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Tableau Mobile is the fastest way to stay on top of your data.
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Tableau Mobile gives you the freedom to stay on top of your data, no matter where you are or when you need it. With a fast, intuitive, and interactive experience, explore your dashboards and find just what you’re looking for, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

The Tableau Mobile app requires a Tableau Server or Tableau Online account. Please note, it does not work with Tableau Public.

• Interactive previews let you access your data even when you’re offline.
• Mark your favorite dashboards or views to always have them at your fingertips.
• Scroll, search, and browse your organization’s dashboards with a navigation experience that’s both intuitive and familiar.
• Interact with your data to ask and answer questions on the go.


Check out these new features in Tableau Mobile: fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Tableau Mobile 2022"

  1. Well. It works, but that is as far i as would go. On the mobile, this app is not of a much of the use. Half of the information is missing due to wrong screen sizing. Whatever is on the right side of the tables is just not visible. I cant resize it or make the option window disappear. Its very frustrating when i need to click on the item and go to “View data” option just to see details normally visible on PC. It could be way better.

  2. Very useful, especially if you want to analyze the business portion – Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, etc.

  3. My rating is about Tableau generally as we never got far enough to use the app. I use data collection software and they ran a pilot to try and use Tableau to provide data dashboards. We tried the free trial version and it failed. We contacted support who said we needed to purchase the $800 version first. We did so, Tableau could not figure out how to connect us… both paying Tableau customers… so we gave up, asked for a refund and were told no refunds. Takeaway… don’t pay first

  4. Never opening in single click…

  5. Elise C dice:

    Maybe if I could actually sign in after having to go to one website and then getting redirected to another website to finally make an account! I verified the account over email but every time I try to sign in the app will not allow it! Trying to input the website URL leaves it at “signing in” and the site never progresses.

  6. Great app! Every report in your hand! Only a question about a performance on iOS: by default, the font of workbook is automatically converted to Times New Roman when I open a report on iOS, while displaying the right one on Android? Why it happens and how to fix that?

  7. the mobile version what’s good for a while and then it stopped working due to security certificate error. Still works on iPhone but not Android. Perhaps the last upgrade created a problem what’s the software.

  8. Great for a quick look of pre existing workbooks but wish I could refresh datasources and build quick tables from data

  9. A handy way to connect to tableau online from your pocket. The thing i liked most about this was how it adapts dashboards to view on the phone.

  10. The app has not worked since the company was sold this summer.. Now it is just a marketing tool to see who is interested in it so sales can contact you . It is the biggest gimmick app around. Their decision making and integrity is severely degraded with this sales gimmick of planned obselesence and malfeasance. The app is nothing more than professional insincerity. Update: No it did not run. I will try it agn. Just tried it again, your service is not available, requires another account log in

  11. Stupid app mobile & desktop. The application often crashes. I’m lucky, I have a mentor who gives to help my problems. I really don’t recommend for self-taught learning withe tableau

  12. Very bad server , Not opened Working not properly………..

  13. This app doesn’t works properly. Inspite of having account in tableau online this app doesn’t let me sign in with the error– “wrong credentials”. Though this software is extraordinary appreciating and one must use for the purpose of ease.

  14. Despite having a Tableau account, this app does not let me sign in, everytime i try to sign in, it shows “login failed”. I am able to login in web with the same credentials.

  15. Doesn’t populate my dashes saved to Tableau public…nevermind searching others dashboards. It could be an excellent tool, but needs far more work before prime time

  16. Worked perfectly. I used the app to sign into my tableau server using single sign-on. No issues. Thanks. This will go along way to further adoption.

  17. unable to get log in information to work, re-set it multiple times to no avail. I have already been in contact with the support team and they are still attempting to resolve

  18. Missing home button. Why in the screen shots their is a home / favourites/ explore buttons. But on the app only favourites and explore are present .

  19. Paul Shay dice:

    Great if you like watching things load. Thats all its good for. Literally just spinning wheel of death. About once a week I can actually check reports.

  20. Should be able to use internal CA certificates.. most organisations dont publish their Tableau servers publicly via internet and they are only Working internally.. So hard to configure Android devices to trust the internal CA inorder fot this app to work.. most of it will require to root the phone so that we can trust user credentials internal CA.

  21. Doesn’t work well with my Android phones. Nothing ever loads. (Note8/Oneplus6) Files/info loads fine with my iPhone.

  22. This application keeps on crashing on the login page, sometimes it works sometime not, had a very bad experience. please update this app.

  23. After applying SSL, tableau mobile app is not connecting with Tableau Server but by chrome browser it’s connecting and working as expected on web. Tableau has to improve its mobile app and enable SSL Certificat sites. Waiting for update (ASAP )

  24. Powerful reporting, customizable.

  25. Worst app ,Work only with hotspot .Not Working on mobile data .Everytime shows unable to connect or Server Error

  26. It’s gives instant results but very slow process, developer needs to improve it’s speed and ease of access

  27. T S dice:

    I love Tableau, but this app is useless. I could not even sign in because the app was constantly freezing.

  28. very poor experience. not mobile compatible. showing loading loading and loading even with good network connection. useless application

  29. Worst app, Never use it, only time pass app. Never given sure data. Main time fail app, Closing time 200% fail to given data app. Chepest and useless

  30. Since last upgrade of app, I am unable to connect to my tabelau server. It says your device lacks proper security certificate etc.

  31. Same tableau server tht works on desktop doesn’t work here. What’s the point of having an app and paying hefty amount for server?

  32. Only option is to view dashboards. And they are impossible to work with if developer haven’t created dashboard with mobile users in mind.

  33. Most of the times it dies not work. Cannot see the the workbooks tree which is very disturbing. Very disappointing that this is egat Tabkeas publishing

  34. It keeps auto exiting on me the moment it finishes loading a long list of site codes. Anything I can do to fix this??

  35. Unable to login to mobile app with the credentials even though I can login using same credentials on website and desktop app.

  36. This app auto updated when i disabled the option. i did not initiate the update. uninstalling

  37. Unable to open particular tableau server on my mobile device, whats the point of creating this mobile app if we cant connect properly.

  38. Please provide automatic text sizing accoring to screen size and radio buttons look like a tick mark in mobile

  39. Very slow & most of the time not opening

  40. it’s still quite slow for mobile version.

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