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Free App for Truck Drivers to Save Time at Amazon Fulfillment and Sort Centers.
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Amazon Relay enables carriers and owner operators to book and manage loads from their mobile devices. Additionally, Relay helps truck drivers haul Amazon loads efficiently by guiding them to their destination, advising them when to arrive, and providing information to expedite entry at facilities.

Features for carriers and owner operators include:

* Load Board with improved user interface optimized for mobile devices
* Notifications for important updates and announcements from Amazon
* Post A Truck for automatically booking loads that match with truck availability
* Trips page to view booked loads and assign or update drivers to the loads

Features for drivers include:

* Free commercial navigation on truck-friendly routes, including routing to Amazon truck entrance instead of front door which lane they should be in while approaching their next turn
* Notifications when loads are ready for pick up, loads get cancelled, or when new loads get added to the schedule
* Load History to view the last two weeks of loads hauled for Amazon
* Ability to report delays or disruptions to company dispatchers and Amazon
* Image Proof of Delivery and Bills of Lading

By using this app, you agree to the Amazon Relay Terms of Use ( and Privacy Notice (


Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Amazon Relay MOD"

  1. The application always adds about an hour to any travel time, so the GPS is very unreliable. Constantly sends the same weather reminders over and over. The application checks your GPS location even when you’re not working. It constantly tells you that you are speeding because it doesn’t know what the actual speed limit is. There are many roads that are marked as no trucks allowed but it’s not true. Oftentimes it’s because there is a church parking lot near there that says no trucks.

  2. I understand that change is Great however, sometimes I believe if it’s not broke don’t fix it. This used to be a great app. The GPS color graphics are very confusing for a professional driver trying to navigate. I cannot find the performance tab anymore, are the notifications screen for notes. the loadbord is not user friendly. no tab for payment history or Year to date on the mobile app. I am a administrator and dispatcher. this information is critical on the mobile app.

  3. Jason K dice:

    This was a pretty simple app at one point, even though navigation always had some type of issue. It’s much more complicated now making it more difficult to use. Although some issues have been improved, other things that weren’t issues before have now become issues. It seems that with the “improvement” it’s gotten worse. Navigation is absolutely useless now.

  4. Most recent update to the navigation portion of the app is not that great. It shows the actual name of a highway like Papago instead of the 10. Not cool. Also, seems like the navigation is getting confused more often. It says “turn right and then turn right” like three times and then “recalculating”. . . turn right then turn right. A few months prior to today, 09/25/22 the navigation was awesome. Not as much now. And why in the heck hasn’t relay App ELD been configured for Android?

  5. The app keeps me guessing much of the time. For example, it tells me to get on to a certain freeway but does not tell me which direction I will be going. Other times it directs me to an exit but doesn’t tell me in enough time which way to go when the exit forks, because it’s really hard to swerve a big rig across three lanes of traffic at the last second on an off ramp. In their defense, I have given ample feedback and it is slowly improving.

  6. Dan SW dice:

    Very poor experience lately. The navigation hides half of the map with clouds, and the colors of the route is not different then other streets just to confuse you. Then when you add a trailer it keeps going to trailer number after the license plate to keep playing with you until is satisfied. Before it wasn’t perfect but it was much better. Somehow the experience is getting worse with every update. And worse part we are force to update since it doesn’t show loads with the older versions.

  7. The navigation part of the app is totally useless. It doesn’t even work anymore. Contacting customer service through the app has become a very arduous task. I use to love using this app. Not sure where the devs went wrong, but if they go back about 3 versions prior to this one, that was the best version.

  8. Don’t use their navigation unless you are trying to see where the truck entrance is. The app is not very good.. If you have dual roles it glitches. When you get the scan code, just keep tapping the screen. They really could have made it easier to use this app and going straight to post a truck is confusing. As you learn the app if you make any mistakes, your rating goes way down n it’s really hard to recover.

  9. The TRIPS section of the Relay app does not load or open up so any changes especially add on trips can’t be access on the app and you won’t be able to assign driver/s for it. You have to access the TRIPS on desktop/laptop in order to view Upcoming, In Transit and History trips. Very frustrating especially if you forgot to bring your laptop with you on the road.

  10. For the most part it’s good however it could be improved. It doesn’t always tell when you arrive at a location so that’s 1 issue. Someone else mentioned the blue cloud making directions more difficult to read in the map is another issue that could be fixed. It would be a huge help if ROC associates could complete payment disputes that are outside of driver control when called. It would only be fair if Amazon awards credit towards score cards when they cancel your booked loads as well. 👍🏾🙏🏽

  11. Very limited options on contacting help. Loads canceled at an Amazon facility are usually botched. I often get canceled at KMCI and then the tour disappears with no return trip at all. No support from anybody. Just left hanging. I take my empty trailer and head back to MKC4. KMCI doesn’t want it but relay says drop it then go nowhere. THERE IS NO OPTION TO CONTACT ANYBODY TO FIX IT. If this were a real app that was used to make money it would be dropped immediately. But we are forced to use it.

  12. Edwin R dice:

    App is getting clunky adding more bugs and glitches to the mix, not to mention button pushes for everything. Clicking navigate to site, most the time the “start” button won’t show up to get the navigation working, requiring phone restart. On screen warnings that block 1/3 the navigation screen is distracting. Air quality? Not needed, go away. Big red “road restricted” messages give you a heart attack until you realize it’s not you. Mobile Load board screen now sucks to book with, thank you!

  13. Nikki N dice:

    Update made it trash to use. Doesn’t tell hwys to get on. It’s almost like it’s using Google maps as well. Has you on residential roads and road closures. It used to use McNally software, now it will have you get off the hwy to get on the city route and request you to make uturns and sharp turns. Very unacceptable and dangerous especially with a trailer. The thing is, we use this bc Amazon have warehouses in places we would never be able to find without them pinning the area. It’s just dangerous

  14. Yancy M. dice:

    The App is terrible. No ability to select types of equipment. Generates 24 search results but only shows a small few. No ability to hide Power only vs Bring a trailer. Searching by city is missing many major US cities. And this is just the load board issues. Amazon made a terrible mistake launching this half produced app during peak season.

  15. New view is not bad. Takes some getting use too. However, the GPS is horrible. It needs to be definitive when giving directions. It shouldn’t tell you keep left then keep right. Should say what highway to take. For example if approaching a split on highway, GPS should prompt to take north or south. Also seems to not disclose what exit to take and is showing names that don’t appear on highway signs.

  16. The recently updated version of the application is screwing up my work and probably everyone whose working through the phone regularly. The new version is esthetically more pleasant than the old one, but it took away most of the working features that we, as a dispatcher, use to gain money. Which are the post a truck option, the automatic refresh in the search option on load board, & it doesn’t show the usual green pop up message when a post have been filled… Pls get it fixed or get the old 1.

  17. This app is far better than Flex. With that said there are 2 features I would like to see added. First it would be nice it it had a better feedback system specifically it does not tell the user if something has already been scanned. 2nd it would be nice if I could set it up so that it automatically open a map I chose, but h9ld to copy destination works.

  18. Pretty good overall, occasionally messes up on navigation and I have to restart my whole phone to get the navigation to start working correctly. Google maps NEVER does this, nor do any other apps, so I know it isn’t my phone. I also have Verizon, and I am in Houston so the signal is very strong. Also when arriving sometimes at locations, the “you have arrived” is not anywhere close to the actual entrance and if you have never been to that location before, it is very confusing for new drivers.

  19. The navigation is usually very accurate, and the app is easy to use. The scheduling can be difficult at times, and sometimes literally impossible to keep. Often there are unrealistic unload and departure times, especially on consolidated routes, leaving the driver feeling helpless while the stops, start late and domino effect forward through the route. Most of the time the scheduling is generous on delivery and travel times, but part if the time very disconnected and ridiculous.

  20. Constantly saying I’m late when im at facility. Losing signal with app. I’m sick and tired of my score going down over the app issues. I like alot of the new updates but my connective issue has been going on for over 15 months and I’m sick and tired of these issues. I have the z flip 3 5g. I’ve had these problems since day one. It’s either the app doesn’t work well with 5g or just my phone. I know people that have the same issues. Just today I was using GPS and was told I was not moving

  21. The only thing I like about this app is I don’t have to get out of my truck at stops to check in. Other than that, this app is required to be on location at all times which is intrusive, needs my personal Amazon account info to sign in which is intrusive, does not give notification or does anything to let you know when I get a load or more importantly, when changes are made to routes which in that case I wouldn’t know either unless I looked or my dispatch tells me. The navigation is garbage..etc

  22. Overall this is a nice app. The major problems that I have with the relay app is when I go to check-in and I have to leave off of the property to take my ten hour break, because Amazon doesn’t allow us truck drivers to stay on the property. Anyway, I wish it had the option to reroute me back to the facility because it’s so easy getting lost, or making a wrong turn that will lead me towards low bridges. Also, I wish the app would tell me directions step by step like in route.

  23. It is horrible. The first time i used it I loved it, but it gets less and less dependable as I use it. The entire trip I keep getting prompts to go in different directions, recalculating and pure poor and improper directions. I have to use another gos to make sure I get close enough before paying attention to this thing. Two stars only because it was great the first trip I took with it.

  24. This app has some bugs that need to be worked out. Firstly, the navigation feature in the app does not say which side of the street the destionation is on, 3feet before the turn it tells you to turn, sometimes my # of scans are not correctly reflected in the app or some will be marked as “not expected for this stop” even though I scanned it onto the truck. There are more things wrong but I think you get the picture. Also, there should be a feature in the driver app to manually adjust your E.T.A.

  25. Would like to get the old ui. It was much simpler to understand all your stops. Now you got so many steps to get to see anything. And is so crowded can’t barely get what you are looking for. Can’t copy vrid from the list view. App is much much worse. Don’t fix something that’s not broken. Or at least give an option to go between the 2. Hope they change it back thanks.

  26. It’s pretty good, though it does drain battery. It would be better if it told you if you were trying to scan something you already scanned. A “duplicate” alert. Right now if it’s a duplicate it won’t complete the scan, but it wont say why. You have to scroll through all the codes to see if it’s a bad barcode or a duplicate.

  27. The old version of the app was so nice, intuitive, eady to use and clear about dates and times! This update is beyond confusing and can’t find anything! Super unclear about date and time of pick up! Literally have to search for things that were easily available on the previous version and even if I find it it’s still beyond confusing! Up front days my load is scheduled to pick up Sunday but when I open it it shows time of pick up with no date! When I find my trip in a different tab it’s Saturday

  28. Works fine for scanning packages and work at the post offices and at the Amazon facilities. However… DO NOT use this for navigation. You will be set up for failure! Literally the worst navigation software I’ve ever used. One time it took me fifty six miles off course and insisted that a radio tower was the post office. A dowsing rod is a better navigation tool than this is. Edit: newest version doesn’t play nicely with GPS tracking either.

  29. LOVE IT! If you’re hauling loads for Amazon, this app is a must. It only helps with driver tasks, not dispatch tasks. Almost all communication is done through the app, and it is so easy. OCCASIONALLY, it does something wonky, but for the most part, it does a great job. I LOVE that it tells you when your load is ready early! Def use the routing tool if there are a couple of possible routes. But use common sense or another GPS between interstate and terminal; sometimes it routes you weird.

  30. JC Lowe dice:

    To be fair this is a pretty decent program, I mean it has a LOT of responsibilities and a ton of users, however, since the last two updates it tanks big time in my opinion… It will continue on through the process and has even checked me and others out before we even got half way through our loads… There is not a way to go back to a previous screen after a certain point. That makes it impossible to complete the assignment which are crucial to getting good stats in the Amazon system.

  31. Most convenient and professional application to use in the business! Does our job, and I’m sure your job as well so much easier. Now, if the Gate Attendants were more up to speed with how the app integrates everything because I’m not sure they realize everything we have at our fingertips is an extension of their app as well. Check-in and Out would go a lot smoother. Thanks

  32. Edit: I’ve been using this app for over a year now and it has only gotten worse; more convoluted and more error prone. It takes 20 minutes sometimes just to do paperwork for one stop because there are like 20 BOLs and for some reason there is an excruciatingly slow loading period in between every single action during this process. And that’s if it doesn’t just freeze up on you. Funny how the richest company in the world makes such garbage. This app is awful. It will frustrate you daily.

  33. Very bad app, and it keeps getting more and more difficult, complicated to use with every upgrade, and it always shows no internet and no data, now its screen doesn’t even come up anymore, I have to wait minutes, its so discomfort, I also have to press everything 20 times for it to work, I don’t know what they are thinking they are doing, but they are making everything so much more difficult for drivers and everybody else.

  34. the app is always wrong, theres nowhere to report damaged trailers and it seems to freeze quite often. Prefer the old style relay app. The new app doesn’t allow you to see your loads the same and makes it more difficult to give facilities proper information. Wouldn’t mind adding the two apps together but they both have pros and many cons.

  35. Just started using program. So far it really sucks. Update July 1st couple weeks in and it still sucks. Was using nextstop before this program. Amazon needs to check out nextstop and use the features on that program. It would be nice to know how many scans are expected, also if scan is not for the route relay should display that. Scanning itself needs improvement sometimes it takes too long for camera to read bar code. If you don’t have to use relay consider yourself lucky.

  36. Would have given a 5 but sometimes the app would randomly dispatch you a shortcut to save time that can be potentially life threatening. Put me on a very dangerous mountainous highway, with no outs when I could have stayed on the interstate and I had to work my way back. Thank God I was able to spot a dollar general and turn around.

  37. The app is functionally convenient, easy to locate critical info, such as loads, pick up and delivery times. The app though tends to glitch at critical navigation time. July/13/2020 Glitches seem to be a thing of the past. Bravo! August/24/2020: Well, it appears glitches keep creeping back. App continues to take from the highway into neighborhoods and can be a challenging feat if one is not familiar with surroundings or it’s at night.

  38. The new upgrade has so many steps it’s unreal. Since the upgrade I can’t do a trailer search without refreshing the app. When you do finally get the trailer in the app the trailer number in relays main page shows the last trailer that you pulled. The Amazon wants to dock you for not doing the run. Also doesn’t always give you a Bol on a trip like it should. Fmcsa regulations states you must have supporting documents for the load.

  39. Comptec dice:

    The app works great for what it does. But I do not like the app because it requires you to give it location permission at all times. The GPS on your routes will not work if you give it GPS permissions only while the app is open. On a Motorola g power you have to give the app permissions to have location information at all times. It’s a huge invasion of my privacy

  40. Dan SW dice:

    Great for getting loads and checking in with the guard shack. Edit: I sent so many comments about the navigation issues and it seems like nobody reads them because they never fix the problem. And this could be a great crowd funded app where multiple people would report on issues and have the navigation greatly improved. For example bridge heights that are incorrect, road restrictions that are not there, and gate entrance on Amazon locations that thousands of drivers use every day.

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