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Amazon A to Z is the place to manage your work-life at Amazon.
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Amazon A to Z gives you access to all the tools to manage your work-life at Amazon. Use the app to manage your profile information, submit time off requests, check your schedule, claim extra shifts, see the latest news, and more.

Getting started:

• As an Amazon hourly Associate, download the A to Z app
• Login with your Amazon login credentials (not your personal Amazon account)
• Update your profile if needed with your phone number and emergency contact
• Verify your direct deposit information
• Configure your notification preferences to stay in the know

After getting the basics out of the way, A to Z will be your portal to everything from schedule management to getting your discount code.

Feature highlights:

• Time: submit time off requests, check your accrual balances, and claim voluntary extra time or time off
• Schedule: view in/out times, upcoming shifts, and calendar
• Pay: view pay, tax, and direct deposit information
• News: stay up to date with the latest happenings internal to Amazon
• Profile: update personal information, emergency contacts, and view your discount code
• Resources: visit several other employee resources for new jobs, retirement planning, learning management, and more

By using this app, you agree to the applicable Amazon Conditions of Use ( and Privacy Notice ( for your country. Links to these terms and notices can be found in the footer of your local Amazon homepage.


Stability improvements


40 comentarios en "Amazon A to Z MOD 2022"

  1. H M dice:

    Since the update, any time I open the app and try to do literally ANYTHING, it immediately goes to the all blue screen that just says “a to z” and does absolutely nothing. No signs of loading going on, it just sits there on that screen. I have tested it and left it open on the screen and it does not change. It’s not my connection, cause I’ve tried it with both working wifi AND unlimited 5g data and it does the same thing.

  2. D S dice:

    App does not work right. Everytime I get a text of shifts available, I log in and there is nothing. When shifts are actually available, I am unable to select them because it freezes. There needs to be a bug fix. Also I do not always want to see the ads or notifications from other sites at the top of the screen, they should put it back to the way it was.

  3. It is extremely SLOW. Have to verify device every time you log in. Otherwise very easy to use and very simple. Most options have to be done on a computer located at the work site, so very useless options to even have on the app, waste of space mostly. Again, the app takes almost a minute to load separated pages which is extremely frustrating since it is supposed to be convenient.

  4. App is worse since the last update. At times when I try to get VET/VTO a video pops up you have to watch for about 20 seconds before you can skip and by then there is no VET/VTO available, or it will say not connected retry later. It’s really really annoying. It has been a month since I posted these last comments and the App seems to be getting worse! So frustrated!! I didn’t think this App could get worse but you all found a way. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  5. C S dice:

    Clock punch doesn’t work most of the time. I’m always in the building with location services on. I even used the buildings wifi???! I thought the location services would make it better but unfortunately, it just gave my manager more work to do. Don’t bother going to your work station early without an actual punch clock nearby…very frustrating.

  6. The latest version of this app is an absolute nightmare. It’s complicated to navigate, there are important resource links (like PTO & Occurence information) now burried in other resource links (like Find Shifts), it’s cluttered (News at the top is a HUGE waste of space, and the thick white menu at the top of “find shifts” makes it hard to see what shifts are available), why is everything white (It’s harder to look at), and IT’S SO BUGGY!!! It crashes often. The PREVIOUS version was 5/5 perfect!

  7. Excellent App. Everything I need for Amazon is right here in the App. I especially love The Voice. Better than writing on the dry erase board like before. Keep up the great work. Works great with my Samsung Note 20. The only problem I have is knocking out the small videos. It seems when I look at one another pops up.. I have gotten below 30 but I keep fighting a losing battle with it.

  8. Works great for everything except the most important thing. Clocking in and out is extremely unreliable. I loved clocking in and out before but ever since it was implemented with location service, it says I’m not at an Amazon facility even though I have location on, Google Maps shows me in the building, and I’m on the amazon network. Please remove location or widen the threshold for it to like 1 mile so we can actually use it.

  9. This app worked perfectly for my first couple months on the job, but ever since the update around New Year’s I’ve consistently had problems, which seem to change with each update. From being constantly logged out to not being able to find my location to recently not even being able to log back in without restarting the app, something is always going wrong.

  10. For me having to log in multiple times was tedious, this app solves that. However, as an application to expand on Amazon’s hub features, it doesn’t offer any expansion as of the time I’m writing this review. It also seems like an application that is developed with a cross-platform web based approach, it doesn’t feel as native to Android as other applications. But it does everything the Amazon A to Z web page does.

  11. It’s extremely hard to get shifts, they’re going so quickly when notifications are telling me they’re posting like 15 shifts that day. I’m there on time to grab shifts, early even, and the moment I click on one shift to apply it says it’s no longer available, and the next half second when I refresh the page all the other 14 shifts are gone! Please fix this, it’s extremely nerve-racking not being able to get shifts in a time like this.

  12. VTO and VET notifications come through until after like half an hour of when they post it so it is impossible to get then unless you have your eyes stuck to the screen while refreshing the page. It’s annoying and it should send the notification the second they make the VTO or VET available. Also the new ads that pop up when opening the app are super annoying and can’t be skipped. This is an app used for work not some online store, adding the adds was a horrible decision.

  13. Aurumai dice:

    Ad-like popups that you can’t skip until they’ve wasted a bunch of your time. Why would you do this to us? I’ve been late clocking in because of it in the past and I just missed out on VTO because I had to wait for the stupid popup before the app was useable again. I’m barraged with plenty of Amazon propaganda when I walk into the FC. What could possibly make you think I want it on my phone too? Using this app feels like being kicked while you’re down..

  14. When was the last time this app was updated? Since my most recent update, this app fails at performing the most simple tasks which, often result in a help ticket being placed to correct them. Its’ response to commands and operations are very slow even with the best internet connection. The missing punch feature results in a wonky error every…. single… time! This app needs a major overhaul.

  15. timm holl dice:

    It used to work on my phone, but not any longer. I uninstalled it last month, after trying to log in (at work) and it looped back to “Sign in with your login and password.” Even after asking if I wanted verification via SMS text. Using A to Z on laptop, just fine. Logging in on the Kindles or computers in the ERC room, just fine. I still get my VET or VTO texts, but if I’m not lucky enough to already be on my laptop, I miss out on opportunities. So for me, it’s just a “meh” app. For probably most others, it’s great.

  16. Armor X dice:

    This is the worst app for a billion dollar company I’ve ever had. It does not update communication settings and Im pestered by management to set it again on multiple occassion. The clock-in feature does not work correctly, because the GPS features of the app are not precise at all. Most of the time it gives worthless alerts that do not affect me at all. Listing times on the app is confusing and my frustation grows as i keep getting errors that it did not work.

  17. Clock punch function has screwed me more than once. I’ve been early and at my station, forgot to clock in so I try on my phone and the app “can’t confirm my location”… You’d think one of the leaders in software would be able to make this very simple feature correct. Especially when it messes with their employees. Waste of phone memory. If I didn’t need it for VET, it would be gone already. Kinda livid 🤬

  18. Great when it works! Works fine away from. But when you need it, as in to clock in and out it doesn’t work 8 out of 10 times. Especially since we are social distancing and they have taken punch clocks down. You will literally have to shorten your breaks to make sure you can clock in or out on time. They tell us to use our phones but oh wait it’s buffering. Then you’ll probably have to WALK allllllll the way back around 😫. The whole app doesn’t work well at work most of the time.

  19. The loading times take forever. I tried to catch a possible assignment & I would receive a notification AFTER the fact someone else caught. Even when using WiFi,the buffering times are too long. Also the Punch-In feature needs fixing ASAP. I had uninstalled & re-installed this app in order for this feature to work,most of it those but for the past week or so,it gives an “This feature is unavailable message”

  20. Ever since the “clock in” option was added to the app, it has never worked for me even though there have been several updates. This is an issue I’ve noticed with several other associates. I hope there are plans to fix this since we are still living in a world with a pandemic and it is difficult to maintain 6ft distance from 20 people ahead of you waiting to clock in/out manually from their shift.

  21. It’s near impossible to accept vto/vet on low-end devices as it loads every page very slowly. (You are always beaten by higher end phones, especially verizon users) By the time you reach the screen your looking for, every spot is full. It’s faster just using the web version (since browsers cache and saves info instead of re-downloading every part of the page in the app version), but then you have to relog in the site every time you open it. First come first serve has it’s issues.

  22. Cindy U dice:

    It worked well before they started changing it around this summer. Since the last update, about 75% of the time I try to get into the app, I get a white screen that says A to Z is unable to load and check my network connection, even though my network connection is working for everything else! The only way I can get into it when that happens is to restart my phone or delete the app and reinstall. This is ridiculous. Can you fix it?

  23. This app was fine before they started using “pop-ups” on opening screen. Was great for clocking in an checking schedule, but can’t get past stupid “pop on” screen to use clock in screen or check schedule. Takes too long to do anything when you need to be able to clock in quickly. App was perfect for all those things and nice to have some updates, but adding anything more like “pop ups” that can’t be removed quickly or even at all to use has made this app now useless. Get rid of the “pop up”!

  24. Errin F dice:

    This app is pretty great when it works properly. The recent maintenance has been going on for far too long and has really messed with the functionality of the app. Also, myself and all of my co-workers, do not appreciate the video ads that can be skipped after a countdown. This is very unprofessional for a work app. We already have a news and notification section for announcements. We don’t need these video ads. They pop up when trying to clock in and out, which has caused me to be late.

  25. Can’t clock in on my phone using the app anymore since I upgraded to a new Pixel 6 phone. Every time I click on the clock in button it loads shortly and then goes to a screen that says the app is unavailable. I literally have to close the app out out and refresh. Then I can go back in to use the app again. Please fix this bug! Very frustrating.

  26. This app does not work half the time. Even after an update. When you hit time it immediately goes to a window that gives you an option to request a position change instead of looking at how many hours you’ve worked. Also every time I want to use the app to punch in, it says I am not at an amazon facility. It says this no matter where I am at in the building!

  27. This app crashes too much! I was on time for work but the app decided to show an ad. Took ten minutes no matter how much i tried to skip the ad. I tried even answering it and would not remove the AD off my screen. I ended up being late clocking in even though i was already here. There have been times when it would say it clock me in but didn’t

  28. Solution to crashing on Android 10/11: If the app instantly crashes when you try to open it after closing it this may work. Go to your system settings (the gear icon). Next click on ‘Apps & notifications’. Next click on ‘see all apps’. Next click on the ‘Amazon A to Z’ app. Next click on ‘Storage & cache’. Finally click both: ‘Clear storage’ and ‘Clear cache’. You will need to do this every time you completely close the app. May seem like a lot of steps, but it takes seconds.

  29. The app used to be amazing before the latest update. The app had a simplistic and already useful interface and design but now it’s become unnecessarily complicated. What I mean by that statement is the user has to through more inputs and pages just to navigate to the same functions that the app has always been used for. The new look is unnecessary and a downgrade. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

  30. The app is now useless for me on my Android phone. Clock punch always goes to a screen saying I’m not connected. I have to use the website version now. I think it has a problem when I use WiFi. Seems to work better when it’s off. When I get the not connected screen, if I turn off WiFi the app comes back.

  31. In the latest build the filters only work at times and at other crucial times do not. If you need to choose a shift at the moment they drop then all your filter settings disappear. Later outside of shift drop times, the filters will work again. However, they are not so much needed then. Please fix.

  32. It covers the basics. I’ve had it crash on me once and had to re-log in which caused me to be a minute late clocking out but that’s really a minor inconvenience as far as I’m concerned. I would love to see my performance stats, break times and potential indirect career pathways added in the future.

  33. Constant updates that interferes with the ability to work. And then now we have to deal with ads popping up when we need to look at schedules, clock in/ out. It’s frustrating 😒 very very annoying. Like we already receive constant daily news through messages from amazon. Why add the pop-ups? Lastly, another issue is the app messes up my hours everytime on purpose. Like I’m a flex worker, so I clock in/out for the hours based on how the hours are given now. I had to use the chat bot a lot.

  34. The app is a little clunky, but it works pretty well and is user friendly. I do wish there was a settings section where you could make UI changes. Such as defaulting to 12 time or 24 time, it’s a struggle for me now that it defaults to am/pm or choose what kind of notifications you get a pop up notification for. For example, I’d love to be notified about overtime shifts but we get daily site updates that are largely irrelevant. Otherwise the app has gotten a lot better with some recent updates.

  35. Worst app for passwords…they make you change your pw every once in a while, and the rules for the passwords are the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve been locked out of the app 3 times now, for not getting it right. If you’ve ever tried to set up a door unlock gizmo for your car door locks, changing passwords for this is about as much fun. Then they’re convinced it’s not really you, send a message to you on your phone, with a code that is just more difficult than it needs to be…. switching screens without a pen or pencil, or if you’re not good at copy/paste…. (I’m good on the computer, bad on my phone) I’d give the app 0 stars for the inconvenience.

  36. I recently started using the A to Z app and I have been extremely impressed with its functionality. The application is extremely easy to use, with a straightforward and user-friendly interface. The features offered are also very useful and have helped me organize my life more efficiently.

  37. Good luck using UPT if you have the recent update. Only shows VTO or VET now, at least on my phone it does. Ive contacted HR about this and still no help. “App glitches” is all PA tell me for fixing it. You’ll get the notifications for UTP being low, but you can’t actually see the amount without getting a 404 error message if you click the link. Can’t even look at scheduled shifts since the tab is completely missing.

  38. Not good when WIFI is not around in rural areas, or areas that have less towers to accommodate dish signals to this application. Now you really suck during our pick of scheduling… 500 error my behind… You all did this on purpose!!!!! Still have in tech need to understand the worst scenario of things not getting frequency

  39. This app doesn’t give me the option to sign up for my shift. Because I’m a flex-time employee, I have to choose my shift through VET (Voluntary Extra Time). VET doesn’t even show up in this app. Neither does VTO (Voluntary Time Off). I have to go to the website to sign up for my shifts. I have a Samsung S10+ phone, and everything is updated. What’s the point of having an app if I have to go directly to the website every day?

  40. I cannot see anything under “View My Schedule”. It just has an error, “Something went wrong. We are trying to fix it. Please try again later.” I am a Flex associate and my schedule varies every week, so it is important that I’m able to see it. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing, logging out, and updating my phone…but still have the same error. Please advise on how to fix this.

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