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Buy, sell or trade your car 100% online. With the Carvana app, you can shop where you want, when you want, wearing whatever you want.

Search over 45,000 Carvana used cars for sale, get instant, personalized financing terms, and find a car that fits your budget. Buy online and then track your delivery, all in one place. Plus, you can choose to get your vehicle delivered to your door or pick it up at a Car Vending Machine.

Have questions? No problem! Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Advocates are here to support you every step of the way so you can shop with confidence.

Plus, all purchases are protected by our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. That means you have 7 days to make sure your new ride fits your life. If you don’t love it, we’ll pick it up and bring you a different one, or provide a full refund. You decide.

With the Carvana app, you can:
Buy a Car
– Search over 45,000 vehicles
– Check out the vehicle interior and exterior with our 360-degree spinner
– View financing terms as you search
– Get a free CARFAX™ report for every vehicle
– Track your delivery all the way to your door

Sell and Trade Cars
– Get an instant and custom appraisal offer on your car
– Tell us how you want to get paid
– Schedule an appointment to sell your car
– Get a trade-in offer in less than 3 minutes, with no inspection required
– Apply your trade-in toward the purchase of your next car for a lower monthly payment

Get Financing
– Get instant and personalized financing terms without impacting your credit in just minutes
– Find a car that fits your budget
– Make auto loan payments—manual and autopay options are available
– View your auto loan details

Stay Connected
– Save your favorite vehicles
– Get new inventory and price drop alerts
– Learn about any recalls on your car

Buy online. Get it delivered. Love it or return it within 7 days. Download the Carvana app now and discover all the ways We’ll Drive You Happy®.


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40 comentarios en "Carvana: Buy/Sell Used Cars MOD"

  1. The app has a few bugs that need to be fix. Once I completed both tasks (DL verification/ Ins. verification) the app kept displaying I still had a task to complete. Other than that, when I tried to track my vehicle using the app it did not work and that could have been bad cell reception on my part. I am still giving a 5 Star rating – my purchasing experience, communication with advocates and both delivery drivers was FANTASTIC!! YES, I would recommend Carvana.

  2. 3 stars because I was able to find a car that met my exact needs the first time I opened. Other than that, the app freezes, won’t allow you to make changes, super slow customer service and you can only reach them by text despite the number of times a call is requested. I was told I would receive a link, which I never received, when I informed them I hadn’t received it…crickets..for almost 24 hours. Every response took 20 min for an answer. I ended up losing the car. Human connection needed.

  3. A. Pace dice:

    Absolutely not. They call you right when you think everything is clear. Wanting documentation that was never mentioned before, that one couldn’t possibly obtain that day, talk down to you, and then put a lock on the purchase, no longer guaranteeing delivery date, etc. While on lock, you can’t even cancel the purchase. Horrible customer service.

  4. The entire Carvana car buying experience has been pretty good. I will say that it’s a system well-designed for people who know what they want and are not in a hurry to get it. Every Carvana employee that I have spoken with (phone and in person) has been exceptional: they have been professional, courteous, and accommodating. The App is pretty good; it doesn’t have an option to sort by “trim levels” which puts the CarMax APP slightly ahead.

  5. I have bought two cars from carvana and both times were great experiences. Their selection is good and keeps getting better. The financing they offer is very easy to complete. The best part for me is there is no salesperson to complicate the process. You are in total control all you need is to establish the budget for you and find the vehicle to fit your family. There are two ways to receive your purchase first is to have it delivered. Second you can go pick it up at one of the locations.

  6. I already have an account with Carvana. When I try to log in on the app it takes me to the log in page and never fully loads. I have to exit the app because it freezes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and force closing the app. Nothing has fixed it. I will update the review if the issue gets resolved.

  7. The app worked fine the first time I tried it until I made the fateful decision to log out and log back in to refresh a page. Wrong choice, when I tried logging back into my account, the app got stuck loading my account. I’ve tried everything; closing the app, uninstalling & reinstalling the app, updating the app, restarting phone, and nothing will fix this. The app is now permanently stuck in a bug loading my login without anything ever changing.

  8. At first I loved the entire concept the pricing seemed very Fair, the trade-in value they offered was very good. But while searching it is continually telling me that I started to buy a car and I did not. I am merely swiping up on the page to read the next portion. I guess it’s could be becausr I’m doing it on my phone, but still it’s annoying.

  9. Celi dice:

    Will not accept several addresses as either mailing or delivery and customer service could not do anything about it. Some vehicles show a down payment price, but when you attempt to purchase, it changes. This was advertised as an option for people with little money and/or bad credit, but that does not seem to be the case. I’ve seen better prices and financing options elsewhere. I can’t even delete my account because they intentionally convolute the entire process. F carvana.

  10. The app doesn’t work as well as the internet version. You can zoom in on the pics in the app but not the internet. Other than the app being slow, it was so easy! Just had to send some verification and boom, new car. We had a hiccup on delivery but they were very great with keeping in touch and letting us know each step of what was going on. We should get out car in a few days and I’m super excited! Thanks for the ease of purchase.

  11. The app is OK. Colors outside of black, white and gray may not be realistic. Buyer beware. Most annoying is the insistence that if the location services on my phone are turned on the app will default to using the GPS coordinates from the phone. The app will run you around in a circle of button pushes making you think you have a choice on the matter but in the end the only way to defeat it is turn all location services OFF for the phone, not just the app.

  12. The Good: Makes trying to find certain models a lot easier and the home delivery was awesome. The agents that brought my vehicles were very courteous. Critiques: The prices are high but it is a sellers market. The pictures need to be better and more close ups. I refused a car due to rust and damage that could not be seen in the pictures or was mentioned in the description. Overall: I did end up with a decent car that was what I wanted after the third try and I would use Carvana again.

  13. I waited until my process was completely done & I’ve had the car about 2 weeks now. Everything went very smoothly. I was skeptical the entire time, but it’s just as easy as the commercials say! The man that delivered my car (Sam) noticed some scratches that were not shown on the site & he put in for them to be repaired at no cost to me of course, I just need to set the appt. The app is easy to use & I appreciate the emails/texts to keep the communication going throughout the process. 5/5!

  14. The app is great! The customer service is awesome! My car… 🙁 wasn’t great. I was disappointed in the condition of my vehicle. I’m grateful for the options I have available. I can return it for full refund and they’ll send me a check for my trade in, or they will deliver back my trade in and refund the difference, or I choose a different car, or I choose an authorized mechanic/body work place near me, and they will pay for the repairs and $40/day for a rental car in the duration.

  15. This experience with Carvana was way different from the conventional approach!! I was not getting bothered by a sales person. I’ was glad to be left alone to explore my options. There was a handbook. I loved taking my time. I was somewhat surprised by all of the cars. So much to choose from!! The advocates were super nice and always happy to help. What happens if I don’t want to purchase the car for any reason. They promise 7days & 400 miles to decide!!! I love car shopping this way♡

  16. Pretty good experience overall, found a better car for the price with lower miles than anywhere else. Was in the same great condition they were saying and customer service was always friendly and professional. My delivery date got moved out a little and had to start buying process again since my bank was holding it up. And my tags never came in the mail so I do need to go to the DMV to pick up, but overall I would do it again. I did get my car checked a couple different places and all was good!

  17. I ordered a 2021 Chevy Silverado LT that the ad showed Adaptive Cruise Control in more than one spot, but once I completed the order the confirmation details no longer showed it as an option. I checked the window sticker and doesn’t show there and then researched it online and the controls that should be on the steering will are not there. False advertising isn’t cool now that I’ve linked my bank account and arranged for pickup to have to cancel.

  18. I’m comparing 8 vehicles. It seems like the app requires a login frequently if I hit the back button in my favorites. 🤷I have narrowed my search to 2suv’s and an having better luck with the app lately. I’m also very pleased with the online buying process. Customer service is helpful and prompt. The selection of vehicles is really good too

  19. Cat Zapps dice:

    The app stinks and wouldn’t refresh so I never got tracking information. However, the ease of actually searching, getting financed, and delivering the car was so easy I had to question if it was a little too easy. Like maybe I had missed something, but nope. It was just that easy. So APP 👎, overall services provided and ease 💯. Also, I’m not being paid for this.

  20. The experience with Carvana was quick, easy, and very straightforward. I got the car I liked and wanted and they made sure all the information was there for me to see. The delivery was quick, and the experience overall was just great! I didn’t think getting a car online would work out this well. Will definitely consider it again in the future.

  21. This is my first experience with purchasing a vehicle on line. It has been such a pleasant experience compared to going to a dealership which has always been a long drawn out experience each time. My favorite thing is not being hounded by salesmen! I can look at my leisure whenever I get a free moment and save my favorites to narrow down later. You just can’t wait too long or some one else can buy one you liked. However there is a huge selection and a 7 day return or exchange policy!

  22. Poor search options. While there a lot of options to search for car features, It’s so complicated and very difficult to see if the filters have been applied. I just want to search for 3 different makes and have to have a vehicle for towing and that’s not an option. Also it’s very awkwardly laid out

  23. App works decently. There are very larger disparities between the app and webpage. I cant figure out how to open a chat with anyone on the app which seems inadequate. In addition the app gives me a different status than the website does for my vehicle purchase which is very odd. Still processing our car. Carvana rescheduled our delivery for a week later due to “logistical” reasons no explanation past that. Our second attempt to buy a car with them not impressed so far.

  24. S - dice:

    I’m disappointed with the condition of my car. Some things werent mentioned in ad. It arrived barley cleaned. Dirt, food smudges, dirty door panels and ceiling. They removed a part of the car (sunroof wind visor) that’s pictured in the ad. Removed windshield tint, but left the sticky residue all across the glass! Its been a sad experience. I’ve gotten the car detailed, removed the very time consuming residue, realigned the tires, and had a whistle noise checked out. It’s been disappointing.

  25. ryan lutz dice:

    So far everything is been a great experience while buying a new car. Very happy with that.. but The app itself is its downfall. Ever since it updated I can no longer sign in. I get to the sign in page and it infinity loads. I tried reinstalling. Clearing cache.. everything. Website works just fine though. But app at this point is useless until fixed.

  26. The app on a Google Pixel (Android) is trash. Bad redirects and frozen screens have been common. Chat feature won’t work either. Funny, but on my iPad it’s slightly better. The functions work, but you don’t get a full-screen view on a tablet. It just shows like a cell phone, so there are huge black margins on the left 1/3 and right 1/3 of the screen. I expected better.

  27. The experience started off great until they get your money. At that point, it either something wrong with the system, the bank moves slow, or transportation delay. It makes no sense for me to be paying insurance for 3 weeks and still haven’t received my vehicle. I definitely won’t recommend this option for buying/selling anything!!!

  28. Buying with Carvana seems relatively easy but my experience has been the complete opposite. It has been a complete headache! They have changed my delivery date for the 4 time!!!! And all you will get is an apology but no real solution to expedite you receiving your vehicle. I was excited to buy from them after hearing it was convenient but after several frustration, wasting time and money. Not an experience I would ever want to relive!

  29. Difficult for someone not adept at computer. Made many errors according to the program. Am very frustrated and wouldn’t do it again. I was marked as completed and later notified I lost my time for not completing it in a timely manner. I received many different times to get my vehicle with no explanation as to the problem while everything was checked off as done and completed early.

  30. In the process of purchasing a vehicle and for the most part it’s pretty straightforward and easy. However, everytime I select a drop off time it’s later changed to something else. I chose 3 PM and then later I logged in and it changed to 11 PM. Like who is actually gonna drop off a vehicle at 11 PM? I’ve called twice to have it fixed however even the operators can’t seem to get it right. Could just be a glitch in their systems. Other than that, great app and much easier shopping for vehicles.

  31. Tony H dice:

    Like the concept behind the business and would consider them vs a Brick and Mortar solution, however, I highly dislike the lack of ability to be able to save searches both on app or web interface. Makes it difficult to pick up where I left off and waste time. I do like that they are pretty honest about defects on vehicles so there are no surprises.

  32. Easy to navigate, quality cars, fair prices. The app doesn’t give me the option to save cars or see upcoming cars, i have to go through my account tab, which then takes me to a web browser, and i have to keep entering ny username and password to return to those same pages. I would like to be able to see upcoming cars and get notifications for the cars I am interested in through the app. Unless I am missing something.

  33. Jessica M dice:

    I think this might be a great way to buy a car, if the filters actually worked & saved your preferences, and not only on the filters, but everything else. Everytime you look at a car you have to sign back in &, if they allow you, reset your filters. Oh, & don’t click on the ❤ thinking it’s going to save your choice; all it does is trigger a purchase. It’s really a shame, this could be so helpful & has a lot of potential.

  34. This app leaves a lot to be desired. It’s missing some very basic components. 1. You don’t have the option to save searches so every time you go back, you have to restart you search from scratch. 2. No option to be notified if a car you are searching for becomes available. 3. No way to filter search results by trim. The car buying process may be simplified but Carvana definitely doesn’t simplify the car SEARCHING process!

  35. This has been the best car shopping experience I’ve personally ever had. Simple app to navigate, and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Customer support was incredible from time of placing my order, leading up to delivery. The delivery driver was great, helpful, answered any question I had. Will update if anything changes. Car was dead day 2, car delivered with battery reading at 10%..frustrating. I had it replaced, good as new. Silverrock covered the cost.

  36. The most aggravating action of your app is that accidental touching the purchase button because it is at the bottom of screen. Too easy to hit it. I have done it at least 6 times so far and it makes me presume that many “purchase pendings” are coming from this fault. Can’t you see that statistically?? If it was fixed only a few other issues would be remaining, it would be a great app. Come on.

  37. no SAVE button to quickly add cars to a favorites list. I also don’t see the option to view cars in 360 mode (interior/exterior). I suppose this is a good introductory app, but the website is more robust in terms or functionality. Other than that, no other complaints. Carvana is a good company and the vehicles are great!

  38. Awesome! Everything thus far has been well described and fluid. There hasn’t really been a stressful moment for using this app to make a purchase. Searching vehicles is a little better on a desktop browser, as the filters don’t clear right when starting a new search, and the selection of filters is a little less comprehensive than the browser page, but it’s definitely a good app.

  39. Experience of buying a car is great. However, they need to update their website and app in a way that both are in sync. The app doesn’t have the compare car feature. So, I had to go to the web browser on the carvana website to compare the cars I liked. In addition, neither the website nor the app allows the user to delete/replace an uploaded document. Also, carvana should have a way to include a co-applicant to their financing process.

  40. A few things that make using the app a subpar experience: There are multiple header bars present while scrolling through search results that take up almost half the screen. I also can’t find a way to pull up a gallery of the pictures, if you want to see the interior you have to just scroll a few unloaded pictures to the right and hope you land on a relevant picture. There is also no 360 view capability that I can find. I can’t find a way to access saved searches.

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