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Access popular® tools on the go with the “USPS Mobile®” app: calculate shipping prices (limitations apply), find a Post Office ™, look up a ZIP Code™, schedule a next-day pickup, request USPS to hold your mail, access Informed Delivery® to track packages and digitally preview incoming mail, and more.

• Check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Certified Mail®, and certain other delivery services. Nickname your shipments and sign up for text and email alerts to notify you of the delivery status.

• Calculate a Domestic or International Price to determine how much postage you will need when you ship a letter, card, large envelope, or package (limitations apply). Choose retail or online pricing, add any extra services you need, and view the total, too.

• Find USPS® Locations when you need to get to a Post Office™, Self-Service Kiosk (APC®) or collection box with an easy-to-filter locator. The USPS Mobile app uses your device’s GPS to show your closest options on a map, along with their Regular Hours, Special Hours and Last Collection Times, and provides mapped results with driving, walking, or transit directions.

• Look up a ZIP Code™ for any U.S. or Canadian address.

• Schedule a free next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Return Services shipments from your home or office during regular mail delivery.

• Request Hold Mail Service while you’re away, and we’ll keep your mail at your local Post Office™ for you to pick up or be delivered by your carrier when you return.

• Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your device’s camera. The app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number, so you can stay on top of delivery status.

• Link to Informed Delivery to track packages and digitally preview your household’s incoming mail arriving soon; view grayscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mailpieces.


maintenance and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "USPS MOBILE® MODDED 2022"

  1. I can finally add nicknames back to tracking numbers! This makes it SO much easier to organize various packages. I adore this feature! I do have issues when entering in tracking numbers though – I have to enter them in on the page before the area where you see the list of other numbers. I also have to use the enter button on my phone’s keyboard since the search button in the app doesn’t work. Minor inconvenience though.

  2. 1/2023: This app is quite useless and frustrating. It cannot add tracking numbers at all. It has been months of this with no bug fix or update. Customers must use an internet browser to track items, instead of the app. 12/2021: Bring back ability to re-name items in tracking feature. When you have several packages in transit, it helps to be able to add a name/description to the tracking number. Used to be a feature. Now gone.

  3. This app WAS great. For the past 6 weeks it no longer texts me with package delivery updates. Extremely frustrating, esp during the holidays! I emailed USPS through their contact but they never replied. I uninstalled/reinstalled the app, checked the settings, & checked my phone settings. Still doesn’t send texts anymore. If I could find out how to cancel Informed Delivery I would. I’d then try signing up again to see if it works correctly. It’s ridiculous that it should come to that. SMH.

  4. Not a bad app when it works. Two issues I have. First, the app will randomly delete all of your saved tracking numbers, whether the packages have been delivered or not. I have had numbers saved for several months deleted as well as numbers saved for less than 24 hours. Secondly, this app took away the ability to name the tracking numbers. Its a lot easier for me to look up “Ebay Jane D” than getting the number and trying to match it up that way. Other than these issues this is a good app.

  5. Diamon VB dice:

    Get updates does not work. Can not get updates for tracking to my phone or email. You can type in all the information, but the get updates button just doesn’t work. When you push it, it does nothing. Update: can no longer track packages at all. Not just updates. The tracking section of the app does not work. It will not process tracking numbers. I am currently using another app to try and track USPS packages. This app is useless.

  6. JHS dice:

    One star because of the constant, endless, continuous “Rate the app” prompt. And the app used to be better. One used to be able to easily add nicknames to tracking in order to check status but that seems to be gone. Also annoying is the continuous prompt for me to post a review (which I have done). It would be nice if I could just go to click and ship and automatically track packages, but no this requires that I select the tracking number and enter it into a tracking window. Dumb

  7. Nancy dice:

    1/14/23 Update: I gave the app another try , reinstalled it a few weeks ago, and it’s works just fine so far. 7/13/22 Update The USPS app was just great until a few days ago. Now, when I click the Informed Delivery icon, the next page opens in gigantic font size and I can’t navigate out of it. I deleted the app. I might try again if they update the app, because I found it really useful until this problem started.

  8. CND dice:

    Loved this app and process until: Since installing on new phone I stopped receiving text updates. Went into notification settings multiple times, unsubscribed/ subscribed. Still no text. Now it is starting NOT to send email notifications. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong in settings but can’t figure it out. Otherwise I still love the ability to see what is expected to arrive soon in the app.

  9. C dice:

    I live on a pretty busy road, lots of semi trucks. It really helps to see if it’s worth risking crossing the road to check mail, especially in winter. The bad part is sometimes it shows a mail piece and it’s not received and I check the box ” didn’t receive this mail ” and I’m not sure if anyone does anything with that info. but I do appreciate the app.

  10. I like being able to track all packages and that I’m automatically informed when packages or mail items are added via text. There are 2 things I don’t like: 1) when I click on the tracking number in the app, it takes me to the website, where I have to sign in again. 2) I can’t name the package that’s being tracked so I can identify it. It’s just a number.

  11. Pros: I love being able to tell what’s coming in the mail before I get it. The app does what’s its supposed to do. Cons: it would be nice if it gave the option to sign in using biometrics, however when you click informed delivery it takes you to a website, not app based. It’s not terribly accurate – some things scanned in showing as arriving one day end up arriving the next. It would be nice to see who the packages are addressed to in informed delivery.

  12. Stopped working. I’ve been using this app for a couple years and haven’t had a problem until recently. I used to get emails with photos of every piece of mail for each day and could also log onto app to see the same thing but recently, I no longer get the emails and when I log onto the app, it says 0 pieces of mail for every day. I un-installed and re-installed the app, same thing. I contacted web developer but have not heard back. I hope they can fix it, before this happened, I loved the app.

  13. Worked when initially released (2011). Now, I am not able to track more than one package at a time. Nickname feature is long gone. Clicking the tracking number sends you to the online tool to track packages and request updates. The guts of the app are gone. I now use another app that is free and works within the US as well as internationally. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times over the past couple of years. It gets worse each time.

  14. Update: I’ve updated this to reflect recent changes…primarily the changes to tracking items. They have taken away the ability to add any kind of “nickname” where we could put in some kind of info. that would be meaningful to us. Now it’s just a list showing the long tracking numbers resulting in a lot of research trying to find out who it’s coming from Very Good For Basic Tasks but some more sensitive tasks will take you to the website (probably better that way).

  15. Pros: easy to use, normally works seamlessly, quick find options, good layout. Everything so for is easy to find and use. Very seldom do I have issues or buggy useage. Cons: One complaint is the app resets or fails to function properly in landscape view. The other is, the app is doesn’t work well with my tablet…which I wish to use most times.

  16. This app would be worth 5 stars except for the following issue. I have TRIED, for the past 2 years, to change my mailing address FROM my old (4 years ago) to my current. I’ve tried multiple times (like 20-30, every time I mail something new) on the app and online, using a browser. I hope someone can tell me how to fix this. If so, the app will get 5 stars. This is extremely frustrating!

  17. Something has changed with this app. I no longer get text notifications for my packages. The only way I do is if I text the tracking number to USPS. I’m signed up for email and text. I only get daily emails about my daily mail. Developers…. please fix what’s broken! This would once again be a great app if the text notifications were working. That may not even be an app issue… might be a USPS website and app issue!

  18. Matt B dice:

    Pretty pointless, I thought I’d be able to track packages from a nice interface. All this does is open the same informed delivery website inside of a window in the app. You may as well just open the website on a proper web browser as the app just squishes all the images of incoming mail pieces and generally makes the experience worse than just opening the site in a browser.

  19. Very useful and mostly accurate and up-to-date. 01.16.23 update-If I could give zero stars, I would. Not so useful, not so accurate, and NOT up-to-date. Tracking info is not updated, and will only run one tracking number at a time. You have to delete and clear out all other tracking numbers.

  20. Informed delivery not working. I’ve been using this app for many years now and never had issues. I havent been able to log in to my informed delivery account for months now. This is how I know if packages are being delivered and when they are delivered. Ive unistalled and reinstalled and still not working. I even tried doing it on the website and having no luck. The tracking feature doesnt work either. Please fix this issue.

  21. Ive been using this app for a couple of years and its been a very handy tool for me but the past month to month and half it will not let me sign in or anything. It will bring up the page to select from tracking or informed delivery or shipping quotes and so on but when i click on one of them nothing happens. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and same results. Very disappointed.

  22. JR Fowler dice:

    Why do you keep changing the app? And for the worse at that matter?! First you remove the capabilities of adding nicknames to tracking numbers. Some of us ship and receive multiple things at once. Secondly, now you have removed the option of tracking more than one package at once! Now I have to keep a list of my tracking numbers on a separate app then check on one, delete, check on another, repeat. Sometimes I have to do that for 20-30 packages at once. Pathetic.

  23. Anthony S dice:

    Informed delivery should work in the app and not have to be redirected to log into in a web page. Plus you should be logged into your app all the time instead of having to log in on the website to come back to the app. It’s just so stupid but what do you expect from the postal service. Recently updated hoping that they fix this but of course they didn’t. Too many clicks to deal with this.

  24. Doesn’t function fully, can’t create first class labels only flat rate. Doesn’t stay logged in. You can to click main screen and go to click and ship, Doesn’t work if you tey through menu. It’s Doesn’t work as web page and if you try to go to web page it opens app. The app doesn’t function well. Needs updated for as much as they charge now!

  25. Could be a nice full featured app, but is missing the option to stay logged in. The log in process requires a minimum of 6 selections, and that’s if you have a password manager. If you don’t have one, forget about it. PLEASE ADD AN OPTION TO STAY LOGGED IN. UPDATE 12-19-2022: 10 months later and NOTHING has changed. The app is still more difficult to access than it’s worth. TYPICAL GOVERNMENT!!!

  26. I would give this app more stars if it actually works the way it did a few months ago. I used to be able to check and see what was coming in the mail that day and track packages without having to manually input the tracking numbers in. It would be extremely nice if someone took the time to fix the issues instead of just blowing off all the negative reviews.

  27. Not happy with not being able to see what’s coming in the mail. I depend on it for important documents and work related item’s. Can’t even enter it just winds up being a white blank page that goes no where. Once it said check for dTa or wifi. So when I checked other apps no problems but coming back to this app back to blank page. Please fix this I would much appreciate this. Thank you very much.

  28. J Nelson dice:

    This app has limited functionality compared with the website. Some features are useful, such as tracking, locator and zip code search. To add more than one tracking number, additional numbers must be entered from the main menu search box. For some reason, it won’t accept extra numbers from the tracking list search box.

  29. I absolutely love this app, especially the Informed Delivery. It shows not only packages that are being shipped to your residence but also includes pictures of letters you can expect to receive in your daily mail. If a letter doesn’t arrive within a couple of days you can notify USPS that it is missing directly from the app. The pictures of the letters will remain on the app for an entire week. It picks up any packages being sent to your address even without a tracking number which is nice.

  30. The informed delivery feature is just a web view and requires authentication every time I use it. I cannot manually add tracking numbers from the tracking page. They have to be added on the dashboard/home view. Unrelated: There is no iPadOS version, so I have to use the iPhone version on my tablet. This is not something I expect from an app with this many users. Please implement a native informed delivery experience. There used to be one, it was discontinued, but never merged into this one.

  31. No longer a real app, it is merely a bunch of links to USPS website. False advertising, considering it doesn’t even look like the pictures. This app offers 0 services. Not even the very basic function to add names to our tracking numbers so we can distinguish them. I wish people would review the app itself; if it works, if its convenient, how it helps to save time, etc. Unfortunately most high reviews are about USPS services, not about the app, which is very misleading. Apples and oranges.

  32. Great idea on paper and occasionally is helpful but there are more problems than advantages. Seeing a pic of your mail does not mean you’re getting it that day. You get it when you get it and it could be weeks later (which just happened to me with a check that I’d been waiting for, for months). It also takes too long to sign in (3 screens!). The packages feature is more helpful than the mail feature especially when you include outgoing packages (w/their tracking numbers).

  33. Pretty good app. The informed delivery is really convenient. It saves you from having to go to the mailbox to check the mail. With the informed delivery you know whether you have mail or not beforehand. Also the other features on that are helpful and convenient ( the change the address, the forwarding mail, the hold feature, etc …). But overall the could be better. But it’s a really good app.

  34. This used to be a great app, now it is almost useless. As mentioned by others, the app used to allow users to add nicknames to packages, so that one could see all their packages at a glance and know which was which. I could differentiate between inbound and outbound and see which inbound packages might not fit in the mailbox and/or may be of a high value, meaning that I would make sure to meet the mail carrier instead of having the package left outside. Now, it’s just a list of tracking numbers and clicking on them just goes to the USPS website; not only is that slower but the website shows the current status, you have to scroll down and click on a link to see the full tracking, which was previously the default in the app.

  35. Mary P dice:

    I love this service. It’s great to see if & when items have been shipped & where they physically are located in the process. There have been a few times when packages never enter or start the system, but that’s the exception. It’s not clear why a few items don’t show up in the system, (maybe a incorrect tracking number) but the packages have always arrived, even without. It’s probably not the app, most likely it is a lack of USPS information.

  36. For the most part, this is a reliable app that can be useful for packages one may be waiting on. However, there have been (not often, granted) times when we check this app and find that we actually did have a bit of mail or the opposite has also happened. But there are so many benefits that can be had, so we continue to utilize it as often as possible. What a marvelous convenience on cold rainy days… as long as you consider you do have a higher chance of them getting it correct!

  37. Edit: The developers listened and added a much needed feature! App works fine but has one major flaw. Why can’t you select multiple tracking numbers at once from tracking history and delete them? You can only select one at a time, delete it, then you have to wait for the screen to refresh so you can delete another tracking number. Time consuming and tedious.

  38. Decent app, starting to have bugs. For a couple of weeks now when I went to put in a tracking number an error page came up saying it wasn’t available. So, I Uninstaller it and reinstalled it today and I can track packages again. But, when I go in to receive shipment notifications, it doesn’t work at all. I fill out everything and when I go to press the ‘get updates’ button, it just stays there. Doesn’t process. Make an update to fix this bug!

  39. This app is literally terrible. It’s so bad it’s mind blowing. Okay, let me start to describe the problems which are many. Let’s talk about the location pane. Supposedly, this allows you to find post office locations. Problem is, it’s almost impossible to use. The entry field for “find a location” is so buggy, it’s almost unusable. For example, entering nothing into this dialogue, which obviously should default to my current location, results in an error. You get the idea.

  40. Convenient place to keep tracking information. After one of the updates, however, the tracking information takes you to a webpage instead of inside-the-app info. Because of this, the displayed information is limited, and you can no longer add nicknames to the tracking numbers to make them easier to tell the difference between the shipments (this is available in Informed Delivery in the browser, but not through the app, so you have to go bouncing around between both). Please fix this!

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