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1. Install the ZipRecruiter Job Search app.
2. Tell us about the jobs you’re looking for: location + keywords, or job titles
3. Find jobs you like!
4. Apply with just one tap!

ZipRecuiter is the employment app that gives you the best results because it searches for you automatically!

The Zip job board helps you find a good job nearby fast. It learns what kind of employment you’re looking for, searches for you, and automatically notifies you when there’s a new job that is a good match for you! Other job finder apps make looking for a job hard. Not ZipRecruiter!

If you want to find a good job this employment app will really help you, because it searches automatically across 100s of job boards. “No pain, no gain” has never been less true!

You’ll receive notifications about local jobs that are a good match for you. YOU will be the first to know when local jobs become available!

The ZipRecruiter job search app also includes jobs from other employment apps.

And many more. So you don’t need to search using other job applications, because ZipRecruiter includes those employment opportunities too.

You can find almost any kind of job in the Zip Jobs app.

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40 comentarios en "Job Search by ZipRecruiter MODDED 2022"

  1. I was hoping the job recommendations would be more personalized, but they’re really random. Not based on my resume or skills. More a general guess based on the sort of things I’ve searched. It shows me jobs all over the place rather than my city or remote positions. The match feature also makes so sense. I’m getting “great match” for listings that are way out of my range of experience. Search function is lacking. Overall don’t really like it.

  2. It’s been pretty great for helping me put in applications, the only thing I can maybe suggest is an option for selecting the locations of jobs to be notified for. For example, I’m only looking for a job within my city, but I’ll get notifications for jobs in a different state altogether sometimes. It’s only really just a minor annoyance, but having a bit more control over what I’m suggested would be immensely helpful

  3. The Android app is not very good. Job details are hidden several clicks deep. The filters are clunky, and there is no ‘remote work’ filter at all. Update: after using it for a few more days, I have found that the job match score, recommendations, and (often) the search results all suck. Additional update: the more I use it, the less I like it. I’m getting ridiculous search results on the app as well as the website, random notifications, silly recommendations….

  4. Decent job search app, I like the email updates about jobs I might be interested in. Unfortunately, I cannot filter search results to part time or full time. There’s no way for me to make that a preference at all. As a disabled person, constantly getting emails and search results about jobs I physically cannot do gets discouraging. Even after using the app for over a month, it will not stop recommending me full time positions. Please fix this. It’s such a simple mechanic.

  5. Really good and easy app. I don’t understand what people are complaining about. You’re not using it right. The only downside is that you can’t really search for remote jobs because it’s set to search jobs near a location, and sometimes it pulls up full time when I’m looking for part-time. Also, they definitely should have an option to submit a cover letter.

  6. I’ve had a few interviews from this but a lot of the jobs are vague, pay range isn’t accurate, and there absolutely needs to be a way to filter for remote only jobs AND report the jobs that lie about that in the title. I am disabled. I can work remotely for many positions but there’s no way to filter so I waste a lot of time finding out most of the jobs posted aren’t suitable. That’s pretty ableist IMO.

  7. Jeriah W. dice:

    The app is decent, but the “smart apply” feature is terrible. It puts in the wrong info, and every single time there is a button or link that’s unclickable. It won’t let me upload my resume as the button doesn’t work. Like this ruins the app. Also, if you open any other app even just to reply to a text, it will reset and take you all the way back without saving your progress. There is nothing smart about “smart apply”. If those things are fixed, the app would be a solid 4.

  8. This app is nowhere near as good as Indeed. They give an option to search for remote jobs… Turns out there’s no way to differentiate between a remote position and Remote, Oregon. I wasted a lot of time before I realized this. They also have required fields in the “optional” EEO form. The filtering is not great. They only let you filter by a few options.

  9. Only works a quarter of the time. Most of the time, it won’t even get past that stupid screen of two people high-fiving each other. I’m connected to a wifi network (a good one at that) and this thing constantly has issues loading. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing again. Nothing. I’ve tried using the website, clicking on a job where it sends me to the app, and it just gets stuck on a green bordered page that just won’t load for anything. Plus, the emails are irrelevant!

  10. This is a GREAT app to have in you’re phone, wether you’re looking for a Job or searching for a career!! It’s comes across as very personable, which can be comforting at times, especially when you’re out-of-work and under stress!! The AI assistant “Phil” is very informative and will fin you opportunities to apply for openings in every field you have experience in according to your resume, which is made so simple with the “one touch apply” option!! Chances are, you’ll find your fit, good luck!!

  11. Pretty frustrating experience. The app tries to scrape your résumé and put it into job experience. It does a fair job, but needs a lot of cleanup. Since I have 38 years’ experience, that’s a tedious undertaking. Then partway through, the app discarded everything I’d done. At that point I deleted the app. I’ll stick with LinkedIn and Indeed.

  12. E Arm dice:

    It only works if connected to wifi. If there is a disconnect with WiFi, even if you have data on your phone it doesn’t work. It keeps recommending jobs no where near my search criteria. Also the app gives weird recommendations that doesn’t go with my experience/ education. Most of the jobs you can’t apply on the app, it needs to transfer to a website, but it never connects. App alerts to new job. Click on the altert, transfers to app, get error message everytime, never seeing the new job

  13. This app is absolutely useless. I can’t change any of my profile information (job history, desired salary, etc). Sometimes it tells me I have connection issues (I’ve tried with wifi and with data). Sometimes it just flat out won’t save my information if I try to make any changes. I uninstalled right away. Going back to Indeed which has a great app that actually works.

  14. The app works well – it’s a very clear design and new job notifications happen just often enough to keep you updated without being annoying. The one issue I do have is that the app doesn’t tell you when a job is expired. (The desktop site doesn’t either until you click on the job link.) So it appears that a job is still available even after it was taken down. It’d be nice to have a little “expired” note right on the listing instead of having to open it, so you can tell right away that it’s unavailable.

  15. Very user-friendly. Provides many possible job opportunities and will fine tune your choices based on your criteria; including distance, key words etc. I’ve utilized the “One Tap Apply” option and have been able to apply to more positions in a more timely fashion. As a result, I’ve gotten quite a few job offers! I definitely recommend this app. Good Luck, to all of you, on your job search!

  16. Very straight forward unlike LinkedIn. Zip gets straight to the point, do you want to apply or not? You know… When you do apply it’s just one button. When you search it gives you the area you’re looking for work whereas LinkedIn gives you all sorts of different locations and even different states like it’s not focused on what you’re looking for. Zip is straight forward and simple and it tells you right away if someone viewed your resume. LinkedIn does too but you have to pay for that option.

  17. I’ve heard their ads on the radio for forever so I wanted to finally give them a try. The idea of it scanning my resume and finding the best fit for me sounded terrific. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t do that, and it’s not terrific. I must have misunderstood what the commercials said, because this is still asking me to type in my industry etc. in addition to location and it seems to completely disregard the resume I’ve uploaded.

  18. I fleshed out a profile and then viewed it. It contains almost nothing I entered. Instead, it looks like it pulled random junk from my uploaded resume to form a disjointed profile that is unimpressive and makes no sense. I’m looking for something very specific, but it’s difficult to narrow down searches. Positive point: a lot of good jobs to scroll through.

  19. I have used a wide range of websites and apps in my search over the last two months, and one-click was mostly aspirational… until I found ZipRecruiter. The app is ridiculously easy to use, provided you put the effort in to create a solid and accurate profile. One-click really is one-click on 75% of the roles, and the rest have no more than 1-5 filter questions before the application submits. The instant feedback gives you an immediate sense of how likely you are to get an initial screener.

  20. Well, I like the overall look, feel, and function of this app; it’s no better or worse than what I’ve used so far. I do like the “dismiss” feature when viewing job postings, and the suggestions seem more… how to say… accurate? Like, they’re closer to what I’m looking for, at least in title/position if not location proximity. I’ll keep using it for now. 😉

  21. Easy to use, and I love that the app tells me whenever an employer has viewed my application/resume. I also receive emailed job notifications (you don’t have to use this feature, but I like it). You can save the jobs that you’re interested in, and it saves a list of the jobs you have already applied for. You can filter your search by location and distance. The only option that I would like to see added to this app is the option to take different aptitude tests like some of the other apps offer.

  22. I hate the effort required to apply for to most jobs so the “1 Tap Apply” button is great for me. I can apply for several jobs very quickly. However when I first got this app, I used the “1 Tap Apply” button not knowing that it sends over my resume. At the time I didn’t have a resume uploaded so it sent over nothing. I did this several times before realizing what was going on. I wish the app would force you to upload a resume if you don’t have one uploaded when you apply for a job.

  23. I used this app for around a month. I filled out everything. There is no spot for a cover letter. The results are not very local even when using the milage filter and searching “any” within the zip code. The results are often old and the positions have usually been filled. The app will not tell you how old the listings are so you must check elsewhere. Some listings will also direct you off this app. The user interface is great but the results are so unusable it makes the app a waste of time.

  24. My only gripe so far is when replying to messages, the keyboard hides the message and what I’m typing rather than adjusting the display to pad up above the keyboard so that you can see the message as you’re typing. Also, needs way more filters when cycling through jobs, whether it be searches or suggested. distance alone is not enough to filter out the obvious garbage.

  25. I like the one tap apply. There are some reservations I have about it though. It, though convenient, can lead to a laziness in the application process. For example you may no longer tailor a cover letter or a resume to highlight relevant experiences or skills. Also if you have been less than fully attentive during resume generation you might be easily sending an error ridden resume to a vast swath of employers and peers. Which obviously is not a good thing.

  26. The app used to function fine until I tried to repeatedly change the email address associated with it. It even managed to get me a few interviews and a temporary job. However, now it no longer responds to attempts to apply for jobs and won’t allow me to change it back to the original email address from when it functioned properly. All attempts to contact customer service and get resolution have only resulted in token automated messages that do not solve the problem.

  27. Have to delete. Thought there was supposed to be some kind of super algorithm/intelligence behind this app. Turns out it’s just a job scraper rehash. It does not distinguish between health care providers and health care business professionals. I opted for the notifications and added that I have over a decade of experience in my field, I get push notifications for entry level jobs.

  28. The job search feature isn’t helpful. Unable to search for jobs based on important factors such as part-time, remote positions only or filter by job category. You can only search keywords, and the only filter is for location. That’s it. It would be great to have an advanced search or a section in the profile to choose those important details. I spend a lot of time searching remote, work from home, telecommute and still mostly get notified about in-office jobs which I’m not interested in.

  29. Solid app, runs well, makes good suggestions for jobs you might like. It also keeps you updated on the status of your applications, which is a lot better than just sending your resume out into the ether with your fingers crossed. If you put the work into setting up a good profile and resume, One-Tap apply will quickly become your best friend!

  30. This app is really great for several reasons! I love that u can apply for a position with one click! Another great thing is their job match communications, every job posting I’ve been matched with has been the exact type of position my skills/experience qualify me for. One of the best features is the saved jobs button, where it keeps all the jobs you’ve applied for in one seperate spot for you to go back and view the details again when contacted by the employer. App is super easy to use.

  31. Not alot of options to filter preferences, you do not have options to choose part-time, full-time ect.., you do not have options to update where you stand with the jobs you’ve applied for, please update your app to fit our needs, that way we have a better chance to find a job suitable for what we are looking for. So far, Indeed has the upper hand.

  32. The options are great and there is plenty to choose from. I would like to see less of the non relevant categories in my direct personalized account and if all the key factors I use like distance to commute be held consistent. Just because I keep scrolling doesn’t mean I am going to grow a car and magically have a license to drive me farther away. Other than that its good.

  33. Jay dice:

    Used to like it, now can’t stand it. This app seems to really think that truck driving and so many other random jobs are more IT related than actual IT jobs. The recommended jobs are just completely random and I’m convinced not based on anything but location, it’s like reading a newspaper though. Also on a phone, scrolling through a job, the header and footer take up 1/3 of the screen and you can’t dismiss them, very annoying. It used to be so much better, it’s now my least favorite.

  34. I been out of work for the last 8 years because of a disability. This app has made it so much easier to look and apply for jobs in my field and other fields of work. Now that I’m back in the workforce everything has changed everyone want a resume. My resume is outdated but I was able to outline all my job skills without posting a resume and apply with 1 click

  35. The UI on this app is difficult to use. Header and footer take up too much space and when navigating back out of a job description, sometimes you have to hit the “back” button multiple times before it actually goes. To be clear, the phone recognizes and registers the action, so there is haptic feedback from pressing the button, but when the page loads, it is the same page as before you press the back button. Do not like.

  36. Consistently receive relatable new job offers. It’s one of very few apps that actually save my resume so I don’t have to retype it everytime I apply for a job. The quick apply for jobs that I’m interested in is all that and then some! I have to say from my experience this app is very organized. Editing your profile couldn’t be easier. last but not least I’m very impressed with the fact that it saves your previous jobs applied for which definitely helps me save time. Thank you ZIP Recruiter.

  37. Foomy dice:

    80% of the time not a single screen will load properly for me. Relevant jobs, applied jobs, and saved jobs always return with a screen of “Something has gone wrong.” My profile is simply a blank white screen. The few instances where I can bring up relevant jobs, trying to apply has failed due to an error that all relevant fields don’t have the necessary information, even though I’ve entered the information in every field listed.

  38. Me dice:

    This has been the most legitimate employment app I have used that has yielded results. What I like most is that you can “1-click” apply and move on to the next. They submit your resumé you have on file to the job poster and you’re done. They also send you notifications when your application has been viewed. Update: This still the best employment app but keeps freezing after 5-10 minutes every time & have to restart it. This is frustrating when I find a great job to apply for and it freezes!!!

  39. DNR dice:

    Everything works. Minimal glitching. Edit: I’m not sure if I’m missing it, or it doesn’t exist, but my only wish is that there was a deactivation option for my account instead of having to completely delete it after finding a job. I want the constant barrage of emails and temp agency calls to stop but i also might want to keep looking at my options if the job i found isnt a good fit.

  40. Love the app, here are 3 things that.. I like: User friendly, easy to apply, and useful (very useful) filters. I would change: the recommendation algorithm could use my data better to identify a more accurate recommendation (natural language processing would help when resumes are uploaded), option for a dark mode (or night mode) since the grind never stops, and easy linkedin sign in for applying. I’m missing the “3 things I don’t like” but ultimately there isn’t any. 10/10 would recommend!

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