Via Driver MODDED 2022


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Download the app and sign up today to start earning!

Choose when and how much you want to drive.

Say goodbye to guesswork. We’ll send you hourly rates — and special promos — in advance, so you can plan ahead.

You’re not on the road alone — Via’s Live Support team offers 24/7 assistance, and you’ll be connected with a real person, too.

We take people where they need to go in the most efficient way possible, and riders are picked up on nearby corners — which means fewer unnecessary detours.

Don’t have an account yet? Download the app and click on “sign up”. Qualified drivers will be invited to complete their registration and get on the road with Via!

Want to ride instead? Download the Via Rider app.

The Via Driver app required up to 2GB of data per month.
As the app provides navigation services, it is essential for the GPS to run in the background while you are driving with Via in order to provide continuous navigation.


We constantly update and improve our app to make sure our valued Driver Partners have the best experience possible. To get started and join Team Via, apply online at Qualified drivers will be invited to complete their registration, download the Via Driver app, and get on the road with Via!


4 comentarios en "Via Driver MODDED 2022"

  1. Bev Stone dice:

    This app consistently stops working, the app eats through the battery, it freezes or seizes up the phone. I have a new phone so it’s not my phone. About half the time it’ll tell you to go left verbally and right with the arrow or vice versa. Other times the screen just goes black and the person keeps talking. Most recently I get the text that there are shifts available but when I go to the app said shifts are not on the calendar.

  2. Melvin Cook dice:

    I have an Android phone and it is approaching a couple of years old. The issue that I’m having is when I try to take pictures so I can begin my rental it simply goes back to the main screen. More than likely when I upgrade my phone this will resolve the issues. But in the meantime I have no work around and always have to call customer service just so I can start my rental, all while I have passengers that are awaiting my arrival. Messy. Phone specs help.

  3. Cody V. dice:

    This app for us Drivers in SLC was said to be a major improvement. There are some new features compared to the last app we had, but overall it has a lot more glitches, bugs, & issues. It uses a lot more Data to run than the last one too. The scheduling portion makes it VERY DIFFICULT to know if/when a selected shift is actually grabbed or not. The whole of the app does not have a way to “reset” like other apps by going into “Recent Apps” or “Open Apps”, closing it, and going back in.

  4. Sharon Bradford-Montgomery dice:

    Worst company ever. No live support at all. You have to text or email them for everything. App is always losing signal (while other app are still working), so you have to restart your phone each time. App does not offer the capability to end ride if rider gets out early, if you are too far from the indicated dropoff location. You will get a message letting you know that. People who work in Chicago office never can answer questions. If I could give them less than 1 star, I would.

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