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Company Shortname Required! This app requires a company shortname, which is a unique company identifier which you can get from your company administrator.

Tada! The new HCMtoGo mobile app is here! Before you jump in and download it be sure to take a look at the following.

BEFORE YOU LOGIN – employees and managers:
• If your administrator has not setup the new HCMtoGO app for your organization, you will NOT be able to get access. Please check with your manager or company admin to get access to the new app.
• When logging in with HCMtoGO you will need to select the region you are using as well as the Company Shortname (The unique Identification number your company administrator needs to provide to you.)
• After you enter that information you will be prompted to enter in your Company, Username, and Password. If you get stuck on this your COMPANY ADMIN can help you out.
• Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items.
• Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only.
• Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login.

Now that you are ready to join HCMtoGO here are some of the awesome things you can do within the new app to enhance your human resource needs:
• Check and/or edit your timesheets for accuracy
• Submit and view time off requests
• Check vacation/sick balances
• Enroll in benefits and view existing benefits
• Check your schedule
• View pay stubs and manage direct deposits.
• Check your schedule and, if enabled, swap shifts with peers

Your employer must have the HCMtoGO software configured for mobile use. Contact your system administrator for more details.

Key things to know as an administrator:
• Users need to have permission to access the new app via their security profile.
• Users need to be permissioned to have access via their UI Preferences widget within their security profile.
• Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items.
• Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only.
• Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login.
• Basic Authentication with SSO is not currently supported


Bug Fixes


58 comentarios en "HCMToGo MODDED 2022"

  1. haven’t had issues from management side but its extremely annoying that you often have to restart the mobile app multiple times for it to load. especially when hourly folks are clocking out at the end of a long day. go figure an app called wurk doesn’t like to work. and the new default landing page is less convenient and offers quick access to options that aren’t necessary for most. and haven’t figured out a way to ease requirements for changing passwords but it’s excessive

  2. The app was recently changed. In my opinion, it is more frustrating to navigate. It is always on the time sheet. I mostly care about the pay stub. You have to go through quite the process to get the information you want. I think it is frustrating to find anything you want. Notifications during Covid layoff were suppose to be shown. We were suppose to have something that showed there was a notification, which none ever showed. Finding the notification was time consuming and difficult.

  3. An awful piece of software. On the low chance it actually starts on the first attempt to load it, I’m lucky if it is quick enough to let me clock in on time. The website functionality on mobile is actually a better experience and I find myself more often than not frustrated and closing the app again, to use the Firefox mobile browser version which never seems to fail. On top of that until I was willing to rate the app it would ask me upon every single visit to the home screen.

  4. Slowest work app I’ve ever used. Saving times and per diem just show a loading icon forever. Navigating the app is not user friendly and has to be shown multiple times just to vaguely remember how to do something again. Terrible convoluted app that needs a lot more work. If a clock in app requires a hands on presentation, then you need to go back and redesign it. All of us using it are working in the field. We don’t need an over complicated system just to clock in and out. Update: still terrible

  5. I am more and more frequently running into issues staying connected and logged into the app. Initially I am able to log in without issue, but when clocking in/out or changing cost center, my phone suddenly loses all cell service (despite full coverage before and after) and a prompt comes up saying that the connection is lost. After tapping “continue offline”, I am usually kicked out and forced to log back in. I sent an email to support with a screenshot of the issue. I appreciate any help!

  6. This app takes something simple, recording work hours, and makes it difficult, time consuming, and unreliable. It takes anywhere from two to five minutes just to open the app. When clocking in or out, it doesn’t always give the confirmation message, not does it always record the clock in or out. It cannot handle shifts that go past midnight. This app has lost over 20 hours of my time in the past two pay periods because of these issues. It’s garbage.

  7. Some Dude dice:

    Although it likely has the functionality you need, it just isn’t intuitive/ user friendly. Just feels like programmers made the app without using any real human being feedback. Has always felt this way. You constantly have to change your password. The security feels higher than my banks, which may be appropriate for an employer who has all your personal info to protect, but for an employee that just wants to clock in and out, there is no need to force password changes. I have other gripes

  8. Snags when trying to login. Constant password change requests and finger print scanner is inconsistent. It’s annoying to always deal with that. Also, the interface for checking schedules etc isn’t very user friendly in that you have to click several links to get there. This should be more easily accessible.

  9. The user experience is really not easy, getting new hires to understand it and be able to use it is not easy. Even when employees are.around for awhile and get experience using it they tell.me they have a tough time with it. Even the different items I have to use are not always easy to find, even when I have used said item, several times. It just doesn’t seem to.put things in obvious aces, but instead hides them. It’s a great idea and makes so much sense, but the user experience is poor at best.

  10. Bryan dice:

    I have to go through multiple pages just to clock in or change the job I’m at. The home screen is useless as the info could be placed on the home screen instead of going through the small corner to make everything much easier. You should also add a feature that automatically deducts 30 minutes for lunch. It is very difficult in construction to make sure you clock out for 30 minutes exactly then clock back in. The pages load slow so I’ve been getting less time than I actually put into the job.

  11. Everytime I open the app it asks for a rating, even after ive repeatedly pressed no thanks. Time sheets are also needlessly complicated for the average user. Needs to be streamlined to allow the average person to quickly and easily ask for time punch modifications and pto requests. Always reverts to the “Start” menu, and you have to switch to the “home” menu. The software engineers need some average joe QC. It would vastly increase the functionality of the app. Just too much going on.

  12. Login randomly works. Really non intuitive app, hard to find what you need. **update this app is NOT AT ALL user friendly. My home screen or whatever appears when I log in has changed. Not sure why, I am not able to figure out how to fix it. This app can’t find an internet connection half the time, so manual fixes are needed. A LOT

  13. Very outdated compared to others homebase etc. Feels like example playing organ trail when you can play a Xbox 360. Can’t view other people’s schedules being setup as a mng. Very difficult to navigate around, ask time off etc. My final feedback look at other time clock apps and try to be better. Homebase even allows teammates to send high fives. Seriously lacking. Not a negative review. Just needs a overhaul

  14. It’s ok. Don’t have too many gripes, aside from constantly needing to change your password and the occasional hiccup when clocking in/out. The 1 star however is for the CONSTANT pop-up asking if you’d like to rate the app. It reappears no matter how many times you say no. At first I just told it to remind me later and then I started flat out saying no. I’ve been saying no for 4 months now. So finally I decided to give in and rate it. Hopefully now they’ll leave me the hell alone.

  15. Heather dice:

    The app was ok and useful until it locked up on me and hasn’t been usable since. To everyone who has to use it for work do not, I repeat do NOT open the “Fun” widget! I added it to one of my tabs just to see what it was and now I can’t even load the app up. I log in and as soon as it tries to load the app it crashes and I can’t even attempt to delete the stupid widget. I tried to message the creators, but haven’t gotten any response and I need to use this app for work starting 1/1/2022.

  16. Overall the app is good, it saves your username so you just have to type a password in. What I do not like is that when you are clocking in, it does not save location preferences. You have to type it in each time. It also does not give a summary of your clocked in hours, so when I am looking at how many hours I have in my 40 day work week, I have to add them up individually.

  17. Clunky and user-unfriendly. I interact with the app for punching in and out, as a time clock. Usually on punches after the first in the day, the button to clock in/out is visible, but when pressed, instead of clocking in/out it takes you back to the sign in screen. Despite knowing this flaw, the false positive feedback is convincing enough that I typically goof up several punches a week.

  18. Update: I am revising my review. The login issues that were present (not remembering my device or username, having to send a code to my phone for every login attempt, and biometric login not working) has been fixed in the latest update (on 1/18). Everything works as it should. Also, accessing from a PC or phone, the hair is completely customizable (this has been the case for some time) asked everything you need to be accessed quickly. Fantastic app!

  19. J B dice:

    So much better than our previous app, however HCMToGo has a problem when I work long weekend hours. Tells me I missed punch in when I clock out 10-14 hours later. Also had to re-enter my full login credentials 4 times after that. Hope our bi-state W2s will actually split each state tax correctly.

  20. Horrible I have to turn my phone in airplane mode just to clock in. I know it’s not the phone service because everything else works all my streaming apps it’s the only app that does not work

  21. Nate Wahl dice:

    Clearly a bunch of dorks made this app and never once tested it with any actual humans without a double major in computer science and accounting. The functions that are the most important and should be the simplest are buried deep within layer after layer of submenus that nobody in their right mind would ever bother with otherwise. Maybe that’s why it so often will fail to load upon startup

  22. Could be more user friendly in having option to open directly with fingerprint instead of having to press a button and then signing in with a fingerprint.

  23. Roy Nies dice:

    Sometimes it changes the day when you are doing your jobs for that day like it’s Tuesday then it’ll change to Wednesday half way thru the day. I think the job entering should give you like 10 entering instead of 2 then you don’t have to keep hitting save.

  24. Hey how can I fix the issue of the app not loading through. I’ve downloaded recently on old phone and worked fine, new phone and logged in for once..Afterwards the app just loads the logo and sits for minutes…Any idea on the issue 💡

  25. Works perfectly fine for the most part. The most recent update has made things difficult because I have to verify my device 5 times a day because it doesn’t register it anymore

  26. I hate this app. It gives me problems at least once a week. Here it is a year later and I still have no use for HCMtogo. I’ve been trying to clock out for a half hour and all I keep getting is “ooops something went wrong go back”. It’s 4am on a Saturday so of course I can’t contact my office. And of course there’s NO way to get a hold of any representative from HCMtogo at anytime! Do you guys even read these complaints??? I just want to work! I just want to do my damn job and get paid!

  27. Randomly reset and now everytime I need to log in I need to verify it’s me. Checking the box so I don’t have to do it does absolutely nothing.

  28. GIVE Corp dice:

    Trying to navigate this app with a mobile device was difficult. But the app allows you not to leave your home to complete documents.

  29. Easily the least intuitive clock-in app I’ve ever used, but it doesn’t get one star because it includes some helpful features.

  30. Egypt dice:

    This app asked me to login with a code every time I log in even though I’m checking the box that I’ve always checked just started happening at the beginning of the year super annoying.

  31. Inconsistent application,open sometimes and not others.I can access at home but not at work. Apply spools for 10-20 minutes before turning on.?

  32. John Wise dice:

    It’s a pain in my rear. I checked the box to remember me every time I use it. Every time I clock in or out I have to retrieve a code. Not very user-friendly.

  33. App works perfect for work related items. Not sure what the previous reviews are claiming but I have never had an issue seeing the information provided by the company I work for. I can also login within a matter of seconds. Has never taken any longer than that.

  34. Doesn’t remember this device so it’s constantly asking for the second code. Every day. Whether the option to tender the device is checked or not.

  35. App doesn’t open half of the time, just stays in an endless loading screen. Edit, once again the app would not load after opening and closing it multiple times last night, i tried opening it again today and my account is locked even though I didn’t even get to attempt to login because the app couldn’t even get to the login screen to begin with. This app is trash.

  36. Logged me out and now I can’t log back in. Keeps saying my login info is incorrect when I have been using the same login info. Please fix this!!!

  37. Easy to use never had a app working for a company I like that I can take care of benefits, clock in an out and request time off all through the app

  38. Johnny D dice:

    Requires WiFi to log on, so you cannot use this app on mobile data. This is silly because not everyone has access to WiFi at all times. Whether there’s a power outage, or someone works using a mobile hotspot, the app needs to function at all times.

  39. Runs good. No real major issues or problems with it. But it could have a little more to it. Easy to use. For as long as I have been using the app I haven’t once seen a ad & I love that this is way I gave a 5 star for it cause I hate ad’s.

  40. It logged me out one day, and now everytime I use my biometrics to login, I have to ALWAYS send a code to my phone for verification purposes, to keep my device recognized… E V E R Y T I M E.

  41. I use it for work. Good for signing up for Overtime, scheduling days off, etc. Also good to see how much PTO, and more importantly my next due check! A great App! ~ Updated Rating, 1/23/2023: Still used for everything above, aswell as being able to do alot of things you’d normally go to HR for, i.e. changing your bank info, printing out W2s, signing up for parties, activities and blood drives, etc. Overall a great app to use for your job!

  42. Nate Mead dice:

    Absolute trash. This app made me go back to paper checks. You have to change your password almost every time you log in. You also have to completely log in with your employers nonsense code that is completely made up and will have zero chance of remembering. Chances are you have no choice but to download this app because your employer got duped into its shittyness.

  43. This app sucks! I used it once yesterday and all was fine then I go to log in today and I’m stuck on the loading screen with the logo and nothing happens. I’ve killed the apps, check for updates, restarted my phone and still it sucks.

  44. Only issue I have is having to enter multiple security code numbers in order to clock in and clock out. It is very aggravating and takes up valuable time. Most current management of these text codes lasted about 5 too 8 days.

  45. KC Mabus dice:

    The app is not bad, it can be a little annoying when you have to confirm your password with a secondary source on new tablet/phone/ or computer when you first use it. But otherwise the site is so easy to use and understand.

  46. This app is garbage. The location services are wildly inconsistent and unreliable. The app frequently doesn’t accept/register/ record time punches. It looks nice though, great job -100/10

  47. It needs some work. The the android ui seems to be missing some features that are on the desktop version. It functions, but feels unfinished.

  48. I don’t like having to drop everything because I’m on vacation for a week to check on an app for work. It’s impractical and inhumane to tell someone to worry about work when we need to relax! I sometimes have 8 or so hours without a break; so my at home time shouldn’t be spent worrying about an app!

  49. Do not like this app would give it no stars if possible. Had to put in my information 3 times and it still got it wrong . Can not edit it to make it correct and it maybe the app or my incompetent hr director unsure but use other apps similar that function alot better .

  50. Every once and a while I get kick off the app and have to go through security protocols. I use biometric access and I don’t carry my passwords with me. It is annoying to login and clock in on time

  51. Easy to log hours. However, I need to wait until the end of the week because when I log my hours daily, my entry disappears despite hitting save button.

  52. Mediocre app.. usually works fine but the layout is not intuitive and it gives me errors too often.

  53. MrZippo dice:

    Sucks!. Crashes often and constantly have issues with logging in. Stop with the constantly having to change the passwords.

  54. Does the app offer any kind of compensation for the lost hours at work, since the app takes over 20 tries to open properly? Maybe the most frustrating app I’ve ever used.

  55. This app is very frustrating. It generally works ok, but the option to have the app remember my device seems to be broken. Each login requires emailing a code to myself to register the device.

  56. App half the time doesn’t load. Half the time says offline when not. Considering this is used as a method to clock in and out this is unacceptable ( I would say 50% of people at work who have it only have issues with THIS app)

  57. Every other day, maybe every 2 days on my pixel I have to restart my phone to be able to log in which is very frustrating but gotta deal with it due to the job 😔

  58. My spirits have been awful I can’t log into the app it locks you out a lot I haven’t seen a paycheck can’t pull up a check the app sucks I don’t recommend this app to anyone trust me

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