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Buy used & new cars for sale, sell or lease a car & more car shopping tools!
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Buy smarter. Drive happier. With the TrueCar app, whether you’re browsing, buying new or used, selling, or trading-in, you’re in charge of the process from start to finish. Here’s how.

Get the Actual Price for the Vehicle You Want
With TrueCar, you get an upfront, personalized price offer from a TrueCar Certified Dealer on our app. We give you a comprehensive savings summary for the car you want that includes MSRP, incentives, and total off MSRP. You know what you’ll pay before you head to the dealership.

Know More, Save More
We empower you with the knowledge to get a great deal. Based on actual recent transactions other buyers have made, the TrueCar Price Curve shows you the average price others paid for new vehicles in your area that are similar to the one you’re interested in — so you can identify a great price when you see one.

Choose From Over a Million Used Cars
Get access to our extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles for sale across the US. We show you price ratings based on similar used car listings in your area, so you know when you’re getting a great deal. In addition, you get a free condition report summary for the used car you want, helping you feel confident about buying your next vehicle.

Get a Trade-in Offer You Can Use Today
It’s easy and fast to trade in with TrueCar. Answer a few questions to see your car’s estimated market value instantly, and get a cash offer from a participating dealer in minutes. Cash out, or trade in for a new or used car.

Download our app today.

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40 comentarios en "TrueCar Used Cars and New Cars MODDED 2022"

  1. Great for shopping around but it could use some work. Pros- great filtering options Lots of results Reflects prices others paid and shows if price is fair or not. Cons- research features could use a bit of work When looking at the comparison for trim packages scrolling left and right is sometimes buggy and inconsistent. I swipe left and it will move but then it kinda just moves it back on you without user input. TrueCar please reach out for more details thanks

  2. While this app did help me.find my last car it is incomplete and grossly unintuitive. Picking more than one model to search for at a time either requires filtering out a million useless hits or getting nothing. I guess I figured my way through but saving cars as favorites doesn’t work well. If the dealer makes changes the car you saved might have price changes or dissappear alltogether. Take screens hots of anything you plan to try to buy and negotiate (if possible) with that I do for reference.

  3. I liked that i could search for the make/model/color I wanted. I also like the online loan application so I know what kind of deal to expect at the dealership. What I didn’t like is that all the car dealers are adding features to the car to increase the sale price of the car, but aren’t listing the added features. It’s a sign of the times. My previous experience with True Car was excellent.

  4. They no longer show incentives on the vehicles, which effectively makes this app totally worthless. They also eliminated the ability to pick certain options, and instead make you choose from common option lists. Oh and if you choose to see the info, then dealers will literally bomb your phone for hours. So sad. I bought my car with this service in 2011, but it’s really declined since.

  5. I have used this app for years and it has been great until the last update. Here are items that need to be improved to make this a five star app again. 1. When pricing a car you start by choosing a trim level. There is no info on what the different trims include- only choices like basic,premium, or prestige. Who buys a car without knowing what thse trim levels include. 2. The new version takes you straight to pricing after choosing the exterior color. In order to choose interior color and other options you have to figure out where to go in the app to get to those things (not intuitive at all). Once again, who buys a car without knowing/choosing those things? 3. The new version is much slower than the last version. While the app is still usable while slower …… if we are gonna fix it, lets fix it right. I probably use this app 2-300 times between car buyings (i have actually finalized buying 2 cars with the true car process.) Clearly I use the app to learn what is available on the market (colors, trim levels, options, etc.) ; not just to get a price. The latter is useless without the former. It is still a great app…. UNLESS you have seen prior versions. I have now tried using this app for two days and you cannot get any necessary info without registering. I wll be deleting the app today – it is no longer worth the space. Sorry truecar, no more dealer payment of $400 to you for each car i buy.

  6. Great app for searching for a vehicle to purchase. Numerous filters to narrow your search. I have found some great deals on here. The only thing I would suggest is being able to pick more than one type of vehicle at a time. So instead of just picking a truck, you could pick Truck and SUV. So it would list them both at the same time and you wouldn’t have to look at options seperately. Other than that great app easy to use with some great deals.

  7. The app is awesome! It was easy to filter choices based on my specifications and even easier to locate a vehicle that I wanted. I love that TrueCar gives choices for new and used vehicles with a wide variety and the rates are fantastic! I tell everyone who comments on my new truck how I found it and reasonably priced it was. I absolutely love it! TrueCar blows the competition away!

  8. i have looked ay two cars in the past few days, and both were missing a number in the price. They were both obviously wrong, but I’ve discovered a few other mistakes as well. This has led to more work than i wanted during my intitial internet search. Fortunately there are other companies doing this same service more accurately. For the record, I didnt get ANY calls or e-mails from dealerships at all until i specifically requested one. I eas able ro browse without being bothered.

  9. Love the idea, but it’s been glitchy to the point of freezing entirely. Still rating 4/5 because it is not that the product is bad- just needs some tech resilience. Or maybe i caught the aftermath kf a big release with some bugs…My first 15 min of use were mostly me restarting it. I switched to mobile web, which works fine but is no substitute for a good app. One suggestion would be a little more consumer-user freedom to explore before casting myself into a lead generation pool.

  10. I used to like this app until they changed it. Before you could save your search filters and save the cars you wanted to keep an eye on. All this with out having to add an email. Now you have to add an email and you can’t save anything. Why would you give less features for signing up and updating your app not more?

  11. This app has been nothing but glitchy for me. It’ll give me notifications of price drops, then not bring me to the vehicle. I have a lot saved so I don’t know which one had the price drop. The app is slow. It crashes all the time. I expect a lot more. Not to mention I submitted my info for getting my car covered under the military appreciation program last summer and never heard back. Submitted it multiple times. Just thought I’d add that to this little rating.

  12. I think overall this app is amazing The only thing that’s frustrating is when you go to choose the options the one you want engine choices or options it’ll let you but as soon as you accept it the standard options will show instead. For example I would choose the 6.2 engine as soon as I accepted it it showed on the screen the 5.3 engine the same for different trim levels it would do the same thing

  13. Just the action of trying to see prices of a car sends your information to dealers, opening you to a torrent of calls, texts, and emails. Thankfully I used aliases for email and phone, but other people could have their personal contact information compromised. This app is useless for market research if you are contacted to buy every car you look up. There also isn’t a way to get rid of vehicles… I have a list of things I had no intention of buying forever in my UI now. Steer clear.

  14. Do not sign up for this app unless you love unending text and email messages that will not stop no matter how many times you send STOP to the text number. I’m glad I unchecked the option for phone calls. UPDATE: It’s worse than that. TrueCar apparently periodically changes the number the texts come from, just like any other spammer. Update 7-8; emailed as requested. No reply, and still being spammed from changing numbers as of today.

  15. This app has sunk so low, less than 1 star for me. The interface is odd and it locks you in to the inquiry phase of the process where your inundated with terrible offers via email and phone call. It used to be an option to contact sellers, now a requirement. I used to use the app as a running list of interests i could go back to and compare specs and pricing, that experience is ruined.

  16. TrueCar used to be great with upfront pricing and no games, no trickery and stats to show you how good of a deal you actually getting. Now all that information is hidden so that you can be ripped off. At this point, all they do is to fish out your information and send them to sales people so that they can harass you with unwanted emails and calls. this app is now a total waste of time. Off to seaching for the next best app for car purchase. It’s no longer truecar.

  17. Selection of cars seems good, but the app itself is painful to use. Swiping through pictures doesn’t work well and trying to “back out” of looking at a particular car often times won’t do anything, then you hit it again and the app exits making you have to re-enter search criteria.

  18. I love Truecar, but their website is way more user friendly and usable… In the app, I: – can’t view car pics of favorited cars, instead it goes to a list of favorite cars – can’t back out of a favorited car to my list of favorites, instead it shows a search for similar cars -have to actually find my list of favorite cars, it’s not a very convenient navigation – am never sure if favoriting actually worked, I have to exit the app and load it again to double check

  19. this app used to be good! this app is taking a dramatic turn for the worst. you need to go back to the old version! the new version sends out your information to all dealers for that make. old version you select you research before sending out your information. The new version sends out your contact information and then you spend days receiving phone calls emails and text messages.

  20. App is slow and cumbersome to use. Sorting features change back to defaults when you view individual vehicles. CarFax info is often available on vehicles in list on the dealership’s website but not on the app. Cannot see which dealership is offering the vehicle until after you click on “check availability” – to see if it is still for sale (found several that were already sold). That sends your contact info to the dealer and you get hounded with calls, emails and texts – when you are just looking

  21. Horrible change in process! I bought a car with this app 2 years ago, came back to look into buying another car. Previously you could look at cars without being hassled, now in order to see the car details you have to give all of your contact information which is instantly given to any dealership with the car you are looking for. In 5 minutes I have received 20 emails, 6 texts and 3 phone calls. Go back to the way it used to be, I want this app in order to avoid being pestered by sales people!!!

  22. This app has a good concept but takes that concept and takes a f***king piss on it. For f***ks sake, they dont even have a sensible search bar. You HAVE to choose Model, Year, or Price Range, you cant just type “BMW 335i” You have to select “BMW” and select “3 series” under ‘Model’ THEN go into your filter and select the trims “335xi” and “335i xdrive.” After you go through that bloody mess your options pop up; however, once you select an option it takes a bloody hour and images barely load.

  23. Josh dice:

    It’s a really good app, but it could be better. Many of the cars have already been sold or the dealerships’ prices may differ greatly from the prices shown on True Car. It’s still definitely a good way to search for cars, this app/site has the most amount of cars compared to any other app/site.

  24. Michael dice:

    Truecar is great. You find great deals and I have bought two vehicles I have found on the app. However, be weary of buying from Vroom who sells from the truecar app. Vroom is horrible for many reasons. Customer service is the worst. Tracking the status of your vehicle is a nightmare. Nobody in vroom communicates with other departments and half the time they don’t have phone numbers only emails. I give truecar only 4 stars because I complained about vroom and did not get a response from truecar.

  25. Giving 4 stars because for the longest the app kept crashing and I couldn’t use it and it would be great if they incorporated free car fax like other apps, but other than that I like the layout of the app. I even bought by my first car (2019 Honda Civic ex) thanks to the discount that they offered, that discount is mainly why I chose to buy through them.

  26. Km dice:

    This app is great to get car info quickly. But it is too aggresive when you don’t expect being contacted by dealer but your info has already been sent automatically while you are just looking through the car price and trim without contact permisson. Lots of dealer’s call and email will come to you which is annoying.

  27. I like the very easy and simple format, that is laid out with this app, to build the car you want and see what kind of MSRP it should have, on the sticker, when you get to the dealership. I’ve actually removed the other car buying apps such as Auto trader in Edmonds from my phone, using this one exclusively.

  28. The app made it easy to find a vehicle within my specifications and budget, and to connect with the applicable dealer fast. Highly recommended.

  29. Very helpful when trying to research and purchase any type of vehicle

  30. Filters don’t work, you can’t narrow your search to a specific area

  31. 5 stars for car education. I didn’t know where to start for picking out the right car for me and i was able to see all the makes and models on the market in an easy to use app. You can see all the cares and compare visually and if one catches your eye you can expand on it and read up all about it

  32. Love it! Helped me find the car I was looking, and the best thing you don’t need to be looking into different websites looking for a car because this TrueCar search engine includes all others one, plus I will give you the price range of the Car, meaning if the seller is selling cheap, average, or expensive!

  33. Not even exaggerating this, I never signed up for an account, didn’t give the app any permissions, no warning or long pages of terms and conditions for using the app that you have to agree to. Within 3 minutes of browsing the inventory on the app, I get a call from a dealer about the car I was looking at. Not ok with me

  34. I search this app every 6 to 12 months to see what kind of deals are out there. It lists every make and model and where you can get the best deals. Plus I like searching for and comparing different models. This app is great and easy to use. It even reminds me of the vehicles that I last viewed.

  35. It only works when initially installed. App stops working if I close it and try to use it again. App flickers then screen goes blank. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app several times on my android phone. Time to delete it again but this time I’ll install some other app. I don’t recommend this app.

  36. This app used to work a lot better in the past. It loads slow. It lags. It freezes. It doesn’t go back without multiple times selecting to go back. It kicks you out of the app. I’d rather just go to the car website and look at their information.

  37. Alli A dice:

    Good app overall. I wish the dealerships were better at communication. The app could use more filters for search. Unfortunately for this app, it relies a lot on how well the dealers act. I did buy through here – the advertised prices are cheaper, but the seller has THOUSANDS of dollars in other fees and concessions. Be careful if not buying locally – my dealership promised to ship me the car, and then I had to go and get it! I honestly want a partial refund for all of the trouble.

  38. App used to be fantastic, but recent update made it laggy and the new UI is horrible to navigate. They added sliders to certain filters and the page refreshes if you accidentally clicked the slider. Overall avoid this app now. Used to be my go-to app for checking car prices.

  39. Like everyone else states it’s a scammy app that sells your contact info to the dealerships the instant that you complete the “registration”. I searched a very specific vehicle yet the dealerships the app sicked on me didn’t have the model I wanted. calls, texts, emails within minutes. Then checked back later same day and pricing on same cars went up. LOL! SCAM! Deleting the app.

  40. R H dice:

    Doesn’t it save the exact search in waste a lot of time. The online site is really good but the app super sucks. Big waste of time! You have a 2.8 rating on Google play. You don’t need to hear from another user. Now the developer just need to fix it. Why do companies ask for more and more feedback when it is obvious they need to fix something before they ask what else they can do. The website is really good but the app completely blows

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