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How often do you forget to do something? With this app you can JUST REMEMBER EVERYTHING that you want to do, and improve your productivity! You can easily control all the tasks that are in your to-do list, and be sure that you will do them.

★ Easy to use and straightforward reminder & to-do list app. Made for those who want to set up tasks super quickly. You do not even have to take your phone out of your pocket, you can just set reminder right from your android wear smart watch. Also you can use it as notes app.

Key features:
• Repeating / Recurring Tasks
• Birthdays
• Alerts
• Snooze tasks
• Mark tasks with colors
• Notes
• Customizable Widgets
• Calendar with reminders
• Android wear smart watch support: create reminder with voice recognition, snooze or complete it right from smart watch
• You can set a reminder every hour, for example, “drink water.” This can help you to drink more water and feel better
• much more!

★ Now you can add birthday or anniversary. Import birthdays from contacts and synchronize them so they are always kept safe and never lost. You can easily view all the birthdays on the calendar.

Previous application name is Bzzz.


- bugfix and stability improvements

Link to previous app version:


40 comentarios en "BZ Reminder 2022"

  1. awesome app! one feature request would be the ability to schedule a reminder based on the status or completion of another task/reminder. To really knock the ball out of the park, some sort of automation to schedule reminders by email or web based interface would be great. So far, this app is really amazing. The sync feature works really well. kudos to the developer!

  2. Kimi W. dice:

    I really like this app, but I wish it had two more features. I want to change some of the alerts from alarm to notification. I was disappointed that this would ring with Do Not Disturb enabled because I whitelisted alarms. I also wish it would let you set recurring reminders for a certain number of events (daily for 5, 7, 10 days, etc.) to help with medication schedules. And the loud full-screen ads are obnoxious.

  3. FINALLY! I have tried almost every other reminder app in the market. After much trial and error, I have finally found a replacement reminder app for Alarmed on IOS. This is the kind of reminder app that absent-minded people like me need. This app will constantly remind you to complete your task until you complete it or snooze it and you can customize everything to your needs. It’s perfect. Awesome app. Suggestion: add a repeat from completion feature.

  4. I was looking for an app where you can set a repeated reminder for every 30 minutes to an hour to use while I’m recovering from shoulder surgery and need to be doing frequent exercises. This app is working great! I wish I could set it to start in the morning and end at night instead of having to manually snooze when I go to bed, however having snooze is a nice option.

  5. Jessica C dice:

    Was working great but after a recent update suddenly there is a full screen nag screen to buy the pro version all the time. It also throws up full screen ads that are difficult to close. this is advertised as free but it’s really not. The amount of time and energy you’ll have to expend just trying to figure out how to close the stupid ads makes it not worth keeping It makes using the app difficult and annoying. Find a different app.

  6. Well, I really like the functionality of the app and it had all the features I liked but not too many bells and whistles. I would definitely keep this app if it weren’t so Relentless as far as nagging to update to Pro. It is ridiculous and in-your-face obnoxious. The app opens to the update page and has very busy as in-your-face every moment. UPDATE- Uninstalling

  7. Great app, easy to use. I wish we could set a time to autofill for reminders (I tend to most of mine for the same time each day) instead of manually setting every single one. A few minor adjustments here and there that I might make but this app is very user friendly compared to some of the other overly complicated ones I have tried.

  8. When my “Just Reminder” app wouldn’t work on my new tablet, I had to find something similar. This does what it needs to do, but is clunky to set and does not allow you to snooze, edit, or complete from the pop-up reminder. Instead, you have to jump through hoops. It will do until I can find something more user friendly. Or, better yet, until Just Reminder updates. (You should check it out; it’s a perfect reminder app.)

  9. I uninstalled my recurring calendar after I installed Google Calendar (2 Stars). Big mistake I need to have the ability to select certain days when I need and event to recur. I also needed a continuous ring until I shut it off. Google Play nor any of the others had neither. Whereas BZ Reminder has both. It is very user friendly for the most part. It would be great to access the advanced settings without having to first save and then edit to access the the advanced setting. If they address or not no biggie.. Also I love the fact it shows each appt in a list as soon as you bring it up. So, while I was not a happy camper for uninstalling my original calendar I know God has a reason for everything. While it has taken a week to find BZ Reminder it was worth as it the best I found after trying almost three dozen other calendars.

  10. I use this app daily for the frequent reminders. When it notifies me of something, if I don’t complete it right away it will keep notifying me every five minutes (that time is adjustable). Additionally, I can snooze a reminder for any amount of time to get a break from the reminders if you don’t plan on getting there o the task right away. Reminders can be set up for many different schedules. Daily, week days, specific days, etc.

  11. I’ve used this app for years and I liked it so much that a couple months ago I paid for PRO to get rid of ads. It was great until after their recent update; the vibration that comes with a reminder is a short buzz buzz that stops, like a regular notification instead of the long 60 second vibrate I’ve had it set to the whole time I’ve used it. Now I miss my alarms because I don’t use volume for them and the vibrate isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

  12. Great app! After using this app for a year, I finally found 2 minor bugs. When I set the timer for 2 hours and 30 minutes for random daily repeat, the timer sometimes will prematurely complete on it own without any warning on. The other bug is that the alerm won’t go off for daily repeat, it happened around 10:00 pm and 11:45 pm. There was no sound but all I heard was vibration. Other than that that, this app work as intended. Cheers

  13. I’ve been looking for a replacement for. Due on iPhone for years. This does it! The key feature this has that other apps are missing is that it “nags” you until you mark the task complete. You can snooze alarms if you’re busy, but it will remind you again until the task is marked complete. Great for anyone with Adhd or similar issues.

  14. Pearl L dice:

    So effective at nagging/reminding! Audible vibration and also shows up at top of screen and will stay awhile. You can have it repeat as often as one minute. If I do click on one of the options at the top though, I’ll have to select it in the app again, but I’d rather have this app then not. Thank you!!

  15. Excellent reminder app. It has a news capability on reminders, but for me is super important. Most habit, routine, reminder apps don’t have that.. so either you do the task right now, use Android snooze feature which is horrible, or risk missing doing the task, which defeats the whole purpose of a reminder that. This app doesn’t have any of those problems. Excellent app.

  16. Used to like this app, but recently ran into a big problem with it. The AUDIO alert, one of the most important features of the app, was NOT working. Found from another review here that you must disable the “Pop-up window” setting in order to have the audio alarm. Switched to another app where I can have both.

  17. The app works well for reminders. Easy to use, but many ads. My BIGGEST problem w this app is that not only does the reminder pop up, but it continues to pop up as a notification and buzz your phone until you mark it completed or snooze it. Extremely annoying, especially when Im on a phone call and it buzzes every few minutes and people think I have another call coming in and it disrupts our conversation or whatever Im working on. VERY instrusive. Just uninstalled and now using another app.

  18. I have ADHD and always am forgetting stuff and have a hard time getting things done. This app makes me a more functional adult. The fact that it’s so easy to create reminders means I actually use it and the repeating reminders until completed keeps me from forgetting to do them. I have a smartwatch that I get notifications on which also helps a lot.

  19. It’s a great app with right level of persistent notifications without being overbearing. Notifications that aren’t immediately acknowledged will come back, and the alarm feature works perfectly. Since I switched to Android (Note 8) almost a year ago, it’s the best reminder app I’ve been able to find!

  20. This app does exactly what I intended to accomplish. Being ADHD, I haven’t missed one single appointment, broken any promises, forgotten to take my medication and many many other things since purchasing. Ticks all of my boxes. A big thank you to the developer for finding a need and fulfilling it. Note, an integration with Google Calendar would be a great step forward.

  21. REALLY, really disappointed ! ! ! ! This app worked great with my old Samsung edge. I now have a galaxy 20, I transferred all info to new phone. Had a few issues with this app. I just updated the app and now there’s NO audio with the alarms, pop up are no longer there on top of other apps, like my old cell. Will be uninstall and looking for a new app which is a shame because when it worked out was great. Good luck if you install it.

  22. Benjamin dice:

    The most recent version has fancy new pop-ups when notifications trigger, but disabled audio. “In advance” notifications still have sound, but the on-time ones stopped working. Until this update, this was a 5-star app; even free it had a lot of great features. But as it stands, it’s not very useful.

  23. Love the app – ads are ridiculous. Recently the ads have become totally obnoxious and very disruptive to the point where they make weird sounds while I’m at work because the ads run for ages and you can’t stop them playing. It’s gotten embarrassing at this point. Otherwise this app is perfect.

  24. I was frustrated, as some others, because my reminders weren’t going off, so I emailed to let them know my issues. It took a couple of days to respond, but once they did we worked through it and solved the issue my phone was causing with the app and it’s working great again. So….. I’m keeping my 5 star rating, yay!

  25. switched from ios to Android and needed something to replace the Alarmed app. this is the only one that works as well. it’s very easy to add a task and to set it for the exact time and date you want without too many clicks. i also like that there’s a separate section for birthdays.

  26. for the most part the app works as described and is a useful replacement for Google inbox reminders. like others have reported, however, all of my reminders duplicated one another one I turned on the sync feature. I also find the date selector wheel cumbersome and slow. it would be great if there were simple suggested reminder x like some of the pop ups have such as tomorrow 1 pm, tomorrow 6 p.m. and so on.

  27. Excellent little app. Super easy to use, does not ask for unnecessary info e.g. access to photos or contacts etc. Even a geriatric like me found it easy-to-use! It appears there are many reminder apps that go under a different name, but are in fact the same thing. I can’t imagine a user being disappointed with this app.

  28. It is awful business practice to change to a subscription model for those who have purchased the PRO version, for new users maybe, but existing users NO – think about it!. I decided to pay the small amount for the PRO version. There are a few points that I have requested from the developer … More “repeat every” options. Setting time – use a circular 24h clock, easier to set. Widget and app to show “days remaining” until the event, for example 2 days, 20, 40 etc.

  29. S. O. dice:

    Best reminder and alarm app I have ever used. Clear and simple interface that does everything you need without having to click through a bunch of bells and whistles and unnecessary options

  30. the reminders won’t repeat if you don’t make sure to go through and check them off. I have it set to repeat daily and I don’t always have time to go through and check things off, it should automatically repeat regardless if I respond to the reminders.

  31. I am extremely forgetful and this app allows me to set multiple reminders for tasks that would otherwise be forgotten. I’m especially pleased with the alarm tone used. it’s unmistakable but it’s not obnoxious.

  32. Coming from iOS 6 months ago, I’m surprised how hard it is to find a good reminders app. Two main pain points from this app are making me look for an alternative: I wanted a pop-up window on my lock screen, but it wouldn’t turn off, so my screen would stay on for hours draining so much battery. On the other hand, if I accumulate a number of reminders without clearing them out, then the app would somehow give up and not open the pop-up window on the lock screen anymore.

  33. i hate how add videos pop up and start playing automatically when you complete or snooze an alarm. Please change this! I really like the app now that I paid the one time fee to remove ads

  34. I just got this app. So far I really like the ease and simplicity of it, the status bar, drop down & widgets. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t wake up my screen when the reminder goes off. I think that is important. I don’t want to “show in lock screen” because it stays constantly and not just when alarm has activated. Please add this option and I will up my rating & not delete. Also, it doesn’t say anywhere what extra features you get with the paid version. Others have said nothing extra

  35. Great app, it does what it’s advertized for. I’m satisfied with the performance. One suggestion for improvement is the repeat function. Would be great to have the hourly option on the main list to simplify the use. Even better would be to provide a start and finish time, so I can just schedule once and the App automatically reschedules each day during the selected times

  36. Update: since the app’s face-lift, I have found it to be less reliable. Sometimes the alerts don’t fire at the time they’ve been set for… I’ve used this app for years and it’s always been the only app I found that would actually get me to do anything. The long vibration patterns and repeating alerts are ideal for that. And the latest update has been fine for me to; a nice lick of paint a and a more modern interface. I use it all the time and really appreciate it.

  37. I’d give it five stars but for one detail. when the reminders come up, you have to clear the program from running in the background. The battery on my phone doesn’t last long, so I can’t have things running in the background. Also it doesn’t work to change the interval by editing the set reminder. It doesn’t recognize this. You have to delete the set reminder and set the new interval.

  38. Good so far. Google’s built in reminders on Android phones are “flimsy”, the notifications only appear once and then are easily lost, repeating reminders are also easily lost by accident if you check them off. In contrast, BZ Reminder notifications keep notifying you every x amount of time (customizable) and repeating reminders will not disappear if you complete them, they have to be deleted or have their repeating settings changed. This is much better.

  39. It’s a good reminder app, however after the last update the alarms seem to be all over the place: sometimes they’re late, sometimes they’re early, and sometimes they repeat even when I didn’t set them on repeat. Also I keep getting the suggestion to go pro every time I get an alarm, I’m sorry but if I was to consider to go pro before now after seeing this “advertisment” I absolutely don’t want to anymore.

  40. It says it has recurring tasks. But there doesn’t seem to be, I checked if the pro version had it but it also did not. The keyboard is in the way of confirm button. How is that intuitive? Only after setting time it becomes visible. Thats poor design in my opinion. Average user interface and functionality really. I don’t see what the fuzz is about.

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