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Get your benefits on-the-go.
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Access your employer benefits – health, retirement and payroll details anytime, anywhere.

Alight mobile app is available for any employee and benefit participants of companies that partner with Alight Solutions to administer their HR and benefit programs. Once logged in, you can access your personal benefits information wherever and whenever needed.

Use this app to:
– Find a doctor or urgent care clinic
– Enroll in important benefits
– Review your medical plan and spend
– Review your 401(k) contribution elections and make changes if needed
– Review your pension benefit
– See if you are on track for retirement
– Access and save a copy of your insurance card
– Get help from your personal Health Pro
– Explore other benefit resources all in one place
– Review your time off balance

Disclaimer: Features available on this app are dependent on your employer’s benefit plan. Subject to terms, conditions and availability.
Alight is a registered trademark Alight Solutions LLC.


Work and life. Companies and people. Innovation and understanding. We understand the powerful human connections that create success for your organization. We bring an industry leader’s expertise and a true partner’s commitment to our benefits and administration solutions around health, wealth, HR, finance and consumer experience. We are proud to be shaping the future of work and life for organizations, people and their families.


User experience improvements


4 comentarios en "Alight Mobile MODDED 2022"

  1. Theo dice:

    Poorly constructed. Login information forcibly disables autofill preventing the usage of password managers. When you click the button to show the text of your password while typing it in, the field isn’t treated as a password and autocorrect is enabled, which changes the characters as they’re typed in. Also, incredibly slow. Feels like JavaScript running in IE 8. But better than the old app, especially when you get past the login screen.

  2. Adrian Covert dice:

    This app has not been able to display my balance for months. I am giving it two stars because I can in fact log in, and it’s not crashing my phone or killingy battery. However, the core reason I have this app is to view and magage my account. In this it’s a failure and a big disappointment. I hope a future update can resolve the issues, but I’ve had a touble ticket suited for weeks with no response, so I’m not hopeful.

  3. Ken Altschuler dice:

    Some options have no information. I may have enrolled twice by accident. The functionality of closing a window versus the back arrow are a mystery. They may take you completely out of the app. You have to hunt on the screen for the return to main screen button and it’s not always there. I would have preferred to use a web browser on a desktop PC for more screen real estate, but I could not find anywhere, anywhere, how to enroll using a browser.

  4. Jack Bowers dice:

    Very clunky. App opening can be very slow and then when they finally open you can’t see the entire page. It let’s you scroll up and down, but not side to side. Also, app won’t let you shrink the view to fit the phone screen to see all details. All this prevents the app from being useful. If I need to make a change or view details I have to wIt until I get home and log on through my desktop computer.

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