Payanywhere – Point of Sale MODDED 2022

6.3.7 [Ocelot - 14338]

Payanywhere’s free point of sale (POS) app lets you accept all types of payments
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6.3.7 [Ocelot - 14338]
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Payanywhere’s free point of sale (POS) app accepts payments any way your customer wants to pay.

You’ve got everything you need to accept credit card payments, sell more to your customers,and keep your employees organized.

With point of sale software, hardware, and business management tools, Payanywhere is the payment solution you need to transform your business: a seamless checkout, low rates, fast funding, detailed analytics, and live support.

The Payanywhere POS app works with a 2-in-1 credit card reader to accept EMV chip cards and magstripe cards or a 3-in-1 credit card reader to accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments, EMV chip cards, and magstripe cards.

Give your business the boost it needs with the online portal, Payments Hub – your command center for accepting payments, tracking sales, creating reports, and more.

The Payanywhere app can be as simple or as feature-rich as you need your payments to be:
– Get funds next day or same day.
– Accept NFC contactless, EMV chip, and magstripe payments.
– Track cash payments.
– Customize and send receipts.
– Send invoices and allow your customers to set up autopay.
– Manage refunds and voids.
– Use Offline Transactions when you need to accept payments without an internet connection.
– Create inventory, track stock, and apply discounts.
– Customize your point of sale system with a printer, cash drawer, or barcode scanner.
– Available in two payment themes: Terminal or Retail. Terminal theme: Enter a transaction amount and accept payment. Retail theme: Select from inventory, create tickets or open tabs, and accept payment.
– Payments Hub, the online portal, enables you to run your business with sales reporting, transaction history, employee management, inventory tracking, and online payments.


We routinely update the app for general bug fixes and improvements. For optimal performance, keep your app updated with the latest version. Please email any comments or suggestions to [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Payanywhere – Point of Sale MODDED 2022"

  1. Well it’s better, but there are still some issues. The good thing is it does load and sync much faster, and far less errors when processing cards. The big issue is now every time the bluetooth reader syncs I get a message that the firmware needs updated eventhough it is up to date.

  2. I have all the card readers (or most, anyway), and the one from PayAnywhere works the best, by far. It is most reliable. In fact, I “discovered” it when I paid for a fishing trip out in the middle of nowhere on the Sonoma Coast. I couldn’t believe that the app/card reader were working there, so I installed it immediately upon getting home. The rates are also great. Better than the others I use when the card is present. Not quite the best when the payer is remote. But that is my only quibble.

  3. I ‘ve been using the app daily for a year and half. I have had minimal problems with it. as other people have stated that when updates come out you have to do them then, but these updates are mostly security updates so it is keeping your money safe. everybody likes that. The amount of time to download the update has always been a min or two at most, but your connection speed may vary. Most of the time it will remember previous customers emails. I get several customers that comment on the fact that it is bluetooth and ask where to get one. I recommend getting a unit !

  4. I really like Payanywhere! The price is the best we found when looking for credit processing services back in 2016. Since then there have been growing pains, but the customer service is good and any issue has been resolved for me in the end. There are usually some hiccups when an update occurs, but that is true with every other system I’ve ever worked with. Now, the processing is fast, the app remembers customers information after it’s been put in, and the inventory is completely customizable. I should mention I do less than $25000 a year in sales. It may be different for businesses with much higher sales.

  5. I have been very happy with the app. I love having to pay only the transaction fee and not having a monthly fee on top of that. I need a new card reader for the contactless payment option. I look forward to that. My only complaint is that when the app updates, I have to reset all the settings, because, as a service that doesn’t need to collect taxes, it automatically adds the tax setting on each update. Also, the tip feature should not need the signature feature turned on.

  6. About 6 years with them and as soon as I can find the best option, I’m gone. If 2.5 stars were a available, I’d select that. On the inside (owner portal), too long to add inventory, logs out, errors. On retail side, screws up split payments, contactless too many steps, no barcode scanner option, loses pictures randomly of items. I could go on way long, and have to them. They always want me to reset password, like that would fix their program! Updates not soon enough. Stay away from this POS

  7. There is no reason I can think of that a Bluetooth card reader would need access to my microphone and internal storage on my phone. And when you try to log out, it just takes you back to the log in screen. And the send receipt does not work. Android 8.0 5-15-19 Today there was an update, now when I in my headphones, I get this annoying high pitched sound. This is unacceptable. A Bluetooth card reader doesn’t need access to my microphone or internal storage on my phone.

  8. I probably use this differently than the average retailer becuase I never swipe a physical card, but I thoroughly enjoy this app and the ability to process payments on demand for my monthly recurring customers. I find it easy to use, can include invoice numbers and I rarely have any issues processing any payments. Thanks!

  9. Joanna B. dice:

    I’ve been using Payanywhere for all my businesses for over 8 years now. Love it!! Extremely easy to use, user friendly, and if and when I need to get a hold of someone, they are there and knowledgeable. Great app! So much cheaper in fees than square or other competitors of theirs.

  10. Completely crashing and freezing my phone. Like the others, cannot get past the permissions pop up. When I go into app setting and set the permissions manually, it goes to the main menu and then the app start rotating from landscape to portrait over and over, the app will not function during this.

  11. Completely incompetent employees sent the reader to the wrong state, tried doing a micro transaction when I told them to wait until I was back from vacation, which then failed and they didn’t notify me, so I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for next day transactions to process and just today found out it’s because of their incompetence, now I have to spend hours at the bank or let them rob me of nearly $500. I’m ready to go back to talech mobile for sure! Don’t take your incompetence out on your customer

  12. Unusable. Crashes while trying to log in. Every. Time.

  13. A good service, we love the service. Thanks keep up good work.

  14. I’d give 0 – ⭐’s if I could👎😡👎 As I now have experienced, one thing was told to me in rushed phone tag like.. make your quota type of rushed. They ALSO conveniently forgot to mention the hidden or “other fees” , fee’s section, or “small print”, if you will… Conversations went from ” I need the lowest rates and per trans fee with, no monthly plan, extra anything costs or “hidden fees”, Yes Sir we can do that! To..Sure you can cancel, just sign✒️ANOTHER🧻contract saying upaymor. +$800cancfe

  15. Lately, since the last update, I constantly have a notification pop up ony notification screen time print report is in progress, even though I haven’t used the app. The notification pops up over and over every few seconds. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but the fix only last a day or not at all. Payanywhere please look into this so I can reinstall my app and not have to reinstall it just to use it then uninstall it again.

  16. Since my last review in 2019, they have fixed the bugs I mentioned. The app works well again. Very few issues, and when they pop up, the bug fixes take care of them. None of the recent ones were major. The “auto add tax” bug that occasionally loaded should be aleviated with this current fix. But even that, was only a minor inconvenience. I do recommend this app often. Super easy to use.

  17. Andrea Z dice:

    Works great for how we use it. My only complaint is with the saved customers. I have some that were entered slightly different and makes my list longer than it should. Would love a way to merge them, so I can “clean up” the list and make it shorter

  18. when i sign in. we called and ask if we do not like it or any problem,is there cancellation fee. customer service told us no. but when you try to cancel it. theu charge you $750 fee. the system just freeze all the time. and double charge sometimes. we got customer complain it a lot. and customer service solution always restart system and clean the data. do not use this system.

  19. Absolute garbage app and service. App is glitchy and makes me sign in after almost every other transaction. Will let a sale go through and just log me out of the app for me to sign back in and input the info once again. Withheld $2000 from my account acting as if they were the IRS. Not worth the time or effort. Spend the extra money and get a service that is actually worth a damn.

  20. I may have to find another provider because there are constantly updating the software and then when you go to use it it has lots of problems. And its like why did I have to update? It was working perfectly fine before? Now you cause me all these problems and aggravation with my customers because now they have to wait for the transaction to process then I have to shut the phone off after each credit card use and start the phone over again too so it resets. Bottom line it’s a pain in the ass.

  21. The software has a lot of glitches and customer service does not care. The default answer is for you to double check what the machine is telling you. Charges customers when it says transaction declined, so I keep ending up with duplicate charges . Integration with QuickBooks does not work. The customer service chat and phone is aweful!

  22. The fees are all over the place, I used this service for a year and they would debit unexpected amounts from my business. The reader didn’t work all the time. Square is much more forward and clear to understand. When I cancelled my account they immediately became rude. For a small business owner, I don’t recommend this company.

  23. Nikki Vo dice:

    This app would automatically charge tax for salon services even when I turn off and put 0% tax. It would automatically change back to 8.25%. The tipping setting glitch 8 out of 10 and customers could not leave tip. Called multiple times to resolve these issues but would still happen. Already updated properly and had customer support try their “programming” they do. STILL UNABLE TO FIX. Useless system and only cause customers to be angry.

  24. Missing customer name and receipt options since update. (06/30/20) The customer names is likely a database issue on the server side, but the receipt screen not popping up with “always display options” enabled since the update. Talked with customer support and had to convince them there is a problem because it worked on one S7 they used to test. Tried it on an S6, Note 8, Note 9, S10+, S205G, and a generic android device without it showing a receipt screen, unless voiding a transaction.

  25. Any 5 star review of this app must be fake. You wanted a cheaper payment processing and this is what you get. Buggy, laggy, glitchy. You will look like an embarrassment to your clients. Ive dealt with all kinds of issues. Lately it’s not being able to refund someone on mobile , random logouts that require typing user and pass again. No intuitive receipt issueing system. It’s a joke, just look how many bad reviews they get now. Makes you wonder how a fintech company like them even got licensed.

  26. This app used to work fine for me, now, not so much. It is painfully slow loading. It stopped maintaining customer names. Initially I could at least go back and edit the customer;now even that is impossible. So my transactions are all coming up as Unnamed Customer. How am I going to reconcile anything? This is not acceptable. Now I need to search for another app. Very frustrating. *in reply to your “reply” I have already reported and have been told it’s a “known issue”

  27. I have been using Payanywhere for a couple of years. I have found it to be user friendly and convenient. The staff at the office in Vancouver, Washington has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They have bailed me out on more than one occasion when I have had a problem. Funds show up in a timely manner and have been accurate. Thank You!!!!

  28. Our business has used payanywhere for over a year and has had constant problems with the app and payments process. The app is slow and takes a great deal of time to process. There is no certainty if the app will work. We have to log out of the app several times a day because the app is not working properly. It has been very unprofessional for our company.

  29. Pretty consistent & trustworthy! Occasional update glitches (2-3x/yr) that can last for couple weeks. (App will shut down early or not process half way into the shift) The avg. being less than 10% of the time is there an issue. That’s good considering I’m mobile & different locations are OK! Have been using for 5+ years and am satisfied. Plus, you can reach their customer service & even talk to a live, non-ESL human being! (Apologies, but I have a hard time understanding foreign accents :-0 )

  30. Slow app, not good for fast efficient checkout. Doesn’t breakdown sales and fees so it’s clear where the money is being applied to nor does it relay that info to Quickbooks for easy transaction matching and disbursment to correct merchant, bank and customer accounts.

  31. Terrible app. You have to be really careful when typing in total, if you have the credit card in the card reader and add another number it will charge that amount. They really should prompt you before the total is approve.

  32. Andrew w dice:

    Every time I open the app it has to sync for over 2 minutes it’s so annoying. Then it keeps adding some taxable amount that was never there before I can’t seem to find where to remove this so now I have to annoy my customers and everyone while I wait for it to sync or try to remove the taxable amount

  33. I have both Square and PayAnywhere to accept credit card payments. PayAnywhere is less expensive than Square for the type of sales I do. Plus, when chip cards became popular, they sent me a free chip reader as I updated the PayAnywhere app. I recommend it. It works for me.

  34. I have never had an issue with this service. I process CCs via my smart phone and via my computers on a regular basis, and have been doing so for about a year. I really like the reasonable fees compared to the last co. I was using. Keep up the good work.

  35. App constantly crashes not allowing us to log in always says user information is incorrect or unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network constant issues with this app No help from customer service because I’m just an employee and don’t have all the other information I just want the app to work the app has nothing to do with information from my business or to get in the account it’s your app fix the app your app is garbage it’s done this twice or three times in the past 3 months

  36. PayAnywhere has been the easiest and most economical way to take credit card payments! For an older adult, sometimes trying new things is hard but, PayAnywhere certainly makes it simple to set up and operate. Thank you for making my life easier!

  37. This app logs out everytime forcing you to type your username and password after you have already inserted your pin because of sync errors. What is worst, in three ocations charged my customer up to fout times the same amount. Imagine getting charged $70 four times or $200 two times. it is unacceptable and I feel so embarraced with my clients. Called customer service for the first time and they answered quickly and were nice but her solution was to update but was already updated

  38. An Lee dice:

    Terrible app I’ve tried multiple times to submit and verify my bank account. It says it is unable to verify. When it says to drag or upload a voided check, it doesn’t allow then I’m stuck. I’ve called the help desk but no one is available to help on weekends. Severly disappointed.

  39. Never again. I went over the $500 per transaction limit one time and they put a hold on over $1500 of MY money. Then they asked for 3 months of my business bank statements and proof that I am actually a business. HELL NO! My bank statements are none of their business and I am pretty sure that they verified that I am a business when I set the account up. DO NOT USE!!

  40. Joanne W dice:

    The payanywhere app will not let me log in. I have samsung Galaxy s9 so it’s not the phone. It’s giving a message, sorry, incorrect credentials. I have changed the password, reinstalled the app. I spoke to customer service to make sure password is correct and did the following. Anyone else having this issue by chance?

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