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Limeade ONE employee experience app for well-being, inclusion and communications
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With Limeade, you know your company cares. Use the Limeade ONE app daily to participate in activities, get company communications, access resources and connect with your coworkers. Content will vary based on your employer and organization. A great employee experience starts here.​

Key features:​
• Improve your work and life with activities and personalized insights.​
• Share feedback and provide suggestions on key workplace topics.​
• Stay connected to coworkers with cheers, posts, likes and comments.​
• Stay up to date with company updates and pertinent news right on your mobile device.​
• Access resources and company services and reports in one place.​

​Ask your organization for registration details.


More small enhancements, bug fixes and security improvements coming your way. See you on the next update.


40 comentarios en "Limeade ONE MOD 2022"

  1. I have to use it for work to reduce my insurance premium. So far it seems pretty terrible. You watch videos for points. The UI is fairly cumbersome. I couldn’t tell you how fitness tracking works because it doesn’t support Google Fit. I couldn’t even see what devices it supports on my phone. I had to use my desktop for that. The old system my company used was easier.

  2. I use this app for the health program at my job. It’s significantly inferior to the web version. There’s no indication if an activity is “my choice” (I.E. it will be worthless for increasing points after a certain amount), and it’s difficult to see if an activity has been completed already or not. Almost all the graphics are replaced with generic patterns, and often activities won’t load when you click on them.

  3. This app is extremely subpar compared to the old app. The user interface is not very user friendly. The functionality is extremely lacking. I am unable to see which tasks are “My Choice” tasks. I am unable to add a necessary comment when tracking tasks that should require a comment. Navigating the app, as well as the website in a browser, is difficult and not intuitive. This app is a failure!

  4. My husband’s company uses this for their wellness program. The app is set up in a way that makes it hard to find my activities (they are in small boxes across the top and I have to scroll to find them all). The main page is mostly filled with mini blog posts. I could not care less if Jamie went for a hike. I want to see my activities so I can track and see what I’m working toward. The functions are ok but the layout and navigation leave MUCH to be desired.

  5. Tracking is a confusing mess, hard to find goals that you are trying to track i.e. water 2x a week, when you want to track over tome rather than waiting for the card to rand9mly show up. Actually IMPOSSIBLE to connect a fitness tracker, as there IS NO DEVICE BUTTON anywhere on the homepage, let alone in the top right, contrary to what the support faqs tell you.

  6. Pat Lee dice:

    Extremely user unfriendly. Prefer to have a PC application I do not use my phone for apps such as this. Unable to sign up for various activities, stops at who can see…not able to get to the point of register for activity. Should have kept the previous version easier to maneuver . This one bites the big one and makes me say pay more for insurance not worth this effort.

  7. Dejan Deh dice:

    Absolutely horrific! Ok support but the app, website and the program overall are stuck in early 2000’s. EMPLYERS, seek out user feedback before deciding to go with limeade ONE. It’s just terrible!

  8. Ummm ….I got this app for work. Created an account, email was verified yet when I go to log in, it wants me to create an account which I did! Can not get to a log on screen 🤷‍♀️😡

  9. Needs some major bug fixing and can’t connect to Samsung devices. Can only get to 3 of my activities and it kicks me out.

  10. K P dice:

    Love this app. It keeps me motivated in areas of physical and mental health. Enjoying earning points and being more involved with my company…

  11. Michael F dice:

    It wants to connect with fitness tracker to complete fitness goal but there is no way in the app to add one. In addition I don’t see that there are any fitness trackers that work with this dumb app (Samsung, Fitbit arnt available?!)

  12. New app is NOT neuro-divergent friendly. Activities are impossible to find, and you can’t get to them without filling out the assessment. I have to do this for my spouse’s insurance, and I especially do not want my time to be wasted with blog posts. I have contacted the company through the app and got no response.

  13. Had been using for WHIL videos for wellness program. Now, suddenly, the videos will not play. Plus the fact that I don’t think it is tracking my progress. Ugh.

  14. great features. handy to have the program on the go. wish it didn’t require a password. no data I’m worried about protecting. a bit slow at times

  15. Awesome features that focus on user experience. The app updates new features regularly. Overall, smooth well-being application with great potential.

  16. Interactive, fun and very informative. The platform is easy to use and provides good options for many different areas to improve your life quality.

  17. Jay Cee dice:

    Doesn’t work. 10 days after contacting them still not fixed. Skip it. I have been emailing them for SEVEN weeks. Useless.

  18. love this app, great information and inspirational. keeps one motivated

  19. Piss poor excuse of a app don’t retain passwords and you have to re-register almost every time you log in

  20. I need this for work and it says it won’t work with my phone because my phone is “rooted or jailbroken” and it’s neither of those. Help please?

  21. The devices that you can link to your account are very limited. There’s also no option to link apps like Google fit, MyFitnessPal, etc.

  22. Have had nothing but problems with this app on my phone. Does not keep me logged in. And have to reset it to the company site every time I use it. Today when I am trying to login it’s telling me that there is a certificate error. Very frustrating and a waste of time. 😠

  23. Keeley dice:

    Despite resetting my password multiple times, unistalling, reinstalling, refreshing, deleting, etc. this app will not let me into it. I was successful ONCE with my login when I first signed in. After that, no more. The concept is nice, but it would be great if it worked more than once.

  24. Update 6/1 Was told that my issue would be “escalated” and never heard from support again .Still can barely use the app, can’t get any points because nothing shows up with “MYCHOICE” like the old app did. Support is non existent, you can’t even contact them in-app because it errors out.

  25. I would really like to enjoy all the features of this application. Whenever I select one of the activities I chose, it closes. I can’t monitor my progress. Definitely needs some updates to accommodate increased users.

  26. Used to hang up constantly and the only way to get it un-stuck was to uninstall it and re-install it. Now it refuses to let me log in at all because it thinks my phone has been rooted or jailbroken (which it has not). Terrible experience for a work app.

  27. Not user friendly at all. No way to see what’s task are complete without opening every single task. Awful. The other Limeade app worked a whole lot better. Why the switch? Oh, did I mention, my use has all been on the website because I cannot get in the app. ☹

  28. Agree with other users that this app repeatedly kicks me off, requires me to enter credentials from employer, but then won’t recognize the credentials, thus blocking me from using the app at all. This never happened to me with the old limeade app, which I used for at least three years prior to this so-called upgrade.

  29. Horrible. App crashes constantly. You can never accrue points because the app shuts down every time you open a challenge. Or it gives you an error message.

  30. The app never loads content completely. It’s very slow and has glitches. It makes it really difficult to track your activities when the Activities tab never works.

  31. The app keeps crashing every time I try to log in

  32. Dana F dice:

    No samsung support. It’s nearly impossible to get points once you hit the my choice limit. The app doesnt label what counts and hides the ones that count too.

  33. This app took a turn for the worst. Last year I was able to get points for activities. Now every time I try, it logs me out and I can’t get back in. Usage is way down at my office as others have the same issues. Hopefully my employer dumps them.

  34. All of a sudden this app keeps won’t let me into any activities it’s a blank white screen and says timed out or bad connection. But will let me into everything else on the app. This app is awful

  35. It’s so slow and clunky

  36. Absolutely Useless!!! Can’t load my biometric results, error after error, and impossible to find anything. Email says to look under Activities, then pick the biometric screening activity, but it is not there, Ummmm maybe because I already completed it? Ugh I actually would rather pay more for my premiums than deal with this.

  37. Doesn’t work. No content appears. Worthless.

  38. Updates more often than any other app, yet does not tell u when it needs updating. You learn after trying to log in and then app closes on you. This is frustrating and so unnecessary. Fix this annoyance please. Not user friendly based on my limited access so far.

  39. This is indeed the worst app ever. Review score is spot on. I wasn’t even able to install it LOL . Says my phone is rooted. Total garbage

  40. This app really does suck. Every single time it updates it won’t show on my phone or app drawer. I have to uninstall and reinstall it again to be able to get in again Like are they for real? It’s 2020 not 2005.

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