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Genius Scan is a document scanner app in your pocket.
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Genius Scan is a scanner app that lets you quickly scan your paper documents on the go and export them as multiple scan PDF files.

*** 20+ million users and 1000s of small businesses use the Genius Scan scanner app ***

Place any document in front of your device’s camera: our scanner app automatically recognizes the paper against the background, crops it, and cleans up the result. You obtain a crisp, legible scan. The batch scanner lets you scan dozens of pages in a matter of seconds. Powerful tools help you organize, share, or archive your PDF documents.

Genius Scan will replace your desktop scanner and you will never look back.


Smart Scanning:

The Genius Scan scanner app includes all the features to make great scans.

– Document detection & background removal
– Distortion correction
– Shadow removal and defect cleanup
– Filters (black & white, whiteboard, photo)
– Batch scanning

PDF Creation & Editing:

Genius Scan is the best PDF scanner. Scan not just to images, but full PDF documents.

– Automatically combine each scan into PDF documents
– Document merging & splitting
– Multiple page PDF creation
– Photos and PDF import

Security & Privacy:

– On-device document processing
+ Biometric unlock
+ PDF password encryption

Scans Organization:

More than just a PDF scanner app, Genius Scan also lets you organize your scans.

– Document tagging
– Metadata and content search
+ Smart document renaming (custom templates, …)
+ Backup and multi-device sync with Genius Cloud (separate subscription)


Your scans aren’t stuck in your scanner app, you can export them to any other app or services you use.

– Email
+ Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, WebDAV.
+ Any WebDAV compatible service such as Citrix ShareFile, NextCloud, ownCloud, Synology, Yandex.
+ Automatic background auto-export

OCR (Text Recognition):

In addition to scanning, this scanner app gives you additional understanding of your scans.

+ Extract text from each scan
+ Searchable PDF creation
+ Scan business cards to create contacts

The features denoted with [+] are available as part of a Genius Scan Plus subscription.

== ABOUT US ==

It’s in the heart of Paris, France that The Grizzly Labs develops the Genius Scan scanner app. We take pride in crafting apps that help millions of users throughout the world and hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of quality and privacy. Get in touch with us @thegrizzlylabs if you have any questions.


- Remove bottom navigation bar and use top bar menu
- Improve Genius Cloud conflict logic: rather than duplicating a document edited on different devices simultaneously, the different changes are now merged
- Add curvature correction: get a perfect result when scanning book pages or folded documents
- When moving pages to a new document, use the current folder to create the new document
- Handle special characters in WebDAV / FTP host name


40 comentarios en "Genius Scan – PDF Scanner MODDED"

  1. C dice:

    I am editing my earlier review. I have probably downloaded about 20 different document scanning apps. Most of them have a TON of adds that make them unusable. Other apps like Adobe or Microsoft Office Lens scan great, but both require an expensive subscription. This app is only 99 cents a month. Considering how well, and how fast it scans, I consider this a bargain.

  2. Helps get my paperwork as I get through my stops to the right place without having to find a store to scan and fax. I’d recommend upgrading as well. Don’t have any issues, and have not. Ads don’t really come through on the basic none on the upgrades. I gave a 4 for use because you do have to learn it if your not exactly tech swavy.

  3. I paid to be a life member. The latest update removed me from this and wants to charge a monthly subscription. I tried the help feature with gives instructions on how to restore your purchase. I followed this and it continues to download the version requiring the monthly subscription. There is no number or email to reach out too. Extremely frustrating.

  4. I bought this app years ago and have loved it and recommended it to everyone who asked. However, they just locked all existing customers out of what was normal functionality in a bid to get us to buy it again or subscribe. I guess they’ve never heard of the term legacy… As in legacy customer. I’m now looking for an alternative just because of the underhanded treatment of existing customers. I can no longer export to WebDAV or even a local folder! Not acceptable.

  5. So close to being the perfect replacement for my old Chinese scanner app! Unfortunately, the “Magic mode” is just too obnoxious. Give me control of the shutter, and do the edge detection on the resulting static image, and we’ll both be happy! I can interrupt the magic by tapping the shutter button, but then it doesn’t even attempt an automatic crop. The help docs refer to a button in the top right to switch back to manual mode, but that must have been removed in version 5.

  6. coolssh3 dice:

    It works great! It scans everything in full color, and you can share it over social media. It doesn’t pick up most erased marks, so you can make plenty of changes without it being too noticeable. The main problem, however, is that lighting can render your scanning to be unreadable. This is an easy fix, though, and is largely inevitable. It serves it job perfectly, aside from that.

  7. I spent the 5 dollars and now I’ll never use any stupid scanning machine ever again. I use it to submit my assignments on a daily basis, and for 5 dollars it allows you to send scanned files directly to a google drive folder. I’ve even used it to take pictures of the board in lecture, and it allows you to crop the image so each slide comes out clean and straight. Scan quality is top notch as well. The app is a little unintuitive, but extremely useful once you get the hang of it.

  8. Perfect. No ads, and I love all the reasons the company gave as to why. I paid for the cheap upgrade so I can export to various cloud storage services (like Dropbox). The app is extremely easy to use and it does a fantastic job of scanning. You can also choose to export only to your device if it’s something super private (you can even encrypt/password-protect it). As far as scanning apps go, there’s no need to look any further.

  9. Best document scanning app I have ever found! It scans everything, allows you to edit the crop area, the color filter, and the page-type of each scan individually. It even picks up dark, hand written pencil and sharpens it in ‘black and white’ mode. The only thing I could wish for additionally is that I wish there was a “insert scan after this page” option for when I am in the middle of a document and need to add another page. But, I have figured out a work-around so I’m happy. I love this app!!

  10. Doug Doan dice:

    Took a bit to figure out a couple things, but once understood super easy to use. I export to my email and it allows me to put my own email in as default which makes it easy. The auto-frame is convenient once you get used to it. The premium is mainly for if you want other export options, or if you want automatic cloud backup. I’ve used it more than 100 times in the last 6 months. Note: no phone app is going to make it easy to scan a 50-page document. I use a scanner with a sheet feeder for that.

  11. This scanner app does everything I want it to do, does it well, and doesn’t have annoying apps popping up all the time! This incredibly ethical company has removed all ads. For all that, they have a loyal customer. Important features I was looking for: easy scanning of multiple pages, easy management of multi- page documents, good filters, ability to save as PDF and images. Thank you for all that, and ad-free!

  12. This app is incredible. It is amazingly easy to scan any page and export it. The app finds the corner of you page and maps it to the edges of the scan, so it fits perfectly with no extra. It is also really simple to export through many different methods. I use this for all of my homework and test during online school and for extracurricular uses. It is also really great for scanning sheet music. I use the free version and it does all you need to send and submit worksheets and other documents.

  13. I was looking for an app to keep digital copies of receipts, and was blown away by how easy this app is to use, and the clear thought the developers have put into the features. I’d highly recommend upgrading to the + version–it’s a one-time $10, no subscription needed. I uninstalled the rest of the scanning apps I was going to try after this one. I ended up scanning the entire stack of documents I’ve been putting off running through the printer for months, and it took like 10 minutes.

  14. Quick, easy, produces professional documents. We have all our employees use this for remote documents. Unfortunately, as intuitive as it is, many of our technologically challenged employees still have trouble and need at least one walk through how to use it. It would be nice if it had a built in first use (or anytime access) tutorial. That could save me HOURS of redundant work. Aside from that – we love it! Got it for work, but wound up using it to help buy a house during COVID too.

  15. All of these bad reviews are insane. I’ve used this app for two consecutive mortgage application processes and WITHOUT failure. I dont need an auto sync, thats for the birds. I prefer to manually upload so I can put the file wherever I deem necessary. The “magic” capability of the scanner never gets used on my end. I point, click, crop and save. In, out, done and move onto the next task. Dont believe the nay sayers, get this app and use your brain…I promise you will love it as I do.

  16. Best free PDF app ever! You can scan a bunch of pages at once, and it has a feature where it lights up yellow when it detects a page, then matches it up perfectly in the PDF file. Also, you can delete and add pictures to the PDF very easily, and it stays a single file. I’ve never needed this feature, but you can also rotate the photos. My one recommendation would be if your writing is not showing up, try to shield it from the light with another paper. Works like a charm.

  17. Grizzly Labs is one of my favorite companies. Genius scan is one of my favorite apps. I would like control over the initial save size. Right now I get a hidden mega-save (the original uncropped photo). But what is displayed is the cropped document (receipt), which is the only thing I want to keep. Two images get saved, but only one (the smaller, in both KB and resolution) gets “displayed”. Why not give me the option to trim that extra baggage right off my device, and save only the useful one?

  18. I LOVE this app! I am a painter and fully expected to be let down as I usually am by image scanners/editors. I was not just pleasantly surprised, but shocked to find that the first scan that I tried was flawless! Color was perfect, and the crop features allow me to have complete control over my scan area. On top of which this company’s policy is not to use third party ads, and they are SUPER conscientious! I can’t say enough because I have to go delete the 3 or 4 editors this will replace!

  19. Problem for me is that the free version has no way to save the scan locally to disc. For a small price, you have the option to save many ways via cell phone, WiFi, or BT. But, once I leave my house and go other the next mountain, none of those services are available. So there is no way to work further with the scanned file. So, it just wasn’t useful to me.

  20. Sara Shaw dice:

    It works but more than half the time makes most of my writing illegible. I’ve tried changing the lighting, the background, the distance I’m holding my camera from the paper, nothing helps. It automatically focuses on the actual page to cut out the background, which is nice when it actually works. Overall has almost given me an aneurysm, but I’m required to use it for a class and it functions.

  21. They purposely make the app extremely difficult to use unless you pay for it. You can scan and you can select the option to export the scan to your phone. But when you select the folder to export it and go through the process it doesn’t actually export anything to that folder. You have to do the scan and then screen shot it or else you will not have access to the scanned image. Download camscanner instead. It will actually let you access the images you scan.

  22. I use it for school to upload PDFs of ear transcriptions, so I may be in a different boat than most of you, but I can say from experience that this is a great app that serves its purpose very well. No bells or whistles, just an app for one thing, that does that one thing well. I only have one issue: it can take a while for the app to auto-capture a page. Other than that, its

  23. Was really frustrated with using this app with the dim lighting in my house, but when I went outside to try to take the pictures, it worked out much better. So will probably work quite well as long as you don’t live in a dungeon, as I do LOL. Anyways it works best in well lit areas!! Just take the pictures, edit them.if you have to, and export them right away, pretty simple.

  24. Documents are easy to read & PDF is something many people have across multiple platforms. Thank you for that!! It took me a long time to find a scanning app that other customers were happy with the results & also had good customer support. The creators/team that created the app/software should give themselves a pat on the back for finally creating an excellent app that values privacy & the ease of use for those of us that are not quite as advanced in using smartphone scanning. Thank you!!

  25. When i first installed Genius Scan, I just figured it would just be a handy little app to have. i used it a few times and it lived up to expectations. However, I needed the additional features today, and upgraded to GS+ for a particular project. The app is great. It exported my 72 page scan to Dropbox without a problem. Well worth the cost to upgrade. Thanks guys.

  26. Perfect user experience. Impressed with the developer also, after reading their reasoning for offering this app without ads. I was a long time user of a popular lens from a majorsoft corporation, but the user experience had a major flaw. Switched to the current offering from the other big doogle, but it felt extremely invasive so I uninstalled immediately. Switched to this and found exactly what I was looking for. Will test a little longer. If it holds up, I’ll buy Pro for Dropbox integration.

  27. I use it to send timesheets and work orders from the field. Which speeds up the paperwork process. And if something gets lost. Its stored in the app until I delete it so it can be resent. This is an awesome app that helps make my job easier also the print out looks better than the original one because you can crop and edit picture for a cleaner presentation of paperwork

  28. Makes good scans. Multi-page and single-page. Automatically removes shadows, increases contrast, and identifies edges of pages. Facilitates post-scan improvement of images. Could flatten better, but pretty good as is. Does all that without the flash on your phone. Would be nice to have manual light (flash) control. Surely available, I just haven’t tried that hard to find it. Soooo, without putting in any effort, nor learning anything new, Genius Scan does what it should. That’s a perfect app.

  29. Update: the guy reached out to me the 4.99 allows you to upload to Dropbox or Google drive the could is a subscription at 20 something a month! You have to turn on the ability to use Dropbox. So that’s what I did appreciate the guy reaching out it’s a good app but I’m not going to pay for ANOTHER cloud. Don’t pay… Can’t remember you did! I paid for an upgrade and it never seems to find my email address. That’s not good!

  30. Carl dice:

    Solid app that does what it says. The auto detect feature works well and haven’t have any issues. It does have very blaring adds but completely useable for free. Can’t blame then for needing to make money. The reason I took off a star is because they have a ton of export options behind the paywall. You can only send to an email in the free version. I would understand this but they also have the intrusive adds which put together is irritating and questionable.

  31. Will Kus dice:

    This is a great way to scan documents using your phone. It will automatically crop your photos so that it will mostly just show the documents you are trying to scan. They have also disabled ads on their app. The files are saved into a PDF so that a person doesn’t have to open each page individually. This helps a lot for documents with a lot of pages.

  32. As a student, this app has been very useful to virtually submit assignments, given the current circumstances. There are a few flaws. For example, it rearranges the page order. On top of that, there is no way to open up or zoom into each page when reordering. Nonetheless, I am very glad it offers the capability to reorder.

  33. Totally life changing app. As someone who loses everything I touch, this app makes life so much easier. I scan everything from money orders, receipts, my kid’s school papers (which used to clutter up everything because I had to save them all), and bills that need paid. Basically everything that is scannable and I don’t want to lose. I just bought the premium version. $5 to support a great app is nothing. I appreciate you guys. 👍 A+

  34. Extremely user friendly. My one star subtraction comes from the efficiency of the scan. It detects documents so quickly that I can not steady my hand quick enough, leading to multiple deletions because of blurry images. I know this generation calls for speed, but sometimes you can get better quality results from a careful, thorough review of a document. I do enjoy how easy this app makes it to tag documents + send in multiple formats. The designers are innovative and forward thinkers.

  35. Greatest app ever for business and college students! Can send a fax or pdf in email without having to go home to my scanner/printer. I’ve been able to accomplish more things quicker. Specifically when they say “when you complete the doc and send it back we’ll complete your paperwork”. I dont need to stop everything and go home. I can do it right then and there. Love this app. I’ve recommended to all my college classmate and professors. And my professors have recommended it to other students.

  36. I’ve tried several phone based scanners. This is my favorite. I love being able to take the image ar an angle (to avoid reflections) but then crop it to correct the angle and straighten the edges as it looks as if it were done on a flat bed scanner. Yes, they do charge for exporting docs in differeft formats or saving to the cloud. That’s fair.

  37. Used it for many years, was happy with it. The last half year it does not show anymore in the list of apps to upload images from with yahoo, outlook or other apps. In file explorer I cannot find files I took pictures of after 03-23-19. It only shows thumbnails from before that time with a file number, no more given names. There is nowhere any info (path) on where the file is stored. On file explorers I see Genius Scan, Grizzlylabs, neither one shows the latest files. App is useless now.

  38. Super easy, super effective. This might be one of the most useful apps I use. When you need a PDF in a pinch and all you have is your phone, this is an amazingly intuitive and easy app to use. Just click and it even Auto recognizes boundaries and you’ve got yourself a PDF file. Scan client files, documents, contracts Etc quickly and instantaneously. Them just email it or save it.

  39. I love this app! I’m taking online classes that require me to send in scanned assignments regularly, so this app is really convenient to have. The only thing I’ve noticed is that there is often a large delay (sometimes a couple hours) between me sending the scans to my email and then actually receiving the email. I tried changing the file size to a small file and that seemed to make the difference.

  40. This app is great, only thing was I tried to share multiple pages at once & it only sent one of the pages. Now I have to be super cautious everytime I use it to make sure that all the pages were sent. If you reviewed the pages you scanned & was on a certain page & you click to share, it would only send that page you had up so be cautious & press back & make sure all the pages are there, then go to the right hand corner & share. Also make sure youre precise w/ cropping or else content will warp.

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