Car Launcher Pro MODDED 2022

Launcher for use in the car
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We represent you Launcher which was specially created for use in the car.
You can use this program as on phone, a pad and on the radio tape recorder on a basis the android.
We combined not only convenient start of programs, but also the onboard computer with convenient count of the passable distance
for the different periods (for this function to work, you must grant permission to receive GPS data in the background)

Basic functions of the program:

For users of the free version:

• An opportunity to set as the main Launcher about opening via the HOME button (it is relevant for radio tape recorders)

• An opportunity to add any number of applications for quick start on the principal screen.
You can set up several folders for the selected applications and it is easy to switch them on the principal screen (PRO)

• An opportunity to edit already selected applications.
Long retain an icon for opening of the menu of editing

On the principal screen exact speed cars based on GPS of data is displayed.

• Display of speed in status bar
• Fast call of the list of all applications
Quick start of the menu with the list of all applications with a possibility of sorting: by name,
to installation date, date of up-dating. In case of long keeping of an icon, the mode of deleting application will open.

• A menu slide with the onboard computer
Press the rounded-off button for opening a slide of the menu or pull for the right edge of the screen.

• You can set up a menu slide as it will be convenient to you.

• The menus this in a slide
Displays the current speed, the passable distance, average rate, the general operating time,
maximum speed,
acceleration from 0km/h to 60km/h,
0km/h to 100km/h,
0km/h to 150km/h
the best time and speed for arrival 1/4 miles.
You can always drop data for a trip at any time.

• To each of the listed parameters, it is possible to expose for what time to display:
for a trip, for today, in a week, in a month, during all the time.

• A possibility of switching display of speed in miles or kilometers

• A program StartUp in case of switching on of the device (it is necessary, only for radio tape recorders)

• 3 subjects of the principal screen on a choice by default.

• Support of the third-party subjects created especially for CL

• Support of a set of third-party players about display of a cover

• Support of third-party icons of a pack ice

• Weather on the principal screen (in the presence of the Internet)
– Position fix both on GPS, and on manual input of the city
– Refresh rate setup

• Information on yours location (in the presence of the Internet)

• An opportunity to select the picture in case of start of the program

• Change of a color gamma of the used texts

• Change of color of wall-paper or adding of own wall-paper

• Automatic brightness control of the screen depending on time of day

• A screen saver when clicking for hours with a huge number of settings:
– Different prototypes on a choice
– Several different fonts
– Several formats of date
– An opportunity to change the size and color on everyone to an elema
– An opportunity to remove not the necessary elements
– Data movement on the screen
– Reduction of brightness when opening hours

• Support of system widgets

• Support of a large number of additional screens

• An opportunity to edit any subject on the discretion:
– Stretching
– Deleting
– Relocation
– Adding of several actions on one widget
– To lock start on clicking a widget
– To change a name of a widget and the size of the text
– To change a widget background, etc.

• Expanded set of widgets of Car Launcher:
– Visualization
– Analog hours
– Analog speedometer
– Address widget
– Movement time
– Maximum speed
– Time of stops
– Acceleration from 0km/h to 60km/h,

• Settings for the selected applications:
– The infinite scrolling
– Change of number of applications in a grid
– Bend side
– Flex angle

• Adding and change of the logo

• Expanded settings for change of a color gamma


-Fixed the markup for theme #1, if it is displayed incorrectly after the update, you
need to reset the theme in edit mode.
-Added the ability to disable route recording in trip statistics.
-Added the ability to change any element in the widget by a long click without going into editing the theme.


40 comentarios en "Car Launcher Pro MODDED 2022"

  1. Easy enough to set up once you figure it out… but not all android widgets (system widgets) work. There isn’t an easy way to integrate navigation into the home screen and there’s no way to get user apps to show notifications (like dots when you have a message, etc…) Would also be nice if you could integrate hands free mode behind the scenes. Overall a good app and worth the $5.99.

  2. Been looking for a better launcher than what came with my Xtrons radio. I do like the look and layout of this so much better. However, it has some flaws. I wish there was a way to lock things, as stated by a prior review. I have already found myself triggering changes when I mean to open an app or setting. Many of the default apps were hidden and when choosing to display all apps it isn’t very easy to find the one I need. Android Auto, Radio, Torque and a few others all hidden by default.

  3. It’s not perfect. But it’s a massive upgrade to my cheap, Chinese, $150 touch screen. UI is better looking, smoother, and actually translates to comprehensible English. Countless ways to customize widgets and home screen. My only gripe would be that I am not sure if it supports reverse camera, or has any kind of equalizer. PS get the pro version it is definitely worth it

  4. Best so far for my Joying 13.3″ rotating screen. It is the only one that resizes correctly and displays buttons and controls right in Portrate. The rest either flat out don’t work or labels and buttons are in the wrong area or missing… Also, the other, CWG, Visuals suck. The only work with one music app, and that is their own, and it sucks. CLP visualizations work with every music app I have tried. Also smoothly able to switch between them is a plus, instead of having to find it in apps.

  5. great app. easy to use. well worth the 5 bucks for the full version. When can we expect to see updates to the app to allow for different visualizer… kinda like Spectrolizer as far as fluidity and response to music output??? Otherwise, freakin’ awesome app. Just started playing with creating my own setup and must say, once you figure it out, the results are amazing.

  6. I really like the customization of the app. Took me awhile to figure out but I got it now. The cons are that they could use way more widgets. Things like RPM gauge and other items that go through the computer on the vehicle that they could do. Just feel there are several features in the app that they could add to make it better. Also, the player doesn’t play on the Home Screen. You have to have it on the players. I’d like to see my Home Screen and be able to change songs and what not on it there. Also, not sure if it’s this interface but my radio volume starts at level 15 when first started. At 5am early in the morning with a big system that blast is shocking. Dont know how to adjust that. I feel they spend time adjusting the few things they have and saving it for new themes but I’d prefer more things so I can customize my own theme. Put what I want on there. Maybe more pictures or what not instead of just one I upload. Overall it’s good for the price but I’d like them to do some more with it.

  7. This is the best Car Launcher I have found to date. The ability to customize the screens, widget locations and size are amazing! I was the guy that wrote the DigitalFX skin for RoadRunner back in the day, and this is the closest that I have gotten to a CarPC customizability. Couple things in the wish list: More widgets, a bar style equalizer with adjustable transparency (The oscilloscope style one included really isn’t that great, sorry) Lastly, you NEED to make a portrait layout option. I have to use an app to force portrait mode to trick this launcher to display vertically on the screen. All newer tablet installs in cars, both factory and custom, have gone to the portrait layout.

  8. I’ve been using this for my Joying head unit in a Mitsubishi Lancer for a few months now, and I love it! I wouldn’t use it for phone at all, but only for an Android head unit. There is a learning curve for customization, but think if I really sat down and messed with it a bit longer it would be everything I need. However, as of now I’m very happy with the simplistic look and easy to use interface(once it has been customized).

  9. This app is great. One thing I can’t figure out is why it often crashes when I turn on my car and the head unit first wakes. It usually just turns on and shows the recent apps list and I have to press Home button to launch it. This only happens on startup and is fine after that. No other launcher has this problem for me. Hoping the next update will fix this issue as it is my only complaint honestly.

  10. I’m loving the new changes, especially the vertical alignment. This is part of the reason I couldn’t use this app before. Only one minor issue. The audio visualization does not appear/animate when connected to my Bluetooth. It shows perfectly well when playing through the phone but not on Bluetooth.

  11. I’ve absolutely loved using this app for my android headunit, but I’ve been having this terrible issue since the last update: Any time I start my headunit and start playing a song, it plays the song just fine, but then the next song it plays is song after the actual next song in the queue. It works just fine after that first instance, but it does it all over again after every startup. Would I be able to reach the developer?

  12. I like this app very much. I drive for a living and want a horizontally positioned platform for my device. I’ve tried many car dock apps and this one is by far the best. My favorite thing about it is the way I can customize it any way I want. Plenty of built in templates and widgets as well as being able to use the ones already loaded on my devise. worth the 3 bucks many times over. Well done to the developers!

  13. Jeff dice:

    Not bad, but could be better. I like that it displays navigation in the app, but our route doesnt show on the map. Is there a way to display other apps in car launcher, similar to spotify, Google maps? In theme editor how do you adjust the layer of a widget? How do I change add custom icons for things like microphone or volume? I’ve seen other launchers that allow volume control over other apps, can you implement that? Apps got a lot of potential, but it’s just not there yet.

  14. Great app but has recently started crashing on Android 8.0 car android head unit….before the last major update it was perfect. App starts on Android 8.0 but after 8-9 or so minutes, it stops and must be restarted. UPDATE: Through trials it appears the issue with Android 8.0 may only be with the “Leather” theme. The freezing/crashing has stopped after migrating away from that specific theme. I REALLY LOVE the leather theme and hope an update will repair it. Great app. Only 1 launcher running

  15. Really a good app. This thing just works and does the job. I had the free version and it was really good. I liked it so much I bought the pro version. No annoying ads even in the free version. I appreciate good apps and this is well worth the cost. I have it on my android head unit in my truck and love all the controls and thought that went into the design and function.

  16. Great app, working great on my PX3 car system. Smooth, with many customisation options and easy to use. The only reason I give four stars is that there’s always room for improvement in such a complicated app as a launcher. What I’d really need is a widget to easily adjust the brightness. After the last update, a few months ago, the weather widget won’t work anymore, and the music widget won’t show the album artwork on boot. The developers have not offered any update and won’t answer to emails.

  17. I really love the launcher, by far the best to be honest. I just have some minor issues I’d like to mention. 1). Controlling media players from the launcher home screen isn’t possible with a droid 8.1 go edition due to lack “notification access”. I know that is more to do with android updates, so I dont know if something can be done about that. 2). I have noticed ever since the recent update to the app, there has been a major lag with the audio “visualization” feature. The lag baaad…..

  18. em bad dice:

    There’s really no difference between the free version and the paid version. You get to adjust your screen a little bit but does not give you full access to design, it’s very limited. Also when it comes to navigation it’s very laggy and somethings don’t work. They need to fix especially the maps that you can be able to use different maps. Google maps skips a lot. Plus when you’re driving doesn’t keep up with your location. The idea is right but it lacks some detail. Designing needs improvement!!!

  19. Although the app is one of the more useful, in terms of fearures, functionality, utility and user experience, it has too many bugs that need fixing. Here are a few: – no ok/approve button for changing the position/location of icons, so it keeps on going in a circle – in changing icons, there are too many options, rather than just a few in the category that one wants (such at file manager) – can’t change the colour/style of the icon names. There is an option for this, but it does not work

  20. Excellant. Have tried a few different apps. This one is the best in my opinion. Only 2 issues I have identified that may be rectified. 1. The song timer does not return to zero when player (muzio) goes to next song in a play list. 2. Phone temperature does not seem to work, maybe this is just a setting I’m not sure of.

  21. Really nicely done, and although not perfect, it looks nice, is somewhat customizable, and has a bunch of great features. I few things I wish it did (or maybe I just haven’t figured out how yet?): 1. Display A2DP streaming information in the Music display portion of the screen, without having to switch to the A2DP app itself – not just info for the music in local storage/on the unit 2. Display of current Radio station while using a Radio app Other than that, I hope the app keeps improving over time.

  22. It’s a good app but with a few issues. If I’m playing Bluetooth music I have to be on the head units Bluetooth app I can’t see what’s playing or skip the song from the buttons on the home screen. Also if I put a route into the Google maps app it doesn’t show the route on the home screen Google maps that you can have. That only shows your current location nothing more so rather useless feature without the route as you still need the full app open. Other than that it’s a very good app.

  23. Loads of bugs. The minimap doesn’t have options enough. Refreshes every half a second so is jumpy. You can’t chose a hybrid mode, or chose what to show on nights and days separately. There is no option of resume Spotify resume playing when you get in the car. You can’t hide the add buttons, so even if you want just two or three buttons you’ve to put useless ones to get rid of the annoying add one. Some of the widgets can’t be spread apart, being difficult to read.

  24. Aaron C dice:

    It is a great app, could be better in a few ways IMHO. Theme customization is very challenging, once you make a mistake everything gets wipe out. Do NOT accidentally delete the settings button as there is no other way for you to get to the settings screen once you do. Also, I can’t seem to find a way to set a pass code or lock up this homescreen, it will be very useful when we send our car in to the workshop.

  25. Developers of this app need to work hard to fine tune. There are many issues in this app. I sent an email to developers but they don’t bother to reply the email. I can not add system widgets to the screen. If added one, it only displays “recover”. Weather is nit displayed on home screen. Doesn’t support built-in music player and it’s control. Speed is not accurate. Please try to work on these issues if you really want to make this app the one of its kind.

  26. Downgraded from 5 to 1 stars as the last September update. 1. made it unstable (stops many times per hour) 2. lost access to the skin I made before in the editor (I do not like this default and I do not want to re-do all design effort 3. most of the time I use car camera it stops and makes the camera image black. 4. The email so cold feature is blocking map view during drive. So annoying that on my car ipx5 is unusable now. Had to uninstall after 4 years.

  27. DgtlOne dice:

    First thing love the app. …. But your last update wrecked the experience. Do you not have any testing our did you have a few drinks before coding it? The launcher lost a lot of functionality ie : 1 . can’t pick my own gps anymore. 2 . The music player feature to show cover art does not work for music players it worked before last update. 3 . The Speedo is to small please revert back to the one in the last iteration cause the new one is way to small. 4 . The ability to switch actions with click

  28. This is probably the most customisable car app in the market and could replace my standard home launcher IF it had the option to enable portrait mode. The widgets are great and speed is accurate and the app does not cause excessive battery drain or over heating. There has NOT been an update in over a year and I have not received any response to email so it appears support and updates are unlikely which is a shame.

  29. This app let’s you customize the entire screen. It took me a few hours to learn the system but it was well worth the money if your looking for your personal radio. They only thing I would make better is the Google maps. I can’t seem to have it working but it might be a mistake on my part.

  30. I’ll actually amazed how well this is made. Takes a little while to get to how I wanted it. Has all the features I wanted, like starting on Bluetooth, changing display brightness, etc… Only thing lacking is maps navigation display, but I got around that with PiP and drawing a box the right size.

  31. After few months of using free version of car launcher, I decided to buy pro version and it was the biggest mistake. It doesn’t work propertly, often crashing, and the worst thing – steering wheel controls doesn’t work after few minutes of using the app. After reset it works again for few minutes, maybe one hour and it stop again. Once more, free version of app also has some crashes but it was a way better then this pro version, it crashes everyday while I driving.

  32. It’s ok but…Distane of the day/week/month is not accurate and I don’t like theme designs. In the maps I would like to have an option to save the place, add to favorites.

  33. Absolutely spot on – as per my previous review I have now purchased this. Runs really well. customization is endless. I use theme 3 and have added some bits to it. (fixed the logo on the circle widget and added date and time beneath and some driving stats above. only thing I think would be cool unless I am mistaken would be to change the colour of the spectrum analyzer.. As others have said, this works amazing and resizes to your resolution perfectly. Renaming of the shortcuts is a great touch, instead of say ‘DAB-Z’ I can name it to ‘DAB Radio’ to suit my others for ‘FM Radio’ and ‘Internet Radio’. likewise my DAP app is named ‘Audio Settings’ appropriately. Top work, keep up the great app. One final thing – which apps work with the speed camera detection feature?

  34. Great interface , good response time and overall great performance. My only remark is i cannot see my plotted route when i switch to maps in the launcher , j have to open Google maps to see my route, and it does not read the speed traps ect from Flitsmeister. Other then these points in happy with the app, Would rate 5 starts but missing the plotted route is a miss

  35. It is a good approach, thou there are some issues. It only grants you one base template, and all others that are offered, must be paid separately and individually. Also, I miss a tachmeter widget, which would make it much more attractive. Also it can not run original Android screen services (such as tachmeter), making you lose some features (unless you get manually back to the OEM android system and then navigate to that service).

  36. The app is very good in general but the last update first lost my theme configuration, then while rebuilding my screen I find out you ruined the interface to modify the theme, now it is very difficult to resize and align elements, while trying to resize it switches to move the whole element constantly, it is aggravating. I am not the only user with this complaint, the developer just didn’t test this after making pointless changes

  37. Shouldn’t of paid for the full version and should of stuck with the free. Looks wise it looks great but functionality is bad. Can’t use your own default music player and it doesn’t support steering wheel functions for music. Which makes things worse is that it doesn’t allow you to add default widgets onto the it so no point of having a widget of the apps music player because it doesn’t support steering wheel functions. Please add these on for 5 stars. Until then I’m going back to another car launcher I was using.

  38. This launcher has some very interesting features, but absolute showstopper for me is that I cannot set custom wallpapers (all permissions are set, but the button for changing wallpapers simply does not work). This makes it unusable for me. Unfortunately I could not find any support forum that could help me out. Too bad. Switching to an alternative launcher.

  39. A. Gulden dice:

    Free one was working okay. I purchased the pro version now often the apps I add on widget disappear and then few days later comes with duplicate applications. I already send email to developer but developer didn’t even reply. Free version is better don’t waste your money.

  40. Ok so I have had the free version worked great so I paid for the pro version and now the music player will not show it won’t open when pressed and the buttons to not work. Everything else seems to work great but not working with the local music anymore ..and that’s the whole point of this how do it fix it

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