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Automatically track, manage and categorize mileage for an IRS compliant logbook.
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Your easy-to-use mileage tracker:
Automatically track your mileage with Driversnote and we’ll generate the mileage logs you need for your IRS tax deduction and company reimbursement.

• “So far this app has made tracking my trips time and mileage so seamless. I would recommend to any entrepreneur.” – Danelle M, October 2021
• Great customer service and easy tracking. Highly recommended!” – Cameron P, August 2021
• “Great app that creates a logbook for your car. You can even have multiple businesses, and the app never forgets like I would. Excellent!” – Brett M, June 2021

🚘 Driversnote mileage log is ideal for businesses, employees, employers, self-employed and just about anyone who drives.
🤝 Trusted by over 1,000,000 drivers for our mileage tracking & reporting solution.
🤓 Always up to date with the IRS mileage rates. Easily generate IRS-compliant reports ready for mileage reimbursement.
🏆 The best mile tracker for Android. Driversnote is the only app you will ever need for mileage tracking & reports.

⏰ Save Time & Increase Efficiency:
Track trips automatically with motion detection – the app will start tracking your mileage once you reach a certain speed.

Track individual trips instead of a full day’s driving. Just tap START and STOP and leave the rest to our smart GPS tracker.

💯 100% Automatic Start & Stop for your preferred vehicle with iBeacon Support:
Get a free iBeacon when you sign up for the annual Basic subscription.

🗒 Online Mileage Log:
Your complete mileage report is always ready for you online. Easily print or download your mileage logs as a PDF or Excel document.

📱 Log trips easily with your phone
• Use our mileage tracker to record your trips through GPS as you drive.
• Our app will calculate the distances between your start and end points automatically.
• Mileage reimbursement, distances and odometer readings are calculated automatically – it doesn’t get much easier than that!
• Add or edit trips in the log at any time, if you forgot to use our smart GPS tracker.
• More than one car or workplace? No worries, you can keep mile logs for multiple cars and workplaces – all in one account.

✔️ Fully compliant with IRS requirements for tax deductions
• Easily classify trips as Business, Personal, Moving and Charity.
• More than just a mile tracker; we help you generate complete mileage documentation that complies with IRS requirements.
• Option to attach a comment to each recorded trip.
• Add Odometer readings with ease, if you need them. You decide how often you check your odometer and we will do all the math in between.
• Learn more: IRS Mileage Guide

🚗 Mileage tracker with 100% automatic start & stop capability
• Zero-touch journey tracking – leave your phone in your pocket, we’ve got you all the way.
• Place an iBeacon in your car and Driversnote will track only your preferred vehicle’s miles all by itself – every time you enter or leave your car.

💻 See your complete mileage log online
• All your registered trips are saved on our servers automatically.
• Get the full overview of your trips on and in the Driversnote app.
• Forgot to track a trip? Log trips manually for maximum mileage allowance.

🌏 What countries do we support with our mileage tracker?
• Our mile tracker supports most countries and we already have default government mileage rates entered for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and more.
• If your employer uses a different rate to the IRS mileage rate, you also have the option to enter your own rates for your mileage tracking.

🙋 Support
If you have questions or feedback about our mileage tracker & log solution, please visit our Help Center or contact us on [email protected] or at (+45) 71 99 37 54.


- Fixed a problem with creating vehicles on devices with a small screen.
- Fixed the colour of a few texts when in dark mode.
- Added links to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
- Other bug fixes.

Do you have feedback? Let us know at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Mileage Tracker by Driversnote MODDED 2022"

  1. Love it in concept, but even after purchasing their “iBeacon” to make sure that no trips would somehow be missed, there are still huge periods of time with no trips logged even though I have not touched any settings and I drive multiple trips almost 365 days/year. If you decide to use this app, you must check daily to make sure it’s working properly. 🙁

  2. If you are a third party driver than this app is absolutely for you! I used this service for about 8 months when I delivered for Amazon. The service was great and it made claiming my mileage much easier come tax time! I highly recommend using this subscription. Once I stopped driving for work, I reached out to their customer service and they responded quickly as well as fixed any issues that I had!

  3. stayed using this app with the auto tracking via the phone. that was a waste it would continue tracking for up to 45 minuets after I had stopped driving and this regularly caused it to pick up another drive 30 minutes later as the same drive. then I dropped the $50 out what ever for the upgraded version and the free Ibeacon. now the ibeacon picks up even less. and the bacon is placed on my dash 6 inches behind the phone. I’ve deleted and added the beacon at least 4 or 5 times. complete waste.

  4. Managed to use it twice. On the third try, it would not let me log in, stating there’s a problem with their servers. Also, there does not seem to be a way to easily switch between personal, commuter, and business miles while driving. It looks like you have to physically stop your trip and then start a new trip which is ridiculously time-consuming. This app did nothing to make tracking my business miles easier. I’ll go back to pen and paper.

  5. Easy to use and accurate. With the recent update the UI for manually entering trips is more difficult. I miss the calendar and clock face. It made entering a week of trips smoother as I know where I was Wednesday but I can’t always remember what exact date it was. My biggest complaint is the subscription model. For what they offer, its too expensive. Were they to offer a cheaper option only for the app and not the tracker I’d be on it.

  6. Overall, it’s a very useful app that offers easy mileage-tracking. I love how it saves locations I’ve put in and visually shows my routes. One bug I’ve noticed is when I’m looking at all of my trips, when I tap the month in the top left corner to switch months, it rarely works. Also, the ability to manually add recurring trips would be very useful, as many of us just go to and from the same place at the same time regularly. It would save battery life from GPS and time spent when in manual.

  7. This app finally started to work when everything was set to allow which is silly. I do not think it was made to work well with Android phones or Samsung. The stop trip button was located at the top of the screen behind other setting displays and camera lense which made it impossible to stop the tracking. Trying another app. Good luck. Maybe it will work with your phone

  8. Excellent. Nicely remembers common destinations, which is particularly helpful if you make the same runs over and over again. One can easily go back and manually add these by selecting a date, clicking the start location and stop location. done. I downloaded several different mileage trackers and wanted one that was simple allow me to accurately track business trips. There are a few very minor features that I would like to see added, but this was the best app I tried without subscription!

  9. Update: Lately this app has been crashing so much. I check for app updates every day but it isn’t fixed yet. It is very easy to use and has served me well in tracking mileage for rideshare driving. I have a cheap Android phone so the app runs pretty slow. I really think that is mostly due to my phone’s lack of processing power. I used to have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it ran a lot quicker. I highly recommend paying for the very affordable monthly subscription so you can track unlimited trips.

  10. I haven’t really explored much of the app because of two immediate issues upon entering the app. First, the app clocks nonstop at startup…we’re talking minutes. Then, when trying to enter a location, it wouldn’t accept an address. It asks for “address” and “zip and city”… not “city, state, and zip”. The app wouldn’t accept any combination/format of “zip and city”…I’m not about to invest any more time on an app with these issues seen within 10 minutes of download.

  11. There are just too many bugs and inadequacies in this app. I gave it a try for 6 weeks and was frustrated most of the time. It works decently for manually entering trip mileage but for actually tracking, it misses actual start and stop locations and when trying to modify them it wouldn’t display my input locations. The home screen dot graph display doesn’t even show tracked data. Unistalling.

  12. Kimberly dice:

    I deliver for DoorDash and UberEats, and this app has helped me track my miles so much more easily as well as keep track of my driving patterns for the day. There aren’t any ads that pop up, and I can easily start tracking since it’s got a very straightforward interface. Occasionally, it may stop tracking but I think that may be an issue with connectivity. Otherwise I love this app, it has helped me track my miles & save so much on taxes

  13. Works very well. I use it for when I’m working doing good deliveries. Does not record each stop by rather it works mapping you entire drive from initial starting point and final ending location, which works well for food delivery apps because as long as you’re still punched in, all driving is recordable and can be used for your taxes. It has a nice layout and could use a few minor features but overall I really enjoy this app.

  14. Ivan E dice:

    After the update, the application cannot handle the load. after traveling 100 miles, it starts to glitch and shuts down. trying to complete the trip and cannot because the application closes and closes all applications that are open. please fix it, it’s just a shame you pay money, but you can’t use it normally.

  15. I was looking for an app that I can track my business, charity and personal use of my car. This app allows me to do all of that and I can see real-time how many miles I’ve driven. It typically starts up with the auto-tracking as I leave my driveway, but if for some reason it doesn’t I can go in and input my trip. So far the app has been very easy to use!

  16. I love this app. My job as a Director requires me to travel to multiple locations within a 50 mile area. I am able to use this app to record my miles from location to location. It organizes my trips by month and lets me print to a PDF copy for reporting to my employer. My absolute favorite feature is that I can log a trip after the fact, if I forgot to track it.

  17. The odometer on my truck quit working two years ago and I’ve been using a different app to track my mileage. I wasn’t happy with that app ! I downloaded Easy Mileage Tracker and it does the trick ! I don’t have to wait several hours for results and is very easy to use and precise ! I would recommend this app to everyone !

  18. I have occasional in-toen work trips. Live tracking doesn’t work so well. Lots of B-lines, or worse, havent figured out how to bypass battery saver. But since I have a limited number of locations, I program them in and it works like a champ.

  19. App works as expected. Too bad its yet another subscription based app that doesn’t tell you about the free version limits until you’ve reached them. You just get a notification after the max amount of trips, telling you that you can’t add more. Switched to another app which has the same features for free. Got an email from driversnote a couple of weeks later on why I stopped recording trips. Why do you think?

  20. A. Adrain dice:

    Overall, a nice app. I found the lite version to be lacking as it limits you to 20 trips per month. If you only make 1 trip a day, then that is effectively only 10 days of use. Then the next step is almost $150 CAD per year. Quite a jump for a fledgling business. Coupled with auto tracking taking 2 hours to finalise a trip after stopping and/or having to manually enter trips or correct the auto tracking frequently, I find the app more of an imposition and less of an assistance. Has potential!

  21. When it works it’s good. But too often I am having to delete an 8 hour journey around town and add in each trip. At least an hour between trips. Today it picked up the personal trip to the supermarket, but not the business trip into town. But too many trips get missed completely. Probably the most expensive piece I use and one of the most unreliable. Just updated, so I guess we’ll see if it looses another star.

  22. Andjela dice:

    It’s a great app but the most frustrating part is when it updates (if you have auto update enabled) it disables the app so it doesn’t automatically start tracking until you open the app. Half of the month and no tracking…it’s supposed to be seamless and in the background with little interruption to you. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as it should

  23. Victor R. dice:

    This app is awesome it let’s you keep track of all the miles you accumulate as you’re drivin & you can close the app as well while it’s still running in the background. But make sure that the app is tracking your miles before you close the app. Otherwise you’re screw. (It just socks the app is not free, it’s free only for the 1st 10 trips in a month or every once a month, after that if you still want to track your miles after the 10 1st trips in the month you have to purchase a certain package.

  24. This app is okay. It doesn’t seem to get the addresses quite right and it seems to track for a long time after the trip has finished. It does always automatically track when I leave my home though, which is helpful. I can’t go back and fix a trip from my morning drive and I can’t choose a time if I enter a trip manually in trying to correct a mis-recorded trip from the morning drive to work. It is an underwhelming app in my opinion. Maybe it works better in a urban area.

  25. This app has the potential to be amazing, except for a couple of major software shortfalls. when using it for work it will track the journey to work fine, unless you have a stop anywhere during your trip,it then ends the trip and doesn’t start recording again unless done manually even when using the automatic mode, and it rarely tracks the trip home and when it does it won’t end the recording automatically.

  26. This thing has terrible support for Samsung phones. Everything is scaled up weirdly. I can’t see half the generated report. The search option (which is apparently power by google) does not give me the same results as Google maps. Not a good app. Needs alot of work.

  27. Boss Man dice:

    The app itself is simple enough but the sensor is not sensitive enough for my phone and it keeps stopping my trip when I don’t want it to. I’d like it to have an option to lock it on until I stop the trip otherwise I’ll be switching apps

  28. We should be able to start or stop a trip within android auto or apple car play at least. Since touching a phone while in a car now could endup costing a lot! I know the app start by itself ,but having it on the console screen would be easier.

  29. The app will track the beacon and then the phone, so you can end up with an inaccurate trip if you change cars. Your phone will also pick up the beacon and start a trip if you park close to your house. So, it would be better if you could set a custom time that ends a trip if there is no movement. At the moment it seems ends a trip for no movement after hours. Helpful for admin though.

  30. So recently I learned how much of a hassle it is to do logbooks in order to write off fuel and mileage. Finding driversnote has been an absolute godsend. It tracks automatically, takes me minutes to differentiate personal and business trips, and then generates the reports for me on a monthly basis. Hands down the best app for mileage tracking if your a driver of any kind!

  31. Very satisfied. Very well used and important aspect for my small business. I dont do automatic tracking anymore because I do a lot of errands in a day. Manual input is not bad at all.

  32. Auto track does not work every time. Sometimes detects movements around the house or garden as a journey. Too sensitive, perhaps? Unfortunately, there are no way to adjust sensitivity. Even so, it sometimes doesn’t start at all – or starts much later. How about using Bluetooth to detect when user is driving the car? Also resulted in a really high battery usage. Ended up uninstalling it because of the above.

  33. Very Good app. Love it helps me alot even when I’m delivering, I recommend this app. Due to facted that calculates the distance and how much it cost as well very good app. 10/10 preformes. Thank you very much Mileage Tracker. I appreciate this, thanks for the help, really appreciate it

  34. It looked good. Some reviews said it was well priced. Only after setup find it’s £8 per month!!! What on earth? MS Office is only £5pm with 1Tb storage. This is a crazy amount of money just to see the logs that your phone ALREADY records as part of the o/s! QuickBooks full accounting product is £10pm and it has mileage tracking included (I don’t use it) Many of these tracking companies are similarly priced – why so greedy. What happened to competition. Happy to pay, but keep it fair.

  35. Jay Kania dice:

    Very disappointed! Purchased the tracker and paid membership and that was a massive mistake. Not worth a penny I’ve paid. This app needs a lot of improvements to be worth any money for subscription!

  36. it has done with out fail everything that it says it can do – calculate milage, record your direction with a path on a map including date time and location- all without a hitch!( I mean glitch but that’s the way I used to say it )

  37. Has a tendency to not record trips. Great when it works; headache when you discover you have to manually enter all your past trips.

  38. App is good, but I get no search results when I try and enter a location where I’ve stopped my trip, while it’s still recording. It says powered by Google…

  39. I accidentally deleted driver note app on my note 8 and I have tried to re install it. For a week and each time I try to install the app it only keep spinning its wheel. Can you please fix this issue

  40. 10 times for one month and after that 9 euros monthly. That’s a bit of a rip off to me, so don’t even waste your time to download this app just look for one of the other ones

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