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The Me@Walmart App is available for all associates in stores.
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Introducing Me@Walmart, the one app designed for and developed from the feedback of Walmart associates, as well as a venue for customers to learn about and apply for a career with Walmart.

With the Me@Walmart app, you can easily learn about Walmart history, cultural values, the benefits we offer and apply for a career with Walmart.
Walmart associates must be enrolled in 2 step verification to access the internal features which include:
Schedule: View your schedule, manage all time-off requests, and even swap or pick up unfilled shifts
Ask Sam: Your search/voice assistant to help you answer questions related to products, metrics, and more. The more questions you ask the smarter it gets
My Team: A roster view of who is working with an in-app walkie-talkie feature to stay connected to other associates and your team
Inbox: Notifications and Actions for scheduling, time-off & more
* Some features unavailable in certain locations


• Bug fixes and enhancements.


40 comentarios en "Me@Walmart MODDED 2022"

  1. I love that we can clock in and out with this app. It makes a whole lot more sense than being late because we have to trek to the back of the store while dodging customers. The loss of stars comes from the fact the inventory scanning capabilities of this app are horrendous. I was given a smartphone preloaded with this app. I’ve also used it on my personal Galaxy S9+, and on both phones the app can’t find the location of the product half the time, the other half it just freezes for way too long

  2. It works. My only complaint is that it’s poorly optimized and eats my battery for breakfast. Putting it into deep sleep fixes this to some extent but makes clocking in and out a pain. Also, I understand not being able to clock in off the premises, but you should be able to clock out wherever you are. It would save a lot of hassle of forgetting to clock out and having to fix it next time you go in.

  3. This app is terrible at visual accessibility. The text is hard for me to read because it is too small. The app needs to add some accessibilty features to make it more user friendly for disabled users. I went to the hamburger menu and found an option listed that would allow me to suggest a feature. I tried to make suggestions for accessibility features, but was unable to submit my suggestion. I was told that the app was having problems and that I would have to try again later. Fix this, Walmart.

  4. DzzDiva dice:

    Great options to clock in or out but still needs some tweaking bc it shows that I’m out of range even though I am in the premises. One thing I really dislike is the new notification that a truck is in the way or has arrived. Not everyone works as an unloader and this is just a waste of time getting notified, if you turn off the notifications, the time clock doesn’t work. Please fix this, we don’t want to get notified every time there’s a delivery in our store. We have enough to keep up with.

  5. It’s a great app when it works. It currently crashes constantly. My phone is telling me to put the app into deep sleep because it’s such a newsance. But there are never any update to fix the bugs so I have to limp along with an app that loves to crash while trying to help customers. It’s annoying. Wish there was a better option since updating the app doesn’t seem to be a priority at all.

  6. Use to kick me out a lot requiring me to sign in everytime. Camera stays on scanning things that I don’t want scanned. Crashes if you use the ask Sam feature trying to scroll through a list of items. Is super slow to load if you don’t properly exit the scan barcode feature. It got rid of the barcodes that you can scan. That really helped with produce when you don’t remember the PLU for fruits and such.

  7. Garett K dice:

    This app? It’s good when it works. But with a bad phone, that’s once in a blue moon. My phone isnt exactly of the highest quality and that means I can’t even sign in anymore. It’s tied to a second app and it opens a web link when you choose to sign in instead of staying contained to the app. My phone can’t handle all three at once and thus restarts the app when I successfully sign and forces me to repeat the process in an endless loop that never bears fruit. My phone’s from 2019, for context.

  8. Tedious and annoying. this app “signs you out” just to make you “sign back in” whenever; and very frequently. It also makes you use your personal phone for this purpose. Furthermore, it is very slow, and it crashes randomly. To summarize, this app is ad nauseam. I don’t understand why it was made to function so poorly. It is supposed to be a utility for work, but it is wholly unreliable, inconvenient, and annoying.

  9. There seems to be an issue. When I use the scan item function, if I set my phone down and the screen turns off because I hadn’t touched it for a moment (helps me save battery), it somehow seems to tie up my camera with the app. If I close the app and open it again, this does not resolve the issue and it seems all camera and flashlight function is lost when the app does this. I would like if the issue could be patched because the only solution I have right now is to reset my phone (5-7 minutes).

  10. Update: after switching barcode scanner APIs to scandit I’ve had zero problems with improperly formatted UPCs in item info and ask Sam (thank you so much) ditched my Bluetooth barcode scanner as the camera is almost on par with it! (Awesome achievement beating a dedicated CCD scanner). still too many taps per backroom case label print (6!) but one thing at a time.

  11. It’s always been not great but at least usable. Now the camera “stays on” in the background and scans barcodes when you don’t want it to. This also kills the battery life. Also the flashlight is basically unusable. It never turns on claiming “another app is using the flashlight”. Even with just one app running you get this message. This also is killing battery. Can’t even make it 8 hours anymore without charging on break or lunch.

  12. I found it too be a little difficult only bc I wasn’t getting a very good signal. Other than that I can see we’re it’s very useful. I like all the features available right at hand. App was very easy to use once I received a better singal. It allows you to interact with your team and other Walmart associates.

  13. Doesn’t allow me access to do everything I need to at work. You can’t see attendance. You can’t vizpic. It does not close when you close it, requiring a manual force stop in your phone settings. It clocks out users randomly and logs them out so bad that it requires a complete reinstall. It is an active hindrance to my work flow and now they’re getting rid of the zebra scanners in order to replace it with this buggy, worthless app. My job is being jeopardized by the very company that hired me.

  14. As many others have mentioned, the app signs you out seemingly randomly, and is prone to occasionally locking you out due to poorly implemented 2 factor authentication. It has also missed my time punches on multiple occasions, and searching for specific items is unreliable at best; half the time it deletes the query and searches for “null”, and other times it searches the web instead of the store’s inventories. I honestly have no idea how the app got approved with so many bugs still present.

  15. Keeps constantly kicking me out of the app. Theres a bug when receiving verification text. Sometimes I’ll get 2 of the same codes and then after verifying it still doesn’t let me sign in. More often than not I’m kicked out of it while at work trying to scan a food item. It signs me out and it takes several tries to log back in before i give up and login inside the store. Restarting the phone helps sometimes but for a short while. I don’t know what happened needs to be fixed

  16. Wow, What an update! These new features are incredibly useful. It is a great companion to add with your store scanner, or can completely take out the need for that scanner. I look forward to seeing the rest of the new features being rolled out… (edit) well, this app was great. A really useful tool for when equipment is unavailable. I would rather not need a work phone. And now, all the really useful tools are taken away.

  17. This app was working well on my android phone… until last week at least. Now I can’t get past the sign in page and I get an error message that says “Browser required to support this feature.” Deleted the app, downloaded again and still the same problem. It’s pretty much useless to me now. Oh….I see that you’ve added Spanish to the app. That’s awesome. It would be even more awesome if the app worked as advertised.

  18. Disappointing to say the least. After having the app for over a year, almost two, an update caused it to stop working. Galaxy note 20 now recieves an error message. “Browser required to support the action.” I have four browsers, with a default set for apps that require browser, like this or Google search. What good is an app that gives me access to my schedule & lets me clock in when I get to the store, if it doesn’t let me login? Please reply to this review when it’s fixed. I will change rating

  19. Every time the app asks me to enter a pin number, my phone crashes without so much as pressing a button. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app so many times over the last month, changed settings and permissions on my phone, and nothing seems to work. On the rare occasions that the app opens without a pin requirement, it works perfectly. Would be nice if this issue would be fixed, but after not being able to use the app for five weeks, I’m not holding my breath.

  20. The clock in option, ask Sam, and scheduling features are great but it’s annoying that the walkie feature only works if you constantly have the app open on your phone, and half the time you can’t hear or understand what the other person is saying, it also automatically plays and doesn’t give you a chance to even listen. It should allow a playback when it gives you the notification someone is trying to contact you. Other than that its a huge convenience for clocking in since the computer is awful

  21. Used to work very well, however now and for the past month it won’t let me clock in anywhere in the store at all. I’m connected to the Wi-Fi and it keeps telling me “proximity error”. ALSO every time I open the app, I get taken to the play store to “update” it when there is no update needed. PLEASE fix this issue, it’s a big inconvenience to have to use computers that are very slow most times to clock in; since they got rid of timeclocks here. Thankyou 😁

  22. Very, very bad app. Time clock is the worst part of it. No matter where I am in the store, no matter what time I try to clock in, it always says I’m nowhere near. Resetting data, clearing cache, turning phone off then on again doesn’t work either. Some minor issues: signing out constantly, time off totals never accurate, time off requests don’t go through. It’s a very poor excuse for an app. The only reason it doesn’t get just one star is because it isn’t flagged as malware when its downloaded.

  23. App used to perform decently, now it hardly works. I have seen proximity/geolocation features and server sync done better by independent developers and small-scale companies. Some UI elements also do not recognize input properly, and the fact that 3rd-party verification is required for an in-house app boggles me. The only thing that works correctly 100% of the time on this app is the health screen function. You’re the biggest grocery retailer in the world – do better.

  24. This app was already terrible when it first came out & every “update” is worse. I’m not the only one having issues with it. Currently the biggest is it keeping us logged in. It constantly kicks us out. When trying to log in there’s a stupid verification code that takes forever to come. By the time it does it doesn’t work & the whole process has to start over. It shouldn’t even have to be logged into. It’s kept on our phone. No one else wants to get into it. It’s a terrible app.

  25. Jstar338 dice:

    I work at Walmart, and this app has consistently failed me. It crashes constantly, which really gets in the way when you’re trying to help someone find an item. There’s a 50/50 the time clock they make you use in the app actually works, and even if it says it does it still probably didn’t count. I’ve had it crash 4 times in a row while trying to find an item for someone and it is pathetic. Instead of having people constantly rework the UI for the TC, spend some R&D money to actually fix this app

  26. Nel Smith dice:

    This past week this app is experiencing some major issues. It has logged me out of the app multiple times, and when it does allow you to log back in, it takes forever for the web page to load. I’m pretty sure it isn’t my phone since everytime this happens I have at least 4 bars of cell phone service listed on my phone. I notice this issue happens when I’m at walmart and their computer systems and registers are running extremely slowly.

  27. I have had problems with the app. It looked like a good idea but no. After I installed this app I can’t access the other schedule app and can’t sign in on the walmartone website with my login info. I even did a factory reset on my phone to see if that was the problem and the same issue comes up. The screen pauses at the “send push notification” page so I can continue but nothing happens until it times out. I was hoping to use the app but now I can’t do anything related to the wire.

  28. App works fine until it doesn’t. There is absolutely nothing special about it, but can be mercilessly broken. Considering it’s pretty much the only way 90% of associates clock in, you’d think it’d be a bit easier to use but no. There are several features that make zero sense, and some so convoluted to access they’re simply not worth using. No wonder all of the older associates use the punch cards. I haven’t been able to log in for three days.

  29. It would be great if they could get the bugs worked out. Half the time you can’t clock in/out because it tells you that you aren’t in the store when you are. The ask sam part is pretty good for searching the location of an item but sometimes it glitches when you aren’t on the clock. The walkie talkie feature is hit/miss. It depends on if the receiver has their volume turned up or not. Overall, the app is ok but still has some kinks to be worked out; hopefully before they remove the timeclocks.

  30. Dingy1731 dice:

    It’s fine usually when I need to clock in and out but when I worked this past weekend it signed me out and hasn’t let me back in since! Just keeps showing an error occured and doesn’t let me past where I would put in my password before the error shows up again! Wth!! I need to be able to access my schedule because it’s constantly changing!! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and cleared data and cache and nothing! It just shows up with the same thing!

  31. App was working fine and now I can’t get past the sign in portion. It just sits and spins but no response. Had the 2 step verification on onewalmart as well but it gets to the point of texting me the verification code but never sends anything. Look like others are having the same issues. It would be extremely helpful if this issue could be resolved quickly.

  32. I do like this new app with the additional features, however the old My Walmart Schedule had some handy features not on this one. Maybe down the road? * The ability to toggle between the weekly and monthly calendar views made it easy to plan ahead for vacation time. *The ability to see open shifts and shift swaps. *The ability to switch to a passcode login after setting up the two step verification. Otherwise, great start and I love the new features!

  33. More problems then not with this app. Logging in can be a nightmare with multiple steps. The information given on product is usually inaccurate by location, type (size and color) and brand. Half the time you search for a product and it gives everything but what you’re searching for. When you search for a product (in store option) it shows you things sold thru online Wal-Mart. I really dislike having to HAVE to use this app.

  34. Not worth the time. The “convenience” this is supposed to create, is non-existent. It randomly signs me out while I’m at work, I can’t search half of the product I stock, takes forever to clock in & the app in general is just slow. Worst of all, it doesn’t work on all phones. Mine is constantly closing the app because it freezes up.

  35. Handy when it works properly. Many associates have difficulty signing in. Sometimes it doesn’t connect properly or has proximity errors. On BYOD devices having everything bundled into the same app hinders productivity. If customer asks for help with a product, I have to back out of where I am, then go back. REPEATEDLY! It would be better to have separate apps to allow better multitasking.

  36. Disappointed. Had this app since it began, and it was awesome! Love the remote login option and seeing my schedule. But after June 20th, all of that changed. Even after uninstall and reinstall (about to be twice),it keeps saying that the “browser is required to use the login feature”. I have 3, now 4 browsers on my Galaxy S9+ and this app seems to ignore ALL of them, even after switching from Chrome, to Firefox, to MS Edge, it still doesn’t recognize the browsers. Need help with this!

  37. Heavy app. Very slow. Is it wading through freezing molasses or waiting on a slow server? The “request time off” time slider DOESN’T WORK!!! I Mean, I keep scrolling, tapping, swiping, pressing lightly, pressing hard, and NOTHING happens! For reals?! I have a new Galaxy phone, why????? Also, the time clock well… leaves a lot to be desired. I am HALFWAY THROUGH THE STORE, and the clock in fails because of the “proximity error”. 😒🤔

  38. Clocking in and out can be very finicky and unreliable, the proximity sensner only works when I’m well inside the store and nowhere near the front doors, a lot of the functions of the app are locked behind a Clock in wall and it completely logs me out every couple of days which means I waste time having to log all the way back in. The app is just slow in general. I do like how you can check to see who’s clocked in with you though.

  39. This app was good. I liked having access to my schedule and being notified of changes. Clocking in and out was nice. I can’t even login anymore. The push notification won’t even come up and I can’t clock in on the app. I sent support the information they asked for to try and resolve the problem and I haven’t heard back. I missed a shift change when I wasn’t notified of it.

  40. The UI and login system is atrocious, and the app has a nasty tendency to log you out the moment you leave it running in the background. That and it simply stutters on a whim. The whole app often crashes older devices and forces you to either restart or force shutdown. Overall, this is a prime example of poor design without proper testing. If I could rate this lower I would.

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