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Become a Grubhub Driver and deliver customers the food they love from their favorite restaurants. With the largest restaurant and diner network, Grubhub offers more opportunities to make money on your own schedule.

Why drive with Grubhub?

Earn competitive money and keep 100% of your tips as a Grubhub delivery person.

Work part time, full time or in your spare time. You can schedule your hours in advance or have the flexibility to deliver on short notice. Create a schedule that works for you!

Grubhub for Drivers is built to help you earn — make deliveries, track your hours, see how much you’ve made and manage your schedule.

Whether you’re a driver, biker or delivering on your moped, the Grubhub for Drivers app was built to help you succeed.

Download the Grubhub for Drivers app and sign up to work at We’ll walk you through each step along the way.

Grubhub has the largest restaurant and diner network of any other food delivery platform.

Grubhub drivers are earning money in cities across the US, including: Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Tampa, Washington DC … and many more.


Continuing app enhancements to support safety at pickups and drop-offs


47 comentarios en "Grubhub for Drivers MODDED 2022"

  1. Afew more tweaks to the app would be nice for a faster transition from pick-up to navigation. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, I have to hit the “more info” to find who my first drop off is, then hit navigation, and then cancel any previous navigation. Tier structure.. oh don’t get me started but perhaps a tie wearing bigwig would reach out and I could bounce an idea or two. Love what I do, and if you’re wanting to try out this gig. Sign up today. See ya on the road.. 🙂

  2. They advertise a minimum rate for scheduled blocks but it isn’t real! Pay is pitiful without it, which they try to hide by making the offers disappear if you take more than a moment to decide. Sometimes the app won’t play the bell sound when you have an offer and sometimes offers disappear after you’ve accepted them. It’s not the end of the world since there’s zero incentive to have a high acceptance rate, but it can be pretty frustrating.

  3. Lily dice:

    Pay isn’t that great lately, wish it was better. I’ve been getting orders that are $4-$10, have ranged from 10-20 miles. App isn’t user friendly when it rings while you’re trying to keep your eyes on the road. Sit around for 30 minutes to an hour in a hot spot and nothing happens. Waiting for food to get prepared takes longer than delivering. Had an order last night where someone paid $190 for food and I only got $12 tip, customer tipped way more than that, so I got screwed over on that 😠.

  4. For the love of God fix the sign up bugs. Just stuck in a loop signing in over and over again then getting asked my location then signing in again same loop over and over. Then when you close out the app it takes you back to the location screen and then tells you you don’t have internet anymore. Literally can’t even sign up because the app is so trash. Not a good first impression for someone interested in using the app.

  5. Amanda dice:

    Overall, the app is alright money wise. You can make good money if you are able to schedule a block. If you aren’t, then you will only receive garbage orders. The app is super buggy as far as GPS locations not being correct. I’ve had to deal with this numerous times and have lost money because of this. The driver care is absolutely useless. They literally do not have the ability to fix any problems that occur while you’re driving. You will have to problem solve on the go yourself.

  6. Offers here are terrible/evidence that the company/app are STEALING YOUR TIPS! Company is dying/getting sold. Makes sense, because the App is clunky/subpar. Too many steps/menus to navigate. Text and directions should be integrated. It isn’t safe (almost impossible to comply with my STATE’S REQUIRED “hands free” – can’t be exactly that, if you make me tap/switch between 3 different apps to properly navigate/communicate)…. Terrible. Overall, just absolutely worse than almost any competitor

  7. The app is bad. Its interface is out of 2012. I don’t want to use my own texting to message clients. I want that to be in the app. I don’t want to have to click through 3 times to message or call. It should be a massive button to make it as fast as possible. There shouldn’t be 4 steps to drop off. I don’t feel like I should be the one that needs to tell you when I’m arriving, have the food and leaving the restaurant. You already have my location. Do it yourselves. It’s just so clunky.

  8. The app has been having issues for the past 3 weeks of use. Many times when I am at the location for pickup and also when I am at the delivery destination, it will not let me mark “arrived” It seems that the navigation of the app is not working properly and I can see my icon (indicating my position) moving very slowly or not at all. Which seems to be causing this issue of not being able to mark arrived. Please fix!

  9. The app is broken. It no longer correctly plays sounds or vibrations when you get offers, which is essentially the only thing that it exists for. You can’t even set custom sounds or notifications to play for offers anymore, it’s completely at the discretion of the app, which often times just decides that you don’t need to know about these offers. This app has one purpose, and it fails in it, so until it’s fixed, one star

  10. Pros: App works fine about 80% of the time, the money made per delivery (from my area at least) is decent, most restaurants have an easy pickup process. Cons: The map occasionally won’t refresh (usually a complete phone reboot fixes this), terrible reception in rural areas, the second order of a double delivery gets removed if you’re two minutes late picking up your first order (doesn’t matter if it’s because the food’s not ready yet), the in-app way of claiming you’ll be late is pointless

  11. Working for GH has been an amazing experience, but that has always been *in spite* of the drivers app, not because of it. The pickup/dropoff process needs to be streamlined significantly – I shouldn’t have to mark ‘arrived’, just use GPS to see that I’m there. Same thing with ‘leaving now’. Also, there needs to be an option to have the app directly send the text messages: I never text clients that food has arrived because I always end the night with 30 random numbers crowding my messaging app.

  12. Dr Morbus dice:

    It’s a good app but to be honest they need to do some hardcore thinking because sometimes the map doesn’t work correctly. It doesn’t like the notify you that much. I’ve constantly missed so many that there will be times where I don’t use it because of it. They need more beta testers and more feedback to understand why the problems are happening so we can get it fixed so we can have a better experience and a better app to use

  13. Carson dice:

    I’ve been driving for GrubHub for a while and at first it was amazing. I was making enough money to get myself, a college student, by for a week through a couple days work. I love the scheduling system and the app is intuitive and easy to use. I only have one major complaint but it’s a major part of this job: accepting orders. I timed the last 10 orders I had to see how long on average you have to accept incoming orders. 1.7 seconds. Most I never even got notifications for. This is a problem.

  14. P V dice:

    In my market, a dozen or more restaurant locations are incorrectly mark on the app. This causes a few issues: total estimated mileage can be inaccurate, either in your favor or against you; additionally the app may drop your order if you are not heading towards the “wrong” location. It’s not a bad app, but it could always better.

  15. It is one of my favorite rideshares to work for, but the app is a pain. We are driving a lot of the time, having multiple things to press in order to accept orders, doesn’t make sense to me. At least a detection when we are driving and it pushes it through, so I don’t have to stop or miss the order and get hit on my acceptance rate.

  16. Overall better than other apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Not too many technical problems with the app and the pay is usually good. They advertise more missions (extra pay) than there actually are. There’s maybe one or two missions a month. The biggest problem I have is with the driver support. They don’t give the agents any power to help you with most problems concerning pay, time extensions, etc. All of the agents are friendly, but they are useless. Any problems are your own, unfortunately.

  17. Lindsay dice:

    Lately the app’s been sending me texts stating I haven’t updated my location yet I’m signed in, my location is on & I’ve recently been in the app. It gets quite annoying to constantly get these texts. I’ve also had issues with customer texts lagging (but calling luckily works) & the only other issue I have had is that some offers aren’t up for the correct amount of time before it disappears. When there issues are fixed I will give a better rating. Other than this I haven’t had a problem.

  18. App works great, a majority of the time. But, the few times it doesn’t; it really ruins your desire to strive for excellence. You work hard for weeks, than a simple glitch will instantaneous undo, all that work you’ve killed yourself to achieve. If you need extra money, it’ll do the trick. But as a platform for those who like customer service, and going the extra mile; literally, you’ll be disappointed… Two stars, is only because; I still want my job.

  19. I’ve been working for GrubHub for about a year now and I can say it’s been great money, but there are a few problems I find with the app. I get account violations for taking too long to pick up an order when I’m stuck in traffic and they will even cancel the order because I’m stuck in not moving traffic. Also you cannot get pay stubs to show for let’s say buying a house or a car so it makes it difficult to show that you have income as most places will not just accept a screenshot of payment

  20. J D dice:

    Paying less and less. When I started this was the best paying app in my area. Nothing less than $10 and most $15-20+. It has slowly gone down while their profits skyrocketed. Missions are an insult now ($1). Removed my ability to schedule because I wouldn’t take the pitiful offers I was receiving. Most were less than 50 cents a mile. Most recent was 17 miles for $8. No thanks, you can have your schedule, I’m done with this app.

  21. Jeff Arto dice:

    Pays more than Doordash. The app is much better than the competition by not crashing everyday. They only need to make the app more legible while driving. The text is damn small. Also no audible sounds that repeat when an order is present to accept. I never hear it. The other apps make sure you hear thatan orderis ready to accept. Also, no transparancey with your deliveries data. DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats show you your stats. So you can better your self and your ratings.

  22. Josh JP dice:

    Been using this app for the past year and have received orders even if a block isn’t scheduled. I navigate to the Hotspot (sometimes it doesn’t matter) to receive orders and get nothing. Heat Maps aren’t loading and the location isn’t verified while the app is open and accepting orders. Keep getting a text saying my location isn’t known. Giving this 3 stars until something is resolved to make this fair for all drivers.

  23. This is hands down the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had trying to onboard using an app. I was approved and yet could never get my account to work. I stopped trying after a while and have recently tried again and cannot even get through the application process without going through an endless loop. Despite sending an email to help I never heard back from anybody. Please have your ux people go through this process and find out what I’m talking about.

  24. There are WAY too many menus and clicking to do. Especially when you get an order while driving. There needs to be a better overlay implemented and integrated navigation system. Other than that, I have no complaints about how tips and trips are handled in my area.

  25. There are many big pluses about this company versus others, so it could be the best of its kind, but sometimes I have to deal with dysfunctional activity from the app that can prevent me from working or even being properly paid. A few times, the app wasn’t even useable. Support staff at Driver Care are differing and sometimes contradictory and can do things that can come at your expense. Whatever it is that they do right, it seems difficult. Thankfully, this lessened over time. I recommend it.

  26. It’s a good app, make good money. But if I get 2 orders at the same time and once you pick up atleast one but stuck in traffic, you’ll get a message saying “you’ve accepted an order, but haven’t moved towards the location.” So then I’ll tap “there’s a problem” and select “I’m running late”. After I selected those, while still stuck in traffic, 2 minutes later, the order has been removed. It’s not fair and it’s really frustrating. PLEASE FIX!!!!!

  27. Tried to sign up and was put on a wait list. That’s fine, they took me off of it and had me sign up further to become a driver. I got to the ID verification and it scans the front of my ID and says “Success” then the app crashes. Every. Single. Time. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, waiting for a bit to retry. I’ve gotten to scanning the back of my ID, it telling me “Success” then crashing. Tried to contact them multiple times, only automated responses that are extremely unhelpful.

  28. Claudette dice:

    The app loses my location and signal sometimes and if I am on Google maps, it may or may not show a new offer. Sometimes I get a sound when an offer comes in, sometimes I don’t. I missed 4 offers because no banner came up and no sound. I have to constantly keep my eyes on my phone which is impossible while driving, so I count on the sound and/or orange banner. I’ve cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, it keeps happening. My acceptance rate was negatively affected due to app issues.

  29. Customer service is good for the most part. Whenever I’ve had an issue , they’ve resolved it rather quickly and friendly everytime. I’ve been doing this for about a year and have had premier status majority of that time . I’ve yet to get any XL or catering offers which is discouraging. The app always crashes and makes me log back in even when I’m not using the app. I hate how they don’t give you some offers closer to the eta of pick up. Also get addresses correct.

  30. It seems that an update recently came out and it very good. They changed the level requirements so basically if life happens and you can’t take a shift or you don’t accept an order you are automatically sent to the lowest level. Also I lost the ability to switch between navigation apps. Once I selected one I haven’t been able to switch it. Different apps are better for different areas. Just seems like things are getting worse, not better.

  31. The ap works – most of the time. Right now, the sound is not working for me so unless I’m glued to the screen, I miss offers. No response from technical assistance. Edit 12/4/20 I am not a fan. The app crashes. I miss calls and am penalized. No support from “technical services.” I have to delete and reinstall at least 2 times a week. When it works, it’s great. Too bad that doesn’t happen often.

  32. Terrible connectivity issues. Continuous app failures. It loses connection at random – constantly, regardless of phone’s signal strength. Orders come in that you have to place the order yourself, and more often than not it’s at a place that doesn’t exist, or has been closed for quite some time, then you have to have the order cancelled and waste more time you won’t be compensated for. App freezes many times when trying to view offers, forcing you to miss them, and dropping your rating.

  33. Every time I turn my screen off, I get a notification that my location services need to be enabled. They are on, under general phone settings as well as the app location permission being enabled. When I turn the screen on, I have to hit the settings button on the notification from the app, go into settings, then use the back button on my phone to return to the app. Super annoying, time wasting, and potentially dangerous when I get a new offer and can’t just hit “accept”.

  34. The service itself is great, but the app has a few bugs. It randomly logs me out, which ends up wasting some of my scheduled work time. The location isn’t always accurate, and might erroneously indicate that I’m outside my region. The app also occasionally fails to connect to its servers even when I have a good 4G connection and other apps are having no trouble. These issues cause me to miss offers, spend unnecessary time trying to get to the next task, or negatively affect my program level.

  35. It pays more per delivery than Uber eats but the application, the system, is super slow, awkward, and inefficient when it comes to picking up an order and mapping your way to the location, or God forbid, you have any kind of problem with delivery or pickup. There is no fast or efficient way to handle any kind of issue. Driver support is friendly and tries really hard, but the system is a mess. You waste a lot of time.

  36. The UI for this app is just not good. For you needing to use this while you’re driving, it’s a pretty hands-on app. You need to press so many different buttons to see one thing, complete one task, verify an order has been delivered, go into navigation. It’s so clunky and unintuitive. The app also occasionally crashes, is very slow when loading hotspots, and requires you to exit the hotspot menu to refresh them (why can’t they refresh on their own?). The pay is decent, the app is not.

  37. Jon Given dice:

    This app needs some serious improvements. First, it lost my location, even though I had it on the whole time. That caused me to miss offers. Second, when you get 2 orders together, you should be able to pick them up together and drop them off back to back. This would save time and gas, which is averaging $4+ a gallon. Third the time for accepting or rejecting orders could be longer. Also showing both the pick up and delivery address beforehand would be better, along with an order preview.

  38. Macc VP dice:

    The latest update to the app made it awful to use. It is a horrible experience. Too many toggling between screens just to do and see the same thing as the older version. Home page with the heat map doesn’t even work. The navigate button doesn’t auto connect to GPS apps like before. These are just some of the things wrong. Not effective or efficient at all.

  39. This app is barely workable while driving. Not clean to use whatsoever. It doesn’t allow you to set it to draw over other apps so you have to take your eyes off the road, open up the app hit the view button and if you decline an order you also have to proceed through a few steps.. again, while driving. It doesn’t give you any upfront location except for on the map which is hard to see. Very outdated. Definitely room for improvement.

  40. No task history and worse. Apparently the update screwed things up in the app. Out of nowhere, a couple of days ago, I was using the app and when I went to navigate to a particular order pick up and drop off by hitting the navigation button on the map preview somehow it opened up the Uber app on my phone. I thought I hit something by accident and tried again. Nope. Same result twice more. Had to delete Uber (not that I use it) off the phone just so the app would work.

  41. Trying to apply to become a driver. Website gets you set up with a username and password then directs you to the app to complete the application process. When I log into the app it is successful and goes to a white screen with a spinning circle forever. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling two times. There is no human tech support for someone just trying to apply that can’t get into the app so you’re left using FAQs to try to figure out the issue and that doesn’t help at all.

  42. That driver app is okay. I only gave it three stars because: 1) the new “requirement” to track my location all the time, not just when I’m driving. I don’t care what your reason is, you don’t need to know where I am when I’m not delivering for you. 2) I’ve never liked how the accepting offers is handled, I know they can come in at any time. But having to deal with switching to your app and hitting accept while I’m driving can be more then an annoyance, depending on road conditions!

  43. Viet Phan dice:

    Good app but still need some improvements. First off, they will send you offers while you are on the road doing another delivery. That is a big distraction and how accident happens. I came close a couple times. Secondly the offer appears only a minute or so, by the time you pull off the road to look at it you would miss it. This is my first week so hopefully I get paid as promptly. Updated: this sucks. Many offers too far for almost nothing and probably take 1 hr roundtrip. Gas is not cheap Bro.

  44. I’ve had to wait 30 mins to an hr for a delivery while sitting in a hot spot on top of being scheduled for a block of time that’s supposed to be garunteed .When it’s good, it’s really good, but the consistency is poor. If you decide you want to get off the app because you’re not getting orders, you get penalties on your account. The app will also take you out of it when you are navigating to a new location. It’s not the best for driving. It takes too much attention to look at.

  45. The app is pretty awful. Delivering is such a pain because the app freezes constantly; and it’s not as simple as “restart the app” no, it freezes your entire phone for like 10 minutes and there’s NOTHING u can do. You also constantly get assigned deliveries where you arrive way too early and the restaurant sends you away because it’s not on their system. So you have to go out and CALL GRUBHUB to get it “re-sent” to the restaurant. Mind you, we get paid PER DELIVERY, so it’s just a waste of time.

  46. They keep telling me to finish my application an start driving, but I have called and emailed numerous times that the application keeps getting stuck and frozen on the page where you click the box to consent. It won’t scroll down, or give me a box to check, therefore the submit button doesn’t light up. I have sent them screenshots. I get no help. I will stick with Uber , most the the restaurants say they don’t get many Grubhub anyway, now i see why.

  47. The app was a fight in the beginning I had to uninstall and reinstall many times but now I have few problems with it. It would be great if both the delivery and pick-up addresses where displayed to help the choosing of orders from the start. I really like this type of work. The freedom of choosing your own schedule and not having anyone hanging over your shoulder is so great!

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