Zenput MODDED 2022

Collect, analyze, collaborate in real-time data with your employees in the field
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Zenput’s mobile app allows both field and store level teams to manage tasks and fill out forms directly from their mobile device to improve their restaurant or retail operations.

With Zenput you can easily:
– Complete any task from a daily checklist to an annual audit
– Take photos alongside any questions
– Identify areas for improvement by seeing real-time analytics within your summary
– Review daily, weekly, and monthly store performance
– See an activity feed of all the work happening at your store
– Have a library of your company’s forms to be able to quickly fill out at any time

Note: to use this application, you would need to have been invited ahead of time by an admin from your company


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Zenput MODDED 2022"

  1. Codes dice:

    While using the app and at very critical moments which is always, the app would crash. I constantly have to reset my network cause reports are not uploading and every now and then I need to uninstall then reinstall the app for it to work properly.

  2. Good to keep track of covid 19 wash your hands to bad they can’t access your backpack you should have individual pass codes for each employee thanks for organizing. Changing my review.

  3. After the most recent update the app just crashes in the middle of a task. Really making it hard to do my job.

  4. There is a bug that doesn’t allow pixel phones to easily take photos within the app. When I go to take a photo, the camera freezes and the app usually shuts down. What should be a 15 minute task for me ends up taking 25-30 minutes because I have to restart the app dozens of times.

  5. Our chain switched from our functioning system to this totally useless, craptacular system. Today I downloaded the app to my phone because my equally inept GM said it would work better there. Nope. Still useless. The only reason we switched was because, supposedly, our top competitors use it. The joke is on us, I guess.

  6. The app is absolute trash and doesn’t even let me log in. I get redirected to login with my company’s email, and when I log in it merely returns me to the title screen without entering the account. I know this is an app error because when I put in the wrong login credentials it tells me that I inputted the wrong password or username. Please fix.

  7. Not the best in terms of design and operabilty. Slow and constantly glitches. I’d love to show some screenshots of being locked out of submitting a ‘complete’ task but there’s not an option for than here.

  8. K dice:

    Our chain recently moved to this for thousands of restaurants and this is an absolutely the worst app we have ever used in the entire history of operation. Nothing works, nobody can explain why, things are locked out for no reason and other things are available for no reason. It is an absolute garbage. Not only the app is garbage but entire zenput system, support and back-end is bogus.

  9. This app is very buggy and it crashes. Most of the timw the signature section in the app doesnt calibrate correctly causing the signature to be distorted and inaccurate.

  10. Had a recent issue where an update prevented the app from launching, but Zenput support were not only able to release a new update resolving within a couple of days, buy I have also discovered that the other issues I previously had with the app have also been corrected.

  11. The application is great but the only thing I hate is when I need to take pictures with my pixel 4 phone it freezes super annoying when you have to take pictures every hour with the app please please fix this for my sanity thank-you

  12. App constantly crash. The forms take forever to load. I cannot run a business with these issues.

  13. There seems to have a bug. Aftet attaching a pic, when I try to close a particular complaint, it never gets closed, it keeps hanging.

  14. Freezes and crashes continuously when trying to take photos in app for reports. $1,000 current-gen phone.

  15. I can’t even log in, every time I type in the company email I’m sent right back to the same page to type the email in again. Every so often it let’s me type in my username and password but sends me right back to the company email page after I try to login.

  16. Cant get into the app. Keeps telling me I don’t have an account. Redirect me to company email. Would love to use the app. But it doesn’t work.

  17. Surprise surprise. Been using this on my phone for over a year and this week. Nothing. Won’t get past the loading screen. Not like I need it for work or anything.

  18. This app is awesome!!! I had trouble with it for a minute but the app support contacted me right away and it was fixed!!!! I was really impressed!!!

  19. Not good it freezes over and over again. When trying to send or complete tasks won’t send as well.

  20. We changed over to this app. It never works and locks up. Have the time it doesn’t even work.

  21. Everytime I take a picture and hit send it gives me a blue screen and then goes back to the forum but the picture won’t be there.

  22. Septinnn dice:

    This app keeps saying “invalid username or password” eventhough I’ve already entered the correct email and password.

  23. After updating task for particular day…. It says process submitting…. after a while it goes in recurring…. Waste of time

  24. The app is crashing when recording and saving video. Any solution or recommendation?

  25. Whenever I tried to log in, it always reload to start page (enter company email and password) again and again.

  26. hi i am having problems not getting any notifications from phone for about a week and one day so. can you fix it please and thank you

  27. Jenn C dice:

    Issues uploading. Even after restart, network connection check. Etc

  28. This “app” is GARBAGE. The writers are so lazy that they use Gallery rather than a browse function. This “app” is good for a laugh and that’s about it.

  29. I’ve opened the app and used it several times now it won’t let me get past the title page need this for my job so how do I fix?

  30. App won’t let me log in to my company profile. It just has me authenticate over and over. Someone fix this please.

  31. Works perfectly. Love being able to review old submissions!

  32. Crashes most of the time, slow uploading of data

  33. Closes out for no reason all the time. Not very userfriendly

  34. Does not work. It won’t get past the loading screen.

  35. Sucks bad crashes constantly… Can’t post anything

  36. No Ram dice:

    Slow, bulky, unreliable. Need I say more?

  37. Jason B dice:

    Constantly crashing and logging out

  38. Man Chan dice:

    Recurring could be a little faster like before.

  39. Will not let me access. Put in my information and kicks me back to the main screen.

  40. I love the bluetooth feature

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