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Find jobs on Indeed, the job search app built to help you every step of the way. Get free access to millions of job postings, personalize your search, connect with employers and submit job applications—all from the Indeed app.

From search to apply, Indeed’s app helps you through the entire process of finding the job that’s right for you.

Search by job title, company, salary, and location
Find full-time, part-time, contract, freelance and internship positions
Tailor your search to view new postings added since your last visit
Explore new jobs Indeed suggests specifically for you

Follow companies to get their latest job postings
Let employers find you by uploading your resume and creating an account
See which jobs you’ve visited, saved, and applied to
Create alerts to get notified about specific jobs

Use the Career Guide to prepare for all stages of your job search process
Get free access to millions of company reviews
See how users score companies on work happiness
Review salaries for job titles by company and location before you apply

Use your Indeed Resume to easily apply to jobs from the app
Personalize a message for each job before applying
Message employers to ask a question or highlight qualifications
Track your application status for multiple jobs

By downloading this app, you agree to Indeed’s Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service found at, where you may avail of your rights at any time, including the right to object to the legitimate interest use of your personal data for marketing purposes. You further agree that by downloading this app, Indeed may process, analyze, and record any and all activities you take while using the app and any and all interactions and communications you have with, on, or through the app. We do so in order to optimize user experience and achieve the proper functioning of the app. In order to provide you with certain services and support ad attribution, user data, such as your IP address or other unique identifier and event data related to the installation of the Indeed App, may be shared with certain service providers when you download or install this app.

This is performed for the legitimate interest of allowing Indeed to understand and optimize our users’ complete customer journey by:

– helping us understand how users arrive to Indeed
– better measure the performance of our ads;
– facilitating user logins through third party accounts in certain cases; and
– helping us understand where a user accesses Indeed through different devices

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40 comentarios en "Indeed Job Search MODDED 2022"

  1. I like browsing for jobs on my phone during down-time. There are some quirks when browsing. if you apply and push the back arrow it seems confused and hangs some times. Some jobs seem to disappear while others don’t. It tries to be smart and offer more of the same jobs you click. This is nice for specialist but can make it not show other career paths a person had not considered, but might be interested in switching to.

  2. Edit — App has gotten 10x WORSE! I can’t even open it at this point and get an error. I like using indeed but at this point it is absolutely impossible. *** Every time I try to use a filter to narrow the search I get a blank page. I’ll try it multiple times and sometimes I’ll get the results but mostly I don’t. Makes searching almost impossible. Also, the mile radius is WAY off with this app. Just updated the app and still having the same issues.

  3. Honestly, it’s a very helpful and convenient way to look for a job/career/side gig etc. especially if you have little time or are trying to find another job while working. Powerful app that makes finding jobs relatively easy. One new addition to the app includes the integration of a great widget for your fast reviewing at a glance. Try it out, if you don’t like it, uninstall.

  4. Has helped me get multiple interviews with good companies. The app itself is clean and the tests you can take to show off “skills” is very clever. It shows you for what you know and can do, not what you look like. I haven’t had any memorable bugs in about 8 or 9 months. Notifications to my phone about jobs that were just posted that I may be interested is also a great touch!

  5. The app needs improvement. Most of the job suggestions that they keep throwing at me are well outside of the geographic range that I gave. And when I eliminate the job, and give feedback, it does no good. I get emails through the app from employers outside of my geographic range. Because it’s showing my resume to employers from outside of my geographic range. This issue needs to be fixed.

  6. It was so easy to upload my resume and let indeed do the rest! If a job is interesting to you, just click the apply button, and indeed guides you through the process. I also like the skills assessment, as well as the other tools that assist you while using the app. I’ve lined up several interviews through the indeed message center. I’m enjoying the process instead of dreading it.Thanks Indeed!

  7. It’s nice for seeing jobs in my area… However, I REALLY wish it was like the desktop website, where you can filter how far away you want to search for your jobs at, and fine tune the results… The app feels pretty bare bones… I wish I could recommend this app, however, the desktop site has the app beat! Will update my stars when my voice is heard, and these features come over from the desktop!

  8. For some reason, recently, when I click on a job posting or even the next page button, it gives me an error 520 page. Saying it’s the host error. Also, when I’m finished applying for a job I have to push the back button 5/6 times to get out of blank pages to my original search. Probably need an updated version to fix those bugs.

  9. JFKwasAFK dice:

    It’s nice to be able to apply to jobs from my phone. However, pressing the “Back to Job Search” button does not function the same way it does on desktop which is pretty annoying. On the app, it just takes you back to the job listing you just applied for, while on desktop, it takes you back to your search results.

  10. I love the simplicity of getting my resume onto the screens of hiring managers. After uploading my own resume as a PDF, often times I only need to answer 1-4 simple questions, hit submit, and my application is sent to the employer! Has certainly made my job search experience so much more efficient 👏 Occasionally, the app will freeze/glitch and I have to close out and come back into it–but I see this as a small inconvenience compared to how much it has streamlined my application process

  11. Alex Lee dice:

    Decent overall, but they need to fix some bad design choices. It doesn’t make any sense that the distance resets to the maximum value when you hit the home button despite the city remaining, and the distance slider doesn’t appear until you superfluously hit the search icon. Also, a minor annoyance, but they’re very “current thing” with the corporate virtue signaling. Can we assume they don’t care about all things they don’t add to their logo, like child slavery or genocide?

  12. Works well for what it is, definitely could use more filter options like having or not having a driver’s license, that way you could reduce the amount of non-relevant listings sent to you. For the most part though it is a great app with visually appealing resumes that are easy to create however it would be nice to be able to download the resumes you uploaded previously back to your computer or device.

  13. Sage dice:

    Aggravating bug when adding new filter to search, going back to search results from a listing, or going to next page. It basically just goes to the bottom of the page and you lose your place in your searches if you are going back from looking at a listing or if you’re adding a filter to your job search. Makes the app around a third less efficient than it should be–wastes a lot of the user’s time.

  14. it’s just a mobile version of their website. calling it an app is generous. Clicking on back to search results don’t work if you accessed the job from the Home screen. Search is text and location only so you can’t put in salary, remote preferred, etc. and I haven’t yet figured out how to get it to notify you from the app for job postings. it seems you have to route it to your email. the whole reason of having an app is to get direct notifications.

  15. Jo jo dice:

    You’re unable to filter by certain requirements. For example, many require a driver’s licenses, it’d be nice if I could filter those out and filter by if a job provides training. Also, for remote jobs, you can’t put no location, you can add “remote” to location but it doesn’t always show actual remote jobs. Also listing the pay should be a requirement for employers. Lastly, being able to ask questions on the job listing would be amazing

  16. I agree they are a very good source to get a job through but the app, could be better, takes you back to back your application you just put in for. And messages stay on there reguardless if you seen them or not. New alerts about these could show up somewhere in your phone and options are there to but you have to search forever or just happen to stumble on them from out of no where. Thanks for getting me jobs. It does do that. 🙃🙂

  17. I thought all those ads were super cheesy, but honestly, indeed makes applying to jobs quick and easy. I moved to a new area and have been actively using the app for 2 weeks. Once you start to tune your profile, interviews start to pop up and it gets quicker and easier. It is a very functional app and I’m thankful for it!

  18. Shovah dice:

    Godawful experiences, terrible inconsistent and incomplete job postings, and filters that don’t work properly. Here’s a short lesson: Remote means Remote, No experience means no experience, Near my location means NOT OUT OF STATE. Don’t waste your time with this app, you’d find better work by walking into random buildings looking for applications.

  19. In the middle of working on a job application, I’m randomly redirected to the job search page, losing all application process and that job vanishing. Over and over again. I can’t even apply via the app anymore. I would give 0 stars for that alone, if I could. Jobs falsely listed as remote when they’re really hybrid or in office. There should be a distinction. Job searches for remote jobs always return non remote jobs, as well. App needs more reflective salary range filters.

  20. I updated my review recently to give a more positive one as they had fixed quiet a few bugs. Once I posted, the app started to have issues logging in and staying logged in, the app would also sign me out while not in use, making me miss job offers. It has also decided that instead of showing jobs for the city I live in, it is showing offers a state and a half away, it won’t let me fix this. I’ve had to pull my app for several places once I noticed this, be aware the app isn’t perfect….

  21. Great experience on Indeed app. Found a job perfect for me as soon as I opened the app. I was able to apply for said job quickly, and easily without a bunch of stupid ads, popups and suggestions. App let me be me and do exactly what I wanted when I wanted. It was also extremely easy to both view and edit my resume. 5/5 would definitely recommend 👍

  22. R F dice:

    Great results but app is so SLOOOOWWW! Glassdoor, LinkedIn run much smoother and faster. Easy Apply is nice. However, so many jobs listed as remote that aren’t at all and they do not take down the reported inaccurate postings. Automatic Geolocation in the app is wildly inaccurate for me and I have to manually specify my locale with no option to set my location once manually in profile. Flagged posts are the same as doing nothing at all. Reporting inaccuracies is an excercise in futility.

  23. Indeed crashes repeatedly saying Unable to establish Internet connection which is false. The Internet connection is fine. I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and I get the same result. Now I am forced to only use the desktop app which is good but I need to use the mobile app. Not sure what has happened but I am very frustrated.

  24. Could use a visual update. It’s very hard to focus on all the plain black and white text, nothing stands out on any page. The app itself is a bit difficult to navigate. I had to search for the job title because I couldn’t find my way to where the favorited jobs end up. It would be useful if there were certain tabs like “favorited” or “recently viewed” on the home screen.

  25. You’d think being such a popular hiring service they’d be able to hire someone to redesign their horribly clunky app. Sure it works and can get you a job, but the app itself could be a lot more smooth to operate. The back button in the upper left doesn’t work right half the time, and hitting the back button on my phone kicks me to the home screen.

  26. I can no longer get access to me messages. All is says is that it failed to load. I tried on the app and also on the website and neither worked. The back button doesn’t work and its pretty slow sometimes. As well as I can’t figure out how to contact customer support to fix the messages issue. I am still giving it a 3 because it has helped a lot in getting me jobs and interviews.

  27. Michael H dice:

    It is an easy app to use but it is equally frustrating when they show jobs from other states or locations hours away, even if your search criteria is filtered for jobs available locally. I also feel like they allow jobs to be intentionally misleading – “full time” isn’t 40 hours a week, jobs have mandatory overtime but don’t mention it, and so on. It can be quite frustrating.

  28. This app has helped me land every job I ever WANTED the past 2 years. I created a free resume through one of the features. I move/travel a lot, and it’s so convenient to search for jobs with Indeed. If I apply to 3-4 different places, I always get a call to set an inter from at least 2 of the jobs within twenty four hours. It’s exciting!

  29. The employer side needs a lot of work. The app always brings me back to the top of the list while scrolling through candidates after I’ve clicked on a resume and go back it takes me to the top. It will also take be back to the job posting all together. Very frustrating. The desktop site works well. Mobile needs work.

  30. ED dice:

    The app is really easy to follow and very responsive. There are a couple of glitches as far as messaging person to person or, applicant to employer whereas, the messages don’t always go through until a day later. Other than that, the features offered and identity security are most reassuring and enjoyable.

  31. Super glitchy. Used to save my searches and will for a time. But then will completely delete all of them and I have to start over. I don’t like the setup. It was changed a while ago. I gave it a chance, but it’s terrible compared to the previous setup (didn’t have to click a tab to go to your searches). All around, the app has just gone downhill. Constantly says there are new jobs in my saved searches but when I click on it, there are none.

  32. Eisley J dice:

    Great job search app with a decent interface to get started if you are new to the workforce. Indeed provides basic tools to create a basic resume, however if you are looking for a truly professional resume, I’d recommend going elsewhere. The app has alot of trouble when it comes to filtering out jobs that interest you if you are looking for jobs outside of your current residence. There’s no way to change the filter if you are looking for jobs 50+ miles from where you currently live.

  33. It’s horrendously slow. I’m not using a sluggish device, snapdragon 845 and 8gb ram. If I click on a job post it takes literally 10-15 seconds for it to open it. Sometimes I think the app froze but if I wait long enough it will load something. It’s borderline unusable at all. Other apps work fine, it’s not my device. I have to click on a job post and put my phone down for a few and then I can pick it up and read a job description. It’s absurd.

  34. Personally it’s very useful, on the go easily being that it’s the phone app of course, resourceful and there when you need it most.! Very informative, guides, directs, even teaches you the way to properly handle not only the app itself, but gives advice on how your profile page, and resume should be and look. If I could I’d take a small corner of a star off only because I don’t agree you should be charged on how and getting a expert on lessons in building your resume and the way it should look.

  35. The app is ok mostly, but there’s no way to contact them if you have an issue that isn’t covered in their support pages. I keep seeing jobs from a town I moved away from several months ago and have to keep resetting my location and distance. Definitely something that needs to be fixed. Also, when I select that I want to see part time positions, the app shows part and full time.

  36. Super! If you are a job seeker, feeling frustrated, tired of job hunting and are looking for a free, simple and useful job search app that really works and is an ad-free platform, then forget anything else and use Indeed! It’s extremely user-friendly, isn’t a time killer and it really works! I applied to three positions and was asked for interviews for all of them in less than a week! I love it, it really works so damn awesome. Thanks to creators for establishing and developing it!

  37. This app interface needs a lot of work. The settings for the app are not customizable and the standard search is inaccurate. The website and app are different which is odd considering they should be the exact same. The delay in receiving notifications is very annoying. When I receive a message before 5pm some days I won’t receive a notification from the app until after 10pm and some days it is within 30 minutes. Either way it is inaccurate. I prefer the website.

  38. Easy to navigate, find local jobs, and makes communication with potential employers very easy. Indeed takes the stress out of filling out multiple applications by saving your personal information, resume, cover letters, etc and having them readily available when you need them. I have never experienced problems with the app crashing or any major glitching. I feel like my information is safe after many years of using Indeed, I’ve never received unsolicited calls due to lack of security on my info.

  39. H I dice:

    Clicking ‘return to search’ does not work. It takes you to some random page, and NOT the results you searched for. I’ve been complaining about this for years. Too many staffing places who just want sign ups. I’ve been complaining about this for years. Pressing the back button exits the app. Customer service keeps telling me to unimstall/reinstall. Such a drag. App is trash, and filled with random gigs vs real jobs.

  40. Andrew dice:

    It’s user experience could get some improvement. When you apply to a job, and you try to go back, it takes four to five tries for the app to actually take you to the job feed page. It happens every time and gives the app a clunky feel. Now, if you decline a position, you aren’t given a space to write why you are declining, it just takes the job right out of your messages and archives it.

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