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Crew connects your entire distributed workforce from the frontline to corporate leadership, unifying communications, streamlining scheduling, and making operations hum. Join for free.

Read why customers, operators, and teams LOVE Crew:

– “Being able to communicate and engage with our frontline workforce is absolutely critical to our success. With Crew, we can reach every team member with important information at the touch of a button, and that is invaluable at our size and scale.” – Steve Plank (CTO, Taco Bell Corporate, 10,000+ employees)

– “Operators have so much on their plates—they can’t add more. Crew takes away the steps that shouldn’t be there, so they can focus on what they do best.” – Mazen Albatarseh (VP Operations & Chief People Officer, Tacala, 8,000+ employee Taco Bell operator)

– “Crew helps employees engage, feel like part of the organization, and know their role is important – all of which mitigates turnover. This platform is taking our communication to a level we didn’t know was possible.” – Trevor Parris (Director of Compliance & Reporting, Affinity Living Group, 4,100+ employees)

Tens of thousands of teams across every industry use Crew every day to support:

• Engage employees with top-down announcements in a familiar chat-like interface
• Send messages to everyone, specific groups or have conversations 1:1
• Connect your entire team without exchanging phone numbers
• See exactly who’s read your messages
• Send unlimited photos and videos
• Know who’s on-site with Location-based groups
• Survey employees to keep a pulse on sentiment and get real-time feedback
• Reflect your organization’s hierarchy and control multi-team communication
• Engage all of your distributed workforce from a single, system-level dashboard

• Distribute work schedules to everyone’s phones at anytime
• Easily get shift coverage or pick-up extra shifts
• Get shift reminders and allow employees to track wages
• Track and manage when employees are available to work

• Give kudos, say thank you and recognize great work with Gold Stars
• Inspire your employees and build a productive team culture
• Implement a custom recognition program with customized badges and awards

• Share and manage files (including photos, videos, and documents) with your coworkers
• Assign tasks to coworkers and get notified when they’re completed

• Enterprise-level data encryption and security with the ability to wipe company data from devices of terminated employees
• Prevent inappropriate content automatically with Content filters
• Protect team members from harassment with advanced user blocking and content moderation controls
• Protect your organization from liability by creating and enforcing your own opt-in, usage, and conduct policies
• Prevent messages from being sent to team members while off-the-clock
• Advanced user suspension and message flagging features to ensure team members always have access to productive and accurate information
• Measure and enforce the timeliness of schedule postings to remain compliant with labor regulations (EOC, Fair Work Week, etc.)

• Scheduling & rostering (including Kronos, Infor, UltiPro, and more)
• Insights & workflow (including Square, Docusign, Zendesk, and more)
• Communications & benefits (including Facebook, Slack, Qualtrics, and more)

Visit to learn more about Crew’s digital workplace platform for businesses large and small.

Crew is fully committed to your privacy. Your data is encrypted, and will not be shared or sold to any third-party, period.

Use Crew for free with your team or if you’re interested, we offer in-app purchases of auto-renewing subscriptions for Crew Pro, which includes a set of additional manager-oriented features including enhanced permissions and controls.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:


This release fixes numerous bugs reported by users like you.

If you see something that looks off, email us at [email protected]. Also, please consider leaving a review for us. It really helps.


40 comentarios en "Crew Messaging and Scheduling MODDED 2022"

  1. Emmett J dice:

    This app would be so much better if I could send videos without filming them through the app. I use my phone camera a lot for work, but I don’t have any easy ways to send video! You can film through the app, but I usually have to move quick to capture the moment, so it’s not really an option most of the time. Edit: I’m also realizing that if you have the app open in your phone you WILL NOT receive any notifications from any chats. This is an issue on Android as well as iOS. Please fix!

  2. this app is great! i like the features that are available. however, there is one thing that frustrates me to no end. when updating my availability, i cannot switch apps or let my screen turn off before hitting the save button. if i do either of these things, i lose what i had just edited and updated. this is very frustrating because i switch between crew and my calendar quite often, and having to click the save button every time is annoying.

  3. Been using this app for months, and in general it’s been helpful, minus the odd issue (messages not appearing as read, telling me I’ve got notifications from another group when there’s nothing there, etc.). All of a sudden my posts don’t appear, pictures don’t load, messages from others might appear and might not. I cleared the data, uninstalled, reinstalled, and now I’m getting an unknown error when I try to sign up again. Not cool when I use this for work.

  4. The text on files is blurry for anyone using Android. This is the case for everyone in our organization. iPhone users don’t have this problem, and the text looks very sharp. Tested on PDF, Excel, and Word docs, all with the same results. Also, small complaint, but you can’t change the notification sound. It just uses the system default.

  5. Makes it easy to communicate with my team but I wish it were possible to delete individual chats. Also, when people leave the organization the notification stays pinned to the top of the app under “other connections” and there’s no way to get rid of it. Another thing that would be nice is if functions like get shift coverage or view today were pinned to the top instead of hiding somewhere in the middle of all the conversations I have open. Announcements are always at the top, these should be too

  6. Crew App is a purpose-built program that allows you to communicate directly with your work group (or any other group you set up). You can post pictures, share schedule availability, and write messages, to coordinate events easily, or just to generally stay in touch. It’s a very efficient app. The user interface is easy to understand, and it doesn’t advertise unrelated junk you don’t want. There’s not much to improve on in this one.

  7. It’s been very useful to have at work to communicate with everyone at once. The fact that you can turn it on and off depending on if you are actually there or not makes it much better than a group text! I also love that it keeps your groups separate. I’m in multiple groups with the same name (large company with multiple locations) and I have a tab separating them in to different screens so I consciously know who I’m talking to before I send a message out.

  8. Crew is ok for a team of 2 or 3 people. A team of 4 or more may need a better solution. It just seems like this app was created by someone who had a good idea but lacks insight into what is truly necessary for quick team communication and scheduling on the go. I hope they start listening (and responding) to the reviews of others and make some improvements. It has a lot of potential if someone at Crew would just listen (and respond) to the unhappy users and take action.

  9. Works but is glitchy. Can’t type more than 2 or 3 sentences before it starts wigging out and jumping around and freezing up on me. And more often than not, I have to force stop the app to get my messages to go through or to recieve them. Not worth it, especially if this is persistent with the paid version. Not to mention there is no option to delete old messages, so your phone is constantly using more and more memory for it. Had to delete multiple apps to make more room for this app messaging.

  10. I’m pretty frustrated with this app (that is used at my work, so I have no choice). I have it set for all messages to make a sound and pop on the screen. But many have not — and I’ve missed some really important notifications — like the announcement of a meeting. I ended up missing the meeting!. I don’t know what else to do to make sure that I am alerted about ALL MESSAGES!!??

  11. It’s broken. I love the app and what it can do. However, since tge latest update, it’s just absolute junk. It feeezes. It crashes. I’ve had to uninstall/reinstall no less than twice a day since this update. The app itself is fantastic when it works. It just no longer works reliably. (Samsung S9+)

  12. Crew was working perfectly up until a few weeks ago, now it’s almost impossible to navigate it on the app. Every time I’m looking at the calendar at a week that is not the current day, it skips back up to today’s date in the calendar every time I make a single change to the day I actually want to work with, or if my screen turns off. Also if you type a message that is longer than a few sentences, the app freezes up and makes it impossible to finish your message. Please fix this!!

  13. Invited 2 stores worth of associates only to have the video feature not work. I tried both attaching from my phone and using the video option on the app itself. Neither worked. Error message that comes up can not even be opened to see the rest of the message ” video can not be sent because it is…..” that’s all I am able to see. Great, thanks !

  14. I can no longer access the app after the last update. I already was unable to upload schedules correctly (I reached out about that but never heard back) and now I can’t get in at all. It won’t send the text with the pin to log in. I can get the call to work but it crashes the app and then I have to start all over. Very frustrating as this is the main way to communicate with my coworkers.

  15. Amanda dice:

    The only issue I have with the app is with the notifications. I have some group chats muted on my days off, and choose the “until I cancel” option. However, I still get one or two notifications a day from the muted chats. For example, I just got a notification that a “new” post was made. When I checked it, the message was posted four hours ago. So the notifications are still occurring and aren’t even accurate.

  16. The app is very buggy. It will constantly mis-state information in the home menu or on my lock screen. I constantly mis-click on tabs and the keyboard does weird things. Sending a picture is very difficult, but the feature is there. It’s free and doesn’t have ads, though, so… it’s got that going for it.

  17. This app works great. I run a program with many staff, at 3 different sites. It works great because I can message information, schedule changes, etc, with ine message. You get to see who sees your messages, and who doesn’t. You can send out uplifting quotes to staff. Staff can also talk to each other. It’s a GREAT way of veing together without physically being together.

  18. M Nidran dice:

    Only using this app because I have to. As soon as my job switches to something else I’m going to burn my phone and go live in the woods. Keeping everything organized between multiple organizations and 200+ people is beyond frustrating. Trying to keep track of separate one-on-one chats with multiple people is incredibly difficult. There does not seem to be any option to delete old conversations even after clearing the message history. I have about 1500 more characters of complaints but unfortunat

  19. What a horribly broken app. Example… The “calender” icon takes me to a date two weeks or so in the PAST. WHY? It took me a few minutes to figure out that the schedule I had posted could be accessed through the “calendar” icon. As there isn’t a simple “schedule” icon. Seems like a tragic oversight for an app based on getting a team their schedules. What a mess. Definitely best to avoid this one.

  20. This app is a great way to get in touch with your work team, but one thing that is completely unacceptable is the excessive idle drain on the battery. In both modern Samsung phones I’ve had this app on (S7 and Note9), it is almost neck-and-neck in terms of idle use with apps like Facebook and Spotify even after opening it once. Please regulate (or at least offer an option to regulate) the amount of times the app checks for background data, or at least look into the reasons why usage is so incredibly high, because an app I use to check my schedule and talk to my coworkers shouldn’t use as much battery as apps I use for hours a day.

  21. We use this app at my job. It makes communication a lot easier and is also a great olace to find coverage, look at your schedule, or read important updates. It also has a mute feature with multiple options allowing you to chose the duration of mute. This app is very helpful and I highly recommend. 10/10

  22. The app worked good after the first few months after I purchased the pro membership, until I needed to make more changes to the schedules. Now the app isn’t syncing on all employee devices to the changes the admin is making. We all have updated versions of the app, and it still is having issues syncing correctly. Sometimes it duplicates jobs/shifts if changes have been made, and other times jobs/shifts drop off the calendar completely.

  23. I LOVE what Crew makes possible in terms of features and functionality, but I’m HATING the performance and reliability. Both the mobile (Android) and desktop (Windows 10) versions perform VERY slowly at times. I have to login from scratch at times and verify ID, enter codes, etc. VERY annoying. My entire organization is migrating to Crew, and I’m eager to make things work, but SO FAR, not so happy. I’m more than happy to upgrade this score, but for now, it’s a 3. Help me help you. Developers, PLEASE tell me what’s going on and what I can do. Cache has been cleared, along with temp files. I run intensive internet security that’s kept up to date.

  24. Here’s the thing: i think the app is…mostly ok. However, it has several significant things against it. 1. Size& memory usage of the app. 2. No ability to export lists of contacts (like a list of coworkers) 3. There doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust where it saves media (e.g. pictures) hopin to get some clarification

  25. D P dice:

    At the end of the day, once I get on my wifi, this app tells me all my messages are new and unread. It also has the most unintuitive way of adding pictures to messages. It used to let me add many at once but not now. It also starts out in different folders and not my camera roll and likes to start with oldest pictures files first.

  26. spams notifications. The app is being used for emergency notications. There are perhaps 3 people out of the 100+ in the group that have something of value to say. But every 10 minutes the app says someone said something making the notifications useless. I can either be spammed or turn all notifications off. It desperately needs a default notification setting with the ability to override the setting on a per person basis. Please devs, fix this app. As is I hate it.

  27. Terrible. The app doesn’t have a tab for your individual schedule, rather for the whole day. The individual people and shifts are not shown. Some shifts shown aren’t even real shifts, i.e. “12a-12p”. Covering dropped shifts does not remove it from the shifts which still need to be covered, meaning multiple people can pick up the same shift. I’ve opted to mute all notifications and return to taking pictures of the schedule and communicating by text, in which case the app is fantastic.

  28. I have contacted the support team and they never resolved the issues. The response I got was like I was lying but I will try one last time. I don’t always get messages my co-workers send on the app. I have it set to automatically update as well. And a few if us had requested days off and it was erased during an update so we had to re-enter the requests

  29. Great app but for some reason the app crashed with the last update and now it goes through to where its supposed to be sending a pin via text and i never receive a text tryed using the call part but it never called either. Contacted phone service provider to see if it was any thing with the service, but everything looked ok to them. That it had to be the app software. Maybe it could possibly be a bug. Hope its fixed soon.

  30. This app is so great! It helps my coworkers and I communicate with ease. We share our weekly work schedules, chat with each other, figure out who can take other shifts, etc. It’s very simple to use, so that’s a major plus. I would definitely recommend to any business especially if it’s difficult to communicate otherwise.

  31. Generally does what is needed but there might be a user error or possible feature missing: My boss adds a shift for me and Crew doesn’t notify you. I checked notification settings of the app from within the app and the phones app acccess settings. In both cases the notifications are enabled. Boss said another employee had same issue so this is not a problem on my end. The shifts boss adds show up with my profile picture attached, so not a tagging issue. Assistance would be appreciated.

  32. 1. There was a button to copy one of your previous posts and re-post it. Even edit it if you wanted. Now this is not avaliable. Except they added an option where you can reply to yourself. 2. If you try to call a colleague from the app using an Android phone their phone will not ring. I get a loud beep. If they have notifications off it won’t notifythem. When they next open the app they get a missed call alert. reminder.

  33. This app has great potential, we use this app for our associates in a Healthcare setting. We have upgraded to Pro a couple of years ago. It’s 29.99 a month. Earlier this year I went to add a new associate and it tells me I can’t, that I have exceeded the number of people that can join. It wants me to upgrade to pro which I already have. I figured I will just try to upgrade. It says I already have pro. Customer service is non existent. I have emailed at least 6 times. No response.

  34. Seems like it would be a good app. However I couldn’t get support to stop sending me random messages asking me what I was using the app for, of asking me to upgrade to pro [Paid]. I even requested as a reply to one of the messages to please not send any more random messages. This did not stop them either. I have now removed the app and will be looking for a less intrusive alternative.

  35. Messages will occasionally take days to send or receive. You’ll miss critical stuff from your team. 9 times put of 10 the app will crash when you try to post a picture which has resulted in me choosing standard text messaging instead. At least I know my messages are going through, and media will send. The app has some potential, but it’s just very underwhelming currently.

  36. Really really wonderful app. None of the confusing clutter of most apps these days. Helpful tutorials available to explain everything if you need them. This app can do everything. Very professional. There is a desktop version, lots of flexibility, snyc and customization options, can’t reccomend it enough.

  37. This is an EXCELLENT app! I can’t believe their update or new one doesn’t let us do the request a shift cover, request our day off on it. Them taking off the shift reminder 2 hours before our daily shift is such an epic disaster!! That’s one of the best features! And the “Can U cover”employees name”shift”?part is so great also! HATE losing that ability 2 do also.The new app. taking this one’s place us NO MATCH 4 this #1we have NOW!Also not bein able 2 see our schedule like we do on here! SUCKS😞

  38. Alot of issues with downloading media and even some issues in regards to sending it as well. I had to enable not only mobile data but wifi to leave a given group/organization. You also have to pay for the most positive thing on the app (Stars) to give to anyone whom you are associated. Not worth the money to show someone they are appreciated.

  39. Great for large scale communication. However, recently within the last two weeks; everytime I try to open the app on my Samsung galaxy S9, it immediately freezes the app. then it shuts down rendering communication impossible. please fix this. Edit: Bugs have been fixed.

  40. I was signed out and I can no longer get back on. Putting in my mobile number gives an error no matter what I try. I tried clearing data and cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing worked. This is very frustrating because this is an app for workplaces and being able to communicate with coworkers is very important.

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