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Shipt is on the lookout for friendly, reliable shoppers to earn money helping Shipt members get the things they need from stores they trust. Apply at to become a shopper and earn money, set your own schedule, shop and deliver from local stores, and join a thriving community of Shipt Shoppers. If you’re looking for a flexible gig job and want to earn on your own schedule, then apply today.


Apply to be a Shipt Shopper to start earning on your own schedule. You’ll receive a direct deposit every Friday for the deliveries you completed and any in-app tips you’ve earned that week – we make sure you always receive 100% of your tips!


Your schedule is based on when you want to shop and deliver, so you can choose to work and earn as little – or as much – as you like. So whether you’re looking to shop part time or shop full time, you can set your perfect schedule.


With no cap on how many orders you can shop, earn what’s right for you! You can even increase the number of orders you’re offered – simply shop and deliver during your preferred times, and strive to deliver 5 star service!


More than just a gig economy job, you’ll join a community of shoppers. Share inside tips and stories with other shoppers, and take pride in providing a valuable service to the people in your community that need it most.

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We’re always on the lookout for hiring shoppers that can help us deliver happiness.
Visit to learn more and apply!


Every few weeks, we update the Shipt Shopper app so it runs better than ever! Update today for the latest and greatest! This update includes the following:
- bug fixes
- general maintenance


40 comentarios en "Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay MODDED 2022"

  1. Sara S dice:

    Usually the app works great for me but since the most recent update, it’s been crashing several times a day and about 30% of the time I can’t even open it. The only way around this that I’ve found is to restart my phone which is very time consuming. I had a similar problem several months ago but it was fixed with an update and it’s been running smooth until now. I love shopping for Shipt but this last update has been super frustrating ☹

  2. Suzanne D dice:

    The updates that started today have not been helpful. Infact I believe I am missing out on orders! I keep getting notifications that I have an order but when I tap on it, it loads for a long time and shows nothing. I contacted them for tech support and did what was suggested, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Still running the same and I really dislike the new available orders screen with the map!

  3. Since the tech department has so many issues everytime they “update” or try to improve the app that they cost shoppers orders and time. Call into support; you may as well roll the dice in getting a competent operator that can solve a problem outside of a script that is given to them to follow. If the problem is big enough, they have to contact the tech department that causes 1/2 the issues in the first place. It was awesome for a while, but over the last year has become increasingly problematic

  4. Absolute garbage app. Somehow worse than Instacart when it comes to functionality and reliability. Constantly glitches, freezes, and crashes, and Shipt doesn’t seem to care to fix any of it. They’re cheap on hiring talented tech employees, or cheap on investing in good infrastructure, or both. Terrible, stress-inducing nonsense. I recommend saving yourself the headache and shopping for other apps.

  5. Pey dice:

    Constantly crashes, constantly gives out late notifications (or none at all). This app leaves you and other drivers sitting for hours on end while a single person accepts everything available and spits what they don’t want back into open metro. The FAQ and explanations available are inconsistent with the behavior of the app. The lag in between updated order progressions causes you to miss offers. This whole thing starts off great, but within a week you are left wondering what MUST be wrong…

  6. Trish Hack dice:

    The new chat option is awful, it freezes the app horribly and doesn’t always let the messages from customers come in nor do they get mine. The ratings are definitely behind, so are the tips, I’ve gotten tips up to 2 weeks later. Customers also shouldn’t be able to cancel orders once they’re picked up. I love shopping for people, but this app needs so much work.

  7. I love working for Shipt, but the app is glitchy and I get a lot of error messages stating the page cannot refresh. I also received offers non-stop for the first two weeks, but now I have to constantly check and refresh the available orders page (and get multiple error messages) to get any work, because I don’t receive offer notifications anymore. I have chatted and called regarding this, but nothing has been resolved. It is unfair to offer so few orders after a shopper is no longer a rookie.

  8. yaharach dice:

    Regarding the newest version as of today, the app’s new function in the main menu, “Messages,” is the worst feature I’ve ever used since 2 years ago. In order to switch between communication and shopping, it requires us to go back to the root menu by touching buttons numerous times. On the other hand, it is simple and easy to do if two apps, Shipt Shopper app and Google Messages, are open at the same time. We can communicate with customers even when Shipt app is down temporarily.

  9. PROS: Scheduling. Time window for drop off instead of timer. No penalty if you have to cancel an order. Ability to schedule ahead of time. CONS: Allowing low ratings based on things out of our control (ex. Out of stock items). Bad process for substitutions, have to ask for every single one (you don’t ask, they don’t know it was substituted). Notifications rarely work. Having to back all the way out to process a second order from the same store. No way to dispute low ratings if it is false.

  10. I love working Shipt and it was working great for a couple of weeks. I was getting order notifications constantly! Now I never receive notifications and have to continuously hit refresh to try to catch an order. I’ve emailed several times, chatted, and called and they all tell me the same thing … availability, certifications, etc. I can set my availability from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and never get a notification!! After reading the reviews, I see many others having the exact same problem that began.

  11. Overall I enjoy being a ship shopper but I do feel as though they could improve on some things. I don’t feel as though the estimated time to shop is close to accurate. There can be a lot of substitutions on orders and there’s no grace period or any way to get more time. It’s too easy for you to get a low rating. I got three four star ratings with no reasons given and it caused me to stop getting orders for a week. Also the pay on some orders is quite low for the amount of shopping to be done.

  12. Midnight dice:

    Congratulations. Y’all changed everything about your app that made it a better shopping experience and didn’t change the one thing that would have helped you retain shoppers. All you needed to do was allow us to withdraw our $ more than once a day. That’s it. Instead, you ruined it. Oh, well. Back to Instacart, where I can withdraw my $ 8 times a day.

  13. Stacie dice:

    Yikes. This service is going in the toilet. They don’t pay enough, so no one wants to pick up orders. Then they have to offer promo pay so someone will maybe pick it up. (Sometimes. Most orders go canceled.) Now they’re adding a guideline that because you’ve had to wait to grab an order so you can pay bills, you can only be 30 minutes past the window. Not possible on some orders. So no one will bother with those orders period anymore either. Shooting themselves in the foot.

  14. I like working for shipt but the app isn’t user friendly. At first I didn’t have any issues with the app but now i have to constantly hit refresh to see orders if I’m shopping more than 1 order the msgs get mixed up and having to go 3 screens back to find a msg button when it should be right there at the top. Also it would be great if when you hit an order to see the info a map came up to see point A to B instead of having to load another screen to see the location. Just some thoughts thanks

  15. I’ve only been working for Shipt for about 2-3 months, and I just have a few comments and suggestions. For starters, app itself is very glitchy. For example, when I’m trying to look at the image of the product I need to find, it almost never fully populates to where I can see it. Also, a friendly suggestion would be, to be able to contact and communicate with the customer through the app itself. I feel as though it’d save a lot more time vs flipping from the Shipt App to messages.

  16. This was a decent gig finding it’s footing at first, but they kept making it worse instead of improving. There is no reason for an order to be picked up at Target in one city and get driven past multuple Targets in other cities on it’s way to a customer multiple cities from the pick up, landing a couple miles from yet another Target. The logistics algorithms make no sense and 15 to 20 miles plus shop time for $14 is charity at best, not a gig.

  17. Horrible. I was on a good shopping streak for 2 weeks straight, I had 5 stars and all the good stuff going for me… Then all of a sudden it’s been about 6 months and still to this day…no orders on anything, no notifications about anything, when I look on the app and an order happens to magically appear, I click on it quick and all it says is the order has been taken. I’m like damn. It wasn’t just once. It’s everytime I click on it. Just a waste of time and hope from this app.

  18. I never receive notifications of orders available! I did for a couple of days and I haven’t in about 2 weeks. Also I think that it’s horrific that a customer can cancel their order at any time. No matter how much shopping you’ve done. And your pay is significantly decreased, with no tip. Once you start shopping an order, customers should not be able to cancel it!

  19. Inclusion of exact aisle location, ability to schedule multiple orders, and preferred customer system really set this job apart from the competition. It you work for Instacart and are considering making the switch, go for it, the only drawback is that you cannot see tips ahead of time, so you may end up shopping for people who don’t tip, but at least you have the chance to make a good impression and make more

  20. Take away in app messaging. It’s causing nothing but problems. I have to restart phone at least every other order I do sometimes i even have to uninstall and reinstall. I don’t get sound on open metro orders so if I don’t watch app and refresh often I don’t know about those orders unless they go to the offers orders. Really difficult to watch app for more orders when you’re working on an order and trying to line up your next order. I have done all troubleshooting and still no sound.

  21. Shipt is going nowhere fast. After over 7 years, I’ve seen the decline in orders and pay. Constant app issues and so many ppl don’t tip. Shipts days are numbered. Thankfully I found a job I can work when I want, pays better and has a ton more work. It has been fantastic not having to have my phone glued to me 24/7, not getting woke over and over everyday, and not having to jump thru hoops cause the app always malfunctions. The reason ppl don’t tip is probably due to the high mark-up 80%. 0 stars

  22. Dee Dee dice:

    My biggest gripe is I have not gotten notifications of general available orders for about 2 years now. Checked settings and even through different phones, still nothing. When I called for assistance, nothing could be done. I get notified for everything else, just not Shipt. I have to keep checking my phone every few minutes for orders. I do get notified when a preferred shopper puts in an order so I am glad for that.

  23. I never get notifications on orders being ready when I add it to my schedule. I have to constantly look on the app. I absolutely hate and think it’s completely wrong that a customer can cancel their order at anytime. I got to the check out line recently and the person canceled their order, mind you it was late at night and about 15 items. Also I think we should be able to rate clients like they have the ability to rate us. People rating us affects if shipt is going to continue to let us shop.

  24. The app fails often. I have missed numerous bonuses because the app would not let me scan items while shopping. So I had to cancel orders. Thus making me miss the right number of orders to receive bonuses. App needs to be on routes. It will let you take as many orders as there are even if you can’t get them done in the amount of time. There is no routing for more than one order so you can’t see if they are close to each other. Not shopper helpful. Needs many improvements.

  25. It’s great you can see where you have to drop off shipt order but sometimes the location is unclear. Also, the shopping takes a long time just to wait for a response on a order substitute and it would be nice if a you can locate the item purchased easier. I’m not tech savvy, so I’m not sure how to access the stores site to look up the bay and row of the item. If not for the tip today the order would have been not worth the travel.

  26. No app crashes, but I NEVER get order notifications. And I can do 20 5-star shops a day, and have ONE customer rate me poorly for something, and my rating just plummets. After all that work. It’s really defeating. There is also a lot of confusion about Party City balloon orders. They break them up to multiple drivers, and I have gone to pick up twice, and someone else has taken my portion. The pay is a little disproportionate to the miles driven at times. But the live chat is amazing!

  27. Misty vaj dice:

    Not recieving anymore orders after 8 orders. Talked to customer service and they said its just slow at the moment on the other end my sister in law was getting orders. Checked everything and it all seems good. Did an order and customer canceled by the time I finished and was ready to check out then i find out. Freezes while shopping and would have to log out. This is ridiculous.

  28. Awful. Compared to other gig apps unless you’re virtually perfect for the first 10 shops (probationary period) you’ll eventually not be able to pick up shifts at all. Customers are able to rate you on every single order so if you only pick up 4 orders and you have issues with 1 of them and get a bad rating then your ratings will fall drastically even though you’re still learning the ropes. You end up not receiving orders to make the 10 to get out of the probationary period.

  29. Good for a week or two, was on a good 2 week system with orders being available and the app notify me of available orders… Then the next day, the complete opposite…. no notifications received for any available order… have to refresh 1000 times to maaaaybe get lucky, or end up having to drive to a far city… dont waste your time… unless you want a quick payout for 1 to 2 weeks… Too bad because the experience was good then turned to a complete waste of time.

  30. The app force closes far to much. I have missed so many opportunities due to the app closing while I am trying to claim an order. I’ve gotten lucky a few times where it will claim during the force close. Sometimes it closes while trying to process the order. I have even been late due to app issues while checking out with an order. Far too many issues causing to shopping experience not to go smoothly.

  31. What do any of the updates do? Certainly they don’t improve the functionality of the app. Constantly crashes, doesn’t work well with in app camera, courtesy messages to customers are hit or miss. Never refreshes automatically. I find i hard to believe anyone with knowledge of IT works for Shipt.

  32. i love being a Shipt Shopper and have nonissues with an app. wish my service provider was a little better though! Update: it’s been about 3 years and there have been many changes. Overall the app works most of the time as expected and better than other gig apps. Shipt as a company has gone downhill. The pay is not as good as before and the rating system has a flaw where customers can rate you poorly if an item is out of stock. They tend to overhire and bonuses are not as good.

  33. I like shipt. It’s easy and flexible. I like when I get orders from Target because it has the asile number and it’s prepaid. The only thing I don’t like is that notifications don’t pop up most of the time. You have to keep looking in open metro for orders. Which some orders it’s like I’m scheduled why didn’t it come to me. This has been a great part time job.

  34. Two stars. Not because of it’s operation. I did make some very good money with this and it’s also a very organized app. Two stars because they deactivated me (no warning) just because my rating as a delivery driver was 1 or 2 points lower than the threshold. 1 or 2! Not 5, not 10. But a couple points! Ridiculous. They use you and then cut you over nothing. Be aware.

  35. Great app. Sometimes there are glitches, of course. I’ve been having to turn off my Bluetooth when I take pics of the receipt because it’ll let me take the pic, restart the camera and I have to take a new pic, I do that and it’s like it never happened. I have to click ‘New Photo’ and take a pic again. Usually doesn’t bother me, but lately it’s been taking longer and longer and it gets in the way of delivering on time. Sometimes I don’t get notifications of offers, I have to refresh the ‘Available Orders’ tab and check to make sure. It’s happened so much that my Acceptance Rating has dropped dramatically.

  36. It’s a really well thought out app when shopping. Super intuitive; takes you through the steps clearly. My biggest frustration is that I can’t turn off the “promo” and “last call” notifications even on days I’m not on the schedule and they go off all day. AND when I am on the schedule, these promo notifications make the same noise as order offer notifications, and I can’t differentiate. I’ve missed a couple offers in the clutter of all the promo notifications, and I’ve been dinged for that.

  37. App is easy to navigate through and easy to use. However, there are times where the app takes a long time to refresh orders. While I enjoy the flexibility of being a shopper, I don’t like the fact that customers have unlimited time to tip or not to. In addition, they aren’t always responsive to my messages, which can increase shopping times. It’s a little discouraging to wear down my car for little pay and no tips at times. I think messaging integrated within the app would’ve been nice.

  38. the app is overall pretty good. I get frustrated when I am trying to scan a bakery item from Publix and it won’t scan because the barcode is set up differently than other items. I don’t like that when I hit the back arrow it’ll back out of the entire app and restart the app. That gets frustrating to. However, setting up my schedule and monitoring my orders works well. It definitely has a learning curve.

  39. I really enjoy working for Shipt. However, I think it would be highly beneficial if the app added a couple of features. I believe the app should let shoppers know that a delivery address is 20 minutes or more away from the pick up location before they select claim. I also think it would be great if the app required users to select alternatives just in case the original item requested is unavailable. This would help cut down on idling in store waiting for a response and would make shops faster.

  40. The app is good. The only issue is when you’re in a rush, it’s hard to find the contact information on the go. The orders are easy to find, since they provide a visual picture which helps tremendously. some pictures are different from the actual product, even though they’re the same. Other issue I do have is there isn’t enough orders in my area. Especially to make i tv worth my while to drive. Uses too much gas and time to make it worth it. If there were a consistantly flow, then worth it.

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