Citrix Workspace MODDED 2022

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Access apps, desktops and files on any device
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The new Citrix Workspace app (formerly known as Citrix Receiver) provides a great user experience – a secure, contextual, and unified workspace – on any device. It gives you instant access to all your SaaS and web apps, your mobile and virtual apps, files, and desktops from an easy-to-use, all-in-one interface powered by Citrix Workspace services.

Using your mobile and virtualized applications, files and desktops is faster and easier than ever. Just ask your IT department how to get started.
• Work on your favorite device from wherever you are
• Access email or other corporate applications
• Access your files, apps, desktop from your phone, tablet, or all in one from a unified view
• Provide single sign on capabilities with Citrix SecureHub and Citrix Files.

Client Drive Mapping Virtual Channel:
Client drive mapping (CDM) allows plug-and-play storage devices in a session. This means that you can use your local device storage or mass storage devices(for example, pen drives) to copy and paste documents between the session and the user device.

Location and Sensor Virtual Channel:
This virtual channel allows Workspace to redirect sensor information to applications running on server. For example, applications can use accelerometer data to drive 3D-modelling application, use ambient light level to control the brightness of the screen, use location data to alter behavior of application, and so on.

Support for Citrix Ready workspace hub:
Built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform, the Citrix Ready workspace hub provides a secure connection to authorized apps and data. Citrix Workspace app for Android supports user authentication to Citrix Ready workspace hubs as an experimental feature. This allows authenticated users to cast their sessions to a hub. The feature is disabled by default.
Note: Location permission is required for the Citrix Ready workspace hub experimental feature. You can deny this permission if there are no workspace hubs present.

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If your company doesn’t use Citrix yet, you can install Citrx Workspace app and request a demo account by “Try the demo” in Citrix Workspace app.

For more information about Citrix Workspace app, visit the product documentation


- This release addresses issues that help to improve overall performance and stability.


4 comentarios en "Citrix Workspace MODDED 2022"

  1. Roscoe Ailiff dice:

    Workspace continues to get better. My WebEx calls are good with voice and video. SLACK calls don’t work so well anymore they just continue to ring and never connect even though myself or the other party has connected. However, most things work well and look forward to it continuing to get better. Note, I just downloaded the latest version and will update this should I have any issues.

  2. Nick C dice:

    This app is decent. However, why can’t the dropdown-arrow menu be moved around, like on the ipad app? Many android devices have OLED screens. Having an app with a static icon is not ideal, as it could cause burn in on the screen. Ideally, there would be a way to hide the arrow menu entirely with a shortcut key. The second best option would be the ability to move the arrow around, like on ipad, so at least the static image is not always in the same place. The android app gives no option. 3 stars

  3. Heather Mauney dice:

    It can take an inordinate amount of troubleshooting and luck to get it to connect and actually run programs, yet when it finally opens it is very difficult to get it to respond to commands on anything other than a desktop computer. Something that should take two seconds or less, such as selecting an option on the screen, can easily take 5 minutes or more. It is an excellent idea in theory, but very time consuming and overly demanding in its specifications for use in practice.

  4. T S dice:

    The keyboard and auto zoom and centering has a complete mind of its own. One second the keyboard is up, the next its gone. Clicking on certain boxes causes the window to auto zoom and center – just all bizarre behaviors and I cant figure out what triggers them. The gestures are unique to this app and don’t really follow the norms of mobile interfaces in terms of scroll and zoom. I just want the screen to remain in the full view with the keyboard pinned, please just make this a checkbox option.

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