware Workspace ONE
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Experience intuitive, secure browsing across intranet, internet and web apps. Workspace ONE Web gives you instant access to your company’s internal network sites while you’re on the go without the hassle of manually connecting to a VPN.

**Instantly Access Company Sites and Intranet**
Enjoy frictionless access to your organization’s websites and intranet in a flash without manually configuring a VPN.

**Find All of Your Bookmarks in One Place**
Your company can push bookmarks down to your app for you to easily locate. You can also edit and remove bookmarks or add your own. Having a hard time locating your bookmarks? Tap the action grid at the bottom and tap “Bookmarks”.

**Scan QR Codes on the Fly**
Need to scan a QR code? Navigate to the Browser’s URL address bar, tap the code on the right, enable access to the camera and your device is ready to scan!

To optimize security and productivity for your device, VMware will need to collect some device identity information, such as:
• Phone Number
• Serial Number
• UDID (Universal Device Identifier)
• IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier)
• SIM Card Identifier
• Mac Address
• Currently Connected SSID


• Enhanced organization and discovery of bookmarks in Web
• New option to send Web app logs to UEM console from the device
• Support to pull Web application logs from the device through UEM console
• Option to renew IA certificate in Single app Kiosk Mode
• New admin configuration to prompt in-app update for the users who have not upgraded the Web app to the latest
• Bug Fixes & Stability improvements


5 comentarios en "Web – Workspace ONE MODDED 2022"

  1. Brad Godin dice:

    Absolute worst web browser. constantly freezes where I have to restart app. cannot minimize and go back in w/out freezing. use the back button, haha, another app restart is in order. cannot switch between open tabs without freezing. who created this disaster? I’m stuck with it for work, but I use my personal phone so I don’t have to deal with this garbage

  2. soconnoriv dice:

    Menus are slow to open, buttons have a delay between getting pressed and opening up the next screen. Pages will not load unless I close and re-open the app on a daily basis. Unable to scroll to the bottom of some pages without being forced back up. The back button doesn’t work on newly opened tabs.

  3. Steven Trout dice:

    No tabs, slow, no indication of loading, back button doesn’t go back page. Fundamental features of a web browser missing or working improper

  4. Akshit Chawla dice:

    No websites are opening, it keeps showing error : Webpage not available. ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED. Its been more than a week. Plz fix the issue at the earliest. Above review was posted two months ago and no response yet. Issue still persists. No technical support provided.

  5. choppy dice:

    I was able to login a couple of days ago but I am unable to login now. The error msg displayed is “ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED”

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