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Shipt is on the lookout for friendly, reliable shoppers to earn money helping Shipt members get the things they need from stores they trust. Apply at to become a shopper and earn money, set your own schedule, shop and deliver from local stores, and join a thriving community of Shipt Shoppers. If you’re looking for a flexible gig job and want to earn on your own schedule, then apply today.


Apply to be a Shipt Shopper to start earning on your own schedule. You’ll receive a direct deposit every Friday for the deliveries you completed and any in-app tips you’ve earned that week – we make sure you always receive 100% of your tips!


Your schedule is based on when you want to shop and deliver, so you can choose to work and earn as little – or as much – as you like. So whether you’re looking to shop part time or shop full time, you can set your perfect schedule.


With no cap on how many orders you can shop, earn what’s right for you! You can even increase the number of orders you’re offered – simply shop and deliver during your preferred times, and strive to deliver 5 star service!


More than just a gig economy job, you’ll join a community of shoppers. Share inside tips and stories with other shoppers, and take pride in providing a valuable service to the people in your community that need it most.


We’re always on the lookout for hiring shoppers that can help us deliver happiness.
Visit to learn more and apply!


Every few weeks, we update the Shipt Shopper app so it runs better than ever! Update today for the latest and greatest! This update includes the following: - bug fixes - general maintenance


40 comentarios en "Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay MODDED"

  1. I really enjoy shopping and interacting with the customers, but the new system they have where you have to put yourself on the schedule to see whats available in your area, and not being able to see things beyond that time frame is frustrating. also, being able to chat within the app is a great idea but it’s glitchy and I have to close and restart the app frequently.

  2. I love that Shipt gives you all the information you need before selecting the order. However, lately they changed the chat feature from using your own text messaging to using the app and it’s very tedious. I wish they would go back or figure out how Instacart does theirs because it’s much better. Yesterday I was working with it and the messages kept disappearing so I had to ask my customers to re-text me. Also. I really dislike the tipping situation. So many customers do not tip.

  3. Tha Joker dice:

    I wish they wouldn’t bundle orders, it may take longer, and it cuts into being able to take other orders because the orders tend to be where clients are at opposite locations. There also needs to be more clarification on where items are, like Costco and other stores, which have aisle numbers, the app needs that info inputted instead of a general area like “dairy” and others because we spend too much time looking for where each areas is and guessing. Target has the easiest way to find things.

  4. Been working for Shipt during my off season and I really enjoy it. That being said the app itself has some issues that make it very frustrating. The messaging system makes me want to rip my hair out constantly. It freezes mid message. Then it’ll crash. Then it won’t load the app when you try to restart. Also you can receive poor reviews for things out of your control like item availability. GOOD PAY IS HEAVILY RELIANT ON GOOD TIPS! And the direct deposit doesn’t work how they say it does 🙁

  5. Jenni B. dice:

    I haven’t used the app since this fall, but occasionally I’ll get on to see if the maps issue is fixed. When clicking on the delivery address, instead of going to Google maps directly, it opens a web browser for Google maps. I miss the old one. I contacted support already and it sounds like the good old uninstall/ reinstall is their fix. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I’ve been doing this for a little over a year. The earning potential started off great until the new CEO came in and made changes to adapt to other similar platforms (one of which they came from). Shipt used to be unique but they are very misleading to Shoppers and Customers. We build up a great shopping experience with these customers and the customers have an option of choosing their preferred shopper. That 60 window for preffered Shoppers has been taken away to claim their customers order.

  7. Constant bugs. For example, after every time I select Confirm Reciept the UI completely messes up. The buttons go off the screen and I can’t read them. I have to restart the app in order to fix it. Sometimes when I do this, I get stuck on the startup logo screen for up to 10 minutes, which is counting against my delivery time of course. Finally some stores like our state grocer has the aisles completely messed up, as in having fruit labeled as dairy, bread in frozen etc.

  8. I have had great experiences with this app and the people who work customer service. Whenever I have questions they always answer them and they have been really quick at responding to my ratings forgiveness. I have already sent my specs and everything to shipt shopper tech support but I have an issue with the location not staying on. Whenever I swipe “head to store” the location turns on, then disappears. I have the setting for location to be on all the time.

  9. The app hasn’t been working since Dec 28, 2022. I’ve deleted the app, redownloaded it, restarted my phone, and changed my password 3 times. I keep getting “unable to log in” “error: 403” and “unable to refresh offered orders” if I’m able to actually get into the app. This is my main source of income, so this is more than just bothersome or annoying.

  10. Sarah dice:

    Everytime I’m in the middle of an order, it tries to refresh to show available orders(which I appreciate) but it will cause it to freeze and I pretty much have to restart my phone to get back to my order. This happens every 5-10 mins…which is ALOT during an hour long shop. It causes unnecessary delays and has even caused me to be late dropping off orders. Also, my available balance will just disappear, so of course I am unable to do instant withdrawal, but I can’t even see the amount.

  11. Eric P. dice:

    great way to make quick cash. only downfall is people do not realize going fulfill someone’s shopping list that consists of over 40 items for less than $8 is preposterous. a way to see the amount of tip or at least if a tip is offered would be helpful. also set parameters to have a minimum tip required to avoid those few that will tip jokingly. (i.e; $0.25, $0.01)

  12. The app is great for the most part but lately the android version has been having issues on the Driver side of the app with turning the phone’s light on when scanning packages for delivery in the dark at night. This is frustrating since days are shorter in the winter and we’re often delivering in the dark. I hope this issue is fixed soon.

  13. I like it as a whole. I Like the preferred member program. But lately this app is crashing way too much. Right in the middle of orders! I had to re install the app four times in a shop not long ago! I mean come on. Get this fixed. To provide the best service to customers we deserve to have a platform the actually runs smoothe

  14. Sara S dice:

    Usually the app works great for me but since the most recent update, it’s been crashing several times a day and about 30% of the time I can’t even open it. The only way around this that I’ve found is to restart my phone which is very time consuming. I had a similar problem several months ago but it was fixed with an update and it’s been running smooth until now. I love shopping for Shipt but this last update has been super frustrating ☹

  15. Suzanne D dice:

    The updates that started today have not been helpful. Infact I believe I am missing out on orders! I keep getting notifications that I have an order but when I tap on it, it loads for a long time and shows nothing. I contacted them for tech support and did what was suggested, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Still running the same and I really dislike the new available orders screen with the map!

  16. Since the tech department has so many issues everytime they “update” or try to improve the app that they cost shoppers orders and time. Call into support; you may as well roll the dice in getting a competent operator that can solve a problem outside of a script that is given to them to follow. If the problem is big enough, they have to contact the tech department that causes 1/2 the issues in the first place. It was awesome for a while, but over the last year has become increasingly problematic

  17. Basher MN dice:

    App was OK at best to begin with, now it takes forever to complete delivery, doesn’t complete the route, photo upload freezes up and doesn’t save the photo to your gallery or give you the option to choose from gallery so you have to sit and wait for it to work. I have a Samsung S22 Ultra, so it’s not a cheap phone issue. Maybe Android 12 issues and compatibility with the app. Also, instant cash out button is missing, support was unable to offer any solution except to keep reinstalling.

  18. For a couple of months the app was good. I actually was like working for shipt more than Amazon, but I guess with the recent update, I haven’t been able to get a route. I do not see them at all. Then I get the notification saying there are routes available and there be none at all there. Very disappointing because I was ready to commit full time to this company.

  19. The app was okay at the beginning, but since the last 2 updates it doesn’t work like usual. When I’m about to begin shopping it takes forever to load and causes a delay, which does affect my rate and on-time percentage. It has been 2 days I am unable to join because it continues to show I am on 6 hr break. I call support and they keep saying I need a break, even though it’s been 2 full nights and 1 full day with no access.It shows the time I will be aloud to return but keeps changing.

  20. Since the update this app runs HORRIBLE! I have an issue with almost every order. It closes out ALL THE TIME and you lose all your progress, shopping lists, open categories, scanned items, messages don’t work… I just can’t anymore, I used to absolutely love Shipt, now my stats are down and I’ve had a couple orders delivered late due to app issues. Absolutely horrible update!!!! I will not work until it’s fixed

  21. It was great app and Easy to work with during the shopping process up until month of september 22 when they updated the app. It became the worst app ever. It takes for ever to load up. I tried it on both Iphone and Android. No difference at all. Please bring back the old app. The new update drains all of the device resources to load up.

  22. It was really good in the first few weeks. I’ve had this app for probably a year or so now. It sent me order after order when I first started but over time it stopped sending me any orders. I eventually just stopped using the app all together. If you’re going to do delivery don’t do this app. You make barely anything and it’s a ton of work. Now they got rid of the delivery only orders which I never received anyway hardly. They keep getting rid of features but not making the app any better.

  23. Absolute garbage app. Somehow worse than Instacart when it comes to functionality and reliability. Constantly glitches, freezes, and crashes, and Shipt doesn’t seem to care to fix any of it. They’re cheap on hiring talented tech employees, or cheap on investing in good infrastructure, or both. Terrible, stress-inducing nonsense. I recommend saving yourself the headache and shopping for other apps.

  24. I don’t know if there is a glitch or what, but every few deliveries (in the middle of my deliveries) the app shuts down! I literally have to restart my phone for the app to start working again!! Please fix whatever this is! Until then, I am rating a 3 star. This is by far the best app for side hustles, but the shutting down in the middle of my deliveries is annoying!!

  25. Almost ebery tine i try and open the app it get stuck on the furst page. The green onecwith the shipt sign on it. I have to find the app in setting., force stop and reopen. Very helpful app for the most part. Some glitches and system failures have affected my shops, and in thus losing money. Is not consistent with processing, and the ability to send an ‘on the way” status. Please fix thie issues.

  26. I love the work I get. My only problem is that I don’t receive notifications for orders anymore. It was going crazy my first week but after that all of a sudden it just stopped and now I have to keep pushing the refresh button every few seconds to get orders to pop up. It’s very inconvenient and time consuming. Also it says one person left me feedback but I can’t access it or figure it out. I am new to this kind of work and trying to become better and more efficient but it’s hard to figure out.

  27. Brisco dice:

    I really dislike the new Shipt app. It keeps crashing on me daily and when I try to open it, it goes to a green Shipt screen and won’t open til I try to open 3-4 times and it dies that loke 90% of the time. I really hate the new test they are running with available orders and the map. I make a lot less than I used to which means I only make as much as they send offers.

  28. For some reason I haven’t been getting alerts for orders. If I stay on the available orders screen for a while and keep refreshing every minute offers will pop up in the metro area section that are actually in my zone and should pop up in the top section but never do. Once I exit the app I get no offer alerts at all. I’ve tried resubmitting the notification preference and still nothing.

  29. Reaper dice:

    too many glitches. the app freezes up in the middle of shopping an order. so I have to reboot my phone. Target orders don’t pop up as offered only in metro EVEN MY PREFERRED SHOPPERS!! and I have to refresh the page to even see those. all I get is shoprite and cvs offers. I stopped doing those last year. my stats hasn’t changed in about 3 yrs. 4.85 and I’ve had a 5.0 rating for as long as I can remember and all orders are going to new 1000 shoppers they hired. No fun or money made .

  30. yaharach dice:

    Regarding the newest version as of today, the app’s new function in the main menu, “Messages,” is the worst feature I’ve ever used since 2 years ago. In order to switch between communication and shopping, it requires us to go back to the root menu by touching buttons numerous times. On the other hand, it is simple and easy to do if two apps, Shipt Shopper app and Google Messages, are open at the same time. We can communicate with customers even when Shipt app is down temporarily.

  31. PROS: Scheduling. Time window for drop off instead of timer. No penalty if you have to cancel an order. Ability to schedule ahead of time. CONS: Allowing low ratings based on things out of our control (ex. Out of stock items). Bad process for substitutions, have to ask for every single one (you don’t ask, they don’t know it was substituted). Notifications rarely work. Having to back all the way out to process a second order from the same store. No way to dispute low ratings if it is false.

  32. I love working Shipt and it was working great for a couple of weeks. I was getting order notifications constantly! Now I never receive notifications and have to continuously hit refresh to try to catch an order. I’ve emailed several times, chatted, and called and they all tell me the same thing … availability, certifications, etc. I can set my availability from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and never get a notification!! After reading the reviews, I see many others having the exact same problem that began.

  33. Overall I enjoy being a ship shopper but I do feel as though they could improve on some things. I don’t feel as though the estimated time to shop is close to accurate. There can be a lot of substitutions on orders and there’s no grace period or any way to get more time. It’s too easy for you to get a low rating. I got three four star ratings with no reasons given and it caused me to stop getting orders for a week. Also the pay on some orders is quite low for the amount of shopping to be done.

  34. The new chat option is awful, it freezes the app horribly and doesn’t always let the messages from customers come in nor do they get mine. The ratings are definitely behind, so are the tips, I’ve gotten tips up to 2 weeks later. Customers also shouldn’t be able to cancel orders once they’re picked up. I love shopping for people, but this app needs so much work.

  35. First off,it was a very good app to work for originally. It has been glitchy, and I’ve had to try to explain so much to taking up allotted time to get the customers’ order to them on an issue that is happening while shopping. There were times when I was given orders, and I reached out to the customer about something not available, and they stated they’ve already received their order. I’ve always found this odd, especially since I’ve only accepted the order, not even 5 minutes before that 😐.

  36. Stacie dice:

    Yikes. This service is going in the toilet. They don’t pay enough, so no one wants to pick up orders. Then they have to offer promo pay so someone will maybe pick it up. (Sometimes. Most orders go canceled.) Now they’re adding a guideline that because you’ve had to wait to grab an order so you can pay bills, you can only be 30 minutes past the window. Not possible on some orders. So no one will bother with those orders period anymore either. Shooting themselves in the foot.

  37. I love working for Shipt, but the app is glitchy and I get a lot of error messages stating the page cannot refresh. I also received offers non-stop for the first two weeks, but now I have to constantly check and refresh the available orders page (and get multiple error messages) to get any work, because I don’t receive offer notifications anymore. I have chatted and called regarding this, but nothing has been resolved. It is unfair to offer so few orders after a shopper is no longer a rookie.

  38. Great app. Sometimes there are glitches, of course. I’ve been having to turn off my Bluetooth when I take pics of the receipt because it’ll let me take the pic, restart the camera and I have to take a new pic, I do that and it’s like it never happened. I have to click ‘New Photo’ and take a pic again. Usually doesn’t bother me, but lately it’s been taking longer and longer and it gets in the way of delivering on time. Sometimes I don’t get notifications of offers, I have to refresh the ‘Available Orders’ tab and check to make sure. It’s happened so much that my Acceptance Rating has dropped dramatically.

  39. It’s a really well thought out app when shopping. Super intuitive; takes you through the steps clearly. My biggest frustration is that I can’t turn off the “promo” and “last call” notifications even on days I’m not on the schedule and they go off all day. AND when I am on the schedule, these promo notifications make the same noise as order offer notifications, and I can’t differentiate. I’ve missed a couple offers in the clutter of all the promo notifications, and I’ve been dinged for that.

  40. App is easy to navigate through and easy to use. However, there are times where the app takes a long time to refresh orders. While I enjoy the flexibility of being a shopper, I don’t like the fact that customers have unlimited time to tip or not to. In addition, they aren’t always responsive to my messages, which can increase shopping times. It’s a little discouraging to wear down my car for little pay and no tips at times. I think messaging integrated within the app would’ve been nice.

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