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Discover your next job opportunity on Indeed, the free job search app designed to connect you with better work anytime, anywhere.

Forget the other job search apps. With 12 jobs added every second and smart search filters to quickly narrow in on your ideal role, your next job is at your fingertips.

Whether casually browsing or urgently applying, Indeed has the jobs you want, all in one place, with advanced functionality to help you find work that meet your needs and easily apply from your device.

• Search the comprehensive database to find jobs, which includes employment opportunities posted on other job search sites, and explore recommended roles based on your preferences and work experience.

• Upload your resume or use Indeed’s resume builder to show your best self to employers and let your next job find you.

• Apply with your saved resume to avoid rewriting the same information for each job application during your job search.

• Keep track of applications during your job search and get notified when an employer has read and responded to your application on Indeed.

• Understand what employees think about their workplace with more than 700 million company ratings and reviews.

• Uncover what a job pays before you apply with more than 1.1 billion salaries searchable by job title, company, and location.

• Find jobs with flexible work options using our smart search filters, including: remote jobs, side jobs, freelance jobs, government jobs, part time jobs, and jobs that allow you to work from home or work from anywhere.

No matter where you are in your career, our job search app lets you show your best self, from application to interview. At Indeed, we help people get jobs.

By downloading this app, you agree to Indeed’s Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found at, where you may avail of your rights at any time, including the right to object to the legitimate interest use of your personal data for marketing purposes. You further agree that by downloading this app, Indeed may process, analyze, and record any and all activities you take while using the app and any and all interactions and communications you have with, on, or through the app. We do so in order to optimize user experience and achieve the proper functioning of the app. In order to provide you with certain services and support ad attribution, user data, such as your IP address or other unique identifier and event data related to the installation of the Indeed App, may be shared with certain service providers when you download or install this app.

This is performed for the legitimate interest of allowing Indeed to understand and optimize our users’ complete customer journey by:

– helping us understand how users arrive to Indeed
– better measure the performance of our ads;
– facilitating user logins through third party accounts in certain cases; and
– helping us understand where a user accesses Indeed through different devices

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44 comentarios en "Indeed Job Search 2022"

  1. Davi Clemons dice:

    Could use a visual update. It’s very hard to focus on all the plain black and white text, nothing stands out on any page. The app itself is a bit difficult to navigate. I had to search for the job title because I couldn’t find my way to where the favorited jobs end up. It would be useful if there were certain tabs like “favorited” or “recently viewed” on the home screen.

  2. Michael H dice:

    It is an easy app to use but it is equally frustrating when they show jobs from other states or locations hours away, even if your search criteria is filtered for jobs available locally. I also feel like they allow jobs to be intentionally misleading – “full time” isn’t 40 hours a week, jobs have mandatory overtime but don’t mention it, and so on. It can be quite frustrating.

  3. Dashan Beckett dice:

    Personally it’s very useful, on the go easily being that it’s the phone app of course, resourceful and there when you need it most.! Very informative, guides, directs, even teaches you the way to properly handle not only the app itself, but gives advice on how your profile page, and resume should be and look. If I could I’d take a small corner of a star off only because I don’t agree you should be charged on how and getting a expert on lessons in building your resume and the way it should look.

  4. Somayah Nouruzi dice:

    Super! If you are a job seeker, feeling frustrated, tired of job hunting and are looking for a free, simple and useful job search app that really works and is an ad-free platform, then forget anything else and use Indeed! It’s extremely user-friendly, isn’t a time killer and it really works! I applied to three positions and was asked for interviews for all of them in less than a week! I love it, it really works so damn awesome. Thanks to creators for establishing and developing it!

  5. It’s been working well enough for me so far! I have been experiencing a glitch; when I return to My Jobs after completing an application through one of the links, the previous jobs I’ve already applied to are back on the page. The app only saves applications I’ve already submitted to when I reopen the app. That gets annoying after a while.

  6. The job filter doesn’t work. You can select to ignore specific job titles but they keep coming up. And with the last update when you hide a job listing it automatically pops up to update your job preferences. So it takes double the amount of time to go through all the listings, when half of them should have already been blocked in the first place. Otherwise the app works fine.

  7. The service offered is great but the functionality of the app is frustrating. Very slow to respond compared tomost apps I use. Many times it doesn’t respond to taps. I generally don’t have that issue with other apps. I imagine the response time is due to their servers not able to handle the all the users. Still better than going out there though.

  8. I’ve been hired three times through Indeed (throughout the last 5 years)! A very awesome app that walks you through every single step to getting your perfect resume applied! HUNDREDS of job opportunities await once you are in and they’re all right at your fingertips! I find Indeed to be the most reliable, convenient, and quickest way to find a job besides going out in public and hand-delivering your resume!

  9. Works well enough, but I’ve not tried most of it’s functions. The one thing that is not working for sure is the ability to download my resume. When I view my resume, I hit the menu button and tap download my resume. I’m then presented with a window asking me to visit my settings and add the correct permission there. The storage permission is missing from within settings and thus I’m not able to download my resume.

  10. it’s a good app I’ve landed jobs through it. but I think it could be improved a lot. the options that you set one time at forgotten the next time. also a lot of the search criteria had to be clicked multiple times to take effect. also there are quite a few jobs that claim they are part time, but upon further review you see the shift is only full time. I don’t know if this is the employers or indeed but it’s rather annoying.

  11. It’s a great app for finding the right job for you! The developers have it setup in a way that makes it easy to use, not confusing and enjoyable to navigate. The only issue I’ve noticed recently is postings for jobs that are out of state, when I specifically put in my precise location and to only search for jobs near me. Besides that little glitch, it’s been great! I’ve found good jobs in the past through it and hope to again!

  12. Jordyn dice:

    I have used Indeed every time I have been searching for a job, and I will always recommend it over any other app/website. They make applying for jobs SO simple. They help you create a resume and a cover letter right on the app. Being able to put keywords in the search with a specific location is extremely helpful. Change can be scary, but Indeed is right there to show you how easy it really is. Thank you, Indeed!

  13. I like the app. It’s mostly functional, but one little thing, which is actually kinda big. When reaching out to a prospective employer the job details page covers the message, and you can’t see what you’re typing until the message is sent. Then you find that it was typed entirely backwards. I have to send another message in the midst of the previous embarrassment. Not a good impression. Post Entry. The app is still disfunctional, and I haven’t heard back yet regarding this issue.

  14. It was ok until I upgraded my phone. This app was one of the few apps that didn’t transfer for some reason. When I attempted to log in, my account was wiped from the system. All of my searches are gone, saved jobs, etc. I’m literally having to start all over again. WHERE IS DARK MODE?? For how long this app has been around you would think they would’ve figured it out.

  15. Rae W. dice:

    It’s a great place to find postings, but the UI is annoying. I have to click most links 2-3x before it works. But if I leave the app, for ex. to look up an employer’s address, the app will kick me back to it’s home screen – instead of staying on that job posting. The number of jobs listed in my saved searches is almost never correct once I see the postings. The search radius is not accurate. But the company reviews & info are great. And applying is usually easy, so that’s huge plus.

  16. When you save jobs to the app it doesn’t show them on the desktop website. When logged into the same profile on both devices it shows everything else (profile info, resume, etc) but the saved jobs is blank. This is frustrating because it’s easier to seach for jobs on the app but easier to apply for jobs on the website from a PC. Would be nice if this function could be seamless.

  17. Every time I apply to a position, if I tap return it just brings me back to the application and gets me the “already applied” the only way to break out of this loop is to tap the home button. effectively I have to do a new search every time I want to look for specific positions. Also dealing with “enjoying Indeed?” popup every 10 minutes is very annoying. App is okay other than that.

  18. It really sucks to be constantly bombarded with jobs I’m not qualified for and have vindicated in my job preferences. You can try to filter the results, but it pretty much just ignores your filters as well. Pretty much just like the old days of going through the job listings one by one in the back of a newspaper.

  19. I’ve used this app a lot in my job search but haven’t experienced this issue until recently. When ever I try to download my resume, it asks for storage permission, the only problem with this is that there is no category in the app settings for storage permission. Due to this issue I am left in a never ending loop trying to download my resume and not being able too. This is problematic in that, some employers require you to fill out their internal application and include your resume with it.

  20. Can’t open links in a REAL browser. App developers act like they’ve never used a web browser before or want to multitask. When an app provides its own ‘browser’, we can’t bookmark and we can’t continue using their app until we close their view of the web page. Also, your internal ‘browser’ doesn’t provide half the functionality of a real browser, even mobile ones. Just because you can pretend to be a browser doesn’t mean you should. At least put a setting to let us use a real one.

  21. BfulF dice:

    Until last week, this app was incredible at making the job search and applying process so simple. Indeed is still good, but they made changes to the app recently that has made it useless for me. I now have to login through a browser and use the web version instead. App no longer has a report button, no longer has location info, pay info, benefits info, and more. I love indeed, and the app used to be identical to the version on the web browser. If it is fixed, I will adjust my review.

  22. TheMacFam dice:

    Was working fine for over a year and within the last 2 weeks it suddenly doesn’t work properly. So here’s specifically what is not working at all. I’m an employer and when people apply for a job I have had a couple of message templates saved that I use as a reply. Now, when I press message to respond to candidates, the scroll down is completely empty and doesn’tshow any of my saved templates. It also doesn’t anything at all, there’s nit even any possibility to create a new message response.

  23. Trying to apply for virtually any job is just exhausting. The amount of tedious tests i have to take and retake and manually send the results to is frustrating to say the least. I don’t have time to take a 15 minute test while in the middle of the job I’m trying to get out of. If this one thing was changed it would boost the experience of trying to use this app by a lot, but as it stands it’s just tiring and frustrating to deal with for every single application i try to send.

  24. The app used to work at the beginning of 2022 but lately it appears to have a lot of issues. Clicking buttons won’t load anything and I kept getting asked if I was satisfied with the app every time I logged in or was in the middle of of scrolling or clicking a job post. That pop-up was very aggravating as it happened way too many times even when I said I wasn’t enjoying the app. Indeed has been my primary place to apply to jobs and I’m going to use other platforms now. I’m not happy.

  25. Great place to look for jobs, but the UI is HORRIBLE and often doesn’t work. Every time I apply for a job and tap the return to job search button it just sends me back to the same screen I was just on. Every time I search for a keyword the buttons don’t do anything. I would love to search for jobs on here but it seems like whoever designed the UI just doesn’t want me to

  26. Job hunting is easy on here, but sometimes the app breaks and just becomes useless. Like, sometimes a job I deleted still shows up in my saved jobs, even after refreshing or closing the app. Other times the apply button breaks and won’t let me apply to a job and then the rest of the app is stuck on that page. Same thing, won’t fix itself even after refreshing or closing the app.

  27. the absolute best way to apply for jobs! I love this app. it’s incredibly easy to use and once you build your resume, you can fill out apps with just a push of a button. no more endless hours of filling out applications. no more giving up on an application because your phone didn’t save information or tweak out and leave the page. indeed is the only place I will go to find work when I need to. I love it!!

  28. The reason for my bad review is based on the horribly coded software, making the messaging on indeed basically useless. It doesn’t let me enter more than two spaces between paragraphs, even when/if I enter 4 spaces. To make matters even worse, none of my sent messages are being shown. I’ve sent/retyped a message to a prospective employer multiple times and each time I return to the message after backing out, it says that the employer is still waiting for my reply… One of the worst apps ever.

  29. Unable to download resumes. All instructs to enable storage permission in Android settings but when you go to do so, there’s no option for storage permission. Must not be a part of the requested permissions from the app developer. Also the home page is for job seekers but I have an employer account with a job posting. Many clicks to get to the list of candidates to review.

  30. Constant bugs. Never get notifications for messages received from employers even when my phone has them turned on. Trying to edit my profile is even worse just constantly moves the cursor around and I can’t type a full sentence. Over half the jobs in my search end up being from out of state. The ones that claim they’re remote end up only being remote for out of state. I’m litterally 1600 miles away from about 75% of the jobs that end up recommend to me.

  31. Jake dice:

    App was great, but now it’s not. When you try to edit your resume, the keyboard will not stay open when you’re attempting to edit the body of a section. This makes it completely unusable for updating your resume. When you try to download your resume, it asks for storage permissions, which have already been granted. I’ve been a big fan of Indeed, but I’ll now be forced to use something else that functions properly.

  32. Using this app is so frustrating. The way it’s set up, with cards for jobs instead of a list, means that every card pops back up with every new page and then takes several seconds to realize I closed it. More annoying, it never saves my searches. I think it’s because I use a VPN, but it still thinks I live in Los Angeles, even when I’m connected to, say, the Netherlands. Sometimes the list gets stuck, and it won’t let me select the job I wanted. There’s also no way to eliminate remote jobs.

  33. I definitely prefer indeed over SnagAJob for instance, but there are some issues I’ve had with the app. Such as not getting notifications when employers message me, so I miss out on potential job opportunities. Not knowing how to edit or delete different things on my profile. Seeing listings for other STATES. Not areas, states. Things that are easily fixable. Overall it’s a good job hunting app.

  34. The app used to be good, now it doesn’t function. There’s a constant message about the web browser being outdated, however I’m using the app, not the web. I can’t sort, search, or select a job posting. I can only scroll down the postings listed and refresh for an updated list. Indeed need to fix their app bugs. If not, there’s no need for me to continue having it take space on my device.

  35. The app has great suggestions but it keeps glitching, the search bar will not open for about 2-5 minutes. When it does open the key board won’t be compatible with the search bar wich makes it extremely difficult. I will not forget to mention when I click the application to read about it takes along time to load, after it loads my phone glitches out. I’ve tried updating it and resetting it and it refuses to work. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  36. I like the computer much better than the app of course because navigation is difficult and the computer you can see much more. However you are at is far more compatible then your competition. I will assume that some of the functions you have are proprietary and maybe they are not able to use them. However I would hope that they could come up with something. Anyway that said navigation is what gave you your ratings.

  37. Many many server errors that last for up to an hour. I just close it and try my job search later in the day. Where I live I need to map each location. When I leave to go to Google maps and come back to indeed the app refreshes every time and I lose the job I was on. I have to save each job so I don’t lose it . Very inefficient. Used to be a great job search tool.

  38. Every time I’m moving to a new area, Indeed is the app I pull up first. It always gives you a good idea of what normal wages are for your career in different areas, and personalizes all results based on what you’ve searched before. I don’t even need to look up the job I’m looking for anymore, I just pick an area and they come up before any others. Wonderful system, wonderful results, wonderful app. 👏

  39. This app has been getting worse at filtering jobs by location out. I see too many either no where close to my search location or too many on the road which those companies are no where near. The distant miles doesn’t save. I have to set it every time. Too many job searches pop up that require qualifications I don’t have and there isn’t a way to filter that out that I can see. It’s just terrible anymore. It is starting to be as bad as search engines giving the opposite search results.

  40. Started great, but in the last week or two the app crashes every time I filter a search or try to submit an application. Crash may not be the right word, but it returns an error and won’t leave the error screen. I can’t even report the error in the app because the error prevents any navigation away from the error screen. Just access indeed in a browser, honestly.

  41. Indeed is a great app to search for jobs. I have applied for many many jobs on it while looking to change my career path. It is one of the best sites with current job listings and there are many options to filter and sort what you are looking for plus they’ll help you build your resume. They also have professional help to look over your resume but I believe that costs money I’ve never used it.

  42. I’ve noticed some issues that need addressing. The filter for job search location doesn’t always seem to work. I’ve also noticed that messaging seems broken as well. I can receive a message but if I respond to it the sender never gets back. This has happened a number of times, including an instance of the messages being only a minute apart.

  43. The app is pretty good and does what it is supposed to do, and I generally have no complaints; however, it would be a lot better if the specific details you chose in your search strictly applied. Meaning if you choose your city in the narrowing-down options, it would only show jobs for that area, not in different cities. Other than that, it’s very useful.

  44. I enjoy this app. I think it’s easy to use. I have other competitors and some are a little harder to navigate or not as friendly to navigate or how the layout is. I think this layout is a lot easier to use and they show you the zip code or city and salary per hour or week or year at the front page of each job and easy to automatically apply most of the job applications on indeed

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