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ADP Mobile Solutions is an employee self service app
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ADP Mobile Solutions provides you with an easy and convenient way to access payroll, time & attendance, benefits, and other vital HR information for you and your team.

– All the features listed below may not be available to you. If you have question, review the FAQs in the Settings menu in the app.

– This app is available to the employees and managers of companies that use the following ADP products: Workforce Now, Vantage, Portal Self Service, Run, TotalSource, ALINE Card by ADP, Spending Account, and select products outside the US (ask your employer).

Key Employee Features:

• View pay & W2 statements
• View & request time off
• Track time & attendance
o Punch in/out
o Create timesheets
o Update, edit, & approve time cards
• View pay card accounts
• View benefit plan information
• Contact colleagues

Key Manager Features:
• Approve time cards
• Approve time off
• View team calendars
• View executive dashboards

• All application requests and transactions are routed through ADP’s secure servers
• All network traffic between the mobile device and the server is encrypted
• All employee information cached on the mobile device is encrypted
• Username and password protected
• Login sessions time out from inactivity
• Accounts locked out with excessive login failures
• Fast and easy login with Biometric Authentication
• Recover or reset forgotten user IDs and passwords

Supported Operating Systems
• Android 6.0 or higher

Investment options are available through the applicable entities for each retirement product. Investment options in the “ADP Direct Products” are available through ADP Broker-Dealer, Inc. (“ADP BD”), Member FINRA, an affiliate of ADP, INC, One ADP Blvd, Roseland, NJ 07068 (“ADP”) or (in the case of certain investments), ADP directly.
Certain advisory services may be provided by Financial Engines™ Professional Management, a service of Financial Engines Advisors, LLC (“FE”). FE’s service are made available through connectivity by ADP, however, FE is neither affiliated with ADP nor any of ADP’s affiliates, parents, or subsidiaries, and is neither endorsed nor recommended by any ADP entity.”

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This version of ADP Mobile includes minor usability improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "ADP Mobile Solutions MODDED 2022"

  1. Used to be a fairly great app. The last update moved everything in a way that is not logical. Looking at other reviews many others agree. It seems like there was no beta testing of their clientele prior to the last revision. Now it is difficult to find what you need and very clunky. For example when I need to approve my time card I must select select: fingerprint/login/more/schedule/approve time card. Before I would just use my fingerprint and select: schedule/approve time card. Lame!

  2. Stop. Changing. Things. That. Work. Just. FINE. I don’t like the update layout, I really miss having everything laid out on the home page. Intuitive UI really just gets the short end of the stick. What’s the purpose of changing the homepage layout anyway?? And I know I’m not the only one who gets reasonably upset when the update makes unnecessary changes to the interface.

  3. The new update is garbage. It was so easy for me to clock in before with the clock where you just moved the hands on the clock instead of manually punching in numbers, but now I have to manually type my start and end time, when before the interface automatically opened to the time that it was when I opened it. It was much simpler. In general, the new timecard layout is worse and I wish I still had the old version 🙁

  4. Danni G dice:

    Horrible app. The website just changed to be worse than the app. I am not sure if it is not Android friendly, but you can not navigate through this app as well as you can on a laptop. Most pages are cut off, even when I rotate my screen. The timecard page and requesting time off are the pages I have the most trouble with.

  5. Em B dice:

    Latest Update is horrible! Please go back to the previous layout! I cannot do things as easily as the previous version. Everything has been moved and navigation through the app is ridiculously frustrating and the ease of input is gone. Please give the option of the previous layout. Don’t fix what’s not broken! This is so completely aggravating

  6. What have you done? I don’t understand, I’ve never seen a more useless and broken update. It looks like a downgrade to what you were using previously. Which was perfectly fine and didn’t need to be updated. But this, this is just a mess. Pages don’t display properly, when navigating to a previous page the app just starts to flicker in certain spots within that page. Everything is just worse.

  7. Caleb Hoyt dice:

    Give back the old GUI! I do like being able to punch in times manually and not have to futz with a clock, that’s about it for this update. Bad performance on Samsung Galaxy A53, hangs and crashes, moving things around so I have to spend 5 min figuring out where I can punch in my time, the most common feature used on thus app, period was a very poor idea, but everything has been moved on top of that.

  8. Password API for the password manager is either broken or missing. I have to manually type my password in every time I access it – and it’s a strong google password, so I’m not going to remember it. It’s been this way all year (since we adapted this at work). This is opposed to how every other functioning app works. Would be really nice if this were fixed. The password API works in the website though, so don’t get why it does not work for the app. And yes, reinstalled it several times.

  9. Eric Allen dice:

    Very buggy. It applies a dark theme if your device is set to dark theme. This makes text impossible to read in the app. There’s no setting to set it to light, so I’m forced to change my device to light. I can’t input an emergency contact phone number. Had to use the website. It’s bombarding me with ads for Wisely. I’m trying to onboard and the app crashes while I’m trying to read really long documents. I have to start onboarding all over to get back to the document.

  10. I can’t even log in. It accepts my log in info but then the terms and conditions pop up and when I accept them it kicks back an error that it can’t reach the server and logs me out. It does this on every single device I own. Kind of a PITA to keep having to do everything through the website. *edit* There does not appear to be a new version in the app store. Also, where specifically do you think I installed this from to begin with!? *edit*

  11. When the app works, it works okay. About a good 30% of the time when I try to view anything such as a schedule or timecard in the app, all I get is a loading screen or a screen saying “Looks Like Something Went Wrong Here.” I double-checked to make sure I had internet connection, which I did, and it wasn’t working.

  12. In app asks for feedback about the new layout, but feedback will also be forced to be sent to your employer. With that said I refuse to give me feedback. Here though I’ll say your app always has issues and changing the layout is just confusing. Also you can’t leave the app and come back without many buttons rendered useless forcing and sign out sign in. Fix the app before you make changes otherwise your just putting a band aid hoping a leak doesn’t come of it. That leak is happening. Fix it.

  13. Employer is trying to switch over to this app and so far the entire experience has been negative. After trying to log in with an account you have to accept the terms and conditions, but the app doesn’t connect to the correct server, so it is impossible to used. Tried uninstalling and still didn’t work. Developer gives unhelpful replies about restarting the app even though you can’t even get to that point yet.

  14. Well certainly change my review to five stars because I love ADP overall, but this new update removed the mobile option to approve time cards. This is a bare minimum necessity, not a bell and whistle. Also, with all versions of ADP mobile app, biometrics should be a one-step simple process. I often have to move through three separate steps/menus in order to use my fingerprint. This is behind the times, because other apps use biometrics where it’s a one and done finger scan.

  15. Every time I open the app for the first time that day it shuts off my phone. No other app on my device does this. I have a Pixel 6 in superb conditions. I don’t understand why this happens. Also, I wish the little intro wouldn’t take so long.. sometimes I need to clock in fast and I have to sit there and stare at the screen for almost a minute.

  16. Horrible logs you out no matter what after 2 minutes. The lags horribly when attempting to clock in or out half of the time the clock option doesn’t even load. Even though you’re in the location bubble clock option is still grayed out not allowing you to clock in or out. There’s plenty more to complain about it’s just not worth my time.

  17. When this app works it is fantastic. However the number one issue is the password reset frequency. It is so often and so difficult to come up with an entirely new password that does not have any characters from the last 20 something previous passwords! I have it set up to access my info by using my finger scan. I don’t understand why it has to be changed so often. I’ve been working on this process for 30 plus minutes and finally was changed successfully only to be locked out!!

  18. sarah dice:

    ADP would be a great app… if it worked half the time. Something needs to be done about the quick clock because it never works. The only time I can get it to work is if I spam click the button several times to where it’s forced to load. Sometimes even then the app is very slow to boot up, even when I manually log in to clock in. It doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi or cellular data either. It takes too long to load either way which is inconvenient when I’m trying to clock in/out.

  19. The app never remembers my login. The quick clock doesn’t work half the time. I have to reset account probably two or three times a week just for it to work right? Means I have to go through all the setup steps and registration code over and over again. Severely lacking in speed. The menu is wonky and hard to navigate. Half of the features don’t work because HR didn’t set it up correctly or it’s broken.

  20. Alec Leal dice:

    Most annoying thing about this app is the animation sequence that cannot be turned off. It takes far too long to open up an app that is all about clocking time down to the second. I’ve had moments where, after Quick Clock doesn’t work I have to log in manually. Because it takes so long, I was not able to click in on time. Please just remove the ADP logo animations.

  21. It works pretty well for me, but I don’t use it for timekeeping. I just check my pay statement twice a month. Since my phone’s theme is dark mode, the app is also in dark mode. That’s great, but when I tap on a slice of the pie-chart for my pay statement, the box that pops up to show you the type and percentage of that slice (ex: Tax, 29%) has text that’s the same color as its background color, so you can’t read it. Since there’s no option to change the theme of the app, there’s no workaround.

  22. TJ L. dice:

    junk Just junk, I shouldn’t have to clear my phones cache to use an app. I don’t have to when I use any other apps on my phone. But here are a few issues I have, stop with the password change every six months that’s ridiculous. Next would be the quick clock option, I don’t always want to log in just to start my day. Also put an option to transfer to another department with the quick clock option. Best of luck to you,

  23. Zac Alling dice:

    Sluggish performance. Confusing, unintuitive menu layout. Quick clock will randomly be unavailable, forcing a tedious login with a very strict password that they make you create which, btw, you cannot see as you type it in with no option to unhide which often causes mistakes which is easy enough on a small mobile keyboard. There are some things this app does well but for software that I’m forced to use to quickly clock in and out of work, its mostly a pain to use.

  24. I hate this app. Multiple times have had issues trying to log in and log out when working 2 consectutive shifts. This results in confusion about timecard and susbtantially delays my paycheck. I don’t have time for this and I’m too tired to fix it. Unreal. Just please find a way to have user friendly features. Some people simply don’t have the mental energy after a long day to deal with these frustrating little hiccups. I just want to log in and log out with no issue!

  25. Kbear 938 dice:

    My company uses this app, the instances where it just doesn’t work are too frequent. Most common issue is the quick clock function not working but sometimes, like today, even signing into the app will not allow me to clock in or out, all areas of the app just give me an error message even when connected to Wi-Fi. Highly unreliable.

  26. Resetting password is a problem process. Unclear directions. If you follow prompts, you will fail miserably. I use the biometric finger print option which I enjoy immensely. But even after you do reset your password, it won’t recognize your finger print. Once again, you are left by yourself to figure it out on your own. Not happy!!!!

  27. It’s bad enough that it constantly takes me back to the login screen and makes me login again, but now it’s just saying “Cannot reach server. Please try again later” and I can’t login at all! And every time I login I have to click through all the menus again, it doesn’t save where I am in the forms. Luckily it actually saves the documents I complete, but constantly re-logging in and having to click past the paperwork I already completed it annoying.

  28. Moofficer dice:

    Slow at everything. Takes about 10 seconds to prompt you to log in, and another 20 seconds to actually log you in. 2022 and these devs can’t figure out how to fix these simple issues. Response to “devs”: 99% of the time that doesn’t work, and assuming it does fix the issue, you’re app is still unoptimized since I have ZERO issues with other applications. Every single “company” application is always broken and poorly maintained. Simply remove the BS animations from your app. That’s all it takes.

  29. Terribly unreliable. I am supposed to use this app to clock in and out of work but it just will not work despite the app being granted all permissions, being on company location for a while, being connected to company WiFi, and location services enabled. The app needs to be killed and reopened and even then won’t work most of the time. It’s worked for me a total of maybe three times. My coworkers have described similar experiences.

  30. Decent app, easy to understand user interface & lots of functionality. I do have a few complaints though: -After using the app & navigating away from it, it will randomly assert itself to the front of my screen even though I didn’t navigate back to it. It’s really annoying & I’m not sure why it happens. -If you turn on fingerprint authentication, it still requires you to re-enter your password every time a network error occurs due to the aforementioned uninvited app startup. -Frequent connection issues. Viewing a calendar or schedule is incredibly unreliable to the point where I simply use the desktop version of the full website on my phone rather than waste my time. If these issues were fixed, I’d rate 5 stars.

  31. I like being able to clock in from the parking lot, but the app runs slow and everyone says that at work. Even when my internet is working fine on other apps in that moment. Plus, I wish I could send myself copies of my paycheck. That would be fantastic. Sometimes I just miss punching in the regular way. This was an adjustment and it mainly only benefits the employer because they save a ton without having to rent the wall punch unit.

  32. Absolute garbage! Never had issues with logging in, clocking in or clocking out. Now, it seems like every day the app gets slower and slower. It doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi or 4G-LTE with full strength. I restart my phone, exit the app, everything. Just stays on the ADP screen and the circle spins, spins, spins, spins. I did not clock out today because after 35 minutes of trying to connect to ADP servers I gave up. I’m not the only one either. All of my co-workers complain that ADP sucks

  33. The app is very organized in layout and easy to navigate… That is when it actually works. Half the time it takes a ridiculous amount of time to even let me get to the login screen if it ever gets there at all. A majority of the time it just keeps loading and never opens. I haven’t been able to open it in several days because it refuses to let me get past the initial “ADP” screen.

  34. over the last seven or eight years I have used my phone to punch in and out for my job. this is the fourth and far and away the most annoying time app I’ve ever used. It has a lot of features but they don’t work. It is slow and inconsistent. Sometimes when you press the punch button it punches you in or out but other times it just moves you to the clock screen or you have to punch again. I have no idea how to just add notes, there is a place to put a note and save them but then they just go away.

  35. G K dice:

    Constantly tells me I’m not close enough to my location when I’m next to work’s router. Normally turn location on just before launching the app, and i still have to be right next to the router. It always takes at least 1 minute to get a response from attempting to punch in or out. Had an issue where it punched me in and out 16 times in 4 minutes. Works so poorly we were instructed to use desktop version for clocking in and out.

  36. App was AMAZING when work started using it. Now the app pulls up fine, but when I try to look to see my time card it never loads. I’ve let it sit for 30 minutes and it never got off the circle spinning thing. Other features do the same. Desktop is good, the rest is not. Also, the biometric doesn’t work. I do my fingerprint and still have to enter my password. No point in using that feature.

  37. AlphaVet dice:

    Really Great when it’s working Ive has been using this app for about 3 years and I love it. Only problem is that it constantly has issues. I keep checking to see if there is an update that fixes the problem and it doesn’t happen until maybe 8 months later only for it to work for a bit and have another issue. Now I can’t view my timecard and the time off section is just completely gone. I don’t know what’s going on but if they could get these issues under control this would be perfect

  38. I’d like to meet the MORONS that purchased this app for clocking in/out. it hangs up too much, inputs are slow to confirm. It has wireless server connectivity issues. Sometimes it reads GPS location incorrectly, I have anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes until I can get it to work. A manual time clock is better than this app!!! This time it says I’m not at my designated location. It won’t refresh just an exercise in futility. It’s easier to force stop, uninstall and then redownload and open!!!

  39. Makes me constantly reset my password. Everytime I log in I have to go through the reset password ordeal. And then about half of the time when I go to set my new password it says I can’t reset it to the same thing. I could understand it if I was signing in on different devices but I’m not. My phone is secured with a fingerprint screen lock. A way to turn off some of the “security features” would be nice.

  40. Crashes… constantly… After the previous update, as soon as I input login information, it will crash. Previously it would at least open to the main screen, but would crash if I even tried to see detailed information about pay stubs. This app hasn’t worked well in a long time, and no longer works at all. Using Android 6.0.1 and says it is compatible. Hopefully they fix this issue… will be looking for previous versions on the meantime.

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