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Ultimate Kronos Group’s UKG Pro mobile app delivers instant and secure access to relevant employee information and tools. Managers can make informed decisions and take immediate action with real-time data synchronization.

Employees can quickly access their personal HR and pay information, communicate with coworkers, request time off, and more. The UKG Pro mobile app makes it easy for managers to respond to employee requests with the ability to receive push notifications.

Download the app now and stay connected at work, in the field, and on the go.

Please note, the UKG Pro mobile app is only available to authorized customers of UKG Pro.


This release contains bug fixes and UX enhancements.

Contact your HR department for login instructions and a list of enabled features prior to downloading. Please note that access to UKG Pro's mobile app and features within are only available to UKG Pro customers.

We regularly update our app to bring you app improvements and new features. Thanks for using UKG Pro!


40 comentarios en "UKG Pro (UltiPro) MODDED 2022"

  1. Super Laggy and freezes! Clocking in/out is fairly streamlined (a fingerprint scan & 2 taps), but sometimes that takes a full minute! Really!?!? Why, you ask? Well, I open the app only to find it hanging and unresponsive (yes, only this app; others are fine). I have to kill the process and start the app again. I then try to punch in/out, and if it’s near 8am, noon, or 5pm, it takes forever to load anything (probably due to insufficient back-end resources and/or poor coding).

  2. Sarah Poe dice:

    After the last update, I can no longer open any PDF files. I keep getting an error that I do not have a program to view them, but I have Adobe on my phone and never had a problem before. I also tried logging in via desktop, but it won’t allow me to enter the company code. I have the current version on this app and my phone is up to date also. Still can’t view any downloaded files in the app and the desktop version company code box is blocked.

  3. This app is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. not sure why my employer chose to switch but it was a bad move. Used the access code, half of the options, including punching in and out weren’t on.. then suddenly most of us were unable to use it at all. so employer reset all passwords again… and STILL can’t reset password or use current one. Haven’t been able to log in for 2 weeks. And it’s definitely an app issue. Ridiculous.

  4. Quite dissatisfied with this app. My employer recently switched over to UKG Pro to use as a time clock app and it has been continuous hassle. The app itself does not seem to function in a self contained manner, but instead relies upon my web browser (Chrome) to perform most, if not all, basic functions opening a new window with each press of a button. For real, just skip the app and use their webpage from the start. I’m suprised that my employer pays for this service tbh. What a rip off.

  5. This app has the potential to be a really good minimalist way of clocking in and out at work and reading your schedule but it falls flat. The calendar looks like a corrupted excel file and the clock and clock out buttons will randomly disappear. I now have to come in to work extra early to make sure I can actually clock in on time because it takes about 10 minutes of fighting the app to show the punch button. I have to log in and out several times until it pops up.

  6. After some back and forth between myself, UKG, and my HR staff, we were able to resolve the issues. UKG was helpful and showed a real interest in trying to figure out the problem. As for the app itself, it can be a bit slow in loading all the tiles, but otherwise works well. With a little training (provided by my employer) and practice, it is fairly easy to navigate, and to submit and check schedules.

  7. I use this app to check my work schedule. The calendar button will disappear after each use and in order for me to get it back I have to clear the app storage which means I have to sign in (which doesn’t work sometimes) and setup the app again. When the calendar does work, it is very hard to read (the default view doesn’t even tell you what time you are working on each day) and slow. This app so bad that it’s easier to take a picture of the paper copy of the schedule we have at work each week.

  8. Absolute garbage. It was a pretty bad app when it was forced on us at work, but this latest update makes it basically unusable. They took the single most used function (clock in/out) and hid it. I have no ability currently to see or approve my timesheet. I want to know the clowns doing the UX/UI decisions are thinking, because it’s like they identify what would be the good choice and then do the opposite. A first year computer science student could do a better job I’d give this negative stars

  9. Worst app I’ve ever worked with. We can’t clock in, it keeps reverting to the older version we must uninstall and reinstall every day. Can’t change my time, half the new app is mixed with the old one so there’s a bunch of options to click on but half of them are from the old version and half are from the new version. It’s buggy, it doesn’t function correctly and I think the programmers should be ashamed of just how poorly this app works.

  10. I have yet to see UKG Pro boot up correctly. Instead, after logging in properly, the app landing screen appears, but above it is a white square with an “in progress” spinner. I have to close and reopen the app multiple times to get it to work, and that doesn’t always work. UPDATE: Fgured out how 2 get UKG Pro 2 work! All you have to do is uninstall the app, then reinstall it. Every. Time. I’d give a 0-star rating if I could. Just awful. But why should the devs fix it? My job requires I use it.

  11. Half of the UI elements don’t pop up when I launch the app, including arguably the most vital one—the schedule that shows me when I need to work. It used to be that a quick reboot of the app would fix the issue, but it seems now that the only thing that will fix it is fully uninstalling & reinstalling the application.

  12. This app is great…in concept only. I can’t tell if it’s just the app or the whole system, but whenever I try to sign in, I there’s a problem. I won’t recognize my password. next it forsnt recognize my login. then it asks for my email. I have my password saved on my phone, but it doesn’t matter. Every time I try to sign in, even after resetting the password and re-saving it, and even contacting our system administrator, it still never seems to work properly. It has become very frustrating!😠😔

  13. Menu structure is poorly laid out. For example, why is view and request time off two different pages?! It should just be one page with all the information right in front of your eyes if you scroll. The app also lacks functionality that is important which normally the website provides. Like viewing company holidays before scheduling time off! Seems to be something common enough to do, but all it offers is a mediocre interface to schedule time off. All in all, this app could be done a lot better.

  14. The app is not intuitive and doesn’t have a whole lot of information in it. there is no way to cancel a direct deposit to one account and set it up in a new account. I’m forced to select percentages or dollar amounts to split between two accounts. When selecting percentages the app thinks that 1% plus 99% is more than 100%. The website is slightly better but only when viewed on a mobile phone in desktop version. The app serves no purpose whatsoever!

  15. This app is a convenient way to fill out a timecard when not in the office. Unfortunately the time entry interface is slow and clunky. Spinning a dial of numbers ro the correct number is so much more cumbersome than a previous version which used a clock face to enter numbers. Also, everytime I submit a time off request, the app says that the submission failed and to retry, but when you do so, it shows a warning for duplicate time. The app works, but could work better and have an easier UI.

  16. This is easily the worst app I’ve ever had on any phone. On average it takes 8-10 tries to successfully log in, the other times I’m looking at a spinning progress wheel that only goes away by closing and restarting the app. Considering a big piece of the functionality of this app is the timeliness of clocking in to a scheduled shift, the fact that it takes 3-5 minutes to be able to access the punch feature is counterintuitive. It’s impressive how terrible this app is.

  17. The last update has left this app totally useless (Not that it was great before, either). Cannot punch in/out any more nor view my timesheet. Edit: yes we can punch in again. Thar was a long time to be without the one and pretty much only key feature for which most of us actually use the app. This really is on-brand based on my experience with Ultimate Software going back to the days when I managed an on-prem Ultipro server before cloud services were a thing… so it wasn’t surprising at all.

  18. This is one of the worst apps and programs I have ever used. My basic complaint is the interface is just not easy or intuitive to use at all. Trying to load your weekly schedule for approval is often hard because it doesn’t allows come up with the current week, then you have to scan through a screen with way too many choices that are not intuitive at all.

  19. It has become increasingly difficult to log in. While the option for fingerprint sign in was available at the start when I first used the app, the option has since been rendered useless every time I open the app, despite it still being in the settings as a choice. This is misleading, and the fact that simply signing in has become more and more inconsistent leaves me with no room but to rate this a one. Only because zero is not an option.

  20. Kym Adams dice:

    Since the last update, the app functionality has gone down the drain. I can sign in, but I’m one of the few at my job that can. I can sign in and see my menu, I can only click on one menu per sign in session, and most don’t load. If I need a different menu, I’m forced to sign out as the app refuses to load. Clocking in/out is hit or miss, as the “punch” button isn’t always active (if it isn’t you’re forced to reopen the app). When you can punch, you can’t verify the timestamp below due to lag.

  21. Either turn off the gps altogether, or at least widen the parameters to the entire company property. I am sick and tired of wandering around trying to find the precise spot that the app will say I’m ‘in range’. The ENTIRE PLANT is my workspace. I shouldn’t have to guess where to be to clock in and out. The whole point behind this app is to make my work life more convenient, not more difficult.

  22. Sergio dice:

    Terrible since the update. Not sure how you update the UI and mess up the back end. No longer able to reliably connect to network via wifi. Prior to the update you could see all your punches and punch reliably. Now, not so much. You can clock in/out but you can no longer confirm your punch via the app as it doesn’t recognize your old punches so they won’t show up. Good luck with your guesstimate everyone. Hopefully you dont have strict clock in/out rules like every job on the planet.

  23. This app is awful. There are many bugs where buttons don’t work, or where they even completely disappear and don’t show up. Different ways to see things are way too complicated and you have to go thru so many unnecessary selections to get to things. The only reason I use this wretched app is because it’s the only way I can see my work schedule and pick up shifts

  24. K B dice:

    There is about a 25% chance I can actually view what I need to in this app after logging in. I will see the main menu but there is a “loading” icon preventing me from interacting with the app at all. This loading screen will be there for as long as I keep the app open, forcing me to try again. This happens whether I’m connected to wifi or using data. I would have outright deleted this already if it wasn’t tied to my workplace. Very frustrating.

  25. Most recent update freezes when you try to go to anything. You can log in, but if you select “Pay” or “Time Off” the app just freezes every time. Worked fine before the update, but you are required to update to use the app, so you can’t just revert to the previous version. So now this app is entirely useless. 1 star until it gets fixed.

  26. Tried to use the app and all I get is a white screen and a timeout. says try from desktop but when I try to load it does not work One of the worst apps I have used. The person who recommended this to be used should be fired. Frustrating been reloading and retrying on multiple devices same result. It does not work. I got on it once. Print is small and spread out making it hard to navigate.

  27. I can’t get the app to work. I tried EVERYTHING! I recently had to change my password and was able to log in a few times. Now, when I try to log in,it just keeps spinning and never actually logs in. Update: I went to the app in my settings and deleted the data then opened the app and re-entered the company code. It works great now!

  28. I can view my dashboard, my personal info, org chart, and pay stubs. Otherwise all other functionality is outdated and useless. “Recent” activity on the time clock shows only a few entries from 4 months ago. And I cannot clock in and out, the button doesn’t even appear. My PTO balance is completely wrong as well as my time sheets. But the most important feature which should allow me to clock in and out is what’s ruining this app for me.

  29. I use this app to update my worklogs right after my shifts, it’s very convenient! 3 stars just because of the clock interface, spinning through the numbers to select the time and missing the right number 4 times in a row, watching with dread as it slowly turns from 8 to 9… one of the lowlights of my day. At least give the option of entering it manually, or fix the scroll sensitivity PLEASE it hurts my soul.

  30. Sally G dice:

    Not only is this the worst app ever, even trying to punch in/out on their website on my computer is ridiculous! Even on the computer you have to try numerous times to get the “time” link to open – if it ever does. It can take 10 mins of trying before you may have any luck. Our mgrs are constantly having to make corrections or I just blow it off and lose that time! I imagine our company will get frustrated enough to look for another company soon. We have numerous dealers!!!

  31. 1/5 times it will load your content. Sometimes it just sits with a loading indicator that blocks you from pressing anything on the menu. I also have to verify my identity with a text token EVERY SINGLE TIME. Hate this app. I only use it because I have to. Feel like I could design something better myself. Terrible UI, lazy interface, tons of annoying bugs. Do better.

  32. Drew dice:

    Used to be a great app (when it was UltiPro). At this point you can’t even login without a “trouble contacting servers, please try again or contact administrator” or somesuch nonsense. Doesn’t matter if on WiFi or phone data. Utterly useless at this point. Would give 0 stars if possible. Doesn’t even touch on the issue I have with the browser version, which is another story.

  33. We’ve had to get new time clocks 4 times. It misses punches all the time, so people’s paychecks are short. The app freezes alot or just tells you it failed to load and try later, and randomly doesn’t let you sign in with your thumb print, and it randomly won’t pop up a login bar to type your username, so then you just can’t get on. o ya and one would think the breakdown of your time sheets and pay is straight forward right? Wrong they found a way to botch that too, it’s very poorly broken down.

  34. Much like many other reviewers, I’ve had constant issues with logging in. Every time I open the app, I get the message “Our latest security update requires you to re- enter your username and password. Sorry for the inconvenience.” No ability to use fingerprint. Even if I’ve already logged in literally 30 seconds ago. The rest of the app seems fine, but the login process is frustrating. Edit: removed company code and reset app; fingerprint seems to be working for now. Hope this helps someone.

  35. 95% of the time I can’t get pass the loading page. Once I log in I can’t get pass the ring, it just spins constantly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but nothing works. I don’t see the point of the app. It rarely works. Trying to check my direct deposit information but I can’t because it won’t finish loading.

  36. For the first four months, this app worked like a charm. Over my last two pay periods, I have had nothing but login issues. It tells me my password is incorrect, so I try to reset. But when answering my security questions, it tells me my answers are incorrect and locks me out. My password and security question answers have not changed. To be useful for part-time associates, it should have access to the benefits outline for us as well as for full timers. This app needs a serious tune-up.

  37. Jeremy dice:

    App doesn’t work very well, The finger print option stops working if the app ever closes until you long in again, defeating the purpose of it. It’s almost impossible to get it to save a password. I got it to work once but mistyped the password and nothing I do lets me update it. My job makes me use this for work stuff, else I would never put up with it. Once your in it works… most of the time, but lord getting there in a convenient way is a chore.

  38. Semi-helpful app, when it let’s you log in or clock in! The only thing that reliably works is the time off requests. Clocking in doesn’t always work because of the Geofencing. This app usually doesn’t know where it is, even when standing in the same place twice. Whenever there is any form of update, or it thinks there is, you have to input your password credentials. Even though I have it set for fingerprint reading it never recognizes my password then anyway and I have to work around to log in.

  39. Was working great. As of late, once you change you password (after 30 days it prompts you) it freezes and you can’t log in. One work around is to uninstall the app completely and reinstall. I guess I’ll do that every month until it’s fixed. Otherwise it’s a great program.

  40. It sometimes works if you try REALLY HARD. Since the branding change and recent updates, this app’s functionality has been tanking. My coworkers and I have to kill the app or sign out/back in multiple times to record punches, if we can get signed in at all. Most of us have had to give up on the app and go back to browser–which is awful to use on the mobile site.

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