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The easiest way to shop with Sysco
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Shop Sysco products, anytime, anywhere.

Sysco Shop allows you to search Sysco’s complete product catalog, locate key items from any page, and place quick and easy orders on your schedule.

You can access up to 14 months of previous order history and modify existing orders up to the delivery cut-off time. Sysco Shop also features offline sync, so you can continue to build your order anytime, anywhere.


Feature Updates:
- The “Pay Invoices” link now redirects to Sysco Pay.
Bug fixes and general improvements.


4 comentarios en "Sysco Shop MODDED"

  1. Lord Berkley dice:

    Garbage app. Just let me order out of a browser. The app just randomly deletes items from my cart when I tab back and forth between apps. But when my KM texts me the order, tabbing back and forth between apps is the most efficient. This app makes it so much harder than it is to just use the browser option like on a laptop.

  2. Ilga Polleitis dice:

    Easy to use for reordering. When looking up new items, it is disappointing when the occasional item you look up doesn’t have a description. It is also frustrating if you don’t get the wording just right for something you’re looking for, because it won’t come up. My main use is to reorder my supplies which is very easy and quick, so the app is great for that.

  3. Kahlil Kennedy dice:

    Slow, sometimes doesn’t load at all. I find myself constantly opening and closing the app, hoping and praying that it will work and then at the last minute texting my rep and hoping that he responds before the cut-off. I prefer to use mobile because having an organized list to go down is often beneficial, but I often end up having yo leave the kitchen and go off my inventory sheets and invoices because of this poorly programmed app. No pars, no easy way to create new lists. I could go on.

  4. Michelle Bomgaars dice:

    Hard to figure out what key words to use when searching an item. Out of stock label would be nice so I can look for an alternative product before submitting. Would be nice to update the app when we choose, rather than being forced to do it prior to opening. I realize you want everyone to have the most updated version, but sometimes I’m in a hurry and it’s hard enough to place the order without extra fluff taking up precious minutes.

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