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Make money as a delivery driver with DoorDash and work when you want as a Dasher
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Enjoy the freedom to be your own boss and earn money on your schedule. Plus, get 100% of your tips, always.

Get paid right after every dash, automatically, with no deposit fees — ever.

Make money delivering with the #1 Food & Drink Delivery app, available in 7,000+ cities in the US.

Sign up to deliver in minutes. You only need your smartphone and transportation (bike, car, scooter, or motorcycle) to start.

Your app will show you where you’re going and when to get there. Plus 24/7 help is available if you need it.

Choose your own hours and enjoy flexibility over hourly, seasonal, or full-time work. Start and stop whenever you want.

Work wherever you want. DoorDash is available in 7,000+ cities across the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan and Germany. In select markets, you’ll be able to accept orders from Caviar, too!

Make money by completing deliveries from restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and pet stores, too.

DoorDash is available in over 7,000 cities in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico; over 80 cities in Canada; and Melbourne, Australia, with more coming soon.

Find out if we’re in your area and learn more here:

Caviar Couriers can sign up using the DoorDash – Driver app


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  1. Logan T dice:

    Using my Z Fold 3, It works down to the bare minimum for jobs. It is NOT user friendly, resets itself every time the phone rotates, which is quite often when picking up orders. The integrated Google maps doesn’t work properly most of the time so I have to stare at the map more often than not, making it unsafe. Most of the time you can’t exit the map to deliver the order, so you have to completely close the app to get to the correct screen. Door Dash, PLEASE fix your app. This is ridiculous.

  2. I’ve been Dashing for a little over a month and have had no issues with app until tonight, and it was a rough one. I kept getting unexpected errors that would stop me from accepting orders. App would crash, and I couldn’t select certain options. I cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my phone, logged in and out to no avail. It would only work if I force stopped and restarted, and that helped, but not for long. I’ve been enjoying DoorDash, shame it’s app can be unreliable.

  3. Dashers should be able to address issue at restaurants. 30 minutes to make a $4 order, that’s a huge waste of time. It should be able to see that you are stuck at a place and bump the pay up. Or have a drop option if it takes more than a certain amount of time. Or if a place constantly doesn’t have the items to make an order. Or closes early. Some restaurants do these things habitually. They should be dropped from the app. Or be allowed decline w/o penalty.

  4. Describe my experience? Awful. This morning I took my first DoorDash shift since the new update yesterday and my app keeps freezing. It will work fine for a few minutes and then freeze. I’ll close the app, restart it, and it’s still frozen. I’ll force stop the app and it works for a few minutes and then it freezes again. I’ve talked to support about this and they had me reinstall. It worked for a few minutes and then froze again. It’s ruining my income.

  5. I recently signed up to be a dasher, and the app is great, when it works. However, I have signed up to dash (you schedule yourself in ahead of time) several times now & so far every time when I go to start dashing, the app simply won’t load. I’ve even uninstalled & reinstalled & done other trouble shooting, but the app is just extremely inconsistent & doesn’t work at the times I most need it to. I will wait, to actually dash until they fix this problem, because it’s a frustrating waste of time.

  6. Since the last “minor fixes and stability improvements” update, I have to force stop the app to even see the delivery offer. When I try to complete a delivery, it gets stuck and won’t load the page or complete until I force stop it. I’ve cleared the cache and storage, logged out, restarted my phone, and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing has helped. Today it just stopped sending notifications. I only get the text messages. Update: Unexpected error. Unexpected error. Unexpected error

  7. Pretty rough around the edges. As a dasher I would like to focus on the task at hand like driving instead of waiting for the directions to load. Once delivered I get stuck on the picture upload regularly. In a typical shift of 6 hours I am forced to reset my phone once an hour on average. Seeing as my ratings depend on speed and accuracy, please focus on both of these as you design the app.

  8. Absolutely horrible app. I can’t even get past the part for the background check because every time I hit continue it gives a message “we are having trouble processing your application please try again later. Was hoping to make a little extra money but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be with door dash. Maybe if they ever fix this app might be worth it.

  9. Please update the dasher app. I don’t dash often, but the amount of times I have to stop and restart the app while out dashing is absurd. It constantly freezes while waiting for directions to customers homes or it will say I took too long to accept an order immediately after I accept an order, passing it to someone else. Now when I click on “dash now” when it shows it’s busy in the area it pops up with an error message and no longer shows it being busy in my area. Absolutely ridiculous.

  10. Hello Dashers!!! I have been Dashing for a few months and up until these last few days, I’ve had issues with scheduling during peak times. I sign up, dash, and an half hour in… It kicks me out. I can’t get back to my peak scheduled time slot. I’ve restarted, cleared, reinstalled, etc. Support is trying but at a loss. I lost quite a bit of $ tonight because of it. The other issue is McDonald’s. I have to sit in drive thru after 10pm for almost 30-45 mins. Developers, we need options!! $$$

  11. The Dasher app is genuinely one of the worst apps I’ve ever used in my entire life. I have never dealt with an app that crashes so frequently and has as many problems. I end up having to restart the app almost after every order I decline. It’s pretty funny one of the common error messages I get is “Unexpected error! You didn’t accept the delivery request in time.” I’m not really sure how this is unexpected because it happens every single time without fail. For me it’s unbelievably expected. Poor

  12. When opening the app, like for a scheduled time to work, you’re met with a loading screen that doesn’t go away. You restart the app and it sometimes fixes it. Other times you’re late for work. This also happens while working, will freak out and force close. I do like working the way I do, but I also feel that the forced phone communication while driving can be approved upon. There are times when I’m on the freeway and I have to return to the app, look at order, accept or decline, return to maps.

  13. I haven’t been able to login for MONTHS. Was hoping the update would fix this, but still everytime I hit sign in it takes me back to the login/ sign up screen. This was a great way for me to fill extra time and its highly disappointing that after so long it STILL does not work. If I could give 0 stars I would. Seeing as I can’t even get to login to experience anything else.

  14. App has never worked great, now it’s TERRIBLE. Multiple times a shift it will lose information on active tasks, then break entirely, so bad the only way to fix it is to reinstall, and even that doesn’t always work immediately. The state of the app is unacceptable, especially since there is zero guidance on how to troubleshoot these situations once they happen.

  15. If I could give it zero stars I would. And I never rate apps low, but I’ve only been dashing for 2 days and I’ve had more problems with this app than all my other apps on my phone combined. Starting with pay, which it won’t let me verify what I need to verify it just keeps telling me that there’s an error. Sometimes it freezes in the middle of deliveries. Sometimes it tells you you’re in the wrong location when you aren’t. Not sure how long I’ll last

  16. Carla Ray dice:

    If I minimize the app, I get paused. When I am in the middle of delivery, the app restarts and I have to pull over my car so I dont miss my turn. It freezes on completion screen, and I cant complete the order. It pauses me even if i don’t decline any orders or receive any orders. This app needs to be simplified by taking away some of the useless screens, pop ups, messages. it takes 3 steps to decline an order, If i just ignore the order it gives me an error msg. This is not safe or efficient.

  17. Horrible app. Most days I use it I spend 15 minutes out of every hour waiting for it to work because it keeps crashing. Reseting the phone or deleting and reinstalling the app usually works but it’s hit or miss these days. Even when it doesn’t crash it still works poorly most of the time. It sometimes takes several minutes for it to register that I confirmed delivery. Sometimes it even randomly signs me out. It’s hard to believe this app belongs to a Fortune 1000 company, it sure doesn’t seem it

  18. DarkMega dice:

    I have never seen a gig app like this be so awful 80% of the time doing something on the app makes it freeze so you have to force close it and open it again. 90% of the time even with notifications on it doesn’t make a sound to let you know that you’ve been offered in order to complete and then it pauses your dash. I just don’t understand why it’s so unstable.

  19. M Perera dice:

    There’s a coding bug in the New Order Alert Sound, especially on Red Card orders. The Alert sound doesn’t stop even after you press decline. Only way to stop this by force stopping the app on Android phones. I have cleared the cache and reinstalled with no luck. It’s been happening more than a month and nothing has been done by developers to fix it. I guess they just don’t care about this platform.

  20. Used to be decent but the past couple of months the GPS has been slow sometimes causing you to lose orders even if you’re already at the store. Also, most times when an order is canceled you don’t even get a notification the order just disappears and when signing up for shifts it rarely actually saves which leaves you unable to dash unless you watch constantly for it to be busy enough.

  21. If you were to look up failure in the dictionary this app would be under one of the examples. Not sure what DoorDash is doing with their money or how little they’re paying their developers but this app needs a tremendous amount of work. The app crashes constantly, jobs that pop up when clicked on will only show a blank screen until 5 seconds left on the timer then you have to decide whether you want it or not, sometimes the app doesn’t even load at all. Wish they could fix it so I can work

  22. Yesterday’s experience was great, but today I had to force close the dasher app maybe 10 times, if not more, in order to proceed through just one step of an order due to regularly freezing. I also couldnt upload images of deliveries for most of the night because it would get stuck on the image upload screen. It will keep the progress on your order, fine, but I shouldnt have to force close the app to confirm Ive arrived at a store.

  23. Todd Cook dice:

    Genuinely a frustrating experience. The most basic features of this app fail to function regularly. I am constantly contacting support only to be redirected to the common process, which if viable I would not need to contact for. Half of the time the problem resolves itself, thankfully, or else I’m sure the already excessive amounts of time I waste attempting to use this app would be exacerbated further. On top of that, the GPS mapping is nonsensical despite being 3rd party.

  24. I drive full time in WNC, mainly Brevard. The app started crashing so often and won’t restart, I’ve had to reset my whole phone 9 times in 7 hours today alone to get DoorDash to connect. I’ll go back to my home screen and go back to the app and wait 2 minutes and it doesn’t load, I’ll close the app and reopen it and wait 2 minutes and it doesn’t load, I’ll reset my whole phone and reopen the app and it does load. Idk what’s going on but it’s extremely frustrating.

  25. This app has started sending less and less delivery requests, over the last month, and doesn’t even let me know when I get one, until I get the notification saying I missed it. It crashes and freezes on a consistent basis, as of here lately. It’s gotten to the point that when it crashes, I’m having to restart my whole phone, just so I can get back into the app itself, and I’m having to do this about 2-4 times each time I’m able to dash. This is beginning to get ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous….

  26. Dashing is not a bad gig. I enjoyed the work. But the app is so bad right now that I’m no longer going to be a Dasher. 1. The app will work fine for the first few deliveries, but once you’ve gone more than an hour the freezes begin. To the point where I have to call the support line to get an order completed. I have a OnePlus 8 pro so it’s not a hardware issue 2. Likely due to the above performance, this app slaughters battery life. Despite being plugged in, battery still drains. Stay away plz

  27. T. Johns dice:

    Basically they’ve been having some issues with the app and I had to use them in a few years for one. And what the app is doing is you can have an order when you hit Dash along the way you get a order and you can be 15-20 minutes down the highway and then it gives you an order from the area you just left from! To get back to the main screen it goes from three different screens and then you have to go back to the beginning to actually see the order. Too much tapping while driving and an inconvenie

  28. John dice:

    Love being able to go out and make money on my time. Good to do around other work… but the app still needs some help. I would love to see a feature added where I can filter orders so I won’t get an order 20 miles out for $5 (plus an unknown possible no tip). If I could filter at least a dollar per mile or something, maybe my acceptance rate won’t be in the toilet. Also had some issues where the order wouldn’t finish after taking a pic. Connection was fine. Not sure what the deal was.

  29. App malfunctions more than it actually works. I have to turn my phone on airplane mode and then turn it off again and then pray that the app will reset itself so I can complete my orders. Half the time the app will freeze so I can’t do anything. Especially when you’re on a time crunch and need to get to the customers house. It keeps me from seeing customer addresses, etc. The upload picture function at drop off doesn’t work anymore so I have to put handed to customer instead.

  30. Not a great experience with the app so far. Been using this app for about a 2 weeks now with my zFold3 and it runs slower than any app I have EVER put on it. Outer and Inner screen. I have to restart the app several times because it gets stuck on an endless loading screen, and when it does load, it keeps showing “you are ready to dash” screen even after acknowledging it. Please fix this app. As a new dasher, this has been a terrible first impression and I think I speak for the rest of us too.

  31. When it works, it’s great. The problem is it consistently has issues. Will say your dash has been paused when I’m on the app, waiting for orders, I’m in the red zones and I have service. Over and over and over and..well, you get the point. It also resets every time my phone gets plugged in. Please fix these things, because it’d be nice to Actually do this without all of these issues.

  32. Jimmy X dice:

    Often when I start up the app it takes several minutes to load, and sometimes I have to exit out and restart my phone to get it to work. There is often a long pause when I click “complete delivery steps” and I have to click it several times before I can take a picture of the order. I can’t fully see the restaurant pickup time from the dash screen either. Also, an app outage has caused my earnings to not be shown in full, which makes me nervous.

  33. The map font doesn’t work efficiently as it hurts the eyes and you have to keep zooming in to see road names. Very dangerous as I’m likely driving when the order comes in! Things need to be bigger, bolder, smarter. I shouldn’t have to hunt down tiny details while driving. The pickup time needs to be visibly in pickup area. Otherwise, I might be late picking up orders without even realizing.

  34. Disappointed. I can’t even get through the sign up process without the app freezing. The app won’t let my phone focus while taking the driver’s license picture. I’ve tried tapping, bringing my license back and forth to try to get it to focus and nothing. Usually my phone is able to take ID verification photos without issue. Then when I click to retake the picture, the app freezes and crashes.

  35. The app freezes a lot! The screen goes blank I can’t accept an order and even after I close the app and all the other apps on my phone to restart it, it still won’t load and I lose my order THEN the app pauses my dash. Very frustrating! I’ve called customer service and they’re no help. They tell me to restart my phone, uninstall and reinstall the app. I shouldn’t have to do all that. Just fix the app! I’ve lost so much money bc of this. I’m sure it’s not just me this is happening to either.

  36. The lifestyle, it ain’t bad. Some people you meet pretty cool. But the app? Opposite. -buggy and will glitch for so long when you try to do anything. -maps are inaccurate for any apartment complex or hotel location and some restaurants. -inexplicably miss orders that never reach your phone -constantly have to update, restart the app, and your phone during pickup, drop off, and the drive to -THE WORST OF ALL OF IT! is ANYTHING goes wrong with the app. IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT AND WILL BE PENALIZED

  37. Been dashing on and off for 5 years now. Recently, been having serious issues with the app. Crashing, freezing, getting the text of a new order but never seeing it pop up in app to accept. If i go check something, rarely can i “return to dash.” Constantly needing to restart the phone or disconnect then reconnect to data. It’s actually making me go insane. I expect it to work, but it never does. Phone is a New Note20. Not the phone. It’s the app. Fix your app, please.

  38. The new update and overlay is atrocious. Still buggy as all get out. I really do not like how I cannot see what I may be getting myself into before I accept an order. Plus it is almost always struggling when I attempt to complete an order. Having to sit outside the dropoff location while it sorts itself out. Which can take anywhere from a minute to almost five.

  39. Sidney dice:

    As much as I love the work, the bugs make it nearly impossible sometimes. I got unassigned from a delivery that I was actively carrying out because the app was glitching. The app has paused and ended dashes on it’s own, failed to register that I’m in the store, and failed to notify me of deliveries at all. It’s infuriating because I want to do a good job – but these things impact my driver ratings. It’s demoralizing and I hope someone can fix these issues before I commit to a different service.

  40. I’ve worked for doordash for over a year. The app sucks when it comes to shutting down,freezing,sending orders and someone else picks it up. Deliveries WAY outside my area and the app crashes notoriously when you take a picture of the order and it won’t send because of a malfunction with the app. Other than the app itself…thankful for the job.

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