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Whether you’re on a conference call with teammates about a project you are working on or a video chat with friends and family planning a weekend activity, Microsoft Teams helps bring people together so that they can get things done. It’s the only app that has chats, video calls, meetings, files, tasks, and calendar in one place. Easily connect with people through a video call or group chat and bring plans to life. Set up a group call to get family and friends together to manage tasks at home or plan a surprise birthday party. Work with teammates via secure meetings, video calls, document collaboration, and built-in cloud storage. You can do it all in Microsoft Teams.

Easily connect with anyone:
• Conduct a conference call securely to collaborate with external partners for work assignments while maintaining control over your data.
• Video calling lets you meet with teammates, family, and friends securely. Set up a video meeting within seconds and invite anyone by sharing a link or calendar invite.
• Chat 1-1 or in group chats with friends or colleagues. @mention people in chats to get their attention.
• Dedicated group messaging channels help create a focused workspace for important projects.
• Video call anyone directly in Teams or instantly convert a group chat to video call.
• GIFs, emojis, and message animations make it easier to express yourself when words aren’t enough.
• Whether you’re looking for a dedicated work chat or a group chat for friends and family, Microsoft Teams makes communication simple and convenient for everyone.

Accomplish plans and projects together:
• Group messaging and task lists allow you to stay on top of work projects or plans with family and friends. Set up a group chat, assign tasks, set due dates, and cross off completed tasks to keep everyone on the same page.
• File sharing in chats makes it easier to coordinate on work assignments or personal projects.
• Cloud storage makes it easy to access shared documents and files on the go.
• Dashboard view neatly organizes all shared content—photos, files, tasks, links—so you don’t have to spend time looking for things*.
• Screenshare, whiteboard, or breakout in virtual rooms to get most out of your work meetings.

Designed to give you peace of mind:
• Store important information such as subscription passwords in a digital Safe*.
• Enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Microsoft 365**.

*Available when using Microsoft Teams with your personal account.

**Commercial features of this app require a paid Microsoft 365 commercial subscription, or a trial subscription of Microsoft Teams for work. If you’re not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, visit to learn more or contact your IT department.

By downloading Teams, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see For support or feedback, email us at [email protected]. EU Contract Summary:


You now have a chat that's just for you. You can take notes, draft messages, and send files to yourself.
This works across the mobile and desktop apps.


40 comentarios en "Microsoft Teams MODDED"

  1. I love the concept of this app, and there are lots of things about it that are wonderful. There are a few key issues however that undermine the experience. Mainly, I simply cannot get notifications to work. I suspect the Team’s team is getting this feedback a lot because they have a lot of FAQs on how to turn notifications on, but mine are most certainly turned on, and I do not get notifications of new messages. UI clarity around when a message is sent is also poor.

  2. So far, so good! Been using it for about a month. User friendly. Update: Have been using this since the beginning of the pandemic for work ( frequent daily use). Chat, video, voice features have all been reliable and user-friendly. My team is always just a click away and we’re able to stay communicative. Appreciate the ability to react to messages and send/create stickers or gifs.

  3. Really useful. It’s like slack, but for non coders, so I can go for a walk and not miss out on anything. Love the calendar integration and the chat features. I only wish you could delete chats (maybe you can?) because I like to keep things tidy, and I don’t need a paper trail for a 2 sentence conversation. Otherwise, amazing app!

  4. I used to really enjoy this but an update just came out and it limited the functionality. If I highlight a name, ie @Erica, I used to be able to click on the name and it would automatically allow me to message them directly. Now it gives me this weird “something went wrong” error message every time I click on the highlighted name.

  5. It’s fine. Sometimes I get sync issues where is says I have a message but when I go to read it nothing appears and I have to restart the app to get it to show up. Interface is ok. I like this more then Skype but I will say it is very resource intensive. Big issue when the work pc’s you get are not very great to begin with and you need to run a lot of things at once.

  6. Raffi dice:

    Goes from bad to worse and back to bad. Yet to have a great experience with this app and been using it for a long time. This is used by people trying to get work done. How about you give us an app that works consistently and properly every day? Pressing the button to switch from speaker to device doesn’t do the same thing from one call to another. Switching between landscape/portrait gets stuck during call and the buttons do nothing so I can’t even hang up and leave blank voicemail

  7. I’ve used Teams for 2+years now and have been pretty darn happy with it. The only thing that could use improvement is sometimes when I navigate to the onenotes under the channel, it’ll behave strangely when I’m trying to get back out. Apart from that, no complaints. I LOVE that I can set quiet time/days!

  8. George IV dice:

    New feature: if you have the app managed through company portal you might end up in an endless loop trying to wake back up your device to unmute yourself on a meeting. Then you may miss the whole meeting trying to get the app to reload. I’m confused I thought this was part of a series of office apps meant to make office work easier not harder.

  9. Omni dice:

    This app would be great if they could iron out the issues with notifications. I miss a lot of important work messages all because I’m afk or on break for more than a few minutes. It seems once your status changes to “away”, the app won’t send updates to your phone or PC until much later, if at all.

  10. The Android App for Note 10+ sucks! Always logged me out. Please fix where you have the option to remain logged in. I receive calls from my job and I can never answer in time due 1. Having to log in 2. a verification code has to be sent 3. Enter the code 4. Watch the screen go back and forth between some pages. Does the same thing when I’m trying to get into a meeting from a link. After having to do #1-4 the app closes. I have to click the join link a 2nd time to finally connect to the meeting.

  11. Generally speaking, I haven’t noticed many issues other than occasionally prompts for login that fail until I close out the app and restart it. But it’s very handy to have the app on my phone so I can take messages from work teammates when I’m away from my desktop. Today I used the app for first time to join a call while driving and that worked out fairly well. Edited 06/29 – What the heck?! After update, it now only shows a Search form and option to add a “Cast” app. Terrible UI!

  12. Dan Twing dice:

    Works as expected, mostly. True to the desktop version, so easy to use. One issue, it will not stay on speaker phone on Samsung Note 9. No other apps have this issue on this phone. It will be on speaker for 30 or 40 seconds and then drops back to the phone ear peice. Hard to use screen sharing or see others on video if it won’t stay on speaker.

  13. Numerous amounts of bugs and issues. Cant click on people’s accounts eithout it saying “something went wrong”. If im not directly in the app refreshing the screen it will not notify me of messages. Ny company uses this app for immediate communication with our offices across 16 almost 17 states. Fix these continuous issues and it will absolutely be a 5 star rating. As of current, too many bugs to work out making the consistent functionality of this app extremely irritating..

  14. Joshua R dice:

    Bad experiences with the app… Everytime I’ve had a virtual interview while trying to use the app, it has failed me. The desktop & ipad version works, but the phone app is terrible! It always logs me out & then claims it cannot find my account. But I’m able to log in when I’m not on a call. This issue needs to be fixed! It does not look goodfor people who are interviewing for a new job. And I’ve used teams before & did not have this issue, but it’s been a consistent problem with the app.

  15. Since update, the app does not stay in sync with desktop app. If you read a message on the desktop app, it does not show as read on the mobile app. They also used to automatically sort by newest message but now you have to scroll to find the new message. Aren’t updates supposed to improve the app?!

  16. while the app is pretty good, it has 1 major flaw that needs to be fixed. While the app mirrors the program on your computer, you get a notification on both when a new message or event comes in. Problem is even if you open that chat on your work computer, the notifications still stay on your phone. This can be pretty annoying cause it can make you think you have new messages but it’s the same ones you already addressed.

  17. 2022 Still waiting on solid Android Auto integration. Having the ability to mute/unmute a call would be amazing while taking conference calls in the car. Also having the same ability to view/listen to messages like you do with texts would be amazing as well. 2019 This is an almost perfect tool. Needs Android Auto integration for controlling mute functionality, and better Bluetooth functionality when in the car.

  18. 8/17/21 = I use this app at work. It is a large cause of frustration. This app causes stress. Only 8 out of 10 notifications work. Chat messages are often inconsistent. 7/5/22 = Still terrible. Missed another conversation. The app did not send any notifications today. I find messages 8 hours too late. It is great when it works. But there is no way to know when it fails. I only use it because others ask me to. Been using it for years. Sometimes it works great.

  19. I have this program and haven’t been able to figure out how it works at all. Yet I use zoom and other computer apps all the time. And when it powers up it seems to freeze my computer. If Microsoft could make their programs more user friendly or have easier access to help, it would be extremely useful.

  20. Good, but not consistently great. I use Teams for work and most of the time, it works well. Audio quickly connects to my earbuds, is clear (sometimes echo-y or robot-y), and pretty happy with most of the latest enhancements up til now. Today it was glitchy and cut out 5 times in a 1 hour meeting. I had to turn off the camera and stop sharing multiple times. It could have been my WiFi, but all other WiFi devices worked fine. I wouldn’t mind seeing an option to pop out screen sharing window, also.

  21. While the app gives me what I need from Teams on the go, it isn’t very integrated with Android. There are no settings for more control. And the worst part is the horrible Android Auto integration which is nearly useless. The least it could do is allow you to answer an incoming on Android Auto without touching the phone.

  22. Recently I started having an issue where my voice calls don’t show Android auto. Also randomly it does not recognize my BT devices in my car as a audio source, which then I have to do a series of steps to fix it. First I have to force close teams, then I have to turn blue tooth off (even though Android auto is using it) then back on. After that I can open teams and it sees my Bluetooth audio. Still will not see my audio calls or messages in android auto. Otherwise great app keep up the work!!

  23. T R dice:

    Notifications should be sent to both the PC and the Mobile device regardless of what device the user is using at the time for the service. There is no option to force both to get notifications 100% of the time unlike most competing apps/services. This causes all types of issues with missed messages and makes the service very unreliable.

  24. Rod Del dice:

    Quite similar to the PC version, easy to use. Members don’t even know I’m on my phone (on these beach… kidding). Only thing is – you can’t see the full display under the ‘More’ option and/or won’t rotate display on some functions, during meeting is fine.

  25. When it works the app is good, but most of the time it doesn’t. The app signs me out every 7-10 days or so and gives me an error when I try to login. I have to uninstall & reinstall the app to get it to work. Wish MS would do something to fix this. Been working with my company’s IT support for 3 months on this and still no real fix. Uninstall and reinstall is the only solution so far and who has time to do that.

  26. Terrible for desktop and phone. Status is always messed up in Teams. Teams should not automatically change your status, because it does a terrible job of that. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to change this to manually set… Also microphone should default to mute. Or at least there should be a setting. 1 star is far too generous.

  27. Not sure how many times they are going to ask me to rate this app, lol. Two years later and it’s still my preferred IM and meeting platform over the others. Update! Love it even more since I’ve used it for a year! Love it! Very easy to use to schedule and conduct meetings. Able to speak with coworkers without having to use phone and passwords. Much better than blue jeans, Skype, and zoom in my opinion.

  28. Has become completely useless in the last 2 days. Since then out of nowhere the app has been signing me out as soon as I login. It’s happening in other MS apps as well so it may be a a company portal issue. Unfortunately this has completely cut me off from the team if I’m not at my computer. I should add all of my Microsoft accounts work fine on my desktop

  29. Desktop experience of teams is fine, but the app is fraught with issues. Chats (maybe just group chats?) don’t load new messages while the chat is open, leading to missed replies. Calls come through on desktop, but not on the app. Notifications will show new messages, but they’re nowhere to be found in app. Message read status doesn’t sync with desktop, so the app frequently shows out of date unread messages.

  30. Poufball dice:

    I just recently got a new job and this is how we communicate. So, this app has completely failed to notify me when I get a message. Sometimes, I’ll sit in the chat and nothing will happen, so I’ll exit out the app entirely and reenter, only to find a message from 10+ minutes ago. Very frustrating. But overall, if it worked properly, this app would be a pretty solid idea. Definitely needs some tweaking and fixes.

  31. Able to share information and use most of the features in the desktop version. I did not give a 5 star due to the inability to set a background for video. I’ve looked within the app and cannot set up a filter for my video calls. Also, it would be nice to see the Board view for Task Planner. The list view is nice but we use the board for our task discussions.

  32. Teams did many things well. Having an app where communications can easily be found and stored. But the inability to effectively mute certain channels is frustrating. My phone goes off all day with notifications that don’t pertain to me. I don’t want to leave the channel, and try as I might, turning off notifications for the channel doesn’t prevent notifications from coming through.

  33. when it works, it’s fantastic. when it doesn’t, it’s extremely frustrating. would be five stars but there are intermittent authentication issues that prevent smooth streamlined use of the app, so I cannot make it my one and only method of team communication. I still have to have a backup. also it is very bad at detecting changes to audio hardware on the desktop and the transition between a mobile device call and a desktop call can be very tricky.

  34. Very buggy. Constantly crashes, files don’t load, and files won’t update. Spreadsheets seem to be the worst; nearly every time I change pages it quits working. Occasionally closing the app helps, but I usually end up with the same problem as soon as I reopen it. Very disappointed that a company that essentially has a monopoly on PC operating systems can’t manage to make a decent app.

  35. I started using this app for my new job a couple months ago, and it has been a smooth ride. I’m honestly surprised as I was expecting a number of bugs or issues as with mqny Microsoft apps. It is almost easier to navigate than the desktop app, thus it is perfect for keeping online and up-to-date when I am away from my work-station. I even often use it as another way to receive notifications while I’m working. Since it’s hard to miss when my phone vibrates.

  36. This app is great for productivity tasks. I use it for work and I love how fast and functional it is. It’s better than slack, and I wouldn’t think I’d love it as much as I do. Messaging is quick and you can see when it was seen, has a video and regular call feature. It can easily send documents and pull things from your one drive, and outlook contacts. Greta for large or small organizations.

  37. Loving it more and more each day. Suggest you (and fellow collaborators) have at least two monitors to experience awesome capabilities! I believe it will only get better with time. 05/28/22: continue to love it, but finding the inconsistencies across the integrated apps/fratures challenging. I’m concerned that Microsoft may not improve the consistency because I’m fairly certain very few M365 users use it like I am. MS uses telemetry to ensure they maximize their bottom line.

  38. Shawna F dice:

    Worthless! Bluetooth devices never recognized. I join a work meeting and it fails to play the audio through the headphones no matter what I choose as the output device. It just keeps playing through my phone speaker. I know it’s recognizing the device because when I finally get frustrated and hang up, it plays the audio through the device for a blip of a second. I can’t just play proprietary meeting audio out loud in a crowded office. TONS of people have complained and it’s STILL not fixed!!

  39. Ari Sa dice:

    Nice interface, but: 1. Often times it doesn’t update a conversation unless I leave it and reenter it. 2. The timestamp does not appear with every message. 3. It does not allow to segregate audio and visual notifications, is either both or none. It is extremely annoying to continuously hear dings when people cannot write complex sentences, and keep sending small batches of words.

  40. Biff Bird dice:

    Doesn’t allow viewing or sharing of screen. The notifications need a major overhaul. Sometimes they come in, sometimes they don’t, but the biggest problem is when they do work, they work too well. If a team is having a conversation I have to listen to my notification sound basically play constantly for the entire conversation which gets old very fast. If an active conversation is happening is shouldn’t be notifying me for every single message.

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